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  1. Why are others lives destroyed for far less than what he has done?This allegation needs to be thoroughly investigated and BS needs to be taken to task. If he is found guilty (which I doubt) he needs to go to gaol. BS is not good for any Political Party and certain ex Labour Pollies need to stand up and be counted and expose this person for what he really is. Australians all let us band todether and eradicate corruption on all levels. We can do this, we are many!

  2. So good to read the truth in this corrupt system. Keep the facts coming especially right now when we have fascists for Premiers and a dictator PM. Your work seems tireless and is very much appreciated by this truth seeker.

  3. thanks so much for all the work on the honey, who knows how much more of our food is toxic or labelled as organic and clean when it isn’t.

    Buy as local as possible so as to be able to -both- support local small industry and hold it to account if needed.

  4. Thanks for bringing some light to this madness we’re seeing from our so called leaders, the Judiciary, the Police etc. All institutions we’ve seen over the last few years come at Aussies and particularly those journo’s who strive to bring the truth to the forefront. Well done all of you.

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