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Bruce Lehrmann alleged rape police cover-up Inquiry set to expose the National Anti-Corruption Commission as a dud

The ACT inquiry into the attempted cover-up of Bruce Lehrmann’s alleged rape of Brittany Higgins is due to start public hearings on Monday (1/5/23). The ACT Inquiry’s public hearings will be in contrast to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) which will also investigate the Australian Federal Police (AFP) cover-up, but in secret hearings.

The federal government anti-corruption watchdog, the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI), is already investigating the police cover-up of the alleged rape but the ACLEI will be taken over by the National Anti-Corruption Commission when it starts in a few months.

That means unless the ACLEI finish the inquiry before the NACC begins operations then the ACLEI inquiry into the police will be finished off in secret by the NACC.

The reason the ACT government is investigating the ACT police and the federal anti-corruption watchdog, the ACLEI, are investigating the AFP is because the ACT outsource their policing to the AFP so the ACT police are AFP police.

What we are going to have is a public inquiry into extremely serious crimes by the police such as “AFP members attempted to pervert the course of justice by pressuring Ms Brittany Higgins not to proceed with the matter”. The ACT Inquiry will be broadcast live on the internet as per the below video yet the Inquiry conducted by the federal government’s NACC will be in secret.

I suspect the federal inquiry will likely have more powers to call witnesses such as federal politicians etc, and potentially be able to broaden their inquiry into the political cover-up, which the ACT inquiry will be limited to their inquiry into the police and ACT DPP. This is even more reason why the NACC needs to have public inquiries as the default position, like the NSW ICAC does, and only have secret hearings in exceptional circumstances.

Below is a video of the beginning of the opening hearing (17/4/23) for the ACT Inquiry into the police cover-up of the Bruce Lehrmann allegation. It gives a detailed overview of the Inquiry by Erin Longbottom KC who is the counsel assisting the Inquiry. 

(Click anywhere on the above picture to watch the video)

What the ACT inquiry will do is highlight to the Australian public what a toothless Tiger and dud the NACC is.

  1. Why can we see witnesses give evidence livestreamed to the internet at the ACT Inquiry yet not see the same livestream for the NACC inquiry covering the same issues?
  2. Why could we see all the current and former politicians give evidence livestreamed on the internet at the Robodebt Royal Commission which was an investigation into their corrupt and negligent conduct but we cannot see politicians when they are under investigation giving evidence at the NACC?

The answer to those 2 questions is quite simple. It is a dirty deal between Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition leader Peter Dutton to cover-up political corruption on both sides.

I will try and cover the Inquiry as much as I can starting with next Monday. I will publish when there is something of interest on this website as well as my YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account.

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  1. This is all done behind closed doors, so will you ever get a proper result?? Not while any of these dirty governments are in power. It is coming soon, that people will have to stand together to get this lot out and hold every politician to be accountable for all the corruption they have done over the years.

  2. Before we can hope to get anywhere improving Laws and Commissions formulated by Federal politicians, the Australian Constitution requires update and improvement in ways Albanese would not want, or at least displays total ignorance. The AC provides disqualification terms for MPs. It does not provide terms for prequalification, Position Descriptions or Job Descriptions for those wishing to become MPs, Senators or Judges. It fails to provide a Code of behavior for MPs, Senators, Judiciary or public Servants. No oath of allegiance to uphold the terms of the AC is called for. Wannabe MPs are not required to affirm they have read and understood the Australian Constitution in toto. Yet all are invited to sit in our parliament if they manage to win a seat. Some go on to prove themslves unworthy of the priviledge

  3. New government, same corruption.
    Did anyone actually believe that a party run by Bill Shorten would want an open corruption commission.
    Been around long enough to know that both parties are full of corrupt lawyers who learn how to lie and act corruptly but blame others.
    We have Matt Keogh as our local member, parachuted into Burt by other Labor Lawyers – Shorten, McGowan and others.
    Do a law degree, learn how to rot the system.
    Nothing changes and most people accept this as normal.
    Wont see change in my time.
    Waiting to see what Labor Party figures turn up as Directors of companies getting all the work for the new submarines. Bet a few family members are already in place.
    Listened to matt keogh on air – could not explain where the money was going – trust me – sure Keogh, like I trust Putin to do the right thing.
    Complain about Keogh and expect a visit from the AFP – Stalin would be proud of comrade Keogh.

    • Lawyers make their livelyhood ftrom arguing among themselves in front of unelected judges and therefore should be excluded from participating in forming legislation on pecuniary interest grounds.

  4. Am I surprised by your cynicism Brian…..NO! You are spot on and so many snouts in the troughs. Whatever happened to politicians who were in it for the good of the country and looked ahead 30 years with a vision? Sadly they only now look to the next election and what they can get out of it….won’t be a politician being called Statesman anymore.

  5. Corruption has a corrosive impact on society and undermines democracy.
    Corruption is becoming horrendously worse between politicians, judges, law enforcers and government departments in Australia.

  6. Hello KCA. I understand the inquiry has been pushed back by 1 week, now 8/5/2023. Please correct me if I am wrong. Did I not read that one was able to watch proceedings via online or tv, etc? If so, could you KCA direct me to that link. Thank You Kindly. All the Best

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