Angus Taylor

Lawyers for MP Angus Taylor fail to back-up $80 million #watergate fraud defamation legal threats

The lawyers acting for federal MP Angus Taylor have refused to respond to an email I sent them last night (22/4/19) putting them on notice that I would publish the Twitter thread that they claimed last week was defamatory of Angus Taylor. The twitter thread is a must read as it leaves no doubt that federal MP Angus Taylor has acted corruptly and his actions should be refered to the police for further investigation and charges.

Angus Taylor’s and Barnaby Joyce’s refusal to answer media questions regarding the $80 million fraud is what is most telling. Barnaby Joyce did a radio interview yesterday and he ducked and weaved better than Muhammad Ali in his prime. (Click here to listen to the interview)

The two journalists who were threatened with defamation proceedings, Michael West and Margo Kingston, did nothing more than Retweet the below Twitter thread. (Click here and here to read the lawyers letters threatening legal action).

As more evidence has come to light over the last few days it is becoming more and more evident that Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce have been lying to the Australian public about their true knowledge of the $80 million dollar #watergate fraud. Therefore the only conclusion that can be drawn from the evidence is that Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce have both benefited financially from the $80 million fraud or are trying to cover-up the crimes of others involved in the fraud.

The chances of Angus Taylor or Barnaby Joyce suing anyone for defamation is zero and that’s why Mr Taylor’s lawyers did not respond to my email but I know they read the emails as I received read receipts from them.

Below is the email I sent last night:

Sent: 22 April 2019 21:19
Subject: Notice on intention to publish allegations regarding your client Angus Taylor – Criminal conduct by lawyer Paul Svilans

Dear Mr O’Brien and Mr Svilans

I will be publishing on my website in the near future a copy of the Tweet thread that was published on the 10th of April 2019 titled “Money For Nothing” (and your tricks for free)” published by Ms Ronni Salt @MsVeruca and & Jommy Tee – electric HiLux owner @jommy_tee which you threatened defamation proceedings against journalists Michael West and Margo Kingston for Retweeting as you claimed it defamed your client Federal MP Angus Taylor.

I have had time to have a look at the material and situation and it does not defame your client so I intend on publishing it on my website as it is in the public interest to do so especially given we have a federal election only weeks away. Even if it did defame your client, which it doesn’t, it is protected as political communication which I am sure both of you are aware as per the High Court judgment Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1997) 189 CLR 520.

I should also bring to your attention that your conduct in making baseless threats to journalists could and would be construed by a court of law as an attempt to conceal the serious indictable offences that your client has been involved in. E.g the fraud and theft of taxpayers money by Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce in the #watergate scam. So, be careful of what you say and who you threaten otherwise you might find yourselves facing criminal charges.

I approached Barnaby Joyce (via Twitter) and asked him who are the lawyers he claims he is talking to in regards to #watergate but he has not responded. Are you also representing Barnaby Joyce?

If you would like to respond or make comment by 5pm Tuesday the 23rd of April 2019 I will be happy to add that as part of my article.


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Email end.

Below is the Twitter thread that exposed Australia’s #watergate scandal. It was published on Twitter on the 10th of April 2019 and caused federal MP Angus Taylor to instruct lawyers to threaten 2 Australian journalists with defamation proceedings. The thread was taken down from Twitter and the account that published it Ronni Salt @ MsVeruca was blocked for at least one day.

It is important to publish the below Twitter thread as it shows exactly what Angus Taylor didn’t want the public to know and that’s what motivated him to make defamation threats in an attempt to conceal it from the public. I suspect another motivator was Mr Taylor also didn’t want the police to know what he has been up to.

For those who don’t know a Twitter thread is multiple messages on Twitter joined together making one message. It’s basically an article on Twitter as the below thread about Angus Taylor shows.

Below is the Twitter thread and it starts after the first picture:

Profile picture
Ronni Salt @ MsVeruca
Money For Nothing (and your tricks for free) #MurrayDarling #Menindee #MDBA #auspol#TheBarnabyfiles #fishkill
Story research – @jommy_tee


So we’re back on the farm this month & here’s another great yarn we found.

