Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman returns QLD to the corrupt Joh Bjelke-Petersen days

The Queensland state election is a week away and the polls say that the current LNP (Liberal National Party) government will win the election but Premier Newman could lose his own seat. If Newman does lose his seat it would probably be a first for any state in Australia but a good day for democracy. It will send a message to all politicians that times have changed and you are not above accountability anymore.

The election is next Saturday (31/1/15) and you do not need to dig deep to find reasons why Newman is a big chance to lose his own seat.

Newman is extremely arrogant, stupid and corrupt

During the week I watched a news report from late last year and it showed Newman was clearly on another planet. He tried to justify a LNP MP’s involvement in the $100 million Gold Coast cable car project. To me it would have left many viewers with the impression that Newman is taking Queensland back to dark old days of corruption that existed under former Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

MP Ray Stevens and the scandalous $100 million Gold Coast cable project

Mr Stevens is a state MP and senior member of the Newman government and is paid $287,035 per year. He received a 39% increase at the last pay rise which was bigger than anyone else.

Mr Stevens is also an investor and advisor for $100 million Gold Coast Skyride which he only declared to parliament the same day the project was announced in October last year. (Click here to read more)

Mr Stevens claims there will be no conflict of interest. Well there shouldn’t be a conflict as he should only be allowed to do one job or the other, not both. At the end of the below video Mr Stevens shows what contempt he has for the voters and his constituents and should be sacked. Mr Stevens has been all over the press the last few days regarding his extremely poor conduct. (Click here to read more)

The below video is 2 news reports from last year regarding Mr Stevens and Skyride and also features Mr Newman and his delusional stupidity in supporting Mr Stevens. At the end is David Donovan from Independent Australia asking some questions which Mr Stevens refuses to answer.

Mr Donovan runs the website called Independent Australia which I regard as not much more than a union and Labor Party troll site which I have written about before to a degree. Be that as it may, the questions that Mr Donovan asks Ray Stevens are legitimate questions that are in the public interest and he has the right to ask them. Ray Stevens has an obligation to answer the questions which he refuses to do. Remember while watching the video that Campbell Newman supports Ray Stevens and thinks it is all ok.



In the last couple of days Campbell Newman has tried blackmail as an election strategy.

“Campbell Newman says he cannot guarantee the Liberal National Party’s big spending promises, even those with bipartisan support, if the party wins government but not the seat a project is in.” (Click here to read more)

I think that policy will end up costing the LNP and Newman votes as the public will see it for what it is which is nothing more than blackmail. Newman obviously has no self-respect.

Defamation threat

Campbell Newman instituted defamation proceedings against radio announcer Alan Jones on Thursday (23/1/15). Newman claims he was defamed by Jones. (Click here to read moreI think it is hard to defame Newman considering what a crook he clearly is given the above. 

Newman looks like just another fool using defamation proceedings in an attempt to conceal their crimes. It failed with Craig Thomson and it will fail with Newman.

LNP members conceal their true identity

It came to my attention that sitting LNP member and candidate Freya Ostapovitch has wiped the LNP logo off her website and election posters. There is no clearer admission that the electorate has turned against a government when members of their own party disown them.

Freya Ostopovitch QLD Elections 2015

Freya Ostapovitch MP for Stretton – QLD Elections 2015

(Click here to visit her website. I am sure the LNP logo will be back after the election)

The LNP won the last election in 2012 in a landslide winning 78 seats to the Labor Party’s 7. In this election there is guaranteed to be a substantial reversal and the LNP will lose a lot of seats as they are quite unpopular. Their own members are well aware of that as shown by Ms Ostapovitch’s actions.

While the LNP are likely to win the Queensland election it is not because they are popular. It is just that the previous Labor Party governments were so corrupt and dishonest that not enough of the voters are prepared to go back to them. At least not yet anyhow. But that could change in the next week if Campbell Newman and the LNP continue with their dodgy actions.

