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The $80 million fraud by Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce that won’t go away. Watergate starts rising again.

Australia’s #Watergate, the $80 million fraud involving federal MP’s Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce, has grown legs over the last few weeks and won’t be going away anytime soon as some predicted it would after the federal election. In fact, Australia’s #Watergate is shaping up as the political scandal of the year if not the decade.

It now includes a $750 million dollar class action by farmers against the Murray-Darling Basin Authority which is the corrupt government department that was overseen by Barnaby Joyce before he was sacked as a minister and is now overseen by David Littleproud. Angus Taylor’s handiwork has now been exposed to also include killing endangered grasslands on a property that he and his brother own and then calling in favours from Josh Frydenberg to try and cover it up, but more on that in a minute.

Farmers are being sent bankrupt as they are not allocated enough water and have to pay inflated prices for water as big business profit from the sale of water. Big businesses linked to Angus Taylor, Barnaby Joyce and David Littleproud have also profited from the Murray-Darling Basin Plan which is overseen by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority which they control as federal politicians.

The story that started generating a lot of interest for #Watergate is the below broadcast on The Project on Channel 10 which gives a good overview of #Watergate.


Australian media starting to dig deep into the #Watergate fraud

Before the federal election social media drove a lot of the reporting on the Angus Taylor – Barnaby Joyce $80 million #Watergate fraud which involved a company associated with Angus Taylor, based in the Cayman Islands, receiving an $80 million windfall for selling water, that did not exist, to the federal government. Taylor refused to answer questions and even threatened defamation action against two journalists. (Click here to read more)

Many were predicting that as soon as the federal election was over the interest in #Watergate by any media would die. That hasn’t happened and in fact, the media interest has grown with A Current Affair running a couple of stories on the issue with the latest being this week:

“Accusations of mismanagement and misleading science have dogged the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and the evidence is piling up against them.”

“In a report released last month, The Australia Institute outlined how the Murray Darling Basin Authority failed to comply with its own objectives by denying an allocation to NSW Murray general security holders, while flooding the Barmah-Millewa forest and draining the Menindee Lakes.”

“”While everyone else in the Basin was dealing with drought, the MDBA created a flood and lost large volumes of water,” said Maryanne Slattery, senior water researcher at The Australia Institute.”

“The farmers I met in the Southern Riverina are beyond the tipping point. They’re desperate and living on borrowed time. They want the 2012 Plan to be paused for the sake of their survival. But governments are staying the course, promising to deliver the plan in full.” (Click here to read more)

Also, the ABC’s Four Corners are promoting another #Watergate story to be aired on Monday (8-7-19) with allegations that the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is a pink batts for farmers, that it is a colossus waste of $13 billion of taxpayers money and allege that multi-million-dollar subsidies have secretly been handed to big business. Even if only a small part of the allegations in their promotion is proven to be true there will be some worried people in Canberra.

Angus Taylor and his sister

The Guardian has done a lot of the hard yards reporting on #Watergate and in recent days they have opened up another line of inquiry regarding the criminal conduct of federal MP Angus Taylor:

The government will be forced to explain the conduct of two of its senior ministers – Angus Taylor and Josh Frydenberg – in relation to critically endangered grasslands at the centre of an investigation involving companies part-owned by Taylor.

Last month a Guardian Australia investigation revealed Taylor held talks with Frydenberg’s office and senior environment department officials about the protection of the natural temperate grassland of the south-eastern highlands.

At the time of the meetings, Taylor was the minister for cities and Frydenberg was the environment minister. The meetings were requested via Frydenberg’s office. At the same time federal and state investigations were under way into the alleged poisoning of 30 hectares that contained the grassland on a property in the Monaro region of New South Wales owned by Jam Land Pty Ltd.

One of the directors of that company is Richard Taylor, the minister’s brother, and the minister himself holds an interest in the firm via his family investment company, Gufee.

