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Queensland Labor loses the 2012 election because of corruption, corruption and more corruption.

The title of this post says it all. Some of the immediate analysis of why Labor lost the 2012 QLD state election has been nothing more than delusional and miss the key factor, that being pure corruption.

Other factors clearly played a part like the fact that the government had been in power for a long time and the deception about selling off state assets. Federal issues such as the carbon tax and mining tax likely played some part as well.

But I have no doubt that it is corruption over a long period that took the biggest toll on the Labor party vote.

AWU president Bill Ludwig has blamed Queensland men disliking women. He has said “The blokes here just don’t like women, especially women in charge,” Mr Ludwig said. ”The federal election is a long way off, it’s different circumstances, but I don’t think the blokes like Julia, either. The men of Queensland are just very negative towards women.” (Click here to read more)

Mr Ludwig is an idiot. He, along with other unions and their officials, control Labor and when the likes of Mr Ludwig fraudulently rip off the union it costs votes. Remember Mr Ludwig stole $50,000 of AWU money to pay for his own legal fees and plenty of people in Queensland know it. Every time Mr Ludwig raises his head in the media he costs Labor votes. (Click here to read more on Mr Ludwig’s theft)

The same can be said for Peter Beattie. When he retired as Queensland Premier he was given a 2 year tax payer paid holiday to the US. This is what it says on Wikipedia: “He officially stood down as the Member for Brisbane Central on 14 September 2007. Beattie then served as Queensland’s Trade Commissioner to North and South America based in Los Angeles, a position he was appointed to by Anna Bligh in March 2008 after previously stating that he would not accept a federal or state government role.” (Click here to read more)

Then there is Gordon Nuttall who is a former state Labor minister and currently in jail for taking bribes etc. “In 2009 he was found guilty of corruptly receiving secret commissions during his time in office and jailed for seven years. In 2010, he was found guilty of five charges of official corruption and five charges of perjury and, ultimately, jailed for an additional seven years. He is serving the longest jail term for corruption handed to a British Commonwealth politician.” (Click here to read more)

And how can we forget the former QLD state politician Mike Kaiser who resigned when caught out in a branch stacking scandal. “After conducting his own Government Relations consultancy, he was rehabilitated by the Australian Labor Party in 2003 and served as its Assistant National Secretary in the lead up to and during the 2004 federal election.” (Click here to read more)

He has since gone on to rip off the tax payer with a $450,000 job as Government Relations and External Affairs Executive with NBN Co after being appointed by the communications minister Stephen Conroy. There was no advertisement of the job and Mr Kaiser was the only one interviewed. And he negotiated his own wage. It is really straight out theft and fraud by Mr Kaiser and the Labor party.

I would not normally do a post on straight out politics but even this site did a post on Kerry Shine the former Queensland attorney general titled “FORMER Queensland attorney-general Kerry Shine busted appointing mates as judges” in April 2011. It talks about Mr Shine stacking the courts with Labor party cronies as judges and magistrates. Including Anna Bligh’s friend Di Fingleton. (Click here to read)

Above is just some of the corruption that has been in the Queensland Labor party over many years. The full list is a mile long

It looks like QLD Labor will be reduced to 7 MP’s in the 89 seat parliament. This is not great for democracy as there is basically no one to keep the Liberal National Party accountable.

But it needed to happen so the message is sent that corruption will no longer be tolerated anywhere.

Labor has failed to understand that the voters will only tolerate the rot for so long. Without a doubt the performance of the federal government has played a part in the state election. Not just from a policy viewpoint but from a corruption viewpoint. The corruption federally casts a long shadow over state political corruption as well. For example just mention the name Craig Thomson and it costs Labor votes both federally and state wise.

While corrupt unions control the Labor Party from the shadows it will continue to die.

Any honest analysis of why the QLD Labor party lost the election so badly has to deal with corruption as the number one reason first and foremost.

