Attorney General Nicola Roxon

Julia Gillard declares civil war on the Labor Party and Australian public

Julia Gillard threw a stick of dynamite when she announced the election date 7 months in advance this week. Well that stick of dynamite has well and truly been lit with the criminal charges against federal MP Craig Thomson and more importantly the resignations of the two federal ministers Chris Evans and AG Nicola Roxon.

The Australian public need to buckle up as this is just the start of seven months of one hell of a wild ride. There will be political explosions every week until the election, some greater than others.

I was planning on doing another post but it all got too much with Roxon’s resignation which does not add up to the public reason given.

Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson being charged is no surprise given his partner in crime at the Health Services Union Michael Williamson was charged by police last year, although on slightly different matters at this stage from my understanding. The FWA civil proceedings will likely be stayed until the criminal charges are heard which is common.

The Election

Julia Gillard’s announcement on Wednesday that the election will be held 7 months from now on the 14th September 2013 caught everyone off guard including most of her own government who she did not tell.

Many reasons have been surmised for why she has done this, some being:

1. To take the focus off the government’s performance and onto election promises of both parties.

2. To make sure she is not interviewed or charged in relation to the AWU Bruce Wilson fraud matter that the Victorian police and WA police are investigating.

3. To make it hard for Kevin Rudd to challenge her for the leadership.

The Kevin Rudd reason is quite a likely reason but that has been short-lived with the resignation of Chris Evans and Nicola Roxon which has destabilised the government and helps Kevin Rudd. A lot of other MP’s will now be worried about their positions under Gillard’s leadership.

If Kevin Rudd is going to challenge he really needs to do it in the next 4 to 6 weeks which I think is at least a 50/50 chance of happening.

Nicola Roxon – Chris Evans – Robert McClelland

Yesterday Nicola Roxon announced her retirement as Attorney General and will not be standing at the next election and also Senator Chris Evans announced his retirement and will leave parliament as soon as the Labor Party find a replacement. Add this to the Federal MP and previous Attorney General Robert McClelland announcing last week he will retire at the next election and you have one very unstable government.

Julia Gillard claims both Evans and Roxon came to her twelve months ago and said they will not be running at the next election which would have been the end of January 2012 or the beginning of February 2012.

This makes no sense in relation to Nicola Roxon as she was only sworn in as Attorney General six weeks earlier on the 14th December 2011. So what the public have to believe is that when she was sworn in as Attorney General she had no thoughts of retirement, then six weeks later she did. One would have thought that the first question that Julia Gillard would have asked Roxon before she appointed her the AG was whether or not she would run at the next election and sought an assurance that she would.

Nicola Roxon had two choices.

1. Campaign in the high profile position as AG for 7 months and run at the next election and have her reputation destroyed with all the lies she would have to tell and then possibly lose her own seat and end up on the scrap heap and struggle to find a decent job or

2. Resign as AG and move to the back bench with almost no public profile and use the next seven months to line herself up a good job in the private sector. This is what Robert McClelland did when he was sacked as AG. He set up his own private legal practice last year in preparation for his political retirement. I did a post on it last year titled “Former AG Robert McClelland abandons ALP sinking ship and is back practising law on the side.” (Click here to read the post)

Other ministers will be starting to think about doing the same. Jump now and plan for a future after politics.

The Labor Party

The Labor Party are in a lot of trouble if the best they can do are the public statements of Tony Sheldon who is the ALP vice-president and well-known fraudster, conman and thief. I wrote about Mr Sheldon last year in a post titled “Money laundering the Labor Party and Union way.” (Click here to read the post)

Yesterday Tony Sheldon said in an interview with The Australian:

ALP vice-president Tony Sheldon has launched a ferocious attack on the political and moral crisis inside Labor and the toxicity of its most powerful faction, saying only a ground-up change of culture can restore its fortunes.

Speaking just days after Julia Gillard set September 14 as the election date and as Labor battles twin scandals in NSW, Mr Sheldon said the party faced a “catastrophic situation”, with its brand damaged by a failure to focus on what matters to members and supporters. (Click here to read more)

Tony Sheldon is of the first that needs to go if the party is to “restore its fortunes

The internal ALP war will be massive for the next seven months and so it should be as they need a major overhaul.

I decided to do this post as a foundation election post for future election posts as the perfect political storm unlike anything this country has seen before is coming.

