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Bill Shorten is facing the perfect storm. Michael Williamson & the Royal Commission

A major storm is brewing for ALP leader Bill Shorten and the ALP with Michael Williamson appealing his jail sentence while at the same time the Trade Union Royal commission is gearing up for hearings of continued fraud at the HSU. Bill Shorten will have a lot of explaining to do and I doubt very much he will have the answers that the public will believe.

Williamson’s appeal will once again put the spotlight on corruption at the Health Services Union (HSU) and at a time when the Royal Commission is doing the same. Individually the appeal and Royal Commission HSU hearings are bad news for Shorten and Labor but together they will be explosive especially in the opinion polls.

If the Royal Commission does the job that it should at the HSU by investigating union corruption then Bill Shorten will be gone in a few months as his fingerprints are all over the stolen money.


Michael Williamson pleaded guilty in October 2013 of stealing almost $1 million from the Health Services Union during his time as Secretary of the NSW Branch. (later to become HSUeast)

“A day after he pleaded guilty to defrauding the Health Services Union, Michael Williamson has been ordered to pay back $5 million. It was part of a Supreme Court settlement that also saw Williamson apologise to union members. But the HSU is unlikely to see its money again. Its former boss has filed for bankruptcy. And he’s been forced to sell his house to cover legal costs.” (Click here to read more)

In March 2014 Williamson was sentenced to 7 1/2 years with a non-parole period of 5 years.

The $5 million apparently only covered the period 2006 to 2011. It is estimated that the real amount that Michael Williamson stole was about $20 million during the period 1997 to 2012 when he was NSW Secretary of the HSU.

Michael Williamson’s appeal to be heard in August 2015 

Former ALP President Michael Williamson is appealing his 5 year minimum jail sentence for stealing $20 million from the Health Services Union (HSU) which will cause huge embarrassment for the Labor Party. It has been set down for hearing in August 2015It will also do damage to Bill Shorten’s leadership of the ALP and possibly cost him the role of alternative Prime Minister.

At the same time, or not long after, Williamson’s appeal is heard in the Supreme Court of NSW the Trade Union Royal Commission will be having public hearings into current fraud and theft at the HSU Victorian Number 1 Branch. This is a big problem for the Bill Shorten because the first question people will be asking is:

Why hasn’t the fraud and theft at the HSU stopped?

The answer is quite simple. It is because the people who are currently stealing from HSU members are Bill Shorten’s closet supporters in the Labor Party. I have written about this a number of times recently with the financial reports to support it. (Click here and here to read the articles) The mainstream media who have dragged their feet on reporting the current HSU scandal will have no choice later in the year when the Royal Commission puts the spotlight on it at the scheduled hearings.

The courts, justice and the Royal Commission are on trial

With Williamson’s appeal the Supreme Court of NSW will be on trial as much as Williamson. People are sick of crooks getting light sentences and if Williamson’s sentence is reduced then there will be a public outcry. A lot of that outcry will be directed at the Labor Party given they turned a blind eye to Williamson’s corruption for many years.

The Trade Union Royal Commission is also on trial and needs to justify the $61 million cost of running the Commission for the 2 years. I think at the end of the day they will be able to justify it but they certainly need to get a move along.

But the Royal Commission’s need to justify its cost means it will be looking for some big scalps and there would be no bigger than Bill Shorten. And Shorten is an easy target with his supporters up to their necks in fraud and theft at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch.

Bill Shorten’s corrupt mates at the HSU is just what the doctor ordered for the Liberal Party. It will allow the Liberals to justify the cost of the Trade Union Royal Commission. It will also allow Commissioner Dyson Heydon and his crew at the Royal Commission to justify their fees.

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  1. Watch the rats turn on each other as they try to avoid the scrutiny of the public. I still am amazed why people join these unions and throw good money away. Just propping up a bunch of sleazy manipulators.

  2. Bill Shorten in my humble opinion is A Criminal Liar Fraudster Traitor and Rapist , apart from that l Don’t like the guy and think like many of his mates Should be doing Time in Her Majesty’s Hotel . The name Danby is ringing in my ears about some certain Images too .

  3. I’m afraid that the crooks will still get away with light sentences even if they do get charged. As for Bill Shorten his “mates” at the ABC, Channel 9, 7, and 10, together with SBS will be falling over themselves to NOT report full fully, and the Federal Opposition Ministers will rally behind Shorten. They will all duck and dive and Australia, for whoever is interested, will once again end up looking stupid.

    • Maybe Bill Shorten’s criminal network will only get light sentences if they get charged. But no matter how much the opposition ministers will rally behind Shorten, other opposition ministers & backbenchers will make plans to get rid of Shorten if things get worse for him. There are labor people who know that Shorten is corrupt and want to get rid of him, it’s just a matter of a smoking gun that they can use to take Shorten down. The upcoming investigation into the HSU Victorian branch will seriously damage Shorten. Slowly but surely Shorten is being exposed for the corrupted person he is.

  4. Bill Shorten first came under my serious attention with his grandstanding here in Northern Tasmania during the terrible Beaconsfield Gold Mine cave in. It appeared to me that he was here milking that disaster for national publicity as a spring-board to a political career.
    Consequently, I have seen Bill Shorten and integrity as contradictions in terms; rather, he evokes the terms user and manipulator to my mind.

