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Bill Shorten’s handpicked management team at the HSU in crisis again and heading back to court

The Health Services Union is in crisis again with the management of Victoria No 1 Branch who are currently under investigation for fraud expelling a number of its competitors, communist style, the day before nominations close for the new election. This is done at a time when there is a Royal Commission into the unions so it shows just how much they think they are above accountability and the law.

It is well-known that Bill Shorten will almost certainly have to front the Trade Union Royal Commission given his knowledge of the AWU fraud in the 1990’s which involved Julia Gillard. What is lesser known but also highly likely is that Mr Shorten will have plenty of questions to answer at the Royal Commission in relation to the current fraud and theft at Health Services Union given the management are all Bill Shorten supporters and vice versa.

The current secretary of the HSU Victoria No 1 Branch (which trades as the Health Workers Union to conceal its corrupt past) is Diana Asmar who along with others is under investigation by the Fair Work Commission for fraud and theft which I reported last year. (Click here to read)

From what others have told me Mrs Asmar is nothing more than a front for her husband David Asmar who really runs the show and who is a former staff member of Senator Stephen Conroy. The other crony in the background with his hand on the till is Andrew Landeryou who has a long history of fraud and theft and specialises in looting unions for every cent he can get from them. During the previous election in 2012 Mr Landeryou used his website Vexnews to attack competitors of Diane Asmar.

When Diana Asmar won the election Mr Landeryou’s wife Kimberley Kitching was made General Manager of the union even though she had no experience whatsoever working in unions. Ms Kitching, with the support of Bill Shorten, then went on to use union funds to run for Labor Party pre-selection in several seats but lost each time. It is suspected that the union donated heavily to Bill Shorten’s campaign to become leader of the Labor Party.

Kitching clearly supported Bill, as the 2 Tweets below show, so why wouldn’t she donate the unions money to Bill’s cause given she steals from it for everything else.

Kimberley Kitching - Bill Shorten Tweet 1 Kimberley Kitching - Bill Shorten Tweet

Maybe the Royal Commission should look at how Bill Shorten funded his election campaign to become leader of the Labor Party and how much did the long-suffering members of the HSU get ripped off.

The Daina Asmar – Kimberley Kitching attempted cover-up

Peter Wicks who has previously been described on the site as Craig Thomson’s puppet wrote a post last year pointing about Diane Asmar’s corrupt management at the HSU. It was a surprise to me that Wicks would write that as he is a Labor Party boy, but good to see. The post  did not last long and was very quickly taken down by Mr Wicks who publishes a blog and writes for the Labor supporting website Independent Australia.

Part of what Mr Wicks wrote was:

“Last year the union members of the various branches voted in the HSU elections. After an initial delay due to a court decision regarding one of the candidates Diana Asmar and her eligibility to stand members of Number 1 Branch finally had a chance to clean up their branch of the union.”

“Or so they thought…”

“They were wrong.”

“However other allegations include the union being run by Kimberly Kitching who was appointed as the unions General Manager upon Diana Asmar being elected as Secretary but not elected by members. The use of union staff and funds to run pre-selection campaigns for ALP candidacy for Federal seats for Kitching, and massive legal bills being paid with questions of them being for legal fees due to Diana Asmar’s woes with the ombudsman in regards to events at Darebin council of which she is a former Mayor.”

“Still more allegations involve the completing of Right Of Entry tests by others for union organisers, which is illegal and equivalent to filling out a statutory declaration for somebody else, the disappearance of telephone equipment from the office, and also the approval of travel expenses.”

“If these allegations have merit, and they certainly appear detailed and are backed up by many others I have spoken to, then the current running of the Number 1 Branch leaves a lot to be desired.”

“For a team that ran their election campaign under the banner of transparency, team Asmar certainly needs to be transparent with the members now and provide some answers to the many allegations.” (Click here to read the whole post that was deleted).

I have been told the post was taken down after Peter Wicks received a threatening phone call from Ms Kitching’s husband Andrew Landeryou. This sounds about right to me as I also received a call last year from Mr Landeryou after I wrote a post about the dodgy way his wife was running for Labor Party pre-selection although he was smart enough not to threaten me as it would have achieved nothing except to give me more content for this site. 

Mr Landeryou was not so smart back in 2005 when he was “reported to the Director of Public Prosecutions for allegedly threatening the liquidator of the Melbourne University Student Union”. At the time Mr Landeryou had been caught looting the student union. Looks like old habits die hard with Bill Shorten’s mate Mr Landeryou and he is putting his hard-earned (or stolen) experience to work and looting the HSU.

Mr landeryou is good friends with Bill Shorten and is known to meet up with the aspiring PM at least once a week for coffee. So did Bill Shorten have any input regarding the threat to Peter Wicks to take down the post and the decision to expel members of the HSU?

It could be argued and argued correctly that Andrew Landeryou’s threat to Mr Wicks was designed to conceal the fraud and theft that is going on at the union. That being the case then Mr Landeryou committed a criminal offence when he made the call as he was trying to conceal a crime which is a crime in itself.