It’s about the unbelievable luck of one of the Liberal Party’s rising stars, his mysterious business connections in the Cayman Islands & the water we all paid for but never got.

Let’s call him Mr X.

But first let’s go back to 2007 & Howard’s announcement he’d spend $10 billion to buy back water/environmental flows for the #MurrayDarling basin

Now $10 billion is a lot of money, so when some large corporate farm types heard about this, naturally they rubbed their hands.

None more so than the Liberal’s rising star Mr X, who back then was just another mild-mannered white guy from a wealthy farm family.

Back in 2007 he had his fingers in a hell of a lot of pies.

He still does.

Before that though, Mr X worked with consulting firm McKinsey & Co doing multi-million $ projects with another man called Tony Reid.

In fact, our rising star Mr X & Tony Reid were such great mates they started their own company together in 1998.

(Remember this detail)

In 2007/8, our rising star Mr X knew a good business opportunity when he saw it.

He knew farming water & its buybacks were going to be very lucrative.

So when he saw 2 huge farms for sale in southern QLD with millions of $$ of water rights on them, Mr X looked into them.

They even sought input from a senator friend who was based in the region and who knew all about water rights and irrigation because his campaign had largely been financed by them – Barnaby Joyce.

So in late 2007, Mr X & his mates set up a company – we’ll call it Company E.

Company E bought those 2 huge irrigation farms – “Clyde” for $27 million, “Kia Ora” for $61 million.

That’s quite a splurge. You’d want your money back, right?

The problem for poor old Mr X & his Company E was, the farms weren’t as profitable as they thought.

But by now the govt had changed to Labor who decided to do small, strategic buybacks of water for the environment.

Our rising star Mr X offered his spare millions of litres of water to the Labor govt, but the govt said no.

So – they put the 2 farms back on the market.

But there were no takers and by 2010/11, both our massive cotton farms Kia Ora & Clyde were losing about $5-10 million a year.

Despite that, our rising star Mr X was still interested in water & money because he set up another company to buy the big one – Cubbie Station.

We might have forgotten to mention Mr X is very big on setting up companies.

Especially in the Cayman Islands.

Although his position today is a respectable politician who likes to rail against tax avoiders👇🏽- Mr X is strangely fond of the Caymans for himself & his friends.

But by 2012 Mr X’s mind was on other things and he’d decided that politics was his game.

He began to donate a lot of money to the Liberal Party.

By a strange coincidence, there was also another donation to his campaign for the NSW Libs that year.

It came from a business in the QLD National Party seat of Maranoa.

Strange you say?

Yes because the $55,000 (1 x $20K + 1 x $35K) donation came from Company E, which in 2011 had welcomed a new Director – our old mate Tony Reid.

Lucky Mr X hey?

So Mr X gets himself elected to the House of Reps & as luck would have it, so does Mr X’s friend Barnaby Joyce.

Barnaby’s a rising star too.

In the meantime, Company E’s still struggling with Clyde & Kia Ora & they’ve again offered their massive water holdings for buybacks.


But the Environment Minister Greg Hunt says no.

You could forgive Hunt for being a bit confused because the Liberals are about to be riven by leadership disputes.

Come 2015 & Abbott is rolled for Turnbull. As part of the spoils, Barnaby is Minister for.


Now Barnaby Joyce has always roared his opposition to water buy-backs.
He claims they ruin rural communities and make small families destitute.Here’s Barnaby on the record in 2008 railing against a federal govt $24 million buyback.No. Water. Buybacks.


And again in Senate Estimates in 2011 verballing Penny Wong about her evil ways of buying back water for the environment.

So we’ve established well & truly Barnaby hates & detests water buybacks for the environment

Barnaby does not believe in them

It’s a well known fact

Meanwhile, Company E’s 2 farms Clyde & Kia Ora are bleeding money

Their debts to their Caymans parent company are almost $80 million. Gobsmacking right?

