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The man who defended the dingo and got the mafia off murder: Confessed corrupt judge Michael Adams

This site has been going for 3 1/2 years now and I can say without a doubt that the dirtiest and most corrupt judicial officer that I have come across is Justice Michael Adams of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. He has a colourful background a mile long that would make any career criminal proud.

In this post we’ll have a look at Mr Adams handiwork and it isn’t pretty.

1. Justice Adams defended the dingo in the Lindy Chamberlain case when he was a barrister. Lindy Chamberlain was convicted of killing her baby Azaria in 1982. Her husband Michael was convicted of being an accessory after the fact. They were released in 1986 after new evidence was discovered. In 1987 the Morling Royal Commission was set up to investigate the matter.

My understanding is that Adams was not the barrister in the original case but he was Junior Counsel for the Crown at the Morling Royal Commission and Counsel later in the Court of Criminal Appeal. The purpose of the Royal Commission was to enquire into and report on the correctness of the Chamberlain convictions. It found that the convictions had not been proved beyond reasonable doubt. In 1988 the Supreme court acquitted the Chamberlains. One reason for the acquittal was dodgy expert evidence of blood being found in the boot of the Chamberlains car which was later found not to be blood but probably paint. I also understand that Michael Adams represented the government when the Chamberlains sought compensation in 1992.

On Lindy Chamberlain’s website there is a document that shows Michael Adams going hard at the appeal to have the Chamberlains re-convicted and the dodgy blood/paint evidence allowed (Click here to read) which to me shows Adams is a person who wanted a conviction no matter what the truth. Ultimately it was found that a dingo did kill Azaria Chamberlain.(Click here to read more about the Chamberlain trial on Wikipedia)

2. Justice Adams got the mafia off murder and sent an innocent man to jail for 19 years in the David Eastman / Colin Winchester murder.

Colin Winchester who was Assistant Commissioner in the Australian Federal Police was murdered in 1989. In 1995 David Eastman was tried and convicted of the murder. The reliability of the conviction was always doubtful in many people’s minds. There have been numerous appeals, reviews and attempted reviews of the case. The latest review started last year and it handed down its findings in May 2014. It said there had been “a substantial miscarriage of justice” and Eastman “did not receive a fair trial” and the conviction should be quashed.

This is extremely damaging for Justice Michael Adams reputation as he was the prosecutor in the case. Justice Martin who headed the inquiry said he still thought Eastman was likely guilty. But one would expect him to say that to reduce the fallout. I have had a good look at the facts and no fair-minded person could have any real confidence in David Eastman being guilty. It is highly likely a Mafia hit as many have suggested the same as Donald Mackay was murdered by the Mafia. The Mafia was heavily involved in growing marijuana in the area at the time and Winchester had upset them during the course of his policing.

3. In 2007 all three judges in the court of appeal overturned a judgement of Justice Adams in a defamation matter because “Justice Adams had displayed sufficient bias to justify his disqualification from the case”. Where have I heard that before? The bias was against a Fairfax journalist so one has to suspect that Adams does not like journalists. (Click here to read more)

4. In 2007 Australia’s top legal bureaucrat, Robert Cornall, secretary of the federal Attorney-General’s Department, made a complaint against Justice Adams to the Judicial Commission of NSW. It was because “Justice Adams stated explicitly and without qualification that two ASIO agents had broken criminal laws in a pre-trial judgement”(Click here to read more) The list just keeps getting longer of people Justice Adams has denied natural justice.

5. Justice Adams is currently suing Fairfax Media for defamation although it does look like Justice Adams may have discontinued his claim against Fairfax in the last week or so. The proceedings relate to allegations that Michael Adams acted corruptly when he was the prosecutor in the David Eastman trial. It was alleged in the Fairfax Media owned Canberra Times that Mr Adams withheld evidence at the trial and misled the High Court regarding the evidence etc. Some of what was said in the Canberra times:

“There are modern criticisms of the conviction going to issues of propriety by prosecutors and police. For example, the court was not told the major forensic witness had been dismissed for professional failings from the Victorian Police forensic unit, nor that he had significantly altered critical testimony between inquest and trial. Counsel for the DPP misled the High Court on whether Carruthers had seen material raising the question of fitness to plead. There are complaints of police misbehaviour, not least in efforts, admitted by police, to harass Eastman so he would explode, and, they hoped, make damning admissions.” (Click here to read the May 2012 article)

When Waterford talks about the prosecutors and DPP above he is talking about Michael Adams as he was in charge of the prosecution and that is why Adams is suing for defamation. 