  5. Bill Shorten has no answers to what has already been dished up. As for stepping out from under his mushroom when the Williamson matter is heard, I wont be holding my breath. I expect more of the same (deaf, dumb, blind and stupid.) It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to give it oxygen and believes that if you ignore it, it will go away.

    Silence makes him look complicit.

    People in insecure work (50% of the workforce) are not that forgiving. They are living with the aftermath of union inaction and failure.

    Imposters like Bill Shorten and friends (Williamson) have killed the union movement.

  6. @ Les Kelly

    My dad was a miner who was killed at work. I found Mr Shorten’s opportunism and some of the comments of both himself and Paul Howes during the Beaconsfield disaster were extremely offensive and insensitive.

    I’m glad it’s not just me.

  7. I am wondering WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO from the ‘Gonski Schools’ campaign?
    Now WHY are teaching unions trying asking us to fund that tired story. Where did ALL the money go, other than to certain marketing companies? What is Bill Shorten doing about tracing all our union money that in reality went into the pockets of a big publicity campaign that elevated the ego of one fat cat who is actually pro boosting certain religious private schools. There was millions spent on his campaign that never delivered any real benefit for the classroom and never delivered anything for the children other than marketing materials that ended up in the tipper, distraction, & wasted teaching time.

  8. So the Gonski union campaign really all about USING children and schools, as a tool to brainwash the parents and all the teachers who are voters … to sway public PERCEPTIONS in favour of certain seats, but never planning to deliver for education?

  9. Bill Shorten will never properly answer a question at the TURC. He has an Honorary Degree from the Gillard School of Evading Answers. He will babble on and answer any question, except the one that was asked.

  10. I would be interested to know how Bill Shorten would have the time to lead the country when he spends most of his time covering up all his corrupt dealings in his very shaky past. With all the garbage that is oozing out of the stone that Shorten has crawled under,including AWU cover up, Bruce Wilson cover up, alleged nurses rape denial, Craig Thomson and the HSU debacle Michael Williamson attempted cover up, CFMU bully boys Support, probable leadership conspiracy, where did the Gonski money go (back handers probably.) And this bloke wants to be Prime Minister, what a bloody joke. Allan Usherwood from Myalup WA.

    • Yes, I agree he was floundering this week.
      His wife loves him, she told us so.
      Of course, that interview has not to do with the fact, they both want to occupy the lodge. They don’t have a hope in hell!

    • I agree. Every time I see Shorten on TV he has fear in his eyes. It’s as if he knows because of his egregious past that a giant tidal wave is about to engulf him. And apart from all of his scandals this fool has stated during the week that a Labor Government will bring back Gillard’s carbon tax. Off topic I know – but let’s hope the Royal Commission does its job without political interference. Unfortunately I suspect that our politicians at the top of the totem pole do look after each other.

  11. In regard to Michael Williamsons appeal, I am also wondering, whether he is going to be asked to explain what happened to the other 19 Million?

    Was that divided up between his wife and his mistress and some of his other so-called friends?

    After all, we should be entitled to know where it all went?

    There seems to be so much money not accounted for in these unions, and so many questions never answered, the whole ALP and its Unions stink.

    Mr Shorten was the one who put the HSU quickly into administration, so that no further questions could be asked. and I also remember that he was aware of the outcome of a certain investigation by FWA into Craig Thomson at that same time, which should have been kept secret, however Bill Shorten used that knowledge then!

    Oh yes Bill Shorten was in the middle of all that too!

  12. All I can say is that I hope the day of reckoning comes to Bill Shorten and that he is not considered an” untouchable specie”

  13. The people are the power in this country. Up until the past 2 years they have done nothing, but there is a ground swell because of the corruption and dishonesty which has already been exposed. People are getting fed up with being made the fall guy when ever one of the elitists stuffs up. The word on the street is name one of the elitists in Canberra who is trustworthy and you will not get a name. The swing is towards the smaller parties and the independents because the two larger parties are not being controlled by the elected leaders. To many back room boys are manipulating the scene. Watch out for the greens as they start to change track. They will do any thing to destroy the bigger parties, and keep it fresh in the minds of the electorate.

    People are looking for a leader of Government and a Statesman who knows what this country needs; I.E, Honesty and The People First, before Over seas welfare. The People will demand action and they will Crush the Worms. They see their own pensioners doing it tough and going with out, whilst the elitists are getting away with crimes that others would do years over. P.S, The elitists are self appointed.

  14. Do not be surprised if Shorten gets away with fraud as did Gillard. There are so many corrupt union officials in the Labor party that everything is covered up. The ABC for one, will not mention one single word against Labor

  15. If your looking for Diana’s car, go no further than her parent’s house. Its used to carry reel’s around to go shopping and the like lol!

  16. The ABC would not think of covering a negative story on their news or other programmes as they are so far left you cannot find them. The sooner ABC funding is again looked at the better as I am sure we would all be better off. Good thing we have a channel changer to avoid that woman in the mornings.!

  17. what about nick the greek stealing cabinets and benches from the old HSU office after it was settled!!! Not to mention the damage to walls and floors in the midnight raid. How much hush money did Diana pay the new tenants?

  18. Love your work Shane.
    Nothing will come of the RC.
    The higher up the political ladder, the more immune from criminal consequences.
    All pollies are tarred with the same brush.
    None work for me.
    I can’t sack them, I have no say in policy, the whole notion of a Democracy is a fallacy.

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