Commissioner Ian Cambridge

The Julia Gillard, Ian Cambridge and Shane Dowling connection.

I first met Ian Cambridge in 2005. The same Ian Cambridge who called for a Royal Commission into the Julia Gillard / Bruce Wilson / AWU fraud in 1996. He was a Commissioner of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and I had just been sacked for warning people about a health and safety danger.

Ian Cambridge took a bribe in 1996 to cover-up the AWU fraud. His bribe was being appointed to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission which the then NSW Premier Bob Carr facilitated.

In 2005/2006 when I met him he was back up to his old tricks and covering up corruption for the benefit of the Labor Party and the evidence and documents are very clear cut in proving this.

There was no disputing there was a health and safety danger so much so that during the course of the proceedings Commissioner Ian Cambridge issued interim orders against the company, Cardcall a division of Telecorp, in the interest of public health and safety. This is unheard of. But there was a major problem, NSW WorkCover had been trying to cover-up the health and safety danger.

The court orders were breached with the help of NSW WorkCover as the documents show. There was no justification for the court orders being breached and Ian Cambridge knew it and he ultimately did the hatchet job on the case to cover-up the corruption at WorkCover.

All the evidence pointed to WorkCover employees taking bribes. Why would the company bribe them? As it turns out the company did not have Workers Compensation Insurance and were in a lot of trouble which only came to light after I used a Freedom of Information application to get the WorkCover file. In 2005 numerous WorkCover staff were already under investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) for taking bribes and from my experience it was a lot more widely spread than that. (Click here to read more)

It was not until a few years later that I realised fully why Cambridge had done the hatchet job on my case. The Labor Party could not have corruption at WorkCover exposed as they were busy stealing money from it. This is the same WorkCover that John Della Bosca and the NSW Labor Party stole $660,905 from over a six year period and funnelled through the Transport Workers Union back into Labor Party bank accounts. (Click here to read my previous post)

The reason Cambridge had to issue the interim orders during the proceedings is because evidence showed there was a health and safety danger. The same evidence that the Cardcall and NSW WorkCover had been sitting on for over 3 months but had failed to act.

This post is the first of two or three posts on this. Some of the documents are just jaw dropping and the corruption at NSW WorkCover blatant.


In 2005 I worked for a company called Cardcall which was a division of Telecorp. My role was mainly distributing point of sale material to shops for the sale of international calling cards. Plastic flags for outside shops were one of the items that I distributed. Initially they were fine.

But then they bought a new batch of flags which had strong fumes coming from them. When they are made they are dipped in chemicals that eat away at the rough edges and makes them smooth and then they are dried. But these flags had been dipped in the chemicals and then packaged straight away and a lot of the chemicals were still on the flags. These chemicals then vaporised when in a hot place such as a car in the sun making it very dangerous for anyone in the car. The fumes were chemicals that eat away plastic so obviously very dangerous to be inhaled and very flammable. The staff and customers were not made aware of this even though as you will see the company had advice that they should make them aware and to take various precautions and safety measures which included to stop distributing the flags.

The company did not have Workers Compensation Insurance and financially it was potentially a company killer if people were injured and made claims. The directors would have to take responsibility for any injuries.

I complained to management as had others but they did nothing. One day I left my car in the sun and when I came back it stunk of fumes. After more complaints I decided to get the flags tested. The person where I went to get them tested said to save my money as he knew what the chemicals were in the fumes and he gave me the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) which tell people how they should handle the chemicals from a safety view-point.

I sent the MSDS sheets to the company and still they refused to act and warn staff. I then had a lawyer send a letter to the company on the 20th April 2005. (Click here to see the letter) The company’s response on the 28th April was they admitted that fumes were coming from the flags and that I did not have to distribute them anymore.  But other staff did and they did no more than that. They were still sending the flags directly to customers as well. (Click here to read their response)

I decided to go back to the testing place and get the flags tested so there was no doubt. Initially when I went to get the flags tested the guy was very casual about it and he gave me the MSDS sheets and said to save my money and not test them. When he did test them I spoke to him on the phone and his attitude had changed. He said he could not believe the figures coming from the tests so he had them tested twice. (Click here for the laboratory report) I asked him how safe they were to carry around in cars. Even though he is an expert in that area you need a certain qualification to give companies advice which he did not have, his role is the actual testing.  But he said “put it this way I would not like to be driving around with them in my car.” His attitude and tone had changed from one of being casual about the situation to hey there is a major problem and health hazard.

