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Scott Morrison and his office oversaw the conspiracy to protect Bruce Lehrmann – The prima facie case

There is a powerful prima facie case, which I will outline in this article and the below video, that Scott Morrison and his office oversaw a government conspiracy to cover-up the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins since 2019.

And when the alleged rape became public on the 15th of February 2021 Scott Morrison and his office oversaw the conspiracy to make sure Bruce Lehrmann was never charged with rape and when he was charged to make sure he was found not guilty.

There are currently two inquiries in progress into alleged corruption by police and others regarding the investigation and prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann for the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. One in the ACT which is due to report its finding by June 2023 and is currently having public hearings and another inquiry that will reportedly be investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Commission into police corruption when it starts on the 1st of July 2023.

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The prima facie case against Scott Morrison and his office is outlined below:

  1. Scott Morrison’s numerous public lies on the matter and his dodgy inquiry, the Gaetjens Inquiry into who knew what and when in Morrisons office about the alleged rape, to cover-up evidence of what Morrison knew and when and secretly using media to attack Brittany Higgins and her partner.
  2. Video evidence, as per the above video, showing Ministers ducking and weaving when questioned about the alleged rape. AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw issuing a press release to change evidence he gave to a Senate hearing on this matter after intervention from Scott Morrison’s office.
  3. Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw and his boss Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews were caught lying about the progress of the police investigation regarding Brittany Higgins’ complaint. (Click here to read more)
  4. The alleged rape happened on the 22nd of March 2019 and was made public in the media on the 15th of February 2021. Morrison claimed he only knew about the alleged rape when it was reported in the media in February 2021 but not long after it became known that some of Scott Morrison’s staff in his office knew about the alleged rape just after it happened in 2019. So, it was not believable that Morrison didn’t know earlier than he said.
    Scott Morrison could have asked his Chief of Staff to send an email to all his staff to find out who knew what and when and he would have known within the hour.
    But Morrison set up the set up the Gaetjens Inquiry to investigate who knew what and when. The inquiry was clearly designed to hide the truth. Staff were obviously worried, and they retained their own lawyers to represent themselves at the Gaetjens Inquiry which shows they had no confidence that their own legal rights would be protected. It is certain the alleged rape was well known in Morrison’s office not long after it happened and his staff knew Morrison was using the Gaetjens Inquiry as a shield which he might also use to blame certain staff members so they retained their own lawyers.
    For Morrison’s own staff to distrust him so much that they had their own lawyers shows how dishonest Morrison is.  I published an article on the 24th of March 2021 titled “Scott Morrison’s office staff lawyer up because they do not trust him regarding the Brittany Higgins alleged rape cover-up” (Click here to read the article)
  5. Scott Morrison has a history of being personally involved when he phoned the NSW Police Commissioner to talk about a criminal investigation into federal MP Angus Taylor and supporting his mate Brian Houston when he was under police investigation. I look at both of those matters below because it shows that Scott Morrison would not hesitate to be personally involved in covering up the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins.
  6. Scott Morrison phoned NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller in November 2019 to discuss the criminal investigation into allegations Angus Taylor’s office fabricating a document to embarrass Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore. Mick Fuller bounced the investigation onto the AFP and Commissioner Reece Kershaw refused to investigate the matter. I published an article in March 2020 titled “AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw should be charged with concealing the crimes of federal MP Angus Taylor” which details the matter. (Click here to read more)
    This shows that Scott Morrison would have also been prepared to phone the AFP Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw to discuss the rape investigation of Brittany Higgins. We know from the above video that Phil Gaetjens, former Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, did speak to AFP Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw to get Kershaw to change his evidence to the Senate on the issue as per the above video.
  7. On the 27th of November 2019 I wrote to the NSW Police media team as per the below email:
    Sent: 27 November 2019 13:33
    Subject: Media requestDear Sir/ Madam


    Given Prime Minister Scott Morrison called NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller on Tuesday the 26th of November 2019 to discuss the police investigation into federal MP Angus Taylor only a few hours after the police investigation had been announced.

    1. Has Scott Morrison at any stage also called Commissioner Fuller or any other police officer to discuss the police investigation into Hillsong Church Pastor Brian Houston?
    2. Has anyone from Scott Morrison’s office ever contacted anyone in the NSW police to discuss the police investigation into Hillsong Church Pastor Brian Houston?

    Can you please respond by the close of business today so I can publish.


    Shane Dowling

    The NSW Police media team refused to respond even though they responded to previous emails regarding Brian Houston. I published an article the next day titled “NSW Police refuse to deny PM Scott Morrison has interfered in the investigation into paedophile protector Brian Houston” which has all the details. (Click here to read the article)