I originate from Queensland but have been in Sydney for over ten years.  Some of the Queensland readers will have a better educated and detailed viewpoint on the corruption so I will leave it up to you to write that in comment section.

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  1. Could not agree more with your analagy. You didn’t name all of the failing and corrupt revolving minister but the corruption was so full on but even the heavy handed tactics Labor party heavies they brought in at election time this round… failed this time round… We all hope and pray this rot will be at an end = the new Qld Government will have a HUGE job on their hands once the dust and slime has been removed to what is actually left here…
    When will we wake up — its always when there is nothing left – it is clear how one term is all it takes to squander things but still we think give them another go…
    Please the rest of Australia – Pay attention…

  2. Absolutely fantastic piece. Thank you. I have not heard or experienced any fraud by Campbell Newman in the development industry. His father in law is a highly respected developer and surgeon. My husband had his wisdom teeth out in hospital about a year ago by Dr Monsour, Lisa Newmans father. My husband had some complications and Dr Monsour took calls from me late at night and early in the morning with the most incredible kindness and regard for my husbands wellbeing. This is not a corrupt family.
    I am so relieved to have an Engineer as “project manager” for Queensland instead of Union hacks doing back room deals (Campbell is an Engineer by trade). Being a property developer, I understand how structured and systemised engineers are in their way of doing business. Campbell ran Brisbane City Council like a well oiled ship, with fantastic results. Brisbane City Council is the best run Council in our country because of the systems set up by Campbell.
    I understand this site is run not affilliated with any political party, but when one side is currently just so corrupt, it is impossible to be impartial. Please don’t feel the need to do a story on the blue team just to even up the score.

    • Big bad property developer Of course you love Campbell Newman Once he got power the very next day he handed over Southbank AND HEAPS OF GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED PROPERTIES to the Brisbane City Council Knowing exactly who would get what and when. (Brisbane exhibition grounds part to speculators and part refurbished)
      Next he started immediately to sell of Government land and houses to the corporate developers and speculators hovering around waiting for his government to obtain power 3caravan parks up for sale and tenants resident for over 30 years or more turfed out on the street. As far as i am concerned Campbell Newman is another ONE OF THE LEGALISED GANGSTERS CONTROLLING OUR NATION
      i voted for him but never never again Got in to power by highlighting Anna Bligh for selling of our assetts And once in power he does a more evil job by hurting poorer families in the process Something Anna Bligh never done Directly hurt people by selling of their homes from over their head And now ordering a new multistorey office block for him and his mates Of course you will defend him BBPD You are probably in the process of developing one of the many projects he has opened up since gaining power

  3. QLD can do it – almost totally expunge Labor.
    QLD is now waiting for another Liar and Cheat – Julia Gillard
    All Australia is waiting in ambush .
    Labor just does not get it – their brand is ‘off’ How can you sell a dead rat?

  4. now we should keep a keen eye on newman,after all he was caught with 30,000$ worth of wine in his possession at his house,he removed it from city hall and said he was making sure no one stole it .he already did that
    bligh gone, now,we can concentrate on removing gillard and her anti australian cronies,
    to be the pm ,candidates should have to be born in australia.
    polititians shoud not be able to hold another job of any description while serving as a polititian,and their pensions should be means tested.
    the law passed by beatty and bligh allowing private property to be confiscated and used by coal seam gass or any other reason should be repealed

    • Neil Mellon get your facts right – The wine in question was bought by the Jim Soorley Labor administration and Mr Mellon can refer to Courier Mail 6/5/2010 for more information. Mr Newman advised they can be assured that is office would account for only about $200 worth of wine every year, with the rest going to worthwhile community events like the SES Civic Reception,” he said.

    • Cambell Newman is honest and trustworthy, I do not have rose coloured glasses on. Be careful with presuming he is the same as Labor. He is not a true politician, he is an Engineer just wanting to get a job done.

      • If indeed he is honest and trustworthy (and I see no reason to believe otherwise) then he will need to watch his back very carefully. The Body Politic of this nation is so deeply corrupted that a good man is the worst (and best) thing that can happen to it. I’ll bet he’s already had a call from the AILF and Albert Dadon.

