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Scott Morrison’s office linked to another sex scandal with federal police investigating

One of Scott Morrison’s senior staffers and a current and former Liberal Party MP are involved in another sex scandal to hit the federal parliament with federal police investigating. In an odd side twist, it has already claimed the scalp of a staffer working for federal Labor MP Kristina Keneally but more on that later in the article.

The bottom line to the scandal is a female Liberal Party member claims she had a sexual relationship with Liberal Party MP after he lied about his marital status. He subsequently retired from politics, but he is alleged to have also had an affair with a current federal Liberal MP. The female Liberal Party member complained via email to a senior NSW Liberal Party executive, but she says no action was taken. She also says she complained to senior member of Scott Morrison’s office who then also acted inappropriately.

I published an overview on YouTube yesterday (30/10/21) as per below:

Below I have named Scott Morrison’s staffer “Steve” and the former federal MP “Ben” to keep it consistent with the below video.

In relation to the former Liberal MP, she says:

“I have, on more than one occasion, had to refer matters to the NSW Police due to serious threats to the safety of myself and my family. The Liberal Party is yet to take any disciplinary action against “Ben”. Given the trauma that I sustain to this day, I do not see the “Ben” matter as historical.”

So, there are some very serious issues that the Liberal Party are alleged to have covered up which they have a long history of doing.

The YouTube channel Friendlyjordies broke the story and published a short video on the 4th of October 2021 with more details as per below:

Then on the 22nd of October 2021 reported:

Labor frontbencher Kristina Keneally has been forced to terminate the employment of a staffer after he sent text messages to a former Liberal MP claiming he had “proof” the man had an extramarital affair.

A shocked Senator Keneally sacked the man on Thursday afternoon after she was alerted that her staffer had sent a text message to the former Liberal MP at 8:21pm on Wednesday night threatening to release “damning” evidence.

The sacked staffer told that he had texted the MP in a “private capacity” to support a friend who claims to have had an affair with the former MP. understands the matter has now been referred to police for consideration in an ongoing Australian Federal Police investigation.

The Australian Federal Police are investigating these claims as to whether or not they have involved the use of a carriage service to menace and harass the serving MP and the former MP. (Click here to read more)

Both Friendlyjordies and didn’t name the parties involved and neither will I even though I have seen the full emails and know the names of the people involved. The reason I won’t name the people is because if you read the emails it is very complicated. But it is a story worth telling as it involves allegations against a senior staffer in Scott Morrison’s office and his office have a long history of cover-ups and the senior staffer was named publicly as being involved in the cover-up of the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. If someone is eventually charged over this matter then I would expect most details, if not all, to become public.

One thing is for certain is that everyone in parliament house, including all the journalists, would have seen the emails and know the names of the people involved. When Kristina Keneally sacked one of her staff it would have sent shockwaves through the ranks and made sure others stayed silent as well.

A key part in the emails is the complaint against the senior staffer in Scott Morrison’s office where the female Liberal Party member says:

“Unfortunately, it became apparent over time, that the fact that “Ben” had managed to pull this off as a married man, leaning on poor mental health as the great defence, “Steve” also felt he could try the same. “Steve” had been very supportive of my professional career, whether it was seeking a Government appointment or running for preselection at the next election in “Federal seat”. However, after two visits to my home, where he behaved extremely inappropriately in what can only be described as a ‘sexual’ manner, I understand that he has changed his mind. On each occasion, my vulnerability in relation to what “Ben” and his family had been doing to me was abundantly clear. I am not suggesting that “Steve’s” actions constituted ‘assaults’, but I would characterise them as highly improper.”

“After the first incident, I asked him to help me understand what was going through his mind. It was on the basis that he was going to apologise that I allowed him to visit me the second time. It was during this visit, after another very emotional conversation about what had occurred with “Ben”, that the second incident took place. I will elaborate on these, if required. At this stage, I would prefer to spare his family the details that any written communication may divulge. I also appreciate there are aspects of “Steve’s” and my friendship over the years that may be relevant and am open to discussing those further.”

At the end of the email, she says:

“I am requesting that immediate action be taken to demonstrate that “Steve’s” behaviour does not accurately reflect the standards of the Prime Minister and his office. Currently, I have no choice but to accept that it does. I am requesting a response to my concerns from the Party and/or the PMO by 5pm Wednesday 9 December 2020. I am happy to remain discreet on my experiences within the Party until then. We are overdue in demonstrating that this type of conduct is unacceptable. It is a form of abuse.”

Whatever happens from here it will be a mess and a lot of people will be hurt. Who is right or wrong in this matter I don’t know but given Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party have a long and current history of cover-ups they should have a good look at themselves.

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  1. Most interesting, but then would anything involving federal MPs really surprise anyone. Sure the professional standards section of PMO are already working overtime to ensure a professional cover up occurs, the odds of AFP prosecuting any member of LNP are zero, AFP as usual, will do as instructed by PMOs office. Looking fwd to KCA enlightenment of this latest saga.

    Lucky AFP can access metadata and whatever is necessary to track down the leaker/s whistleblowers, will be their main priorities, maybe raid journalists home, studios etc..

  2. The rotten vile stench that wafts through this coalition government has lingered for several years and has become far more pungent during Morrison’s term as PM.
    This LNP Federal government could be described as a cesspit full of debauchery, unprecedented secrecy, cover-ups and filthy lies.
    With all this corruption and debauchery taking place within the Morrison government, it’s no wonder it’s done everything in its power to avoid accountability and not introduced its promised Federal Integrity Commission. Well, not one that would hold any politicians to account that’s for sure.

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