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Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton unload Australia’s biggest sucker punch called the NACC. David McBride and Shane Dowling discuss

Below is an interview I recorded with war crimes whistleblower and lawyer David McBride on Friday (2/12/22) discussing the failings of the National Anti-Corruption Commission legislation which passed parliament this week.

David McBride says the NACC is designed to cover up corruption, not expose it.

Also below is a video of federal Independent MP Zali Steggall, who is also a barrister, giving her opinion on some of the shortcomings of the NACC.

David McBride’s GoFundMe page: (Click here) David McBride’s YouTube channel: (Click here) David McBride’s Twitter: (Click here

I have published a couple of articles on the NACC’s failings titled “Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus cooks the books to justify secret hearings at the National Anti-Corruption Commission and video you won’t see at a Federal ICAC” and “NSW ICAC Commissioner John Hatzistergos exposes the lie being told by federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus to justify secret hearings” which are also well worth a read.

Federal Independent MP Zali Steggall talks about the NACC’s requirement that public hearings only happen in exceptional circumstances: 

In a more detailed video, Zali Steggall says: “It’s a good bill but not a great bill, and one that may well fail to deliver what Australians so clearly want: a return to transparency, accountability and integrity in Australian politics.” (Click here for Zali Steggall’s more detailed overview of the NACC failings)

Anyone waiting to see the likes of Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce, Angus Taylor and many others being exposed publicly for their corruption will almost certainly be disappointed. At best we have to hope the NACC hands down a report recommending criminal charges against them which I think is a lot less likely without public hearings shining a light on the truth and the corruption.

Instead of having a NACC that can do its job, we’ll have one that will become embarrassing for the government and be a red-hot issue at the next federal election. Further amendments to the legislation will be needed but by that time a lot of corruption from past governments will likely be swept under the carpet.

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  1. I’ve been a longtime believer that most, if not all, politicians are working together, using smoke and mirrors, for the common benefit of the political industry. Their common goal is to preserve and maintain the criminal and immoral intent for their own personal benefit.

    • How many politicains do you know well, Jim? What is a ‘political industry”…Sure there are some who are just ‘seatwarmers’ and a few who in the pursuit of power which IMHO is worse than avarice, can put that pursuit first. However at least in little old SA I’m happy to say that most I know best have a vision of a better sociey for all. And they pursue it with conviction.

  2. On Albanese to quote Keating on Hawke, “old jelly back” shows the PM as extremely weak, shouldn’t surprise anyone really.
    More important for Albanese and Co to spend their time grovelling to the warmongering US. Any war suits USA and Australia follows blindly, always subservient for the cause. Defence contracts create great opportunities for corruption which suits both sides of politics with the known little chance of getting caught out, the show must go on and both sides laugh all the way to their secret bank accounts.

  3. More of the same from labor, l voted labor believing that labor would introduce an ICAC with teeth, instead we get more secrecy. I will vote independent next election unless Morrison, Taylor and Joyce are publicly hauled over the coals.

  4. Don`t know why folk are disappointed with the watery NACC. Both major parties are part of the Establishment and neither really want any in-depth probes into their machinations behind the scenes. Even if the NACC starts to investigate the many examples of corruption, you can be sure the legal profession and judiciary will make sure to drag out criminal prosecutions until the public get their attention drawn away to other matters. Like any major case, lawyers and judges will drag out the length of each case until the defendants are exhausted physically, emotionally and financially, or variations of the same. It`s in their modus operandi, perfected over the years in the name of justice. Whoever heard of a legal case being concluded promptly?

  5. Australian Governments are so corrupt and fraudulent i can’t in conscience participate in their corporate elections. i think the only way left for people with conscience is to create a new society of their own making and abandon the existing criminal cartel.

  6. It was always guaranteed that any NACC legislated with the support of the LibNats was always going to be a toothless tiger. What secrets does Labor have in the closet to backtrack on all their rhetoric pre-election?

  7. if there is any hint of a crime then the AFP should be involved immediately. No evidence will be protected then because it hasn’t been tabled at a NACC hearing.

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