  5. SHANE,


    • The recommendations in the fink report, if implemented could mean I might be forced to take down some of my posts based on frivolous complaints to the proposed News Media Council. That is sometime off yet. Another larger media inquiry is due to hand down a report in the next week or so which will encompass the Fink report. So we will wait and see what it recommends.

    • Yes Jack, Campbell Newman has made a promise to do just that.
      His Mother a former Senator Jocylyn Newman in the Howard Government had an interest in seeing the people involved, held to account only to have the ALP thwart every attempt.
      What a glorious day when justice is served.
      A lot of heads will roll and it is well overdue.

  6. Talking of corruption, are you able to give us some back-ground and an update on the “Heiner Affair”?

    • Campbell Newman has said he will have an inquiry into the Hiener Affair. Exactly what format that will take who knows. The mail is that there will be plenty more heard of the Heiner Affair over the next few months. I will look at doing a post on that at the right time.

      • Shane, I am incredibly grateful that you have the intention to do a post on the Heiner affair. Hopefully, we can breath some fresh air into Queensland politics. Your site is more influential by the week. Kind regards, Karen

      • Promises made on the hustings can be pretty hard to keep once you stand close to the fire. Lets see how much courage he can muster once he knows just what and how much has actually been covered up, and who else might be involved.

  7. Jack Black, totally agree with you! With Labor out of Q’land there is no excuse for ignoring the corruption of so many politicians over the Heiner affair! If they get the investigation under way ASAP, we could remove the Gillard govt. immediately!

  8. Oh yes, the Heiner affair. Barnaby Joyce has tried to get air space on this in the senate. Please, please, please do a story on the Heiner affair!

  9. it proves the point ausralian voters see through spin, and havent we heard plenty from the federal labor leader, congratulations queensland people,

  10. I live in federal seat of dobell and feel so abanded by gillard about the craig thompson shame, she will pay dearly @election time we are not represented by an at

  11. As a new reader of your blog I must say I am gobsmacked by the in depth stories that are presented.
    The Heiner affair is a must …the truth has to come out ASAP
    I do hope that investigation into ALL Unions and the use of members money is also a priority
    Well done to QLD….the public can take so much in the spin of labor…I think the Socialist leanings will be the downfall (for many years)
    Aussies do NOT want a Socialist Society….or be in a ONE World Government
    Congratulations to all

      • To Peter G:
        Its great living in Qld , why ?
        Only 22% of the population support Gillard ! Thats 1 in 5.
        With the Carbon Tax, Boat People, Craig T – it must soon slide below 20% support.
        The Sunshine State ! ( Blame us for Global Warming)

  12. I hope the first legislation that goes before qld parliament is that it is wrong to lie to parliament!!! Peter Beattie allowed this law to go through, how corrupt.

  13. I wonder if Captain Anna Bligh and her mates have properly distributed all the $ millions of dollars $ that they collected during the QLD floods ie Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal …. ? ? ?

    Or was The Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal just another SCAM which was being run by this corrupt and toxic QLD LABOR government

  14. The Labor /Greens Coalition Government will be scrambling now to bring about a Media Black-band on all Political Comment which is detrimental to the Sitting Party (s) or the Incumbent Ministers of the sitting Party (s).
    This is the only way any Deceptive, lying, Socialist, Communist Party such as Labor and the Greens can ever survive against honest and unprejudiced reporting.
    China, Russa, Cuba, and secyions through out Europe and Africa, show great leadership in this area of control.

    As Roads, that great scollar one said, “You don’t have to own the industry to run the industry. Just to control the Laws governing the industry is enougth.”

  15. It didn’t Anna Blight long to resign. She says it’s because the Queensland people sent a clear message. More like she was as mad as hell and couldn’t take any more. She kept her composure for the cameras but she must have been visceral the moment she got off. Now she has foisted on the state coffers a by-election – talk about gutless wonder. Watch the others drop like flies.

