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Scouts Australia refuse to answer questions re Judge Garry Neilson who supported paedophilia and incest

Scouts Australia who have a history of covering-up for paedophiles are refusing to answer questions in relation to Judge Garry Neilson who allegedly attended boy scout jamborees in the 1980″s. This is the same Judge Neilson who is on limited duties and is currently under investigation because he suggested that paedophilia and incest are now OK.

Scouts Australia who were previously known as the Boy Scouts have been sent 4 emails from me over the last 2 weeks and I have made 6 phone calls. When I have called they have said the right things and that someone would get back to me etc but I have had no response.

There are two key issues here. Firstly Judge Garry Neilson, but he I expect will be dealt with by the Royal Commission if the reports are true and the Royal Commission is investigating him as well as the NSW judiciary as a whole.

Secondly Scouts Australia have already been before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and has had adverse findings made against them and claim to now have proper procedures in place to deal with child sexual abuse in the scouts. Yet they refuse to answer some basic questions which is very suspicious. The only conclusions that I can come to is that there is something sinister there and they are either covering it up or have been told not to say anything to the media.

There are 2 main options Scouts Australia could take in relation to my questions.

1. If Garry Neilson had not been involved with the scouts or had been involved and there were no problems one would expect Scouts Australia to say so.

2. If they did not want to comment they could say they do not answer those questions for whatever reason. 

If Garry Neilson had been involved with the scouts and there were problems then the Scouts cannot take option 1 or 2 as that would be a cover-up which would be a bad move anytime and more so know given the Royal Commission. So they have taken the last option and are saying nothing which to me is disturbing, unless of course the police or Royal Commission has told them not to say anything.

The communication with Scouts Australia 

I sent an email 2 week ago on a Sunday to Natasha Omar, National Manager, Marketing Communications at Scouts Australia as per below:

From: Shane Dowling Sent: Sunday, 13 July 2014 12:29 PM To: ‘’ Subject: Updated Media request – Shane Dowling

Hi Natasha

I sent through an earlier request but now have new information which should help. I am journalist and publish a judicial corruption website. It is my understanding that Judge Garry Neilson has been involved with the Boy Scouts going back as far as 1980’s. This is the Judge Garry Neilson who has been in the headlines of most media the last few days given his comments regarding incest and paedophilia.

I have specific information that Garry Neilson went on Boy Scout jamborees at least in the period of 1985 to 1987 and possibly for other periods. Can you confirm?

Can you also confirm the details of Garry Neilson’s involvement with the Boy Scouts. Has he left and what was his reason for leaving the Boy Scouts if he did leave?


Shane Dowling

I spoke to Natasha the following day on the Monday (14/7/14) and she said I would need to contact the state branch as they are the ones who keep the records. Natasha said she would forward my email on to them. I called the state branch the same day and was told I need to speak to Rosalie but she was on the phone and I left my number. I called back later and was told she was no longer in the office and to email her which I did. (Click here to read the email)

I made  a couple of follow-up calls last week and still no response. So on Tuesday I called the head office for Scouts Australia again and spoke to Allison. She said to send an email and she would forward it on the Chief Executive as per the below email.

Dear Alison

As discussed on the phone today I contacted the Scouts Monday last week and was advised to contact the NSW Branch. I have made numerous attempts to contact Rosalie and have not had a response as per the below email. While I can appreciate the subject matter is not nice there is a royal commission afoot because of institutions covering up child sex abuse. If you could get a formal response to my questions it would be greatly appreciated.


Shane Dowling

I spoke to Alison again on Thursday and she said she had sent the email to Natasha and also sent it CC to the Chief Executive. I thought that was odd as I had explained the situation to her on the phone of Tuesday so it was pointless sending it to Natasha again. I said if I did not have a response by close of business that day I would email senior management as I found Scout Australia’s conduct strange especially given that there was a Royal Commission because of  the wide-spread cover-up of child sexual abuse.

I did not get a response so I sent the below email to senior management at Scouts Australia which included: Chief Commissioner of Australia – Mr Reg Williams RFD, Chairman, National Executive Committee – Mr David Jones AM FCA and International Commissioner – Mr Neville Tomkins OAM JP. As of today I have not had a response.

From: Shane Dowling Sent: Thursday, 24 July 2014 8:12 PM To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’ Subject: Scouts Australia cover-up? Media request – Shane Dowling

Dear Mr Williams, Mr Jones and Mr Tomkins

I am a journalist and have been trying to get some questions answered by Scouts Australia for almost 2 weeks as per the below emails. For some reason I am clearly being stonewalled.

