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Australian billionaire Kerry Stokes interferes in another murder trial. This time the Oscar Pistorius matter

Billionaire media mogul and Channel Seven owner Kerry Stokes has again been caught out interfering in a murder trial. This time it is the South African murder trial of Oscar Pistorius which is still in progress. Stokes broadcast illegally gained footage of amputee Mr Pistorius re-enacting parts of the killing of his then girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Stokes knew exactly what he was doing but did not care less as long as he maximized his profit. As you will see Stokes and Seven have tried it before.

If Oscar Pistorius is guilty, and I believe he is, then it is domestic violence at the highest degree and Stokes has interfered with justice being done. I personally believe there is a strong possibility that the video has been leaked to help Pistorius as it shows him walking on stumps and makes him look less capable of defending himself which I think helps his defence. Then again maybe it has been leaked for pure greed.

Who Stokes bought it off and how much he paid would tell a lot? What is guaranteed is that Stokes would be the one who would have authorized the payment and the amount as he is Executive Chairman of the Seven Network as well as the parent company Seven Group Holdings.

Kerry Stokes - Channel 7


Oscar Pistorius who is a double amputee killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February 2013 and his trial has been in progress in South Africa for several months.

He is a sprint runner. Although both of Pistorius’ legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old, he competes in events for single below-knee amputees and for able-bodied athletes.

Kerry Stokes and Channel 7’s statement

I have been in contact with Stokes office and directly with his lawyers Justine Munsie and Richard Keegan today and they are refusing to answer questions. Mr Keegan refused to answer any questions in a phone conversation I had with him this morning.

Although SMH and others are reporting that Seven did put out a statement: “Sunday Night executive producer Mark Llewellyn said the video would not have been shown if the channel had thought it was obtained unlawfully” Well how did they obtain it? They won’t say.

Brian Webber, a lawyer representing Pistorius was quoted as saying: “Channel Seven purchased this footage unlawfully,” said Webber, adding that the broadcaster had agreed not to air the material until the end of the trial.” Webber obviously does not know Channel Seven, they lie all the time.

Llewellyn went on to say “The story was run in Australia only and not made available to any other territory.” Apparently Channel 7 have not heard of the internet
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(Click anywhere on the above video to watch – it’s 1 minute long)

It is not the first time Stokes’s Channel 7 have deliberately interfered in a murder trial

It is only November last year that Channel 7 stalked and harassed Simon Gittany as he arrived at court asking him questions such as “Why are you so jealous? Why are you so controlling? We are going to do a show on you tonight.”

Mr Gittany at the time was accused of killing his fiancee Lisa Harnum and his trial was still in progress. Channel 7 also promoted the program they were planning as having “explosive new evidence” that might not have been revealed in court.

“Justice McCallum halted the trial while she discussed the incident, saying the approach and the program could potentially interfere with the administration of justice.”

“It’s simply appalling if that person was a journalist,” she said. (Click here to read more)

The Gittany case is almost the same as the Pistorius matter and Stokes and Seven should have known better.

Kerry Stokes’s Channel 7 loses 3 court cases in the one day only 2 weeks ago – Falsely accuse someone of being a murderer

It is only a 5 days ago that I wrote the post about Kerry Stokes’s Channel Seven being caught out in court telling lies numerous times. One of those lies being that Channel 7 falsely accused someone of being a murderer. Stokes and Channel 7 never learn, they think they are above the law.

Kerry Stokes has contempt for the legal system

It must be remembered that Mr Stokes is the person who Justice Sackville said in the C7 matter in 2007 that “Mr Stokes evidence on this issue was not only implausible but, I must conclude, deliberately false,” Justice Sackville said. (Click here to read more)

Stokes is hardly a person who has respect for the law whether he is involved or not.

Judges of the Supreme Court of NSW such as Justice Harrison, Justice Hall, Justice McCallum and Justice Adams have been allowing Kerry Stokes and his lawyers to get away with massive corruption in court in the last few months during his defamation proceedings against me. This has probably exacerbated Stokes’s sense of being above the law.

Mr Stokes could and should have waited until after the murder trial had finished before broadcasting but that did not suit him as there would be less viewer interest in the footage after the trial. If Stokes wanted to maximize viewers then now was the time to show the footage which is exactly what Stokes has done.


Kerry Stokes’s Channel 7 has interfered in 2 murder trials in the last year and only two weeks ago was found by a third court to have falsely accused someone of murder. An international arrest warrant should be issued by the South African authorities for Kerry Stokes as he is out of control and a total nutter. Remember Kerry Stokes is Executive Chairman of Channel 7 and this is happening on his watch with his approval.

As regular readers know Kerry Stokes has instituted contempt proceedings against me for the crime of journalism which is in court next Tuesday. Lets see what Stokes has got to say when he is in the witness box then.

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  1. Yes Shane, I read this on one of the overseas blogs, indeed Kerry Stokes should never
    have shown this bit of film, it is disgusting and quite obvious interfering with the court-case.
    I think it is absolutely scandalous, Mr Stokes is obviously of the opinion, that laws and
    rules do not exist for him and he has not ever heard of morals.

  2. Hi Shane, I think he is guilty as hell too but I’m not sure I get why you are so concerned about a video that Oscar willingly participated in the making. i also couldn’t give a rats about watching it either way but guess it is newsworthy so why shouldn’t Stokes broadcast it. Oscar could bounce along on his head but I’d still think he is guilty. Regards, Warren Olsen

    • It potentially gives him a reason for an appeal. But we will see how it plays out over the next few weeks as the trial is almost finished and a decision should not be far away.

  3. Stokes is a complete megalomaniac. This sort of thing will blow up in his face eventually, but when?

  4. I see he is doing it again this week with the promo for Sunday asking “Why did Pistorius fire so many shots?” I guess he either thinks he is entirely untouchable or he is being paid to lay the groundwork for an appeal or mistrial.

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