    The corruption was started by Wayne Goss and his side-kick Kevin Rudd and perfected by Peter Beattie. The media barely questioned or investigated during their tenure and it continued with Anna Bligh. It took the people of Queensland long enough but finally we have severed the snake’s head.

    It took only one year for Campbell Newman to show people of Queensland and Australia what a true, honest politician looks like and all this without parliamentary privilege.

    What a remarkable, historical day.

    The Labor cronies are saying that it will take Labor a decade to come from this. They’re dreaming. They’ll never come back. Goodbye Labor, Goodbye Unions. Thanks be to God.

    • Just found the kangaroo and love it, with regard to why Bligh resigning so quickly (and please feel free to check this) is that it had everything to do with her retirement pension. You see (as I here it) your life pension is related to your final pay, if she had left it any longer her pension would have been related to perhaps the leader of an opposition salary, as she got out when she did it is now calculated to her salary as premier. My understanding is the difference was millions.

      The irony is that apparently there where 2 other ministers of hers who wanted to resign 6 months prior to the election (knowing what was coming) for the same reason and where not permitted too, it appeared that bligh would not allow it.

  16. I think the extent of the defeat was set in stone the day the CMC told Bligh to get lost after she tried to politicize them to attack Campbell Newman. I’d suggest a lot of people were waiting to see what would happen here, and Labor’s campaign visibly collapsed the day of the CMC’s decision. Not saying the CMC is all sweetness and light, but their refusal to be used like this was refreshing.

    • Paul, I agree with you in principle on the CMC, however, the wife of a Director of Hawker Britton (the ALP PR company) is the boss of the Qld CMC, I think that is a huge conflict of interests on her part. So I think the bad publicity for the CMC and the implications for the CMC Director if there was any delay or improper action was more the case than their deciding to act appropriately. Bit sad really that they acted out of fear rather than proper conduct.

      • Wow. Geez you know some stuff (or I don’t pay enough attention…probably that). So in a way I was right, but not for the reasons I thought….or maybe hoped….Thanks for that interesting reply and link.

      • Paul, I followed your link. It makes for interesting reading. How Anna Bligh could have stated that she did not know of the relationship, beggars belief.

        And no conflict of interest? How can there be no conflict of interest when Ellis is married to an ALP crony? How can the CMC operate independently when one of its Directors is married to someone completely, and irrefutably, involved in the machinations of the ALP brand?

        Typical newspaper, though. Don’t pursue it because the then Premier says so.

      • Sorry, Big, Bad, Property Developer, I inadvertently sent a reply to Paul for the link you provided.
        I reiterate my disgust and complete dismay at what appears to be a corrupt CMC. They are a public body, are they not?
        To add further, this election annihilation has also been an indictment of the Queensland media.
        The people knew the government was corrupt but expected a little more than cow-towing by the media.
        It seems they were happy to pursue for days Campbell Newman for the comments made by Anna Bligh but did not have the integrity to pursue the conflict of interest clearly manifested in the CMC directorate.

  17. I’m a Queenslander and I’m delighted with the election results

    As soon as the new AG is announced I’m going to start pushing for a Royal Commission into the Heiner affair

    it is an important principle in our legal system that all citizens are equal before the law even members of the executive (government) and judges and that is what is at stake in the Heiner affair

    Warwick Hughes has a recent blog post about the Heiner affair with interesting links

    Visit explore and make a comment!

    • could not agree more it all comes to bit you , the aussie vot er is not stupid,watch out gillard.

    • As an aside: Isn’t it is curious that the media and the many commentators in our community, with just a couple of exceptions, continue to steer clear of discussing The Heiner Affair (aka Shreddergate) – as if in fear? Of what? What is the secret?

  18. It is so refreshing to listen to the list of new members and their occupations – they have a wide range of experience, have run businesses, employed people, managed things etc instead of a long list of people who went to uni, studied law, and then became party hacks – couldn’t run a chook raffle well.