KCA 2013 election agenda and strategy

This site has an agenda of driving reform to tackle judicial corruption and the associated matters. I will publish the agenda and instructions for the political parties in the near future. That’s right, instructions, they are meant to work for us remember.

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    • It doesn’t, but the police would find it difficult to interview a PM anytime and more so now that an election has been announced. If they were to try to interview her she would cry that it is a political set up or harassment and the police know that. It is a big turn off for the police to do anything at least before the election.

      • Juliar could say the same at any time. Everyone knows that the wheels were in motion before she called the election. I would be very surprised if Vicpol didn’t follow through with their investigation, including interviewing the Crime Minister.

      • Juliar has just provided another ploy to avoid being questioned by Vic Police.
        Her time will indeed come!!

      • If VicPol have accumulated pertinent evidence, all legal procedures are in place such and that an arrest can be made then…. just like Craig Thomson, Gillard could be seized….

      • That’s OK, there is no Statute of Limitations on Criminal offences. Fraud is a criminal offence. We can wait. She won’t be PM in October! Masybe explains Nicola Roxon going too – how could she as the senior legal office in the country, continue to support her mate if she is charged with crimninal matters. It would be an impossible position for her.

    • True enough, but if the election hasn’t been formally called, just a date submitted publicly (which can be changed) then they could still interview her, regardless of what she claimed because they would have a defense (as though they need one, sadly) And that would be that all she has done is propose a date for an election, which funnily is three years after the last one. If what she’s done is as you say Shane, then she is basically running from the Law, if in plain sight. Interesting too that doing what she did effectively nullifys the GG (which in the case of Bryce may not be a bad thing) which supports my contention that at some point the Office of GG has come under the control of the Parliament and is subservient to it. That also supports the contention by some I know that Bryce was never actually appointed by the Palace and holds a fraudulent Commission.

  1. The statements of Evans and Roxon that they both told Gillard 12 months ago they they wouldn’t be contesting the next election are nonsense.

    Here’ s Part of Evans’ statement:

    I want to thank the Prime Minister for her support. She indicated that we had a conversation a fair while ago now about a planned departure, but I indicated I would go at the time of her convenience as she reshaped the team for the coming election.

    So according to Evans his departure was at the convenience of the PM. Not 2 weeks ago, the PM knifed Senator Crossin to make way for Nova Peris to become the first ALP aboriginal member of parliament yet according to Evans she already had the vehicle available to her to get a female aborigine into parliament via a senate vacancy in WA and it could be done so without any bloodletting. It must be remembered that Peris was not even an ALP member.

    So we have a number of considerations here. Evans and Gillard are lying about the notice given and it was just a story to paper over the internal collapse of her government.

    If it was true then the installation of Peris was an act of political bastardry to get rid of Crossin a Rudd supporter and she was just using the female aborigine story as a cover for this action. Gillard knifed a fellow Emily’s Lister to achieve this end. Race trumps gender where it suits her. She could have easily installed a prominent female aborigine into a vacant WA senate seat 17 months earlier that Peris who will not take her seat until July 2014 and she has to win that seat which in the circumstances is not a given by any means.

  2. As much as I agree with you, if you want to maintain your credibility, please proof read your material before posting it. ‘Threw’, not ‘through’, and ‘To take’, not ‘Take to’! Excruciating!

  3. Shane, your analysis is timely. On Australia Day I was alerted to a challenge “in two week’s time”

    Given the widely held view that Rudd hasn’t a hope in hell, I’m intrigued as to who will challenge.

    One thing for sure is that gillard is flailing about and Swan remains her greatest liability.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how well your ” instructions for the political parties” are received!

    • It isn’t Rudd who will put up a challenge – it is SHORTEN, backed by the likes of Ludwig. Nothing is so sacred as power! Not for the people but for the Unions.

      • isn’t there a possibility that Shorten, as well as Roxon, will be called to “help”the police in an investigation? I’m not sure that the Labor party want another PM with questions to answer!

      • I think you are right, Shorten is destabilising using Rudd comeback rumours as a smokescreen. This apparently is the same thing Rudd did against Simon Crean’s leadership, everyone assumed it was Kim Beazley trying to make a comeback. In the end Rudd didn’t have the numbers and never challenged, the Crean/Gillard grouping then anointed Latham.

    • Hi Treeman, Shane is right. Now is the time to keep up the pressure , especially on Gillard, I hope he’ll allow me to ask you this for a track I’m working on at present..