Current crisis

The elections for the HSU management roles are only a couple of months away and Diana Asmar and her fellow cronies David Asmar, Kimberly Kitching and Andrew Landeryou are obviously extremely worried. If someone else wins the election they will get access to the financial records. The records will show massive fraud and theft by them and with the Royal Commission hot on their heels they will be looking down the barrel of some serious jail time.

The Age reported yesterday:

“Victorian health workers union chief Diana Asmar has expelled a string of union members who are either preparing to run against her team at his year’s union election, or who are backing opposition tickets.”

“What has occurred is another example of gross misbehaviour demonstrated by Ms Asmar,” she said. “What a sure fire way to win an election, let’s just expel every member that we think might be involved with or running on an opposing ticket.” (Click here to read more)

I am told that Leonie Flynn from the HSU, who is quoted above by The Age, spoke to the HSU National Secretary Chris Brown regarding the expelling of members and he said to her:

“That’s exactly the way a court would see it, they wouldn’t have a bar of it. If this was going to Federal Court you’d get an injunction on it straight away. The strong position that you are in is that she (Asmar) has made a very silly move to do things that are not in accordance with the rules which clearly are politically motivated.”

HSU delegate Sue Hay has told this site she will be instituting proceedings in the Federal Court against Bill Shorten’s hand-picked management team at the HSU in the next few days unless they back-pedal from the illegal expulsions.

This is something the Trade Union Royal Commission should look at immediately.

Admin: I spoke to the Victorian police on Tuesday and they are still in the progress of investigating the Bill Shorten rape allegations. I have set up a new page for the investigation which I will update when there is new information. (Click here to go to the page)

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  1. Shorten seems to have so many investigations coming up regarding his part in HSU and AWU corruption, that I believe he is trying to hide behind ALP smears and lies about Coalition. What a hypocrite attacking Abbott over a “wink”, when he has been accused of rape!

  2. Shorten again! and all his cronies. Good work Shane keeping us all informed. I hope they are all nailed by the Royal Commission and quickly.

  3. Some people are unable to see past the bright green. They are under the delusion that they cannot be touched by the Law. The biggest fear I have is that these drongos will be elected into power by those that are more worried about their freebies, then they are about the crimes this mob has/is committing on a daily bases. keep it going Shane. There are a lot of us out here who respect and appreciate what you are doing.

  4. Well said “curious” ICAC are good at stiring the pot but the smell still lingers. Well done Shane for bringing up Shorten’s short commings I see you are on the ball,I cannot wait for some justice in this department. Shorten makes me cringe when his hypocracy hits the screen. Allan from Myalup WA

  5. It’s ironic really that the effort that is going into shutting down the motorbike gangs is gargantuan in comparison to the efforts being done to simply investigate the unions, yet the damage to our society is comparable. Unions are a dinosaur, a thing of the past and a structure that has completely lost its way. To be honest I am not expecting anything major to come out of this RC. They will slap a few underlings on the wrist and things will go on as per usual.

  6. There was something else I heard last week-end, I have been trying to find some more info on it but could not find any. It was only mentioned on 3AW (Fairfax) Melbourne once.

    I am sure of that as I listened for it.

    They said that the name of the HSU had been changed and that the HSU Building had been sold, which was enabled them to pay their debt of approx. seven Million dollars.
    I immediately thought ‘why the debt’……..

    You can back it in something smells!!!! Good that you are on to it Shane! Thank you.

  7. How does Shorten and his conies keep getting away with all this? Surely there is someone with a backbone in the MSM who could bring this to light…or are they all Bolshevics?
    As Thatcher once said “The problem with socialism and the welfare state is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”….and we are swiftly coming to that point in this country… many are just concerned about their own private dung heap…. take 5c of their freebies away and they’re rioting in the streets!
    Maybe time to leave this country after coming from London at 23, 45 years ago and find somewhere better….anyone with any suggestions for a twice divorced pom on the pension?

  8. Shorten and his cronies are grubs & worse. The Victorian police have to investigate these people who are running the HSU Victorian branch. They are criminals and should not get away with it. This Royal Commission is going to have a field day with the HSU it seems. Kimberley Kitching & Andrew Landeryou are a Bonnie & Clyde criminal team. When you have an extremely corrupt person in Bill Shorten involved in the unions, anything is possible as far as corruption & unlawful activity goes.

  9. shorten should stand down utill his rape alligations are investigated — or does he think he is above the law
    Bring on the royal commission into corruption asap

  10. Bob Kernohan officially summonsed to appear before the RC on June 10. Hope Billy has a big heavy duty umbrella because it is about to be dumped on him from a very great height and even his pals at the ABC won’t be able to avoid reporting the testimony.

    • Agree totally with The Climate Realist. Hope Bob Kernohan does a really great job on 10th June at the RC. We just have to nail Shorten once and for all. The ABC jouro’s will be squirming in their boots with a bit of luck…good riddance!

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