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Help stop the powerful from silencing Australian journalists and undermining democracy

The Kangaroo Court of Australia website has been publishing since January 2011 and it’s publisher, Shane Dowling (me), has always operated without fear or favour to report the truth. Politicians and the powerful trying to silence journalists is now a global sport and Australia is not immune to it and nor am I.

I have stood my ground when attacked from the likes of Kerry Stokes, his associated companies and the NSW Supreme Court judges who have made me a target because I have reported their corruption. I have been jailed twice for standing my ground but it is not just me as other journalists are also potentially facing jail with the recent raids on journalists by the Australian Federal Police.

To keep doing the work I do and to help improve I really need your help with the crowdfunding I launched a few weeks ago on the 26th of October. It was a soft launch with an announcement at the bottom of an article and this article is the main launch. Below is a video I filmed for the GoFundMe page launch giving details of the fundraiser.

I’m someone who is prepared to stick my neck out to help drive change and if you believe in what I am doing then with your support I can achieve a lot more. Every bit helps such as sharing my articles on social media, becoming an email subscriber and making a donation.

If I can reach the targeted $50,000 it will be budgeted to try and last twelve months. With that, I could continue to defend myself in court against Kerry Stokes and Capilano Honey, write another book on judicial corruption / political corruption and also continue to write articles on this website.

Virtually every independent journalist in Australia struggles to survive financially to continue publishing and I do too so please support this fundraiser.

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  1. The justice system in Australia is showing signs it is ready for overhaul. Our founding fathers wrote Chapter III of the Constitution in the last half of the 19th Century and could not foresee the difficulties the Judicature would face in the 21st Century. The Rule of Law behind our legal system is administered internally by the legal fraternity. Judges are politically appointed until age 70 and only removed from office under convoluted rules or by their own request.
    Court cases have become prohibitively expensive. We should remember that at every contested hearing there will be at least three lawyers present. One sits in judgement, one will win, one will lose, and all will be paid. The Rule of Law is their Golden Goose. Everyone has a boss. Judges routinely forget that boss is us, the citizens of Australia.

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