      Do you have a link to the info in your comment below?

      TreemanAugust 26, 2012 at 4:53 pm#

      “these two from a Lecturer in Law go to the heart of the matter. They relate to the slush fund allegedly set up to facilitate “worker safety and training”

      1. Did you counsel the proponents that it would be fraudulent to solicit donations on the assertion that donations would be intended to be devoted to worker safety and training.

      2. If you knew the entity was not a worker safety and training agency, and knew that the proponents would be withdrawing money from it to pay for their election campaigns, did you recognise that such a utilisation of association money would be:

      ·contrary to the constitution of the association, and/or
      a breach of the trust on which the money was donated ?

      Cheers to all. H/B

  4. “Tony Sheldon is of the first that needs to go if the party is to “restore its fortunes“”

    Far better he stays IMO. He’s doing a great job highlighting the shortcomings of brand Labor!

  5. I believe that although it may be more difficult for police, they still will not hesitate to interview her, when they want to! I agree with you that the reason for calling the election is a nonsense. I think it is because Slipper and Thomson may resign to preserve their parliamentary pensions. Slipper stands to loose $ 157.000. a year, if he is found guilty and gets a jail-term of more than 12 months. Roxon may be interviewed in regard the AWU scandal, she was having an affair with Bill Shorten during that time and they left S&G to go to BM, took the files with them????? She also made a fool of herself in statements she made in parliament as the Attorney-General.

  6. Not your best Shane but we all are a bit rusty after the season break .
    Now this might cause some dissention in the ranks of your followers but I like you blog – yields a different perspective and the legal commentary you offer re tainted judges and the like is very insightful.

    I don’t agree with your synopsis in that Rudd will challenge – why should he when it will all to fall to him as the carnage happens, and the passengers on the ‘good ship’ Julia look for lifejackets to save their political careers.

    I agree that Roxon’s timing and the 12 mouth ‘heads-up’ needs further investigation – she was the keeper of the missing S&G file and perhaps her conscience and the advice that she is a person of interest in the AWU scandal the police want to talk to has her worried.

    You are right in the call that it will be a big year in politics – id the Federal ALP goes the way of the NSW and QLD State elections – will we see a ALP splinter party form – one that does not include factional Union representation … the 50’s and 60’s revisited …

    All the best for the Year Shane and I will be following your blogs with genuine interest …

    EYE-BALL …

      • just my two cents worth here…

        who on earth would be crazy enough to challenge for the labor party leadership now? at best most likely they are looking at an election defeat, if not an annihilation. any future potential leader would not want that stain on their record, so i think most likely they will let gillard fall on her own knife.

      • I agree with Concerned Aussie. Anyone put forward now will fall with Gillard. Best let her take the fall – and rightly the blame – then they can put up someone new and claim they’re “starting over”.

  7. Juliar Gillard has a nasty knack of cutting the picture to fit the frame, she will walk all over people to mould the situation in her favour. I don’t care what anyone says, these latest resignations are a pure example of rats leaving the sinking ship and there will be others.There were no consultations a year ago and this is another example of situation moulding to suit her own ends. The worst part of the whole charade is she treats the Australian people like a bunch of delinquent kids, her ego is so blown out that she has forgotten from where she hails,Barry Island in South Wales UK. If you ever get a chance to go there, dont!!! ask someone what it’s like try the BBC they gave a glowing report on the dump in a documentary programme calling it the Barry Hell of Wales. Her aires and graces don’t fool me,I have been there. In her coniving mind it would not suprise me if she calls a snap election at a time when the polls seem to favour her chances. She has safeguarded her chances of being charged over the AWU scandal by naming an election date,but this is not carved in stone and she could catch Tony Abbott with his trousers down with a snap election because he would be under the impression he has time to spare. Shane you must keep the AWU pot boiling regardless of gillards actions. Allan From Myalup WA..

    • ALAN,


      • I know it might seem like a long bow to stretch Amazed, but never underestimate ‘Robbo’! We all know his true agenda, and just look at the unfathomable fortunes of Bob Carr, another appaulling state Labor leader!

      • It will be an eternity before labor is in power again…..Oh, wait…..the Libs are not much better…..and Australia really deserves better than both of them…

  8. Thats how it is in business in the first few years untill becoming established! Your site is coming into fruition Shane expecially with your original groundwork. We can now refer back from current stories and substantiate them with your older posts. From a public perspective your site is trustworthy.