Emails obtained by Guardian Australia showed that Frydenberg’s office raised the grasslands protection with the Department of the Environment and Energy on 8 March, a day after officials from the same department met Jam Land to discuss potential contraventions of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

An investigator from the unit that examines breaches under national environment law was also present at the meeting with Taylor and Frydenberg’s office on 20 March 2017.

After lobbying by Taylor, Frydenberg’s office sought advice on whether protection of the grasslands could be watered down without first seeking the advice of the independent threatened species scientific committee, and whether this could be done secretly. (Click here to read more)

Not only is Angus Taylor’s dealings with Josh Frydenberg corrupt but it gives great insight into how Angus Taylor works with government ministers when an issue involves his personal businesses. If Angus Talor operated the same way with the $80 million #Watergate fraud then it is guaranteed that he personally dealt with Barnaby Joyce and government officials to get such a high price for water that didn’t even exist.

David Littleproud

I wrote 3 weeks ago: “Prime Minister Scott Morrison had the opportunity to sack David Littleproud with the ministerial changes after the recent federal election. I thought Littleproud had been sacked but Morrison only took the Agriculture portfolio off him. David Littleproud was the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources from December 2017 until the federal election in May 2019 and is now the Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management but he only promotes himself on Wikipedia as the Minister for Water Resources.”(Click here to read more)

It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the ACCC is meant to be investigating rorting of the sale of water by companies but I haven’t heard anything since. David Littleproud made the announcement but made no mention of the $80 million #Watergate fraud and also didn’t mentioned his wife’s cousin, John Norman, is currently facing fraud charges over a $20 million Murray Darling Basin Plan water fraud.

Watergate is not an issue that will go away and the media, opposition parties and independents are digging further and further and it has every chance to at the very least bring down Angus Taylor and quite likely other MP’s like Joyce, Littleproud and now Frydenberg who have helped him. It’s bound to fire up as Scott Morrison and the government dig in to protect them as they only have a very slim majority.

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  1. It is as if J W Howard has returned to head up the Liberal lairs, but no, they are now thickly cloistered together around their Pentecostal leader ScoMo the most humble man ever to worship him that dwells above the clouds.
    Albeit that this former zestful opportunity grasping gentleman has since become beset with sudden near-sightedness and the difficult of hearing, to ever pursue the suppression of the public Rights to Information Act 2009.
    Recently I had received a comforting letter from Mr. Carl Binning, he currently filling the role of A/g Chief Executive, MDBA, had advised me that all will soon be rosy since the appointment of former Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Kelty, he to head up the sleuths in pursuit of the naughty MDBA back-scuttling Federal government supported Authority.
    (Scuttling, not unlike the common Australian fearful Yabby.)

    Incidentally, the grand total of $23 Billion Aussie taxpayer dollars that now happens to include those that have access to the Federal government Water Buyback Scheme with $10 Billion dollars in their kitty.
    This money is up for grabs by the well-connected corporate-Squid that happen to appear in mobs around a certain Cayman Island listed corporation property up Chinchilla way in Qld, with their water ‘Caterpillar truckloads’ of water entitlements to access even the “especially proscribed environmental water flows deemed essential for the continuity of the Darling River water flows downstream.”

    By the way, word has spread that it is most unwise for persons familiar with the Pentecostal Parish of ScoMo, that he will not entertain any knowledge concerning the Watergate Cotton Growing wasted-waters affair.

  2. Needs nothing short of a Royal Commission, this whole water issue reeks of traitorous corruption. . Taylor, like a lot of modern-day pollies, has no reason to be in politics other than to feather their own nests. What we have in Canberra these days is a bad element of pollies behaving like a pack of hyenas on a carcass the carcass being our money. The corruption is a lot deeper than Taylor, Littleproud and Joyce. The investigators need to start sniffing NZ bank accounts may be as well.