I sent to report to Cardcall. Their response was once again nothing. What came out in evidence, in an email, during the hearing is that they did send the lab report to Ross Hansen Senior Workplace Health and Safety Consultant at Commerce Queensland. They also had the flags tested but in an outdoor environment to simulate erecting a flag outside a shop knowing full well the amount of fumes would be greatly lower than fumes coming off flags stored in a car or an enclosed environment. For example people in head office who looked after point of sale material had also complained.

His advice was “Gotalk Operations should instruct all sales executives transporting these flags to ensure they are transported in air-tight containers” (Gotalk was part of Telecorp) and “As these solvents are flammable, it would be appropriate for Gotalk Operations to enforce a “no smoking in vehicles” policy, to reduce the risk of vapour ignition.” and “While there is no denying that some adverse effects are being experienced by your sales executives” and “I question the figure in your sales executive’s email to all staff of 153Omg/square metre i.e. 1.5g of solvent per square metre of flag. I would expect the flags to be extremely slimy with that level of solvent. 1530 micrograms per square metre may be more believable. If, on the other hand, the data are correct and the flags are slimy with these solvents, then an appropriate action might be to cease distribution of these flags forthwith and advise your sales executives and your clients to only handle these with rubber gloves (cyclohexanone will dissolve many of the commonly available plastic gloves) and/or to wash hands thoroughly after handling.” (Click here to read Ross Hansen’s full email)

Now remember the person who did the testing questioned the results so he had them tested again so for Ross Hansen to question the results is no surprise. I have no doubt they were accurate.

So what did Steve Picton and Cardcall do on the above advice? Nothing! I ultimately sent an email to numerous staff and customers warning them about the dangers and was sacked.

The Termination

The termination letter which is dated the 16th May 2005 and was sent to my lawyer says that I warned that if I make “any further comment to retailers employees regarding health risks posed by the flags” that I would my employment terminated. It was quite a mind-blowing admission by the company. It was from the lawyer Jonathon Hassett who hopped in the witness stand and tried to back pedal from it. (Click here to read the full termination letter) When I went to court I represented myself for cost reasons.

First Hearing Day

18th of August 2005 – This was the first hearing date. The four people who gave evidence that day were 1. William Gore from the Queensland Health Scientific Services who did the dodgy test for Cardcall. After cross examination his evidence actually supported me. Hence the interim orders by Cambridge 2. Myself 3. Sally Garner who was the OH&S officer for the company 4. Steve Picton who was the CEO of the company. Transcript – 18th August 2005 (Click here to read)

Interim Orders

25th August 2005 – I got a phone call a day or two before from Commissioner Cambridge’s associate saying that I had to come to court as Cambridge was going to issue interim orders. I could feel the stress in her voice and she would not tell what the orders were for.

I went home and Googled Interim Orders as I did not know what it meant. When I found out I thought maybe he was going give me some back pay as the evidence that came out the first day was just so mind-blowing in my favour.

When I got to court Cambridge’s associate knocked on the door as is customary and Cambridge stormed into the room. He sat down and said in the matter of Dowling v Cardcall “The Commission issues this Statement and Interim Orders in the interests of the health and safety of employees and customers of the respondent employer” and stormed out. I looked up at his associate and said “what just happened? I do not understand.” She said read this it explains it and she gave me a copy of the interim orders. (Click here to read)

The key parts in the orders are: “During the presentation of evidence on 18 August, an issue arose regarding the alleged contamination of plastic promotional flags used by CardCall.” and sections:

4. The applicant complained about the odour that was emitted from the plastic flags particularly if the flags were stored in a confined space under raised air temperature, for example a motor vehicle parked in the sun. Some scientific tests were conducted on the plastic flags and evidence in this matter included certain test results.

5. In brief, the test results appear to indicate the presence of elevated levels of two particular solvents, Cyclohexanone and Isophorone. These solvents are toxic and can be harmful depending upon the concentration to which a person is exposed.