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  1. Sorry you see corruption in the Campbell Newman government. He has had to make strong and deliberate decisions to get our state working again, and he is just starting after much opposition from the losers and bleeding hearts, when it comes to Joh Bjelke he again was a strong and dedicated person in getting Queensland up and going, which he did…..They are not about spending just for the sake of it to win browny points. Everyone has to put in. I agree that Ray Stephens, a hard working policitian and councillor on the Gold Coast for many many years, lost the plot with that interview, probably fed up having to defend what he thinks is the right way for progression on the Gold Coast, after all we have been trying to get this up and running for several years.
    The labor mentality always tries to draw a line of corruption when a dedicated Politician tries to promote something personally that they truly believe in. This is for the GC not just because Ray Stephens has a personal interest.
    This is promotion for the best interests of our state and community……….not taking for oneself which is what our Labor leaders and Unionists do to their people on a daily basis.

    We are devoted readers of Kangaroo Court and your hard work Shane but have to disagree with you on this……..

    • Has it ever changed? Qld like other States has always been prone to deals for mates and supporters. It just depends how good they are at hiding the connections. I refer you to the NSW ICAC hearings regarding Obeid, McDonald et al. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  2. Between Newman And Stephens as well as others Liberal are a Huge Laughing stock in Qld , and every other state for that matter , I recently saw the video of him refusing to answer questions what a Joke this man is ! you definitely cannot serve two masters, many of them should be in jail , By the way I am Not Sorry you Saw the Glaringly Obvious Corruption in this Government ,in fact I am really glad, there are no excuses for corrupt Politicians so thanks for reporting it .

    • I live in Melbourne and can assure you that Campbell is NOT a laughing stock down here (as you so quaintly put it), I can’t believe how stupid and gullible Torres are these days……

  3. Facebook Public is the letter from the Minister exercising his prerogative under section 593 of QLD Criminal Code to refuse the Criminal Court his permission to it hearing an Extortion charge! Bikies faced with Extortion charge need only pay the Minister the right money and no Court will hear the Police charge against them. Is that not criminal enough or do we need to vote the LNP back for more.

  4. Shane, I also have to agree with the comments from Maxine regarding the efforts of Ray Stephens to get this cableway up and running..It has been a project of his for many years now even when he was Mayor of the Albert Shire.
    He has made no secret of the fact that he has been behind the scheme and has support from other members of the GC community. I would rather have a successful business man behind any project that would benefit all of the GC and Hinterland than some of the ” off shore ” projects that are publicised but never get off the ground.

    Because it has been on going and discussed on previous occasions why should that be considered as a corrupt act ? Perhaps he should just transfer the Directorship over to his wife.
    He has worked hard in every public position he has held over the years and he is dedicated to this project to open up the Hinterland to locals and visitors alike.

    Have a look at all the other successful Cableways all over the world ( Cairns in particular ) and then tell me why you think this one would not be just as successful..

      • Who said he decided…..He is part of a conglomerate to improve tourism to the Gold Coast and Hinterland. What labour politician gets out and about in the public to seek support for something that will benefit the whole community? None………, their work is done behind closed doors to benefit themselves only.

        As for his financial interest, he truly believes in the project and is prepared to take the gamble like any businessman, a gamble with his own money….not the publics and taxpayers.

      • Exactly Shane – Ray Stevens is a either a well paid politician/public servant on a very generous salary of $287,035 per annum OR a property/business developer – morally and ethically he cannot be both even if the project is worthwhile. HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST – btw the average yearly income for an Australian is $78,878 per annum.

        Stevens is driven by greed and is clearly using his influence as a paid servant of Queenslanders to approve a project that he will benefit from financially – corruption of the highest order.

        @errol your comment “Perhaps he should just transfer the Directorship over to his wife” makes his corrupt involvement in this deal more honourable???

      • If this was a Labor party Cableway, it would be classed as pork barrelling their own electorate but because it is LNP, it is classed as okay to throw money in that direction? No conflict of interest? What a lot of crock! (and no I do not vote for either of those parties). I am just dumbfounded at the stupidity of politics. For some reason or other, each State leader wants to build a monument to themselves and blow out their state budgets in the process. Victoria has Kennett’s bones, WA is getting Bettys Jetty and Qld is getting . . . . .