  9. I agree with what you have said Shane but I wasn’t suprised to see an election called and I don’t believe for one minute that Roxon or Evans are going for the reasons given. The labor party is in deep trouble with all these scandals and the witch knows that they will need to pull all their rabbits out of the hat if they have any chance at all. There have been ongoing scandals here in SA involving a number of labor party members which are going to impact on the national electoral outcome.

    I don’t acknowledge this woman as my PM and never will. We are living in a dictatorship with the corporate fascist unions running the show and pulling the left wing strings. The other bad thing is that I don’t think the current liberal lineup could look after an empty toilet roll let alone the country.

    We live in dark and uncertain times.

    • Well if you say that about the Liberals whats that say about our current Labor party? The scandals and corruption in the Labor party far out-weigh what happens with the Liberals.

      • I recall Tony Abbott zooming about in the waterfront confrontation, I thought then he was just a political shark, I have seen nothing since to change that opinion…I say again, this great country deserves better…..

      • Yes it does, but more importantly & urgently, it deserves to be rid of Gillard & her disgraceful government!

      • Tony Abbott hijacked the Convoy of No Confidence and turned it into a dog and pony show for himself and the Libs. My hubby was there. Thousands of decent honest Aussies went out in a show of defiance and protest and they were made to look like idiots.

        Tony Abbott will do whatever he is told by the UN and the US if he becomes PM. People have to realise that nearly all our MP’s have either been bought and paid for or are up for sale regardless of the party involved. One beast with two main heads.

        Will he repeal the carbon tax? No. Will he repeal the Lisbon Treaty to get some jobs back> No. Will he repeal the FairWork shambles and get fairness back into wage rates? No. Will he repeal Agenda 21 and the Rio Accord to stop the Green Madness? No. Because he can’t. His allegience is not to us any more than is the witch.

      • You will be proven wrong about Tony Abbott. He’s probably make some decisions which were not liked by all but when he was in government we did not have massive hikes in power bills, nor did we pay businesses to close up . . Labour calls it compensation, but it is paying companies to provide unemployment to it’s workers.
        And the biggest sin of the Labour reign is LIES . . they have taught our children that to lie is to be successfull

      • There are a very very few politicians who are honest especially if they are front benchers the system does not allow it

  10. I think Gillard is just an out and out liar and because she gets away with it everytime she believes she is infallible! What a bloody ego! Fancy those leaving the ship this week saying they had talked about this 12 month’s ago!…what a load of crap! I want this liar in the Lodge tried and convicted soon for her part in the AWU scandal…. so keep going Shane and don’t let it go, please.
    She treats this place and it’s people like a pack of dim-wits…maybe a lot are and some couldn’tt care less but surely reasonable people with a modicum of intellligence can see through is just so bleeding obviouseverytime you see her ugly mug

  11. I know I’m probably dreaming, but don’t forget that the Slipper/Ashby case is by no means wrapped up, and if by some miracle the appeal is presided over by a non-sympathiser, the truth comes out, and real justice is served, then Roxon will need to account. Another motive for her to bail-out and try to put distance between herself and the whole sorry mess!

  12. Perhaps they ‘resigned’ in the same way that Gillard RESIGNED from Slater and Gordon, given no option! McTernan is giving orders to Gillard and she is too cocky to see where she is going! We are about to have a 3rd A.G. in this govt.! This is the man who will replace SOFT Roxon, and he is tough, that sounds like a McTernan choice to me.

  13. What abot Roxon’s connection to the “AWU Scandal” through her time at maurice Blackburn when the Slater and Gordon stuff was handed over to them?

  14. I always thought Rudd had the ego to beat all egos but for stone faced lying backed by some inner belief that she is politically immortal and we will all swallow the deceit The PM takes the cake. The problem with this persona is when her fall comes in September it will be of monumental proportions; the silent majority that have sat back and listened to her brazenly put propositions to the electorate that my dog can see through will take their revenge.
    The story covering the retirement of Nicola Roxon and Chris Evans is the latest example of a narrative full of more holes than Swiss cheese. The contempt this woman shows to the Australian voter is staggering. Stay on their backs Shane.


      • She does indeed have them in her pocket. Why? That question troubles me because it points to who is really running our country. Whoever wanted her there has ensured that she has had a smooth run in the Australian media while she was able to deliver them what they wanted.