11. It was therefore disconcerting to discover during evidence provided on 18 August from CardCall managers, that no advice had been issued to CardCall employees and/or customers about the potential hazards that may be presented by elevated concentrations of solvents in the plastic promotional flags. At very least, in such circumstances, an employer should have provided its employees with information about the issue of elevated concentrations of solvents in the flags and implemented further investigation into the safe handling protocol for flags that have elevated concentrations of solvents such as Cyclohexanone and Isophorone.

The two orders that were issued were that Cardcall take the following action:

(a) notification to Workcover New South Wales with formal documentary request for assistance in further scientific testing of plastic promotional flags aimed at establishing appropriate safe handling protocols, and,

(b) written communication to all employees and customers who may be likely to handle plastic promotional flags advising of concerns regarding elevated concentrations of solvents in plastic promotional flags and suggesting that until conclusive safe handling protocols are established care should be exercised with the handling of the flags. In particular, the care that should be exercised with handling the flags may include the use of protective rubber gloves and/or thorough washing of hands after contact. Additionally, all persons handling the flags should avoid inhalation of fumes emitted from the flags and generally flags should only be handled in well ventilated situations.

The court case should have been won then and there. They admitted they had sacked me for warning people about a health and safety danger and there was one. My initial complaint had been made on the 12th May 2005 (Click here to read)

The reason Cambridge had to issue the orders is because the company and WorkCover had failed to act. WorkCover had been in receipt of the material before I was sacked but had done nothing.

As per the court orders Cardcall wrote to WorkCover CEO Jon Blackwell to have the flags tested. (Click here to read)

Elissa McGregor at WorkCover to inspector Belinda McKean asking her what the current situation was. Belinda McKean was meant to be investigating my complaint but was as sneaky as they come. (Click here to read)

Belinda McKean wrote back to Elissa McGregor telling e few lies and deliberately concealing information. She said that I had not made a formal complaint in relation to being sacked. This was a straight out lie. She makes no mention in the letter that CardCall had not had Workers compensation for 5 to 6 years and were only fined $750. She makes no mention of the Laboratory report that I gave WorkCover. And then Ms McKean advises they should not bother testing the flags because Cardcall say they are not going to distribute them any more. What Ms McKean is a lawyer is she. All WorkCover inspectors would be fully aware that the flags should have been tested not just for current injuries but also potential future injuries. (Click here to read)

John Watson from WorkCover wrote to Cardcall in effect saying don’t worry about the court order. Just ignore it. The letter mentions the test that Cardcall had done at Queensland Health Scientific Services and says that WorkCover was not able to establish that there was a health risk to employees.

The letter makes no mention of the test results which were from the commercial laboratory Packaging Inks (Aust) Pty Ltd which I provided to WorkCover. The same test results that forced Cambridge to issue interim orders. The same test results that are mentioned in the interim orders which WorkCover had a copy of. So why did John Watson ignore it?

The letter also makes no mention of Cardcall not having workers compensation insurance and having only been fined $750. The numbers I crunched said they could have been fined up to $250,000 for not having the workers comp for the last 5 to 6 years.

If it is a court order it is a court order

If a court issues an order that is it. You do what it says no if buts or maybes. The only person who can override that order is another judicial officer in court. John Watson, Jon Blackwell, Belinda McKean and the others would have been fully aware of this. The court order was in effect against WorkCover as well as they were mentioned in it. WorkCover have a large internal legal department so they knew.

But even if there was no court order they had an obligation to test the flags not just for current injuries but potential future injuries. When I was at the Telecorp head office one of the people in the stock room said words to the effect “this could be another James Hardie case in 10 to 20 years” and WorkCover knew their obligations.

The letter from Workcover to Cardcall breaching the court orders is one no one can explain. They all knew about it. I raised in court that the court orders had been breached and tendered the letter as part of an affidavit. Cambridge said there was no evidence. Cambridge knew but did not care at that stage because he knew it was his job to cover it up. His initial interim orders were to cover himself but someone obviously had gotten to him and told him he needed to sweep this under the carpet as a lot of people could be gone. Then there is the money that the Labor Party was stealing from WorkCover that might of dried up if ICAC had kept looking at WorkCover. (Click here to read)

Second Hearing Day

6th September 2005 – There were 3 witnesses but it started with the barrister Tristan Bors who was representing Cardcall saying the below

COMMISSIONER: I think we’re up to the respondent’s evidentiary case, are we not?
BORS: We are. I believe on the last occasion Mr Dowling closed just before we finished. In the interim there were some orders made by the Commission. Those have been complied with and I have some documents, evidencing compliance. Would the Commission care to take them or is that sufficient from the Bar table?
COMMISSIONER: If you tell me they’ve been complied with, that’s sufficient for me.