      • This issue is not new. Ray Stephens and his colleagues have been trying to get this through for years and if it had been passed earlier would have been up and running by now to the appreciation of the locals in the Hinterland and the tourists who visit the GC .They said the same about Mike Gore and look at Sanctuary Cove now. A model thriving community.

      • So, he puts his money where his mouth is, and invests in the project. The man has a vision for the future of the region. Remember this, he is a politician only for a term or two, but he is a member of the community for life. The man is investing in a project which has importance for development of tourism in the region. He has declared his interest, not concealed it. Any project which reduces unemployment is commendable, but to put your own private money on the line show a high level of commitment. Unlike Clive Palmer, who deals with other people’s money.

      • My understanding is that he personally doesn’t own shares in the company- its his accountants who do. How many “degrees of separation” do you need before it becomes a “conflict”? And why is there never any popular howls of conflict of interest when the ALP does deals with third parties- such as unions? Unions have a personal vote in what the ALP does. The likes of the CMFEU have subsidies who greatly benefit form third party deals-such as security and WHS training and providers on building sites- NO! no conflict there, they’re just workers trying to get the best deal. An what about union directors of Industry Super Funds- see how the ALP tries to help them when in power. Anna Piloshee is a union stooge who inherited her seat form her father- nepotism to the max. here- where’ the MSM on that on?- we could go on couldn’t we?

      • I gotta agree with 2Bobsworth here. It’s a tough one. If he has been trying to get it done for a long time he was probably stonewalled by the previous government. If he was a paid up member of the QETU it would have been built years ago.

  5. Shane,

    Ray Stephens will not be deciding anything, watch your video and both Ray & the Premier point out he will have no involvement in the process.

    I think you’ve been around too many Judges lately and see corruption where it doesn’t exist. As for business and politics what about Clive Palmer? Between his business, local electorate and Leader of the PUP he hardly has time to record anti-LNP advertisements.

    • If you want to believe Ray and Newman you can. I think the majority of people believe neither. Ray refuses to answer some basic questions on the matter which says plenty.

  6. Unfortunately the majority of the people have an employee mentality and hate the thought that he earns so much money, so that dictates their feelings and overrides the true issues here.

    He has answered those questions a million times before, WHY cant you people listen objectively and understand the frustration that can overcome people especially when you are out in oppressive heat for days on end on the Gold Coast trying to get something going that will benefit the community as a whole…….

    • Maxine you are correct, the video shows a very polite request to make an appointment but the Journo wants it his way, talk now, doesn’t matter what you are doing, my questions are more important!! Try doing that to Clive Palmer and see the result.

      Not answering a question is NOT proof of corruption or anything else.

      • Ray Stevens is a Public Servant paid handsomely for that privilege and he should answer all questions to the best of his ability about matters that he is involved in personally and financially that conflict with his job description.

        He was performing his Member of Parliament duties at a Public Pre-Polling booth and his behaviour was immature and bizarre in not answering valid questions on a conflict of interest. All he to do was deny he was financially involved and that would have been end of it but he did not do that.

      • @Alan he was sitting on a chair doing absolutely nothing in a public place where he was promoting himself but did not want to answer hard questions about his conflict of interest activities from the media that are usually welcome at pre-polling booths unless you have something to hide.

      • @Bay, at the start of the video Stephens asked very politely to make an appointment through his office, he didn’t need to be distracted from his activity. I note the recording was a PUP supporter so I smell a setup! What happened prior to the video recording? was it edited? And I disagree with your comments on the Hospitals, my evidence is a vast improvement and certainly the end of Ambulance ramping!

  7. I think, knowing what I know about Newman he would be better off in the Labor party along with the likes of Eddie Obeid. Queenslanders will soon have a new boss so we will see how he or she will stack up. Of all the comments on this post none mentioned the guilty performance of Stevens when interviewed by Donovan, he obviously didn’t know he was being filmed by a PUP supporter. The clip looks great accompanied with music like a Chimpanzee. on “speed.” Anastacia should take him on as her best ally for the Labor Party. Allan from Myalup. Dissapointed Liberal Member.

    • I like every legally aged adult will make my vote this coming week end but it will be made with little faith in who ever wins.

      I am absolutely amazed and confused how this can go on and on year after year and by that i mean broken promises and Lies something must be done we are wasting our time i fear.