It relates to Judge Garry Neilson and his possible involvement with the Scouts. Judge Neilson is currently under investigation regarding some scandalous comments that he made regarding incest and paedophilia. The questions that I have previously asked are:

I have specific information that Garry Neilson went on Boy Scout jamborees at least in the period of 1985 to 1987 and possibly for other periods. Can you confirm?

Can you also confirm the details of Garry Neilson’s involvement with the Boy Scouts. Has he left and what was his reason for leaving the Boy Scouts if he did leave?

Can you please have these questions answered ASAP as I have a deadline and it is obviously not a good look if the questions are not answered especially with the Royal Commission into Child Sexual abuse cover-ups.


Shane Dowling (Click here to see the full email)

If Judge Garry Neilson did go on jamborees with the Boy Scouts that does not make him guilty of anything but does raise further questions. If media reports are right then he is under investigation by the Royal Commission into child abuse and they will obviously be doing background checks and asking questions to see if there is a lot more to Judge Neilson than just his perverted comments. The RC will be asking the same questions I am asking as per my last post on Judge Neilson (Click here to readand I am sure other journalists are having a good look into Neilson’s background as well. So one would think Scouts Australia will have to eventually respond to someone and the better the sooner.

Royal Commission has not achieved what it needs to yet

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has a long way to go if Scouts Australia is anything to go by. One would have expected all institutions would have picked up their standards and be very open with the media.

Another issue is the Chair of the Royal Commission is Justice Peter McClellan who is also a Judge of Appeal in NSW. If as reported and the Royal Commission is investigating Judge Garry Neilson and/or the NSW Judiciary then Peter McClellan needs to step aside at least as far as having any involvement in those two matters. I have a solid source and it is guaranteed that the Royal Commission is having a very good look at Garry Neilson at least.

The momentum for justice is growing 

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia have set up a petition to have judge Garry Neilson removed. They have 66,131 signatures so far and with the NSW state election not far away in March next year is does put pressure on the government to do the right thing. (Click here to go to the petition) or (click here to go to their Facebook page)

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  1. It just gets worse and worse – and all men in power over boys – who covered it up? Do these paedophiles target places like the scouts, schools, orphanages, kids in care? Boy oh boy, are they sick! Sick sick sick men – grubs the lot of them! Let’s trust the RC cleans out these pathetic losers.

    • Yes. But I believe it goes way further than just another example. It is the norm.

      Quick story: my mother tried to get into a “charitable” organization because she wanted things to be cleaned up – rorts, wastage, embezzlement. They did everything to stop her: falsifying minutes of meetings, withholding financial documents from the treasurer (yes!!!), mailing misinformation to members and pre-filled ballots, etc, etc.

      My point: the only way a person ever gets into a position of power is if you are allowed to and you are one of the very same criminal mob who is in control right now. They all know that all the others do the same thing (crime), and if one talks they all talk. That’s why it’s such a closed group and they all effectively help each other.

      My sad assessment is that the only way to wrestle our country back from these people is when the people revolt and force them out – laws will not work because they make, break, sidestep, rewrite and enforce them as they see fit. Elections are meaningless.

  2. Sorry to awaken some.
    Very few arise to power and influence unless they have been compromised and under threat of disclosure unless they comply. Ask the NSA and their other four eyes who gather megabytes on everything electronically communicated, including privileged discourse and commercial confidences.
    Readers: See the big picture! Tell the ‘five eyes’ to Go jump. We pay for their wasted space.

  3. If the Royal Commission is investigating Judge Garry Neilson, then something has been going on that has involved him, which hasn’t just been his behavior in his verdicts/statements in child abuse cases in the NSW courts. Obviously the Royal Commission has discovered more about Judge Neilson than just his behavior as a judge. I think you are right Shane that Mr Neilson may have been up to no good when he was in the Scouts. With the Scouts saying nothing about Mr Neilson, it suggests they are either covering up for themselves & him, & or the Royal Commission have spoken to the Scouts about Mr Neilson and have instructed the Scouts not to say anything. Either way Judge Neilson is in big trouble. The NSW judiciary & Scouts Australia are really in the firing line, no doubt about it.

  4. Its Only a matter of time now ,the big iron triangle will soon be turned to molten metal .
    There are Hundreds of Trials waiting to get underway , Solicitors , Police Judges , Pm’s Mp’s you name it , all the time the average poor dumbed down aussie has been lead to believe that pedophilia is rampant at home ,and via friends ect ,

    This is not the case at all from my studies , but then I don’t read mainstream except to verify lies , many of these so called Home offences have links to the same groups , obviously though they do exist ,but I would suggest for every one child raped at home there are 50 raped by so called good Men , 5,000 complaints to the R/C is the tip of the iceberg Justice is coming thank The God .

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