Well they had not been complied with and Tristan Bors knew it and Cambridge should have asked to see the evidence. The three witnesses that day were 1. Russell Shields – General Manager for Cardcall 2. Ms Gabrielle Badman who claimed to be the Employee Relations Manager for Cardcall. She was actually the payroll manager but that is another story. 3. Jonathon Hassett of Hassett Dixon Lawyers who perjured himself like there was no tomorrow. The problem Hassett had is that he had written his statutory declaration saying the flags were safe and filed it with the court before Cambridge had issued his interim orders. Transcript – 6th September 2005 (Click here to read)

It was about November when WorkCover rang me and said that they were going to do nothing about my complaint in relation to Cardcall. I asked for written reasons and they said they do not give written reasons. I argued with the person and they eventually told me that I could file a Freedom of Information application for the file, which I did.

The matter was set down for closing arguments but I filed further evidence that I had obtained from the WorkCover file and requested that further evidence be allowed and that some of the witnesses be brought back for further questioning. That was heard on the 1st February 2006. Cambridge handed down his judgement that day and dismissed my case.

The judgement is legendary for how little it says. A clear tactic to allow him to lie later if need be. He makes two key points, neither stack up against the evidence.

1. He says at section 7 “The actions of the applicant in sending the e-mail to customers, represented an act of gross misconduct which, in the circumstances of this case, can not be justified by any associated, legitimate, occupational health and safety complaint.” Then why did Cambridge direct the company to warn people of the danger in his interim orders.

and at 8 “Rather than protect the health and safety of others, the applicant’s actions only served to deflect attention away from the elevated concentrations of solvents in the promotional flags and focus upon his misconduct instead. The simple, logical alternative would have been to make a documentary report to the appropriate agencies so as to hasten a comprehensive analysis of the solvent in flag issue.” I had the flags tested out of my own pocket and gave it to WorkCover. What more could I do. And WorkCover did nothing. So I was right to warn people.’

and at 6 “The applicant had knowledge of and access to other proper channels for raising occupational health and safety concerns. Indeed the employer invited the applicant to pursue his occupational health and safety complaint with the relevant government authorities. The Statement and Interim Orders of this Commission as issued in this matter on 25 August 2005, would have been unnecessary had the applicant devoted his energies to constructing a documentary report to, inter alia, Workcover New South Wales, rather than the e-mail that he understood would precipitate his dismissal” Well the company wanted me to go to WorkCover and take their chances there because they did not have workers compensation insurance which Cambridge knew. Cambridge also knew that WorkCover were in receipt of my complaint over three months before he issued his interim orders. So to blame me is a joke. For the final judgement (Click here to read)

There is a lot more to this story than the above. But the bottom line is when someone takes a bribe to cover a crime like Ian Cambridge did in 1996 they are criminals. And once they commit a crime there is a good chance they will again like Cambridge has in the above post. There is plenty more evidence than what I have outlined above. But the above is extremely powerful by itself as there are too many questions that have no legitimate answers to them.

I will write another one or two posts as I took it further to ICAC and the government and up through WorkCover. More fun times.

So what’s with the title of this post. It was in 2006 that I started investigating Ian Cambridge. That led me to news articles and Hansard on the Victorian Parliament website which spoke about Ian Cambridge and the AWU fraud which also involved Julia Gillard. From there I kept on following both of them. In 2007 Glenn Milne wrote his articles on the story including the infamous article where Julia Gillard said “I was young and Naive”.

But she also complained in the article. “I was obviously hurt when I was later falsely accused publicly of wrong-doing. I didn’t do anything wrong and to have false allegations in the media was distressing.” But in November 2010 she falsely accused Julian Assange of breaking the law. It clicked with straight away her hypocrisy. At that stage I did not have this blog to write about it. In August 2011 I eventually wrote about it when this site had been up just over 7 months. (Click here to read the post)

From there other media picked up on it and it has been an up and down ride since. But it is gathering pace now again. Cambridge wrote to the then federal Minister for Industrial Relations Laurie Brereton in 1996 asking for a Royal Commission into the AWU scandal. Well this may come true, but it is his corruption outlined above that will be the catalyst for it, not his letter to Brereton. Cambridge was not expecting a Royal Commission, all he was doing is improving his negotiating position for a bribe which he eventually took. He would have been fully aware that a Labor government that is controlled by the unions was not going the have a royal commission into their own supporters.

