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Rolf Harris arrested in UK sex scandal police investigation

Rolf Harris has been arrested and interviewed by British police investigating the Jimmy Savile child sex scandal. The so-called main stream media at this point are refusing to name him even though there is no legal requirement for them not to and it is all over social media such as twitter. What Rolf Harris has or hasn’t […]

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Fair Work Commission President Justice Iain Ross accused of bullying and bastardisation of judicial officers

The President of the Fair Work Commission, Justice Iain Ross, has been accused of bullying and bastardisation of judicial officers in the federal parliament. This is a big call and unheard of. It was raised in parliament at the end of October last year by the federal Liberal Party MP Jamie Briggs. While Jamie Briggs did […]

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Kerry Stokes

Kerry Stokes, Australia’s number one perjurer, also becomes the number one bribe taker if new media laws passed

Kerry Stokes, Australia’s number one perjurer, is set to become Australia’s number one bribe taker if new media laws are passed next week in federal parliament. It will hand the free to air television networks a billion dollar plus election year bribe via a permanent reduction in annual licence fees. It makes no sense to do this at […]

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The Julia Gillard – Bruce Wilson Police investigation – It’s just another Malcolm Turnbull Utegate affair stuff-up

The Victorian Police investigation into the Julia Gillard / Bruce Wilson AWU fraud scandal is as good as dead and buried. At least as far as Julia Gillard being charged is concerned and it is highly unlikely the police will even try to interview her. The key reason for this is Ralph Blewitt and his association with the […]

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Michael Smith News one of the internet’s biggest content thieves and fraudsters

This site is starting to come under regular attack by Michael Smith on his website Michael Smith News. In response to my last post, Michael Smith wrote on his site “it’s an unsupportable and horribly defamatory piece of fantasy.” The problem for Mr Smith is that he fails to support his own statement. It is […]

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