    • I agree with you, Old woman from the north, I was taken by their humility and wide experience in the wider community. Some are solicitors and other professionals but they have had to establish their businesses and work to bring in the bacon.

      The retired US Marine would slap a few of our crims into line.

      These are people that have walked the walk and talked the talk. No mucking about as their livelihoods have depended on them getting the job done, not cronyism and an easy handout or two.

      This sounds to be a parliament by the people,of the people, for the people.

      Did you ever think you’d live to see the day? I am so proud to be a Queenslander!!

      • You are so correct – refreshing to see the Background of LNP members
        No Union hacks here or those have never had a ‘real job’
        Or had to ring the Bank Manager to extend the overdraft so you can pay
        your troops.
        I feel this is a New Queensland – its a great feeling.

        Now to expunge The Red Head Liar. Polls show the same low level support
        accross Australia.

  19. Yes Heiner MUST be sorted.

    SHANE, can you hear me?! I think bumper stickers would be a good idea to let people know you’re here. The MMS and most blogs won’t let us spread the word. Really, there is only one journalist left with the fortitude to stand up to this vile Government and allow us a free voice and I can see several of his regular contributors have made their way here.

    • Bumper stickers are a good idea. A lot of things to do but only so much time as I only work on the site in my spare time. I have got the t-shirts and cups going. We’ll get there though.

  20. don’t these people realise that appointing relatives,friends and friends of relatives and family members irrespective of ability ,qualifications or merit to key positions is a recipe for disaster ,it doesn’t only happen in zimbabwe look what’s happening here,it is now so blatant that they don’t even bother to cover it up
    one good thing julia and cohorts have done is to open our eyes wide

    • You are so right.There are council elections across Qld at the end of April.
      In the Brisbane City Council -‘ Central Ward’ the ALP preselected Paul Crowther 12 months ago.He has worked hard and seems a decent young man who has run his own property management business ( no known union ties).
      You guessed it. After Grace Grace lost her seat last Saturday, by Sunday night Crowther had stood down , by Monday Grace Grace announced she was nominating. However the Electoral Commission rejected her nomination because ‘technically she was still a state member’
      By Tuesday Heather Beattie ( yes Peter Beattie former Qld Premier) was endorsed by the the ALP to stand . The rumor is if Beattie wins she will soon resign for a by-election for Grace Grace. The whole process is DISGUSTING and will FAIL. People are ANGRY.

  21. I’ve been thinking today how did Aust end up with this Federal Govt? that is Rudd/Gillard
    We can’t blame the MSM
    I do recall the Oz advocating the election of Rudd which replaced the Howard Govt
    In my view that was an ‘it’s time’ election coupled with the misrepresentaiton of Rudd that he was a Howard lite
    But it’s up to each of us the voters to make our own mind up; I’m a swinging voter but I didn’t follow the Oz’s editorialising on that occasion
    On the next election occasion the Oz advocated a vote for Abbott; but the voters declined a majority to Abbott
    So it’s up to each voter to utilise their vote for the benefit of the nation (ultimately this means that most voters are self serving which is natural)
    The MSM are supposed to be investigative but the fact is that for example the ABC is left wing as is the Fairfax media
    But do we need the media to lead us by the nose
    Surely the Aust public is more intuitive than that
    …. or is it?

  22. Shane, I totally agree with your comments. We must not forget that the so called ALP King/Queen maker, AWU Federal President Bill Ludwig supported Gillard, (along with former AWU secretary Bill Shorten and Paul Howes) into the lodge. Ludwig was a key supporter of one Bruce Morton Wilson. WILSON is the bloke who defrauded and ripped off AWU members over $1 million of THEIR money in cash and property. WILSON was having an affair with the AWU lawyer at the time the AWU members money was stolen by WILSON. That lawyer was JULIA GILLARD, who was then a partner with law firm Slater and Gordon. When this issue went public late last year (thanks to you Shane) GILLARD, CONROY,SHORTEN and Co. shut down the media from reporting on her involvment with WILSON. My sworn affidavit was censored and Radio personality Michael Smith lost his job. Journalist Glen Milne was sacked from print media and the ABC for reporting the story…. I refer readers to previous articles by Shane on this matter. GILLARD will attemt to buy the next election with cash handouts to voters on July 1st, I HOPE THAT THE PUBLIC DONT GET CONNED YET AGAIN…Bob Kernohan