If Cambridge and myself had never crossed paths Gillard would probably not have the problem she has now and has had for the past 14 months since I wrote that post.

I did my apprenticeship in judicial corruption with Ian Cambridge as my lecturer. This site is not motivated by him or the above but would certainly not be here without his teachings in the lessons above. So every supporter of this site should thank Ian Cambridge for being the criminal he is.

I have been waiting to until the time is right and until I have time to write this post. Anyone who has a copy of my book can go to page 167 and it says “Mention the name Ian Cambridge to Julie Gillard and watch her choke. Who is Ian Cambridge you ask? He is Julie Gillard’s very own personal Grim Reaper.” The book was published in 2009 and that would have passed over the head of most people but plenty from the political fraternity would have known exactly what I meant.

The time is right now as some are painting Ian Cambridge as a hero for what he did in 1996. Well he is no hero. He is a criminal who took a bribe in 1996 and shut his mouth to conceal a crime and he has continued on his criminal path since as the above shows.

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    • I sent a $100 donation as I really need chaps like Shane and a few others to keep digging and exposing the corruption.
      It is cheap price to put the searchlight of truth into dark places in our society
      At the end of the day I did this for my own and your children and grandchildren…. please do likewise.

  1. As of this past week, Julie Bishop has been continuing her onslaught on Gillard during Question Time, but with Albanese’s backing and Gillard’s usual off-handed “finesse” i.e. avoidance of the issue, she doesn’t seem to be gaining any ground! As the majority of the population don’t bother to witness what happens during these important encounters, they aren’t aware of just how devious these people are! How do we enlighten them? I get so sick of people telling me how wonderful Gillard is; they don’t want to hear the facts, and there doesn’t seem to be any response from them apart from their “conspiracy” argument!

    • Bishop may not be gaining any ground in persisting with Gillard, but she keeps the Prime Monster aware that we are still watchful of her very dirty laundry. When more is revealed over Thomson, then Ms Bishop can move further. Be nice to see a drip drip of water torture turn into a ducking…

      • Dahlia. Julie Bishop in reality gains ground every time she asks Julia Gillard a question and Gillard refuses to answer Once the question has been asked then more and more people watching Question Time will want answers even if they are dodged in Parliament and helped to be covered up by Anthony Albanese a hypocryte by any standards Protects Julia Gillard yet voted for Kevin Rudd at the last attempted coupe by Rudd

      • I hope Julie Bishop continues to ask Gillard some tough questions in Parliament.
        I think it is a clever ploy by the Coalition as, coming from another woman, Gillard cannot use her “mysogenist” snipes as she has been doing for ages on Tony Abbott.
        I think it smacks of John McT, who has obviously set-up and orchestrated Gillard’s phoney media conferences away from parliamentary privilege to make the public believe she is,sort of, squeeky clean and being hard done by and that has been reflected in better opinion polls for the PM and her corrupt party.
        Albanese is just a snake in the grass and as the Gov’t leader in the Lower House is playing his bent cards both ways….siding with Rudd on the Labor leadership vote and trying to stall these pertinent Coalition questions during Question Time, thereby deflecting the required answers away from Gillard…he definitely wants his cake and wants to eat it too. Hopefully he will soon choke on that cake and this mob will be gone sooner rather than later! Let’s hope and pray that is sooooooon!

    • Write to the corrupt politicians that back her The independents that accepted the 30 pieces of silver to give her their vote Tell them what you think of them for supporting liars and cheats and gagging the truth within the very walls of parliament Albanese refusing Julie Bishop permission to table documents regarding chegues issued for Slater and Gordon and Julia gillard scandal


    • You said the majority of the population dont bother to witness what happens and you are correct But as i repeat often In a democracy people get the sort of government they deserve AND THEY DESERVE ALL THEY GET

      But while honest men stand by and do nothing evil will prevail So as long as there are people like yourself and those others that read this web page AND TELL OTHERS more and more people wil be enlightened and educated as to the corruption in government and in big business here in Australia

      • rh, I’ve been spreading the news for the past 3 years! The most common response I’ve had is “Listen to Question Time? It’s like watching paint dry!” Seems it’s just too much to expect that lots of people might be interested in what’s happening in Australia! It’s no wonder we’ve got the dross of humanity running the place! Having said that, I’ll continue to beat the drum!