      These people are voted in to power in good faith , they have made promises to their electorates and in many cases have fallen miserably short in meeting those commitments.

      There must be accountability and sadly that is lacking.

      Campbell Newman has done some good things that cannot be argued and None of us are ever going to see eye to eye on every decision made that is democracy. but it is reprehensible that The government of the day can seemingly change its mind at will and follow a completely different path to the one being sold to us the voters in their build up to elections.

      Oh too bad about that we never actually thought that through, never mind we have a better plan now (No not good enough i say) Stand by your statements, or get out , at the very least Major political promises if it should be deemed are not possible then the alternative should be decided by Referendum . These elections are decided on these promises.

      Todays elections are nothing more than a secret Santa, Who knows what we are going to get????????.

      I will be very interested in the Court Proceedings between the Mr Jones and Mr Newman , i think that if Mister Newman is re elected they will be dropped Mr Jones puts forward a very strong case and to date nothing has been denied.

      If Mr Jones is wrong and can be proved as such he should be held to account to the full letter of the law and made to pay substantial damages for his claims with the threat of incarceration for any further transgression as well as a full privately funded Public apology revoking any negative statements made.

      On the other hand if his claims cannot be proved as inaccurate then clearly Mr Newman has twisted the truth and he should be Kicked out whether he is re elected or not.

      In essence what we vote for should be what we get not some derivitive of it .

  8. Strange to hear from people living in other States that the Qld Govt is corrupt! From the point of view of one Qld voter, I have to disagree! This State has gone ahead in leaps and bounds since Newman’s Govt came to power, and the disaffected people are those who can’t see past their sense of personal “entitlement”! Bikies are no longer the problem they were 3 years ago, our Health System has improved wholesale (my personal experience), front line services in Govt offices haven’t deteriorated since all the sackings, AND they’ve paid off a good amount of debt! Newman and his Govt may have made mistakes, but who is going to cast the first stone? Where is that perfect Govt everyone seems to think we can achieve? All I can say is God help us if Anastasia Palaszczuk is our next Premier!

    • @fiddopuss this simply is not true! I am a Queenslander and the truth of the matter is that out Health system is in tatters under Campbell Newman LNP and they have not paid down any debt – they have increased the debt considerably since they took over in 2012.

      • If you think our Health System is in tatters now I would be interested in your opinion of how it was pre LNP when Labor was Public Service top heavy, a multi million dollar wasteful payroll stuff up that has taken absolutely ages to sort out thanks to software issues/changes initiated by Labor, Hospitals where doctors employed were not/under qualified resulting in multiple deaths and maiming of patients. Whole wards that were closed in oncology/BMT Transplant area because there was such a huge lack of nursing staff and no extra stuff were able to be employed and on many occasions could only cope with current workloads (sick leave) by getting agency nurses who were in many cases out of their depth on these wards with more Bureaucrats than doctors employed by Qld Health. Multiple Ambulances ramped for 8+ hours each and every day because the Emergency departments were so understaffed with diversions to hospitals many miles away also due to understaffing. Don’t even get me started on the debt left to us courtesy of Beattie and Bligh. Appears you seem to think you know more than every economist who has investigated and commented on the state of Qld finances now once all the hard work has been achieved by the LNP as opposed to what we had under Labor’s waste. To top all this off we have had the Bikie gangs openly coming out in support of the Labor party whose largest contributor to their campaign funding being the CFMEU which has been linked via the Union Corruption (as reported by Shane Dowling himself in earlier posts) enquiry as having close links to said Bikie gangs. Anyone who believes that Qld would be better off under Labor obviously only gets their facts from the leftist propaganda newspapers, Their ABC or is a member of either Labor, The Greens or our friendly obstructionist PUP party. You may not like Campbell Newman or the LNP but no one can take away the hard work they have put into getting Qld back into some semblance of a fiscally responsible state with lower cost of living after the utter waste, corruption and impotence of the Labor years in Qld. Labor under Anastasia promising to raise Power Bills by at least $500 per year which if federal Labor gets back in will increase that even more with Shorten’s promised Carbon Tax again! Labor no longer represent the working class, they represent their bosses the Unions and their own self interests and will have to raise taxes to pay the interest bill alone with a continually rising principal.