      • I have to disagree somewhat about the media. They will happily take advertising money and run paid features etc but when it comes to editorials and the posting of polls and reader/radio talkback feedback they have a lot more power than the pollies.

        They can and do make or break campaigns. Remember back to 2007 when Murdoch declared it was ‘time for a change’. They went hell for leather to make sure every literate and hearing Aussie knew everything about KR who at that time was unknown outside Queensland. Then they did the same for Gillard, I mean what kind of madness made one of the mens mags declare the witch as the sexiest woman in Australia?

      • Greg I doubt the MSM will get starved of finance. The people who own them are way to wealthy. Faifax owns RSVP a online dating site and who knows what else. Paul I think the clues are with Wikileaks, Arbib and the US Embassy and the War on Terror and many more clues are out there

      • I know Curious, I know. I just won’t say it here because it would cause Shane too many problems.

  15. I believe she still hasn’t answered the question as to who was driving her Commonwealth funded car, when it was issued nine tickets. Why won’t she even answer a simple question, when everyone else did?

    • Add this to the long list of questions she has avoided answering one way or another. Name calling and changing the subject are just two of her favorite tricks. She knows this works on most of our spineless main stream media, and then of course she chooses just who she will answer when questioned.

  16. If there are more ministerial/government resignations to come for the federal government, it must not include Bill shorten. Because if shorten resigns Gillard is finished as prime minister. Gillard will have lost one of her biggest supporters in shorten, and shorten will not stay on the backbench for long. Shorten will shore up the numbers for a tilt at the leadership himself and I believe all of the Rudd supporters and definetly at least half of the Gillard supporters will desert her and support shorten. The end of Julia Gillards reign as prime minister is inevitable anyway whether it’s now or right up to the September 14 election. With Kevin Rudd possibly challenging for the leadership as well, in my opinion will not happen, Rudd still has many enemies in the labor caucus who would sell their souls to the devil than supporting Rudd. Rudds chances will improve than last year’s challenge but sadly it will be not enough. Bill shorten holds the key to Gillards leadership survival, the governor-general is his mother-in law, the awu are his and labors masters. Julia Gillard will have to hope that shorten doesn’t go to the backbench, if shorten does, well……

  17. None of us will never really know why, because that’s HER form. In general, I and many I know are just over the B.S. I’m sick of the mud slinging, the curruption, the lies and denying the major problems that concern all Australians. Forget the ALP and the Libs and the Greens it’s time we had a party for the people.
    As a woman I was so chuffed when we got out first female PM (even though I hated how it came about). Now after the likes of Julia I’m ashamed. Come on all you pollies, lets try honesty, empathy and listening for a refreshing change. Personally I don’t care who tries or succeeds at toppling her off the thrown, I’m done with them all.
    Keep up the good work Shane. I’ll certainly be speading the word and subscribing.

  18. Gillard knows her days are numbered but she will still be loyal to the hand that feeds her. While she has power she will be using that power to make way for the next puppet as best she can. The way Labor operates won’t stop untill their is a pile of sunken ships and train wrecks at the bottom of the sea! It is what Labor is built on!

  19. I’ve seen a few governments come and go now..but I’ve never seen carryon we’ve had this past 5 years, right from the night Gillard stabbed Rudd.
    EVERY SINGLE DAY! for 5 years..I’m so over it.

    • Susan the picture I see in brief is the Unions had a big hand in getting Rudd into power but he was not going to protect them. So they (mainly the AWU) got rid of Rudd and installed Gillard! Gillard has blood on her hands so she will protect the Unions at all cost. This goes much much deeper as I even have my own personal corruption story with the AWU.How many more people out their have the same!

      • There’s an ABC radio news grab in which the then Secretary of Unions NSW, John (Robbo) Robertson said, ” When Kevin Rudd realises how much The Labor party owes the unions, he will fall into line!”

        Well he didn’t, and look what happened to him! 😉

      • Yes, Gillard will protect the Unions but only as far as she is allowed to. The US had an even bigger hand in getting Rudd out. This is the main reason why I say it wont matter who ‘wins’ the next election. They are all bought and paid for and the puppet masters who pull the strings will make sure they get what they want, not what we need.

    • And Susan, all because too many young voters who perhaps hadn’t been around long enough to realise the Liberals build up a surplus and Labor fleeces it all and bankrupts the country, said they “wanted a change”. They surely got one! Now we NEED a change!