      • Fidopuss Thats all any of us can do is beat the drum and hope that it can be heard above the complacency in this nation. At least here you are brought up to date on the corruption and even if others dont listen it gives you the advantage of knowing what corruption is occurring around you and at least helps you find your way through the maze and helps in avoiding many of the pitfalls set up by Julia Gillard and people like Ian Cambridge KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and knowledge gained here makes you more intellegent than the complacent crowd who dont listen and dont seem to care

  2. All-power to Julie Bishop and to you Shane……as an old-age pensioner I cannot send you money as I am struggling to pay my ever-increasing bills and rent. If I had the doe I would certainly provide all the money you seek to continue your great work on a full-time basis. This country is going (or has already gone) to the dogs whilst Labor is at the helm, bleeding us dry. Guess when the Coalition gets in, the Labor hierachy will scatter far and wide, never to be seen again…… having had their greedy snouts in the trough for 5 years! How do the informed and knowledgeable people in Australia put up with this incompetent, lying mob …….it’s just insane!!

    • bARRIE as a pensioner you cannot donate that is very understandable But to write your post you have a computer and that in itself can be a massive contribution to this web page TWITTER and FACEBOOK or writing to the thieving politicians in your spare time letting them know that you read this web page and know what they are up to Email two friends and let them know about the page tell them to email two of their friends Two gets four four gets eight eight gets sixteen Computers can spread the word very fast and so long as you are writing the TRUTH you are helping to stem the corruption and that is a very good donation on it’s own

      • Yes Shane, I do have an old desk-top computer, monthly ISP fees paid for by my 67yo wife who has to work part-time to enable us to survive. I will certainly use it to post as many comments as possible to help stamp out this gross corruption. Have already posted on my facebook and LinkedIn sites, so will just keep going and send info to my 500+ mates in my address book. It must all help as you rightly say!

    • As another pensioner, I too have at least had the chance to follow Australian politics and politicians for 60 years and would have to agree, the country is going to the dogs, the political party dogs. Twenty-five years ago while working in S-E Asia I used to tell our sons that Australia is the best place on Earth, don’t let the politicians spoil it. Looking back now I see that my admonition was lost. This current government is only cause for more despair and adds to the conviction that terrorists are not just foreigners trying to impose their will on others. Political Parties and their members are becoming not too subtle terrorists in their own right. Wake up Australia.

      • Grumpy, I have to agree with you. I too have watched as this country has gone down the gurgler! Australia was once ‘THE best place on earth’, however this present government is destroying this place from within at a fast and furious pace.

        How many more years will it be before we have a completely rewritten ‘Constitution’? How long will it be before good is evil, and evil is good? With the performance of Ms Gillard and cronies, are we witnessing the implementation and unfolding of that exact scenario right before our very eyes?

        Hopefully, with the likes of Shane fighting a David and Goliath sized battle, we may not see evil triumph in this nation!

  3. I don’t understand how a bunch of flags could be so important as to put people’s lives at risk! I also don’t understand why plastic flags would be used by a government body anyway…with the rhetoric that goes on re pollution/carbon tax etc…plastic is up there with the best of toxic and polluting substances..then again, I’m no scientist.

    Such a simple matter turned into a mountain for god’s sake! the flags were toxic! get rid of them! TOO EASY!! Why all this over a few flags…

    Re Julie Bishop’s assault on Gillard this week..I know mainstream australia doesn’t bother with question time a great deal..for a start it’s in the middle of the arvo when most are at work. However, the Julie Bishop segments were shown with great delight on facebook, by a few Julia Gillard “hate” pages, that have attractive a lot of at least that’s something I guess.