6. The David Eastman inquiry started last year and finished at the end of May 2014. In the report published Justice Brian Martin found Eastman did not receive a fair trial and there has been a substantial miscarriage of justice and he should be released. The findings of the inquiry raise serious questions about Michael Adams conduct as the prosecutor in the case and I have no doubt that Adams knowingly and deliberately set Eastman up for his own gain, financially and career wise.

At the inquiry Michael Adams made admissions to his failings when he was the prosecutor in the Eastman trial as he had no choice given the evidence showed what a disgrace he was. (Click here to read) Adams will argue that he did not confess to corruption but only confessed to mistakes. It is not a mistake when someone spends 19 years in jail because of it, at best it gross incompetence and dereliction of duty. If you believe that Adams only made genuine mistakes are we also to believe he only realized that last year.

Just for the record the David Eastman matter is set down to be heard in the ACT Supreme Court in a couple of weeks with the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions arguing that Eastman should stay in jail. (Click here to read more)

7. To cut a long story short Kerry Stokes started suing me for defamation in April (Click here for the detailed page on the case). On Wednesday the 4/6/14 the matter went before Justice Adams as the duty judge. Stokes barrister Sandy Dawson demanded I take down a post which Justice Adams agreed even though I had no time to prepare an argument. It was set down again for the next Wednesday (11/6/14) so I could prepare a defence and argue it. On the following Wednesday Justice Adams refused to hear my arguments and Sandy Dawson demanded I take 3 other posts and 2 videos down from this site. Justice Adams said to me that he will read my submissions later, handed some submissions straight back to me without reading them and then immediately issued orders (Click here to readgiving Kerry Stokes and his barrister Sandy Dawson what they wanted. A clear pre-determined judgement by Justice Adams.

Adams is too scared to publish the written reasons and hasn’t yet because when he does it is going to have to be full of lies and it will get dissected by me and published for all to see.

When you look at Michael Adams conduct in the Chamberlains matter it seems like Adams did his apprenticeship on how to set-up David Eastman. Maybe the fact that Adams lost in the Chamberlain matters was motivation for him to set up Eastman as he did not want to lose another high-profile case as it would have been extremely damaging to his career.

I have skimmed over a lot in the above post but the purpose is to show that Michael Adams has a long and broad career acting corruptly. It is not like there is just one question mark over his honesty and integrity, there are a lot of people asking questions about Mr Adams and it looks like time has caught up with him. I have seen him in full flight and he has total contempt for the real law as he thinks he is the law. I am sure this will not be the last post I will do on Michael Adams.

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  1. So many times, I have been told and also seen for myself first hand sadly, that NSW appears to be the most corrupt state within the Commonwealth of Australia for some reason that is simply beyond me. It almost sounds appropriate that the most corrupt Judge/Barrister should come from the state, it truly is all so very wrong and sad at the same time..!!

  2. No wonder Stokes and his Lawyers shopped around for a judge with blood on his hands. Stokes with his media could destroy Adams but instead can use him to his benefit just like the Awu with Gillard

  3. Adams did really side with the Dingo in this Sorry Saga. How this happened is utterley disgracefull. National Parks corruption involved once again. Not a good look for Ayers Rock Tourism when their is Dingo’s or Hybrid crosses capable of killing Babys. Adams makes Gillard look like a Angel

  4. Thank goodness for your blog. Corruption is alive and well, in the Judiciary, the Federal Government, State Governments and Local Governments. Union corruption, has always been there. Everyone was aware of it. Only now, it is being death with, because now we have a media source, that the likes of Stokes and Adams, can’t control. We now get information, that we didn’t in the past. I think there are many people in high places, reading your posts, nervously.
    Looking forward to upcoming posts.

    • I do not know, the article says he sued over “an article titled “Silk’s Purse Empty”, which ran in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Sauce column on November 2, 2002″

  5. I sat through Lindy Chamberlain’s trial every day as was in the N.T. – No way did that lady kill her baby – there was something fishy about the whole matter – dingos are nasty animals – was it all political at the time? Thinking so.

  6. it looks as if Adams is willing to run a prosecution (the Carruthers trial of Eastman in 1995)that he knows is false, as long as he is paid his $2000 or $3000 per day in today’s money.

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