Chief Judge John Pascoe

KCA 2013 Federal Election campaign launch. Putting judicial corruption on the political agenda

Below is a video I recorded on Friday (30/8/13) outside the Law Courts building in Sydney. The video is the next step by this site for putting judicial corruption on the political agenda. It is probably a bit late for the 2013 election agenda but not impossible.

The video is 2 minutes long. 


The video is not perfect but it is a lot more powerful than some might realise and a start for bigger and better things to come in the near future.

Below is what is written on the poster:

Criminal history


Chief Judge John Pascoe

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

 The crimes

  1. John Pascoe was CEO/Director and Chairman of George Weston Foods where there was mass price-fixing, witness bribing and John Pascoe succumbed to blackmail by Dick Honan (Chairman of Manildra) to conceal price-fixing. John Pascoe lied during his section s155 examination with the ACCC which is a criminal offence. (See article on the website Kangaroo Court of Australia titled: “The handiwork of Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe – witness bribing, price-fixing, succumbing to blackmail to conceal a crime and lying to shareholders etc. Is there anything this man cannot do?”)
  2. John Pascoe’s was a Director/Chairman of Aristocrat Leisure Limited where he was involved with making false and misleading statements and breaching continuous disclosure laws. This led to a multi-million dollar payout to the victims.
  3. John Pascoe’s attempted to conceal plagiarism by the former Federal Magistrate Jennifer Rimmer.
  4. The fraud at the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia under his direction and management. John Pascoe was running two offices at the tax payers expense etc.
  5. Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe heard a case where there was an alleged breach of the Trade Practices Act. The same Trade Practices Act that John Pascoe was breaching on an ongoing basis when he was CEO/Chairman at George Western Foods.
  6. Is Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe permanently out to lunch? His has a lazy work ethics as Chief Judge.

What is written on the poster is an extract from a previous post that I wrote in relation to John Pascoe. (Click here to read the post)

The reason for targeting John Pascoe is quite simple, he is the greatest weak link in the judicial system given his corrupt background. Not many people can lay claim to fame that they have ripped off every Australian. John Pascoe can given that he oversaw the price-fixing of flour, which everyone eats, when he was CEO / Chairman of George Weston Foods. And that is just the start of his crimes as the poster outlines.

I could have written about many other judges on the poster, but it a game of one step at a time. The main point of the video is to draw attention to corruption in the judiciary.

Video adds a lot more clout in some situations when trying to get a message across and I will persist with it in the future. While some might be dismissive of the above video, it would worry people in the judicial fraternity greatly. But there is nothing they can do and certainly nothing John Pascoe can do. 

I thought it was appropriate to call this post the KCA 2013 Election campaign launch because the Liberals had their campaign launch last weekend and Labor have theirs this weekend.

Admin: I was meant to publish the video during the week but things did not go as planned and I had to redo the video. But back on track now and wiser for the experience which will come in handy for future videos. 

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  1. Without any doubt the entire – so called – “justice System” is lousy with Corruption. Mates doing deals with mates. I agree with Shane that it is time to expose them and to campaign for a system which can and does serve the People of the “Commonwealth of Australia” and not the ‘Piracy’ which is currently being delivered. I offer my support 100%. Just let me know what can be done to assist,

  2. Good on you everyone exposing judicial and legal corruption of all types, in all areas, in all depts, in all law enforcement personal plus certain individuals. GO FOR GUYS. This cause has been on my agenda for the past 10years. My family, myself mostly have paid a high price for it too.

    For one absolutely committed to Justice for the innocent and general stability of our beautlful country Australia Amen

  3. Well it is good to know but what can be done when all seem to think this is the norm and just tut tut it away,yet most people are seething underneath and feel powerless.

  4. GetUp is politically motivated so that is not such a great idea. CourtRoom Defence; More and More people these days are coming to the surface and stating their case against all the corruption. Years ago not many new about what actually went on behind closed doors but now…. Most of the intent is to strip people of everything and hound them until death. Police and Crown colluding all the way throughout the justice systems. It is mentally unsound.

  5. Watch the video…
    Aaron Cockman from Mageret River paid the ultimate price for a failed court system. He said the shooting would not have happened if the lawyers had not intervened.

    The family court destroyed my life too, however, Aaron Cockman is far more qualified to speak on the matter and explains the injustice far better than I am able. God bless that man and heal his pain.

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