And in an astonishing about-face, Barnaby the Water Minister suddenly discovers he likes water buybacks after all

Suddenly, it’s Barnaby of the Overflow.

Barnaby’s people – without any tender – inexplicably start to deal with people working on behalf of Company E.

You remember Tony Reid?

Tony is now working as an advisor to Company E for the sale of the multi-million dollar water.

Yes, while Mr X’s mate Tony is negotiating with the federal government, Mr X’s mate Tony is also still happily running a company with Mr X – who is now a Minister in the federal government.

How very fortunate.

That’s not the only stench

Shonky consultants give shonky advice (they all worked in the same office) & the govt’s own department ABARE states the water is virtually worthless – as it doesn’t really exist

The “water” Company E is selling, is flood water

Ghost water

It’s water that only gets trapped on farms in a flood every 10 years or so.

But Barnaby thinks it’s the greatest deal ever.

Despite the water being non-existent & despite it only being valued at $1200-1500 a megalitre (I million litres), Barnaby pays $2750 a meg.

So just to recap:


Back to poor old Company E

They’d fallen to an after-tax loss of $13.19m in 2017, a fall from its loss of $7.14m in 2016

The company was saddled with net current liabilities that included convertible notes of $69.484m & a promissory note of $11m due to its parent company.

So – Company E’s debt was over $80 million.

But by 2017, the Water Minister’s purchase of water-that-didn’t-exist luckily came through.

And the final amount Barnaby Joyce paid for that fake water purchase from Company E?

$80 million.

How lucky was Company E?

Its Cayman’s directors must have been delighted because not only did they get money for water that didn’t exist, they also didn’t fully demolish the farm dams that trapped the flood water.

So they can still trap water again

All $80 million of it

And the best part is, Company E – could now pay out its parent company (No tax on the earnings. Such luck)

That parent company by the way is called Eastern Australia Irrigation Ltd.

It has a complex set up & share holders & naturally, it’s registered in the Cayman Islands.


Who started Eastern Australia Irrigation Ltd though?

How did this company get to be so fortunate with million $ water sales?

Its founder is touted as a future Prime Minister, dislikes wind farms, loves coal mines & it would appear – money from strange places.

The co-founder & original director of Eastern Australia Irrigation Ltd is the very same man who also coincidentally started Company E.

Twitter – meet Mr X.

This thread was a team effort. It was compiled from research conducted predominantly by @jommy_tee and myself (to a lesser extent) and an anonymous insider whistleblower.

Media or general enquiries to @jommy_tee

It has been pointed out to us that some of the technical data on this thread was compiled by Maryanne Slattery of The Australia Institute. I was not aware of this report when we started, but as you will see on reading, there is some amazing work in it. >…

Sorry – Maryanne can be contacted on twitter at @MaryanneSlatte1 for any media enquiries or research data.

End of Twitter thread

One of the worst things about Angus Taylor’s legal threats is that we are in the middle if a federal election and we should be able to debate issues freely without politicians making baseless legal threats. Politicians such as Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce are happy to lie to the Australian public all year and increase their lies during the election campaign then have the hide to threaten us with defamation if we tell the truth about them.

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  1. I have listened to ABC interview with Barnaby Joyce. I don’t think he was ‘ducking and weaving’. He says clearly that the original recommendation on the water buyback came from the Queensland Labour Govt. I think you should be talking to them….AND, as I understand it, Angus Taylor has had no relationship with the buyback Company for some years. Stop trying to throw mud. Warwick

      • In his refusing to answer questions, it seems that Anguish Taylor is like those li_quid$ that sink out of sight and won’t be drawn.

