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The Kings of multi-million dollar fraud & theft involving water and rain. Turnbull, Taylor, Littleproud, Joyce & more

Federal MP David Littleproud announced that the ACCC will investigate alleged rorting of the sale of water by companies, that the federal government will conduct a study into the failed Murray Darling Basin Plan and also request that the Auditor-General review all government water buybacks dating back to 2008. But David Littleproud made no mention of the $80 million fraud and theft by federal MP’s Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce.

David Littleproud also hasn’t mentioned his wife’s cousin, John Norman, is currently facing fraud charges over a $20 million Murray Darling Basin Plan water fraud. (Click here to read more) With all the allegations of fraud, theft and corruption surrounding the Murray-Darling Basin Plan David Littleproud should have been sacked.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had the opportunity to sack David Littleproud with the ministerial changes after the recent federal election. I thought Littleproud had been sacked but Morrison only took the Agriculture portfolio off him. David Littleproud was the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources from December 2017 until the federal election in May 2019 and is now the Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management but he only promotes himself on Wikipedia as the Minister for Water Resources.

David Littleproud with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with David Littleproud

I don’t know what it is with the Liberal Party and water fraud but I chose the main picture for this article of David Littleproud with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull because Turnbull also tried a $10 million fraud by giving a government grant to his mates, and personal political fundraisers, who claimed they could make it rain. That was just 3 weeks before the 2007 Federal election which Turnbull would have known the Liberals would lose. I wrote an article titled “Malcolm Turnbull the rain man who speaks with forked tongue.” which raises evidence that shows there are a lot of similarities to the current #Watergate scandal and the attempted $10 million fraud attempt by Malcolm Turnbull and his mates.

Then, of course, there’s Turnbull’s Great Barrier Reef Foundation $444 million fraud and Turnbull sticking his hand in the government till for $12 million dollars for some dodgy outfit called the United States Studies Centre which directly benefits his wife, his son-in-law James Brown and the Murdoch Family. But enough of Turnbull’s crime spree and back to the #Watergate story.

The below video from February 2018 is David Littleproud getting very upset and refusing to answer the question asked by federal MP Rebekha Sharkie in relation to an overpriced water buyback. Which specific buyback it was I don’t know but it might be about the $80 million fraud involving Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor or maybe another one of the many frauds involving the Murray Darlings Basin Plan.

#Watergate started on Twitter and originally referred to the $80 million fraud involving Angus Taylor who sent legal threats to 2 journalists but now #Watergate has come to represent the wider issue of water and financial fraud across the entire Murray Darling Basin Plan.

I have written 2 previous articles on this issue in April 2019 just before the federal election and they are worth reading again as the government claim they will be taking at least some action on the matters:

Lawyers for MP Angus Taylor fail to back-up $80 million #watergate fraud defamation legal threats and:

Water Minister David Littleproud’s family linked to $20 million Murray-Darling Basin fraud yet he is still Water Minister

Another recent article on Michael West’s website is also worth reading as it shows that the water fraud crimes seem part of other corruption in the Liberal Party.

#Watergate: the billionaire, the minister and the accidental diplomats

Barnaby Joyce calls for a Royal Commission

Channel 9 ran the below story on Thursday night’s news (13/6/19) with federal MP Barnaby Joyce suggesting a Royal Commission might be needed. It seems odd that Barnaby Joyce would call for a Royal Commission given he was the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources from 2015 to 2017. A lot of the corruption happened on Joyce’s watch which he has helped cover-up such as the $80 million #Watergate fraud. Nine should have also raised the #Watergate scandal in the story as the public have a right to know and the media have an obligation to investigate.

I doubt very much that Joyce really wants a Royal Commission as he could end up in jail and he is likely using it as a bargaining chip for political gain. In the above video David Littleproud was quick to rule out a Royal Commission and so too was Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack in April 2019.

ACCC investigation a waste of time

For David Littleproud to ask the ACCC to investigate water trading by companies in the Murray Darling Basin is nothing more than a scam as the ACCC has a long history of cover-ups for corporate Australia. Politicians only ever refer a matter to a government department to investigate, when there are allegations of corruption by the government, in situations where the government knows the government department will sweep it under the carpet. The ACCC might slap a few companies on the wrist but that is about it.