      • Bay, money must be spent to fix a vehicle which was never maintained and the wheels fell of.
        The greatest identifier of illiteracy is stating that a person, an animal, an object, a plant is useless in serving a purpose, and not quantifying the statement with a better or improved replacement.
        Don’t complain about the Health System, complain when there isn’t one.

    • The fiscal policy of the LNP govt has been given the ok by a lot of commentators from both sides. Desperate situations meant desperate measures were required when the state was left in such a poor condition by the previous govts of Beattie / Bligh . Bloody vandals. Can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.

  9. Shane. We had 10 years of absolutely incompetent government under Beattie and Bligh. The LNP, according to the press, have done a GREAT job in fixing up QLD Health. Re the QLD Public Service, do you know their numbers. As of 2012, 192,000 CPSU members…now reduced by 4,000 odd. Union fees on that…at $650 a year, around $90 million for 150,000. And the unions bleat at losing 14,000….real loss to them is the loss of 14,000 x $650 = $9.1 million!!!! JUST WHAT DO THEY DO WITH ALL THAT TAX FREE MONEY???? AND, they flooded our city through absolute incompetence. Two enquiries THEY set up found no one responsible….absolute negligence that no one from the government got into their car and drove out to Wivenhoe at the time to take a look. Campbell two or three weeks before the flood quoted in the Courier Mail to let out the water. As re the contribs from New Hope, so what? I would think that the coal mining Companies in NSW and Vic have been making them to both parties for years. It’s all a case of black smearing from the Labour/Union vicious circle. I DO like a lot of your stuff Shane, but think you are misguided here. Rick

  10. Verbal attacking, bickering and nit-picking has become a religion in Australia.
    Labor and Green ministers, unions, judiciary and others have been discussed on this site to uncover their ‘evil doings’, and now is the time to pick on the LNP and Ray Stevens. May as well bring Tom Tate, the Gold Coast mayor into the fray, he is currently in office and he is a property developer, currently involved in a high rise project.
    How about a list of everyone who is in office to serve fair dinkum Aussies, place them in the gun sights, with a rating from one to five beside their names to indicate the most or least corrupt individual.
    Australian politics = Labor, LNP, Labor, LNP, Labor, LNP, ad infinitum, and the never-ending, digging the dirt on alternating individuals, whatever they do will never end, because, no matter what, in Australia, apathy supreme, because, “She’ll be right, mate, don’t worry, ‘ave another beer!”

  11. Enjoy your posts Shane , however in this case you are wrong, wrong,wrong. No Premier in any state has had to withstand so many attacks not only personally but also on his family. As for Jones, his best place is in Sydney rather than than digging up every malcontent who deserted the LNP, and then describes them as men of honour. They all gravy trained into Parliament on the the success of the LNP and then jumped ship. None had the guts to stand as independent through Bi Elections.
    Sorry Shane our Premier has the guts to make hard decisions to better this state and it would be a disaster if the ALP got back in. . The ALP are goig to strike down the Bikie laws. These criminal gangs woujld be all over the Coast if Newman loses. Pity the other states dont follow Newman and go after these criminals

    Tony Miles

    • I have family members living in Qld. They seem to have adopted the popular past time of knocking Campbell Newman. Any many who attempts to fix the notorious Qld public service is going to cop a shellacking from those who love to hate. Don’t join the haters, Shane, have a good look at the incompetency and corruption in the public service. Particularly the power of corrupt unions.

  12. I got out of Qld long ago, it is the Australian version of North Korea. Campbell Madman must have good security, how no one has shot him is beyond me.

    • If you think Qld is like Nth Korea you really do need to travel and open your eyes. Are you a member of the bikie gangs? Is that why you didn’t like it? We don’t shoot people here just because we disagree with them. Were that the case many politicians would have been assassinated over the last 8 years. Your comment is very offensive to most Australians who believe in a fair go, whether you agree with them or not. I for one am glad you left this great state.

