Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen

The criminal history of Chief Magistrate Lauritsen, the man who could decide Julia Gillard’s fate

The man who could decide Julia Gillard’s fate in current proceedings before the court, Victorian Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen, has a very dodgy past that has gone unchecked for far too long. Mr Lauritsen was identified for being corrupt in 2009 by the then ACT Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill.

It is something that Mr Lauritsen has never addressed but should have. Ron Cahill sent an email to Peter Lauritsen in 2009 in an attempt to collude with him and hand down a predetermined judgement in a matter that involved one of Ron Cahill’s friends.

Things ended up going pear-shaped and did not go to plan which we will look at in a minute. There is one question and one question only that one needs to ask and that is: Why would Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill think he could send an email to collude with Magistrate Lauritsen to hand down a predetermined judgement? The only answer is because Ron Cahill had to have known that Peter Lauritsen was corrupt otherwise he would never have sent the email.

This is a follow-up post to the last post which relates to the current discovery issues being argued in court by the Victoria Police and Bruce Wilson in the Victorian Magistrates Court. The court matter is dealing with documents seized from Julia Gillard’s old law firm Slater and Gordon and deciding what documents the police can and cannot use which could decide Julia Gillard’s fate. My post dealt with the personal interest in the case that Chief Magistrate Lauritsen has. (Click here to read the post)


In October 2009 Peter Lauritsen was in Canberra to hear a case that had a suppression order put on it by the ACT Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill. At the time Peter Lauritsen was the Victorian Deputy Chief Magistrate.

The reason Lauritsen had gone to Canberra to hear the case was never made public. The Age reported at the time “While the details of the case are suppressed, interstate magistrates are usually called on to hear cases involving lawyers or judicial officers from another state.” (Click here to read more)

The rumour mill was even more detailed:

“Lauritsen had been called in to try a sensitive Canberra case involving a politically well-connected quasi-judicial person whose name has been suppressed.”

“This prominent Canberra person has been charged with assaulting his daughter.”

“Despite the suppression order, the case has been the talk of the town for months. Most people in Canberra’s judicial, political, administrative and journalistic circles know who has been charged and what is going on.”

“The person is still on the government pay-roll, although only doing light duties at the moment.” (Click here to read more)

So basically Lauritsen had gone to Canberra to hear the matter because the person being charged knew all the judicial officers in Canberra and there would have been perceived bias if one of them had heard the case so they brought in Lauritsen from interstate to hear the matter.

At that point Chief Magistrate Cahill had already put a suppression order on the case for his mate who was being charged. Before Lauritsen could hear the case Chief Magistrate Cahill sent an email to Lauritsen outlining the case and relevant precedents. By sending the relevant precedents Cahill was basically telling Lauritsen how he should decide the case.

Two other ACT Magistrates,  John Burns and Karen Fryar, found out and made a formal complaint to the ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell who set up a judicial inquiry to determine whether or not Ron Cahill should be sacked by the ACT government. Cahill who said he would fight to the highest court in the land to clear his name, resigned as soon as he found out about the judicial inquiry. Simon Corbell then terminated the inquiry.

Lauritsen told the court of the email and the matter was adjourned at the prosecutor’s request and was later transferred to another judicial officer.

Lauritsen obviously told Burns and Fryar and they decided to use it as a political tool as Cahill only had a matter of weeks to go before he reached the mandatory retiring age of 65. By driving the issue like Burns and Fryar did they managed to get promotions when Cahill left. John Burns was promoted to ACT Chief Magistrate which he probably received to keep his mouth shut.

I have no doubt that Lauritsen only told the court of the email because he was left with no choice. Burns and Fryar would have told Lauritsen that they were going to blow the whistle for their own advantage and Lauritsen could either go down with Cahill or jump ship.

Peter Lauritsen and his role in the Canberra matter

Peter Lauritsen going to Canberra to hear a case is no big issue. But the big issue is that Ron Cahill sent him the email in the first place. Everyone knew it was corrupt for Ron Cahill to do so. That is why the Judicial Inquiry was set up to determine if Ron Cahill had to be sacked. And Ron Cahill who was telling everyone that he would fight to the highest court in the land to clear his name did a runner and resigned as soon as he got his chance to clear his name at the judicial inquiry. He clearly knew that once he resigned the inquiry would be closed down. To this day he could say exactly what happened but has refused.

Cahill would only have sent the email if he had a verbal agreement from Lauritsen in the first place. Does anyone think he would have sent an email just hoping that Lauritsen was corrupt and would do what he wanted. 

If Ron Cahill believed Peter Lauritsen was corrupt who are we to argue. 

Julia Gillard, Bernard Murphy and John Cain

I wrote a previous post on the Ron Cahill matter but never drove home the Lauritsen corruption issue which I realised as soon as I had published the post but decided to address it in a later when the time arose. It has arisen now because it is time for many favours to be called in to save Julia Gillard, her former boss Bernard Murphy who is now a Federal Court judge and others. Chief Justice Lauritsen is the man to deliver on those favours and it also shows how judicial corruption helps facilitate political corruption and vice versa.

The tie in with this post and the previous post is that Peter Lauritsen has form on the board for doing favours for mates, or at least being prepared to do so. That’s what Ron Cahill thought anyhow which is good enough for me. Add that to the personal interest Lauritsen has in the current Julia Gillard / Bruce Wilson case that the previous post shows and the overall picture of what a grubby person Lauritsen is starts to become a lot clearer.

Some people think that Julia Gillard will never face justice for the AWU fraud which is probably true as far as a court of law is concerned. But anyone who tries to help cover up her crimes should worry about themselves and not Julia Gillard and others, because if they are caught helping cover up the crimes they will be outed. Gillard and others have paid a price in the court of public opinion over the last couple of years for the AWU fraud and only a fool would want to join them. Although it is looking like Lauritsen is one of those fools.

The AWU Fraud matter is due back in court before Chief Magistrate Lauritsen in December.

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    • Thanks Shane for the post. tomo has a very interisting comment here. Let us call out those that have [ alleged ] influence over our lives.

    • Sadly, its very rare for an incoming Government to really clean house for any benefit other than their own political interest.

  1. I also very much hope the current encumbants leave no stone unturned and bury all those connected in the AWU fraud. As usual when we gradually find out the nitty-gritty via sites like yours, Shane, it makes our blood boil what really goes on and the graft and corruption in high places. I hope Brandis pushes this matter to its limit and the guilty parties get their just desserts…but I am not confident in that outcome.

  2. Your exposure on Chief Magistrate Lauritsen shane will get back to Lauritsen & others in the Victorian justice system. Your comments will probably change the course of this AWU fraud investigation and make Mr Lauritsen reject most (if all of it) Bruce Wilson’s legal privledges and certainly decide Julia Gillard’s fate next week (Dec 2nd). However in the end Wilson will likely be arrested anyway, the question is will there be more arrests or not. You are right Shane that next week Mr Lauritsen will decide Julia Gillard & others futures. Lauritsen is a fool to judge this case, what will he do? We shall wait and see.

    • I hope you are right in your presumptions.

      And also that mr Brandis is taking an interest in this judge. Shocking to realise this is happening in our country!

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