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Kangaroo Court of Australia interview with Sydney newspaper The Bondi View

I did an interview last week with The Bondi View which was published today (25/10/12) . They are a Sydney local newspaper and publish monthly covering the eastern Sydney areas of Bondi, Bondi Junction, Waverley, Bronte, Rose Bay, Dover Heights and Tamarrama etc.

The article is titled: No place for corruption in ‘Roo Court’

and starts off “Shane Dowling is the judge of the Kangaroo Court of Australia.”

“And while the term is a humourous take on the removal of justice from the courtroom, there remains little doubt Mr Dowling is dealing with a very serious matter. The 44-year-old has established a popular ‘WikiLeaksstyle’ website uncovering the corrupt conduct of Australian judges, magistrates and politicians.”

You can click here to see the story on their website or click here for the full current issue which has a picture of me on the front cover.

The distribution is 32,500 copies so it helps with the growth and awareness of this site. It is a well written article and worth a read.

It mentions three posts that I have written and the links are below:

1. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

2. Kerry Stokes, Seven Group Chairman and Australia’s number one perjurer, has been charged with contempt of court

3. Kerry Stokes threatens legal action against blogger

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  1. If you are holding an apple and the Corrupt high courts say its an orange ,then its an orange.reminds me of the Catholic church and the flat earth of old.Good on you Shane. keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Shane: What all of us are asking every day is: When will whom legally expose the PM for her years of escalating deceptions and diversions? What sort of options do we have and who can pull the plug? We seem to so close to, yet so far from justice to the community. Best JW

    • There has been a few false starts the last being about eight weeks ago then Julia Gillard did the press conference and most of the media dropped off reporting on the AWU scandal. There is no quick fix. But slowly and surely the online voice is getting louder and will have a huge influence going forward. That is the point of this site, the voice is building in size every day. Hopefully it will eventually get to a size where it has real muscle to drive change.

  3. Appreciate your efforts .Your `intent` shines through.Keeping it real.
    I wish you success in your earnest endeavours.
    Word get`s around and good deeds are recalled and easy to recommend and share.
    People in OZ seem less easily led than ever before due to being ripped off so there is a flavor for GOODNESS in demand.
    You and others do deliver that. I am sure many will support you in the future and when they can .
    So many folks await the positive election for valid reasons Mr Dowling.

  4. More power to you Shane. For too long the MSM have been falling down on their collective responsibility to keep the public informed.
    Their is a terrible smell emanating from Canberra.

  5. Well done in your success in your blog Shane. People power are winning because people like you are so brave to take on corrupt judges, corrupt politicians, corrupt business people etc. You have allowed us to have our say and for that I thank you.

  6. Slowly but steadily we chip away at them, and make others more aware of what is really happening.

    At the local elections yesterday I placed a big fat zero next to all the candidates, and then drew another box labelled “REAL democracy. http://www.kangaroocourtofaustralia.com“. I know some will not agree with what I did for various reasons, but i believe it is important to make the australian electoral commission know too just how disillusioned, angry and AWARE we are of the whole system. (One important issue is that in this “democracy” i do not have the right not to vote – some freedom huh?)

    I can promise though that the next election my vote will count – it will go against the criminal mob that is currently in control AND I WILL PROUDLY BE WEARING A KANGAROOCOURT TSHIRT FOR ALL TO SEE. I URGE EVERY READER OF THIS SITE TO GET A TSHIRT BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION AND WEAR IT TO THE POLLING CENTRES.

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