    • “[…] He says clearly that the original recommendation on the water buyback came from the Queensland Labour Govt. […] Stop trying to throw mud. Warwick

      Well bless my cotton $tock$..err..socks! Even if this is true, Warwick…at what price, and would anyone from Labour have been as ea$ily able as were Barnaby Joyce and Mr umm…whatshisname?..Oh yeah..Mr X, to feloniously feather their own ne$t$ at the taxpayers’ expense? There’s no amount of mud that anyone could slatheringly sling that would muddy the water$ given the amount of it. Solely due to a deluge of enquiries and information having been made and released by straight-up stalwarts, these two bent bounders are slowly goin’ down, just like a water level, given that they aren’t on the level. It’s just a matter of time now. They’ve made their names mud in trying to $tick it to the taxpayers. Go with the flow, Warwick.

      • Allan, this water buyback rort (water that had not even fallen from above) is way more serious than it presently presents.
        This is the actual true to life activity that could bring down a certain ‘dangerous to Australia’ political party, hopefully, also to remove the authority of that party to ever contest another election State or Federal.

    • LABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABORLABOR……….You must have listened to a different “interview” to the rest of the country!……BTW, note the spelling of Labor!

  2. Webster’s, Lake Tandou, very interesting read!
    Chris Corrigan (waterfront dispute fame) has/had a $60 million stake in listed agribusiness Webster.The Aust gov ignored its own valuation by it own research agency and paid $78 million, Webster made a $36 million profit after owning the property for only 18 months, Webster is one of the countries biggest water traders.

  3. Firstly a wonderful accomplishment for those who chose to investigate into this sale of ‘a bird in the bush’ form of water. (envisaged seasonal floodwaters, a 1 in 10-year nominated event.)
    Effectively, John Howard had ultimately thrown up some $13 Billion taxpayer dollars that soon was to be got at by persons in the know,
    Secondly, Howard had tossed in another $10 Billion Dollars that was soon to be got at by others in the know. (Water buyback scheme, of a nominated non-auditable volume of prospective floodwaters)
    So we are looking at a combined amount of some $23 Billion taxpayer dollars that have been tossed out for grabs by the well-informed connections of good old Johnny W Howard, these being those in the know…..”Federal Liberal-National party” ministers.)

    Now enter the remarkable responsible Federal minister for water, a person bearing the name of Barnaby Joyce. Hmm, how can he be termed as responsible?

    An examination of the vendors that had sought to sell their ‘bird in the bush’ water should be held on record.
    Also ‘on record’ will be those in the know, along with those others, that may have announced themselves as consultants or whatever, to the Murray Darling Basin Authority, this will reveal the persons that had cashed in on the initial $13 Billion Dollars of taxpayer funds.

    A former type of copy-cat water business undertaking was introduced by persons with a Liberal party inclination, that had become parties to Australian Water Holdings p/l, now enter minister Arthur Sinodinos, a friendly chap with a failing memory of his external business participations and proposals.
    One could ask, that at the cost of $23 Billion dollars, could that amount of expended taxpayers money be an aid into the purchase of Australia’s Federal government leadership?
    My last point of concern
    Is the legerdemain of $23 billion dollars worth of taxpayers money having wasted sufficient for a Royal Commission?

  4. Thanks for the detail. It has been hard to recall all the events as they have been taking place over a long time frame. Similarities to Corrigan deal?

  5. There is indeed plenty (not merely some!) of amazing work that’s been done here and I’m very impressed. You guys can all take a very-well-deserved bow. Whatever you all do from here on in, stay together…you’re dammed..err..damned good value of the very fir$t water for this great country of ours. As for these fraudsters (with their [b]racket$), the bigger they are, just like their ludicrous lies, the harder they fall(aciously).

  6. Interesting stuff, thanks. I had basically ignored the whole buy-back issue previously, thinking it was just one of these stupid electoral issues, that nobody really cared about. But Barnaby appears, bluntly, to be a narcissist, who is just not fit for office. Don’t know too much about Taylor, other than he’s Future PM material. I guess all Future PM’s have to be, shall we say, well connected.

    All looks dodgy as all hell. Surely even Barnacle can’t survive this one.

  7. Well done team! Another appalling scandal not covered by the mainstream media.I cant believe anyone could vote for Joyce or Taylor after this

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