    • susan2, re Question Time – it can be viewed on the Federal Parliament website anytime, and it’s more interesting because of the video footage. The problem is that there are so many apathetic individuals out there who can’t think for themselves, and take everything that’s reported by the media as fact! Then, of course, there are those who’ll judge politicians simply on their appearance, or on the way they walk e.g. Tony Abbott!

    • I have updated the post with this which answers your question.

      But then they bought a new batch of flags which had strong fumes coming from them. When they are made they are dipped in chemicals that eat away at the rough edges and makes them smooth and then they are dried. But these flags had been dipped in the chemicals and then packaged straight away and a lot of the chemicals were still on the flags. These chemicals then vaporised when in a hot place such as a car in the sun making it very dangerous for anyone in the car. The fumes were chemicals that eat away plastic so obviously very dangerous to be inhaled and very flammable. The staff and customers were not made aware of this even though as you will see the company had advice that they should make them aware and to take various precautions and safety measures which included to stop distributing the flags.

      The company did not have Workers Compensation Insurance and financially it was potentially a company killer if people were injured and made claims. The directors would have to take responsibility for any injuries.

      And Cambridge covered it up.

    • Can someone please send me a link to Julie Bishop’s assault on our esteemed Prime Monster ? (Thank you to dahlia llama for this term of endearment – I like it.) As soon as I get it I will post on my facebook page as well. Let’s get this out there for people to see!

      • You’ll have to sit through Question Time 1st and/or 2nd November to see Julie Bishop’s attempt. Not the first time she’d tried, but during the sitting before this, Albanese played out as many stoppers as he could to waylay her until QT timed out!

      • Here you go.
        A compilation of Julie Bishop Vs Julia Gillard in Question time last week.
        This is from Michael Smith News.

  4. It would seem that anyone working for this Government or affiliated with them, could not be trusted to investigate or reach an honest conclusion! How can we trust them to to get to the TRUTH of the Gillard/Wilson/Blewitt/AWU fraud when the very important FILES are being stolen from Lawyers and Govt. Departments? Who benefits most from this theft, Gillard, of course, and her friend ROXON, the Attorney General, has a duty to the people of Australia to find those files, or stand down from her highly paid position of POWER! The original investigation should be publicised, and Gillard can’t object if she “has done nothing wrong”!

  5. When unions or this government are involved there is always seems to be a stench of corruption or illegal activity. We out her in voter land depend on you Shane and people of the strength of Julie Bishop to pursue them and run them to ground.

  6. And people wonder why I have little to no faith in a so-called Royal Commission? In fact, some people wonder why I have little faith in the judiciary system. If you read this and other articles written by Shane, and a few responses as well, then surely, you will understand. Royal Commission… As the saying goes: “A Royal pain in the backside!”

  7. Does this, in part, go to explain why Cambridge is reluctant to open the Pandora’s box of the AWU/WRA affair, despite the fact he knows full well what went on?
    Does this not also implicate our current Foreign Affairs Minister (Carr) as being part of the AWU/WRA slush fund cover-up? (He offered Cambridge the NSW Industrial Court job in 1996 to keep a lid on it.) The tentacles spread wider and wider- this corruption and cover-up seems to involve more and more people daily, and reaches forward to today. it also helps explain why the Thompson affair was dragged out by FWA, why Kathy Jackson got the shovel and bullets warnings. Shane, forgive me if I’m wrong, but is this not a tip of a very, very big iceberg which goes to the heart of every Labor government in Australia since Hawke?
    Never before has the Walter Scott line, quote “Oh! what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive!” been so relevant.
    This is a huge jigsaw puzzle and thanks to people such as yourself, Michael Smith and journalists Bolt and Hedley Thomas, the pieces are gradually fitting together.

    • Most of the focus is on Julia Gillard but when you start digging the corruption gets wider and wider. Your right it is only the tip of the iceberg. I’ll have plenty more to say in my next post.

      • The comparative silence on this by the Libs (until recently) has unnerved me a bit. I just think of how they tolerated Slipper for as long as they did, until he went against them politically, then suddenly it was all barrels blazing. Maybe they have just been cautious until strong facts emerged (courtesy yourself and Mike Smith among others), not wanting another Ute-gate moment.

  8. i watched julie bishop the other day in parliment what a go getter if looks could kill she would be dead if albo didnt get up to defend and make it go away i reckon gillard would have lost her cool.she cant handle it when another woman gives it to her keep it up julie. you know what really grinds my gears is when they get up say they have passed 400 bits of legislation probally would have been two hundred if they didnt have to pay back all the favours.