    heavyweight like LUDWIG support a radical left winger in GILLARD to the detriment of
    all Australians? Is it because of what they both know about the stolen AWU money…. We should remember that BILL SHORTEN was aware at the time that WILSON was a crook and was sleeping with GILLARD. at the time.

    • Can someone tell me why there are no criminal charges being laid here?? If I burped in the wrong place I would probably be arrested, but these thieving criminals seem to have immunity..

  23. Final paragraph in previous post should read as a question ??? Why would an extreme right wing heavyweight etc etc

  24. I think the original article is only the tip of the iceberg on Beattie. There is more than a fishy smell where he is concerned re the Patel issue. Beattie took the Health Minister position while Premier and promised to resign ‘by Xmas’ if he couldn’t fix the problems. Then he jumped ship and appointed Nuttall, and also forgot to resign the next Xmas. Not long after, he passed the infamous Nuttall’s Law and then stiched him up anyway.

    Beattie left his Premiership suddenly, again making promises he promptly ignored (no sinecures for me). And guess where he turned up next? USA, where Jayant Patel was holed up after his free, one-way, escape flight. Next Beattie moves to join Patel in Seattle on the highest ‘salary’ (war chest?) of any Australian Trade Commissioner. And then the Qld govt. and their federal mates extracted the collective digits and started to get Patel back.

    Be interesting to see if the new Qld govt.revisit all this to see if Patel would turn and tell the truth. He is from a land where the best offer gets the best result. I think any one would go for a little immunity from further prosecution and another return airfare. If he or Nuttall did turn it would be something a reconstituted CMC (less ALP affiliates) could go into properly.

    After that the CMC could have another look at the 2011 flood inquiry shenanigans. There are several items of failed duty of care and deriliction of duty there

    • Firstly, the Flood investigation was a ruse, she held the election off to alllow her mod to get their 8 years in and therefore Lifetime Pensions. Beattie gave her the reins originally after his wife found out about Spenc, Mary-Ros who stuffed Friday racing in Kilcoy and ERK plus Beaudesert, couldn’t complain because of her record. Wifey Pehggs gave him the ultimatum, out or she spills the NEANS to Media. Only the Tea Lady gave him the USA job, not the UK one which he wanted.

      Besides anything else of which there a many, what annoyed me was the way in which she signed her husband up just prior the elections, you know, thye blok she lived with all those years and had bastards to him, but to get the Premiers job, decided all of a sudden he was good enough to marry. She signed him up for the next 5 years at $600,000.00 with increments. His job did not expire until later vthis year and I never saw it advertised. God, talk about Cambell NEWMAN being corrupt and hios family, he is a learner compared to her.

      • SO – How would you feel about Heather Beattie now running for the Brisbane City Council
        (Brisbane Central)?
        Im none too happy . 24Th March ALP was to learn from their mistakes of their election loss ,
        3 days later they
        had stripped the previously endorsed Candidate Paul Crowther and edified Heather Beattie.
        Labor supporters loose again.
        Once The ALP attracted the cream of the working class.
        Today they attract the scum of the middle class.

  25. ALP corruption in Queensland cost me a career and drove me out of the state.

    Once upon a time I was a card carrying member because I believe in the ideals they profess to uphold. But having personally witnessed the depth and nature of their corruption in Queensland, I’d be happy to see them end.

    Of course the LNP probably won’t be much if any better but that’s what democracy is in this country – every couple of years getting to choose between one bunch of reprobates or the other.