  13. Shane. Just saw on the news tonight that QLD Labour will repeal the anti-bikie laws. I REALLY don’t understand this. It’s like saying that people have a right to be murderers…and will only be punished after they do it. We REALLY need the LNP in QLD for a few more terms to straighten out our society. AND by the way, a LOT of Queenslanders who were around in the Bjelke-Petersen days really liked him. The unions of course, hated him because he stopped the constant electricity strikes…a bit like the Thatcher actions and memories, where as I understand it, the UK unions were very happy to see her pass on. Rick D. – Brisbane.

  14. You have lost me, Shane. I am sick and tired of you know all southerners meddling in the affairs of our state. Have you contracted yourself out to the corrupt unions and left wing labour just before the election? Why don’t you dig up some real corruption behind the closed doors of the real crooks that helped themselves to taxpayers funds for over 10 years prior to this honest government. you got all the facts wrong, I am very disappointed with you Shane.

      • Moderator: Comment deleted. The comment section is for commenting on the above post, not to tell me what I can and cannot write.

    • I agree Edi, I am sick of all the media, and other comments from people who are no-where near Queensland, and hardly ever been, or lived here.
      They can kick and abuse Campbell Newman as much as they like with their two-faced attitudes and ‘buzz-words’ like corrupt.
      If ‘corruption’ is on the menu, then every LNP minister would have to go a long, long way to out-do Labor/unions, Greens, and Pups at the corruption table.
      A blind man with a wooden leg can hear the news, ABC and other media supporting Labor, with their claptrap articles aimed at the LNP, his senses are stronger towards garbage.

  15. Newman is extremely arrogant, stupid and corrupt – If you have definitive proof please present it. He is certainly doing good things. Arrogance is in the eye of the beholder I believe. An MP investing in something that will be a boon for tourism is not, in itself corruption.
    Blackmail – I would have said what the government has said is stating the obvious. Do you honestly believe any government would do otherwise. I would never guarantee anything my representative could not deliver. The Toowoomba range crossing being a good example. It was on the table, ready to go years ago. As soon as labour got in it was scrapped and is now on the table again. If the LNP remains in it will be built just as the Highfields State High school was built after Labor purchased the land. I’m not sure it would have been under Labor as the financial situation then would have meant more borrowing to do so.
    Defamation threat – Alan Jones has become an annoyance to many in Toowoomba. A majority support things Jones is against such as the new Toowoomba Airport. How about you wait for the courtcase outcome as I think Jones did defame Newman. If the case does go in Newman’s favour where will you stand then?
    LNP members conceal their true identity – You are really way off here as in my electorate the opposite is the case and I can send photos to prove the labor and PUP candidates do the same. Even worse, the unions are running a big “no asset sales” campaign which Labor says has nothing to do with them. Even the dimmest fools know Labor and the unions are one and the same.

    • @interested, don’t know if you are a real person but the question asked was referred to be asked at a place other than where the Minister was then engaged. Not unreasonable, if you want to do an interview for PUP, make an appointment!!!

  16. I wonder How many here actually watched the video that guy wouldn’t answer one question and carried on like a 6yr old ,and you are happy with him ? whether we live in Qld NSW or woop woop we have a right to comment so cop it sweet , and comparing the Health system under labour is just comparing one lot of crooks to the other it’s a no brainer ,is the Heiner Affair Still going on up there ? sure you all know about that ? I still think Great Post Shane ,and I also think old Joe probably should have died in jail .

  17. This is garbage. You Guys know this guy is quick to get onto the defamation trail. The raising of such a suggestion in the context of an election could well be found to handle the hurdles of the Supreme, as opposed to Kangaroo, Court for success in Damages. Caution might be a better course to follow. Yours, More Prudent Reader.

  18. Corruption has always been the unofficial sport of Queensland. That never stopped under either Labor or Liberal governments. Seems like Goss at least tried to clean things up but didn’t get very far.

    The very sad reality is most Queenslanders know how corrupt their government is and just accept it as a fact of life. Doesn’t matter who they vote for.

  19. Goss was on the board of directors of Ingeus, Rudd’s wife’s business along with Rudd, while in political office, a conflict of interest was put forth due to Ingeus obtaining government funds to help long-term unemployed.

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