  8. Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny attended Hillsong Church and went onstage with founder Brian Houston on the 9th of July 2019 even though they knew Brian Houston was under investigation by NSW Police for covering up his father’s rape of children. (Click here to read more)
    Morrison had to know that going to Hillsong and supporting Houston would have put pressure on the NSW Police not to charge Houston. Given Scott Morrison went to Hillsong Church under those circumstances for votes it shows Morrison would also be prepared to cover-up the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins for votes.
  9. Scott Morrison tried to take Brian Houston to the White House, which the White House refused, in September 2019 even though Morrison knew Houston was under police investigation. Morrison ducked and weaved on the issue for months until he admitted it in March 2020. (Click here to read more)
    I have no doubt Scott Morrison going onstage at Hillsong Church in July 2019 and trying to take Brian Houston to the White House in September 2019 was an attempt by Scott Morrison to get Brian Houston off the police charges he was being investigated for. I also have no doubt it shows Morrison is so morally bankrupt given he was trying to help Houston get off charges for failing to report his father’s rape of children to police that Morrison would also try to cover-up the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins without blinking.
  10. Scott Morrison has a long history of leaking including against French President Emmanuel Macron, Christine Holgate, Julia Banks and Grace Tame. Morrison even leaked against Joe Biden which I wrote about in November 2021 in an article titled “Scott Morrison leaked a 15-page US government document to embarrass President Joe Biden”. (Click here to read the article)
    So, it is no surprise that Scott Morrison’s office leaked lies about Brittany Higgins and her partner. What is important about showing Scott Morrison would have been involved in deciding to leak lies against Brittany Higgins and her partner is that the police investigation was afoot then, so Morrison and his office were clearly trying to undermine the police investigation and/or charges being laid against Bruce Lehrmann.
  11. Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny attacking Grace Tame, for not smiling when they met, on national TV before the 2022 election to me was proof that Scott Morrison was behind his office backgrounding journalists with lies about Brittany Higgins and her partner in February and March 2021. It showed that Morrison was more than happy to trash the reputation of a survivor of sexual assault to benefit his own political career which I think is further circumstantial evidence that Scott Morrison ordered his staff to leak lies about Brittany Higgins and her partner. 

There is a lot more evidence than what I have written above and in the video above. Some new evidence is starting to come out at the ACT Inquiry which has a couple of months to go which I have outlined below regarding evidence of police corruption. I also made submissions to the ACT Inquiry. (Click here to read my submissions to the ACT Inquiry)

ACT police acting suspiciously

The inquiry still has a long way to go but some of the key points so far are:

Police gave Brittany Higgins’ counselling notes, video of her 2 police interviews and other documents to Bruce Lehrmann’s lawyers in breach of the law. It was done the same day he was charged and in breach of the practice that the police should serve all documents to the DPP who then checks them and then serves the respondent.

Police produced the Moller Report, written by Detective Superintendent Scott Moller, which attacked Brittany Higgins in an extremely biased manner and it was given to ACT DPP Shane Drumgold SC in the hope he would not recommend charges against Brittany Higgins

The Moller Report was leaked by police and/or Lehrmann’s lawyer to Rupert Murdoch’s propagandist Janet Albrechtsen at The Australian who used it to attack Brittany Higgins and defend Bruce Lehrmann publicly.

I have published a number of other videos on the inquiry over the last week so to keep up to date with what is happening make sure you follow my YouTube channel here.

The amount of corruption left by Scott Morrison will take years to fully investigate and the above matter is a prime example.

A couple of people have said I am focusing too much on this matter, but I am because there is an inquiry currently running and because it highlights the cancer of corruption that goes right through the government and in this matter it was to cover up an alleged rape which shows how morally and ethically bankrupt the people involved are. But the people involved are now on the run.

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  1. Excellent video roundup.
    The issue that worries me the most is, At least we can vote out Scomo, but all the bureaucrats who are just as corrupt. How do we weed them out?

  2. It has long been felt/known that the AFP has long been in the pocket of the Liberal Party.

    The AFP top management should be savagely culled and the middle management selectively culled.

      • yes it was and their corruption is still flowing through the now current government who the very same people (libs) are trying too put the focus on a labor senator Katy Kalagar yet so many liberal attached staff and politician s not one has been exposed for all these cover ups is still very relevant as we saw this week with VAN!!!!

  3. This will be an early test of the NACC.
    Dreyfuss et al will nevertheless be smirking at how effectively his Commission is keeping corruption out of sight.

  4. I don’t believe that you are focussing too much on this matter. Those of us who are politically inclined want to know. I remain absolutely disgusted that people continued to vote for Morrison right to the end. These articles leave no room for naivete. Thank you.

  5. Excellent article. Thankyou for your tireless work to expose the incredible systemic corruption in ACT Police, Morrison and the LNP Govt.

  6. Nothing should surprise anyone of the incompetence combined with corruption involving AFP and its child ACT Policing, a history of many failures, remember back under Howard and AFP arresting and deporting the Doctor from Gold Coast Hospital for ridiculous claims of terrorism. The innocent Doctor received a considerable compensation payment, then there was the former AFP Commissioner who was alleged to have provided confidential information to a person under investigation. AFP clearly a political arm of LNP, starting from the very top and filtering down to the lower levels..These revelations of late are just another example of the failures of AFP/ACT policing… they say, watch this space..

  7. Great work, so interesting and do spend your time on this matter as its in the news, topical and some truths are coming out that normally remain hidden.

  8. It is encouraging someone is still keeping track of this case as it seems lost to the media void.

  9. Shane,we still need to know why taxpayers money was used to “compensate ” Miss Higgins ,when no one was found guilty , no charges were laid, case was abandoned & she was paid a said $3.5 million. Great work on chasing up this political corruption
    & will keep following your reports on this matter.

  10. Media coverage of this has been abhorrent and untrustworthy – continued aggression and psychological abuse if Brittany. We need independent media to stay on this as the coverup continues ❤️🙏

  11. There is a question that is never asked nor answered: How was Lehrmann supposed to have ‘breached security’? That alleged reason for his dismissal is implausible: A senior ministerial adviser enters his office to make notes, collects his keys and security card and goes home. Did he enter a place he was excluded from? Not according to him. Did he access documents without authority? Not according to him. Did he access a computer system without authority? Not according to him.

    The whole yarn is a fabrication to cover the real cause of his departure.

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