  3. Angus Taylor is a Rhodes Scholar with a law degree. Dairy farmers on the Murray Darling are being forced to sell their farms in a drought at rock bottom prices because of water speculation, created by the likes of Angus Taylor. Most of this Australian owned land will be purchased by foreigners and the farmers will be left on the streets. Cast your mind back to Germany 1930`s. A particular group with wealth were targeted and stripped of everything. Same same but different. I call it for what it is Legalized Nazism. The Nazis are the lawyer/politicians and the Legalization are the brown shirts.

    • I for one would never tell anyone I was a Rhode scholar you dont get that without begging for it its not an acedemic thing just bigger egos than the rest !

  4. “Angus Taylor is a Rhodes Scholar with a law degree”, which is as useful as a gardener who cuts grass with a pair of scissors.

  5. My dear Dad who was in the second world war and like He and his brothers believed they kept this country free safe and in good hands. This Morrison and his mob are capable of destroying all this great Australia way of life. Morrison follows a religion that believes their wealthy, money grabbing pastors can heal the sick, and make the lame to walk, strange they only conjure their tricks in their safe houses, their church buildings, you never, ever, see them walking around our hospitals performing their BS ” miracles”
    So Morrison believing this BS also believes it is ok to destroy an entire river system. A river that is owned by the Creator God? I would think the Creator has this along side his name, and this will give him a red card staight to spend his afterlife with him mate Satan.
    Jail all these crooks or better stick them in a detention centre with the refugees they hold.
    Job done, and put all the Illuminates money back where it belongs, and fix the river back as best as possible to how it was

  6. Its now all up to the general public to scream/demand as loud as they can for a Royal Commission into Australia’s $80 million “Watertgate” rip-off , not only for the sake of our struggling fsrmers but the inevitable price rises in our agriculture food prices. The MDBC is a farce. They shoul;d all be investigated & charged. Do it now ! Contact your local Federal Liberal & labor MP, by email, phone or whatever. let’s get this out in the open NOW. This is public money which we all pay in our taxes.
    Keep this protest going as you always do.
    Don’t forget to watch the ABC’s Four Corners, this Monday @ 8:30 pm 7on the 8/7/2019.

  7. This makes me feel sick.
    Politicians talk the talk but when the pressures on they don’t walk the walk.
    They were our best mates just weeks ago as they chased our votes but I bet they will suddenly not want to talk to us now that they’re back in Canberra all tucked up and insulated from the poor suckers that put them there.
    If they were the transparent, honest types they portrayed during the election there would be an independent enquiry into the goings on described in this article but there is not a snowflakes chance in hell of that happening.
    I just hope the independents hang tough and force some sort of investigation which will shine a light into the dark, grubby corners of this whole, grubby mess.

  8. The MDBC is a joke. The whole system has been a total failure. Scott Morrison should step in and sack the lot of them including some of these ministers that have their hands in the cookie jar. If he does that the people will respect him and the party. Draining the Menindee lakes was an absolute disgrace , just for downstream flooding in a drought. What a bunch of idiots these people are. What gets me is how do you sell water that does not exist. Please explain.

  9. Watergate scandal small bickies compared to nsw privatisation of power stations one sold for one dollar to agl ,another sold to former Tory hack and coal promoter for one million dollars. The latter was valued two years latter at 730 million . This new owner now advises scomo on energy policy and wants federal money to upgrade his aging station as no bank will touch the deal

  10. After watching four corners tonite,it disgusted me so much to hear about the 4 billion dollars that we the taxpayers have given to scoundrals,either politicians,multi nationals or farmers in the MD basin.
    This needs a Royal commission immediately, the foxes are in the hen house and we need to get our money back.

  11. It would seem we are now just like those little countries in places like Africa, with cold hearted dictators wallowing in a pit of corruption squirreling away the country’s money to their own bank accounts. Just another corrupt little banana republic.

  12. Have a look at the Southern Forrest Irrigation Scheme in the Souh-west of WA..$70 million of government funding 68 farmers… absolute scam

  13. Fox in charge of the hen house.
    They couldn’t run a chook raffle if they didn’t rig it 🙁

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