  20. I am intrigued that no one is challenging the Prime Minister on the election date. She has not kept many other commitments, why would anyone expect her to keep this one? She has the benefit of looking good with the supposed planning (which fell in a heap this week), and yet can/will change the election date to suit her, as and when needed. Before, or after, including the new year 2014 with the three month extension provision. There is nothing in the PM’s record that suggests the election will actually be Sept 14. That is just her public position, now.

    • I don’t know how to ascertain when the house first sat, but I don’t believe it could be stretched out to 2014 if the August date is the last date to issue a Writ for an election. “Every House of Representatives shall continue for three years from the first meeting of the House, and no longer, but may be sooner dissolved by the Governor-General.”

  21. There are a few out there that have the goods on Silly Jillie and those people are in high placers with Unions, Public Service and Private Enterprise. It is in their favour that they keep her in the P.M.’s seat as long as possible. Quite a few do not want the lid to blow of a few of the underlying corruption problems which are just simmering at this time. If Gillard screws up the wrong person and the proverbial hits the fan there are those who will drop the buckets on her. She knows this and she will keep acting in her dictatorial ways as long as she has the power. Kev the Dud will not be back in the near future. He let a few to many of his backers down and his ego got lost during one of his trips. The G.G, doesn’t want any bad publisity, it would ruin her complexion. There are those who resent her appointment and would like to see her go down with some of the others. The Group is large and powerful, well healled and in the right positions to do what they need to do.

    • I can’t see Kevin 007 getting the PM job any time at all. I also think that the AWU scandal (how much union money has been ‘funnelled’ into Labour) is starting to hurt some of the ex-union Labour members and maybe that is why some are jumping ship. And thirdly, Shorten and Combet have been very quiet lately !
      All thoughts only.

      • Your thoughts are almost visible Ivan, I will be very suprised if Shorten Curly doesn’t jump in at sometime but we have enough trouble with the encunbent deciever. Let us have some honest politicians for a change, a period of good government will do us all good and hopefully get rid of the greenie cult,who after all are only voted for by disillusioned members of the public, that is the only reason I can think of to vote for these stirers. Allan Myalup WA

      • Ivan and Allan I think you are spot on with Shorten and Combet. Being the schemers they are I reckon they will sit back until Labor is in a stronger position and then make their move. I can’t see either of them risking failure right now. Anyone challenging the witch now has political rocks in their head.

  22. It must be remembered that when Julie set up her new HSU branch, the constitution would allow its leaders to use any funds or do any act that they wish … that’s what leaders are for (?). Therefore, if Thompson is found guilty, I will be one very surprised Oz … the case is all about showing him and Julia as innocent; then watch the compensations flow!

  23. shane in relation to rudd

    you may lke to go to q c p comission of inquiry

    terms of reference 3(e) transcripits day 16 25th jan 2013 and exhibit 293

    seems like mr rudd will be required to make a statement to police very soon
    if he has not allready

    notice the silence from m s m

    surely we could not have both the ex pm and current one under investigation at the one time
    or could we

    • Optimistic, do you have any more details regarding this ? Assume this is in relation to ongoing Heiner Affair inquiries ?

  24. The AWU scandal is starting to “Hot Up” now.
    It is interesting to note that Roxon has resigned at this early stage rather than help Labor in the election process.!! She also will need to answer some questions about the HSU saga as well in the future>>

  25. Thomson getting alot of sympathy from the MSM. Obviously trying to brainwash the niaeve into sympathising with him and let him off. So how many people in the MSM are scared of the truth?

    • She seems to have more skeletons than a cemetary. Someone, somewhere must have told her that they could all be covered up and not to worry. Why else would anyone with that kind of dodgy history risk running for public office?

      • Hi KAREN; It is sort of a “Mexican stand off” They must have so much incriminating information on each other. that not one of them dares to blow the whistle. My guess is that Peter Slipper must have the goods on them all.

      • Karen your query is justified but like most power hungry people their” win at all costs” attitude which is similar in the two people Julia Gillard and Lance Armstrong. This culture seems to override all principles and carrying out these alleged corrupt transactions is parr for the course,she thought they could be covered up sufficient to rule out any danger of jeopardising her ambitions.. What goes around comes around as in the case of Armstrong, so shall it be. Allan Myalup WA.