  9. its good to read some of the documentation from your case Shane-as you said you had won your case once Cambridge issued the interim order-as you might know an employer commits an offence of unlawful victimisation under the NSW OH&S Act if they dismiss an employee who complains about an unsafe workplace or equipment or practices..the complainant is protected whether or not their allegations are ultimately substantiated so long as genuinely held…Cambridge’s final decision is plainly crooked and does not state the should have been overturned on appeal but the larger problem is that the Commission itself is politically crooked from the top down..I know this myself from my own experience in the Commission over seven hellish years fighting my own and other cases also against state govt departments..every proceeding was improperly dismissed and evidence against the government suppressed or destroyed..

  10. So much angst could have been saved if someone with half a brain in management (hah!) had just said “phew mate they do stink don’t they, lets take ’em out of circulation and go back to the supplier for a please explain”. Seems so simple from here.

  11. Shane, i did not realise, that one could run a Company without having Workers Compensation Insurance. It is a while ago we did have a Company, but I thought the Premium was calculated on the size of the pay-roll, anyway how could you go to sleep at night, if employing people, if they were not insured?
    I am sure we are insuring our public servants!

    I never had any trust in Ian Cambridge, as he would have come clean, when he found the thefts from the union, so he was a Liar then already.

  12. You have my sympathy Shane, and I’ll send a few bucks too, not much but I admire your tenacity and courageousness for speaking out like you do.

    Please stay safe as those crooks lurk in dark corners.

    • The New World Order which is moving into Australia big time One of their spokesmen was heard to say during a casual interview “We would have total control of the world today except for one thing” “No matter where we go there is always someone who cannot be bought” At this point in time Shane is that person
      Nice feeling when you cannot be bought

  13. It is a nice feeling not being ‘owned’ by somebody but therin lies the greatest problem to exposing corruption. You are seen as a ‘threat’ whether you are or not and the machinery of the web starts to discredit you in any way they can, should they need to. Shane is a perfect example of how things work being aligned with conspiracy theorists by those trying to deflect his barrage of barbs of truth to the heart of GILLARD and others.

    The general public think it incredulous that there could be so many webs of deception and corruption in politics, the administration of law, banking and the every day workplace. That is because they are on the very outside of the web and are kept obvlious to the inner workings. They don’t believe that our Government and trusted establishments would lie or cheat the public they serve when in reality they have both arms, both feet and their head in the trough for themselves.

    It is when the webs start connecting to one another through politics, the unions, lawyers, and judicial and Government appointments that the extended tentacles are able to exert the control they need to protect themselves. Fred Average hasn’t got a chance of a fair go and wonders how such things could happen.

    It’s easy to fall into corruption without doing anything yourself. For example, a labourer in the CFMEU doing nothing more than collecting his pay of $120,000 a year condones the process in how it was obtained, as do many die hard supporters of affiliated webs such as the Labor party. Being wilfully blind does not morally exhonorate you even though the law can be manipulated to paint you lilly white.

  14. I’m sorry what you had to go through Shane, having to deal with the corrupt NSW workcover and having your reputation bashed & bruised by grubs led by Ian Cambridge. It seems to me that Cambridge is an another union crook who wrote that affidavit on the awu fraud to make himself look good and for him to say hes a good guy against the baddies. When the investigation on the awu fraud gathered momentum Cambridge chickened out and accepted bob carrs bribe to bury this awu fraud. A very distrustful person Cambridge is. The affitdavit may come back to haunt Cambridge on the awu fraud if there is a royal commission, the very one Mr Cambridge asked for. Be careful what you wish for Mr Cambridge.

  15. “So every supporter of this site should thank Ian Cambridge for being the criminal he is.”

    “He is a criminal who took a bribe in 1996 and shut his mouth to conceal a crime and he has continued on his criminal path since as the above shows.”

    Ah, this is what i just love about this site, straight to the point. And highly accurate i suspect… seems amazing that nobody dares come near shane or try to explain/refute any allegations… would it be perhaps that shane is spot on and they would just be digging an even bigger hole for themselves? ha ha ha.

    Keep up the pressure and outstanding research.

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