  26. Hey Peter,

    I had the same corrupt party ruin my career too, but it was the NSW version. I can sympathise with you!

    I agree and think the LNP are not much different.

    We can NOT let either party get back into another term of power after poor performance and lieing. We will keep kicking them out untill they get the message

  27. Typical comments from Labor affiliates, Peter Gauci and curious, can’t just state the obvious. No, they have to tarnish others with the same black brush as their own inept crony party.

    You have learned nothing from your experiences and that doesn’t surprise me. Labor ideology is about the ‘self’ and you just can’t stand it if the LNP is different.

    The corruption you personally witness in the Labor party was probably only the tip of the iceberg – remember Heather Beattie is now trying for mouthpiece for her corrupt husband. Ah, corrupt, yes, but for some, the good times never end.

    • You are spot on here.
      How do you think the people in Brisbane Central feel with – 3rd Choice ‘Heather’
      Bloody Beattie as ALP Candidate.
      Labor has only 103 vote margin in this seat, on present form has to be another Labor Loss.
      They just dont learn and want to recycle ‘interbred union or party hacks’.
      Anna Blighs replacement Jackie Trad in South Brisbane is yet another example of this .
      Leave it to you to make a few good jokes about that!

  28. The question we should be all asking ourselves, is how do we get rid of this corrupt, legal system. Corruption starts at the top and then seeps into the rest of the “system”, corrupting all.
    We the ordinary citizen do not have the power to fight against corrupt lawyers, barristers or the judges that are apponted by the corrupt politicans, usually a ex-lawyer.
    Australians love to point the finger of scorn at countries overseas, but fail to act at the corruption in their own country. I think that most Australians don’t care unless they are personally affected.
    Mr Newman I hope you can restore our faith in our Legal System because it stinks, full of Labor cronies!

  29. Citizens committ serious crimes and go to jail, we must have a Royal Commission into the corrupt Union-Labor governments, and in particular Queensland and NSW. We must not allow this rabble to enjoy tax payer funded retirements at the expense of hard working Australians. Any Mafia would be proud of the Union-Labor Governments.

    • How about the odd (?) occasion where-by innocent people are framed (QLD) and those who cry ‘Justice’, professing to be for the oppressed, defamed and framed (aka SHINE LAWYERS, and the entire judicial and legal system) ignore the framing of an innocent person preferring instead to see a wronged person hanged in order to keep face?!
      What goes around comes around.
      Qld is STILL corrupt. The Fitzgerald Inquiry (and Kennedy Inquiry – we know all about him!) was an inquiry where (corrupt people were promoted to the Inquiry) CORRUPT POWER BROKERS were able to reinforce their power over vulnerable, unsuspecting others, and also reinforce their alliance with one another. And this, at great expense to the taxpayer (Qld) who was rendered impotent and igmorant.
      I’ve seen the tables turn.
      Dirt comes out in the wash.

  30. Well done, Premier Newman. Bring the Heiner affair out into the light, and watch the vermin run for cover.

  31. Must be good to be a dreamer . Thinking you are going to get everything you want.
    In real life it doesnt work like that .
    Its tough doing what has to be done. Just makes you remember how bad Labor
    stuffed up.

  32. Ok So labor is back. What on earth happened in Queensland? was it a case of amnesia? As one who was burnt severely by a corrupt labor premier i would never vote labor,but who on earth voted them back in ?
    Campbell was doing a brilliant job but as i remember saying after they won the election,
    ” if Newman can fight off the newspapers,he will turn out to be Queensland greatest premier” .He earned his ‘bones’ as lord Mayor and I could find nothing wrong with his running of the city,especially during the 2011 floods.
    But in the last few months we got nothing but attack after attack in the press…but no substance from labor .In fact Annatasia never even told anyone what labors policy was…and not one reporter has ever asked her what their policy stance on anything is . We have now opened the gates to more labor hell. really strange Queensland really tragic in fact. And now we have the press attacking the very office of the prime minister. Where ever will it end ?

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