      • In response to MSM discussion, they are all protecting their access to the PM, who will not talk with those in the media who ‘seriously’ question her policies (on the run). We must then assume that all the media to whom the PM talks to or is interviewed by, are a party to the staging which is going on with ALL her appearances.

  26. Excuse my ignorance but I have seen no evidence of Media sympathy for Craig Thomson either MSM or normal media coverage, can someone inlighten me. Allan of Myalup.WA.

    • Allan, here in N.S.W the main stream media are simply giving Thomson, free range. He and his lawyer are making a lot of misleading and down right wrong statements, with not one jurno questioning what they are saying.There seems to either be a lack of knowledge on FACTS or down right lazy unprofessional jurnos when it comes to MOST things these days.

      • Thanks for that run down Terri perhaps I am not as ignorant as I thought, the absence of NSW media over here in the West probably accounts for my not hearing or seeing what was going on over there. Regards Allan Myalup WA

    • Terri has pretty well said it how the MSM are playing Thomson here in NSW. I think most Journo’s are as big as puppets as politicians and influenced by the same command and control.

    • I think we saw a studious attempt to ignore things as long as possible, but now our Craig has become a sacrificial lamb, as in throwing him to the wolves yo keep the focus off Gillard’s own corruption. Drugs in sport is helping out too (I mean, seriously, who knew?). I think it has fallen to Craig to eat of the ice-cream-of-injustice knowing the only protection he can now expect is a dodgy lawyer with a Napoleon complex. Sadly I really don’t think he’ll drag anyone down with him.

      • The drugs in sport with No names issue. The network must be rattled to go to these lengths for a diversion. Whats in it for Craig in the end? Hearing nothing about Williamson who makes Craig look like an Apprentice! Interesting Days ahead!

  27. PAUL,


    • The OZ went ballistic on Gillard after she announced the media inquiry, but until then they’d been a bit more circumspect in their critique. That said, there are places even The Australian won’t go.

  28. State Electioon here on 8th March and Opposition leader does not want Gilliar in WA. for any type of support.Any wonder with the stigma of Slipper and Thomson sagas in the news.

  29. some one thinking on the same lines as me. Shorten curly is my bet for a challenge if there is one but after the dirty deeds during his AWU time I think he little hope of taking the challenge any further than a bid for the leadership.He carries as much baggage as Gillard and he doesn’t know what she said but he agrees anyway. Sounds the ideal bloke for a Labor leader Allan Myalup.WA.

    • Allan, I agree. As well as the AWU connection Shorten has now been ‘ linked’ (admittedly fleetingly) with the on going information unfolding regarding Obied.

      Also I am sure Kathy Jackson has tales to tell when it comes to the steps Shorten has taken to close down and stop more union criminal actions being exposed. I remember her briefly mentioning this when the Williamson saga was first reported on.

      As with so many other questionable things to do with this government it seems the majority of the main stream media didn’t pick up on her comments at the time or look into them further.

  30. Keep in mind Labor will be out to get rid of Abbott. Somewthing tells me Labor would rather Turnbull instead of Abbott. Speculating that Abbott would go harder on a royal commission into Unions. Abbott would not be so cozy with the green criminal ideaology as Turnbull. HMAS Gillard and Co. will be hard at work trying to get someone to replace her with someone who will protect their corrupt past. This will not happen and eventually someone will replace Gillard or Gillards short lived predeccesser (probably Shorten) and start the cleanup (probably Faulkner) . Thats my 1 cents worth!

    • If the liars are aiming at Tony Abbott, they are as misguided as is the execution of their policies. Because the Libs would replace him with Julie Bishop and she would annihilate Julia Gillard . The Australian people cannot stand liars as well and the PM will also find this out in Sept.

      • Curious, it could be a VERY short run if Bill Shorten was to take over from Julia Gillard. Today I have heard Bob Kernahan ( ex union official ) tell, he was told by Bob Smith, and confirmed at the same time by Bill Shorten, AWU funds were used to pay for renovations on Julia Gillard’s property.No doubt Shorten will deny this..but ?

  31. Thats why Shorten or someone who is part of this organised crime needs to be Prime Minister. It is their last hope at covering their corruption as much as they can. The Unions were worried when Howard declared work choices. This was a cunning way to clean up the unions and they new what was coming. They invested in Rudd and expected Rudd to pay them what they wanted. Rudd must of had integrity.

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