Government socio-economic impact study on the Murray Darling Basin plan

The ABC reports:

Mr Littleproud expected to launch a basin-wide study of the socio-economic impact of the Murray Darling Basin Plan within weeks.

“We haven’t done a granular enough study, we’ve done very broad studies and this is going right across the basin,” Mr Littleproud said.

He said he had heard feedback across the Basin that the rollout of the plan had “had far greater impact on our communities than what we’ve said before”.

“I want to make sure we get a real lens on that,” Mr Littleproud said.

He is expected to announce a panel, including economic experts, to oversee the study within weeks. (Click here to read more)

The study doesn’t need a panel of “economic experts”, it needs a fraud squad to oversee the study/investigation and maybe some supporting police to make arrests and charge people.

The problems with the massive fraud and theft of water in the Murray Darling Basin Plan isn’t going anywhere fast as the drought will make sure, as long as it continues, that the scrutiny on why the Murray Darling Basin Plan has failed will grow. Lost jobs, lost farmers and higher prices for food and dead fish etc means that calls for a Royal Commission will grow louder and louder.

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  1. There is little pride from a man who steals water from hard working farmers whose lives and the welfare of their families depend upon that water. David Little Proud should follow his name and take the humble step of resigning or just remove the Little from his name and become David Proud.

    • Jules has hit the nail on the head. The problem lies within the dysfunction of the regulator. Within the ACCC sits a bunch of lawyers, the problem, who run the regulator. To Investigate the regulator we will be given another bunch of lawyers who are mates with the bunch in the ACCC. To get a bunch of lawyers to investigate another bunch of lawyers will require authority from the parliament, which means we will require another bunch of lawyers, to nominate a bunch of lawyers so as to investigate another bunch of lawyers and they are all mates with one another. Perhaps an idea, we need a bunch of laymen and laywomen to have the authority to nominate a bunch of laymen/women to go and investigate the lawyers within the ACCC. Mind you those laymen and laywomen will need to be genetically linked to the SUMO wrestler mob so as they can lay em flat. Then we will be able to smell the roses.

  2. Until the MDB water theft by broad-acre famers in NW NSW is addressed and eliminated the MDB and downstream agricultural enterprises are doomed. The solution is a simple as the mobile phone switch on pumps as used in Queensland, that identify when water pumping from the MDB occurs by sending a signal to a central monitoring office.

    However, you can only grow bumper cotton crops during drought when you have access to water, so read the crop reports for the 2018 & 2019 cotton harvest seasons, then ask “where did the water come from?”

    Water theft in NW NSW is considered a God-given right by many broad-acre farmers including those providing financial political donations for the benefit of the paid political hacks who control pre-selection in the Nat$.

    Water theft is a practice of long standing in NW NSW before you consider any of the buy-back scams worked by Canberra desk jockeys having little practical experience of the maters that they were handling.

  3. Keep up the pressure. We need a Royal Commission into “Watergate” & the MDB.
    All KCA readers of this site should contact their local Federal MP & demand a Royal Commission.
    All power to you!

  4. A Royal Commssion is only as good as its terms of reference. NSW Premier, Neville Wran, was notorious for setting up Royal Commissions with tight terms of reference designed to produce a desired result (or avoid an undesired result). You also have to pick the ‘right’ person to head the Commission.

    A decent Parliamentary Inquiry could do the job, but it depends on who is serving on the relevant Committee.

    It all comes down to political will, and if major donors are involved, or there is a strong likelihood of severe political repercussions, the will will be close to nonexistent.

  5. The only way us little people will change things is through people power. The only way to get things moving would be for you to list a protest letter for all of your readers for each subject that needs people action, e.g., MDB, legal & political corruption, Watergate, etc, ad infinitum…
    Then ask your readers to sign it off, email or post it to you, or send it direct to their local Federal MP’s office. Also, request your readers to pass it on to all of their Australian email contacts.
    Otherwise, these matters will never come to light or be resolved.
    We, the little people, need to use such “People Power”
    Love to see your comments on this suggestion!

  6. 2 people who have no morals and will do anything for money and power are bankers and politicians, and the mdba was formed by a man who was both.

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