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Peter Dutton to be referred to the National Anti-Corruption Commission after recommendation by Twitter users

Peter Dutton will have his corrupt conduct referred to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) next week regarding Dutton’s cover-up of a $39 million dodgy payment when he was Minister for Home Affairs.

Who will make the referral? I’ll be making the formal complaint which everyone reading this article has the power to do if you believe you have evidence of political corruption in the federal government.

The outline of my complaint is already written as it is an article I published in October 2020 titled “Federal MP Peter Dutton covers up $39 million fraud and theft at the Australian Border Force” which starts off:

A corrupt payment of $39 million was made by the Australian Border Force to a company called Austal in 2015/2016 when federal MP Peter Dutton was in charge of Border Force. Two barristers who were meant to be investigating the matter on behalf of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) were sacked by the newly appointed commission chief, Jaala Hinchcliffe this year. (Click here to read the article)

Ultimately, I have no doubt there will be a long list of alleged crimes by Peter Dutton referred to the NACC but my complaint is a start.

I put the below message on Twitter on Wednesday (28-6-23) and the public, over 600 likes, decided the matter should be referred to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

I emailed the Attorney-General’s department today (28-6-23) regarding the NACC and they said “the website “goes live” on 1 July, so please check that site from Saturday onwards.” The A-G’s website does have provisional advice for making complaints etc to the NACC here but given it is only provisional advice I think waiting until the NACC’s website is up is a better option.

The National Anti-corruption Commission is far from perfect especially with the secret hearings as the standard but it is a start. From here on the NACC has to perform or be reformed and it’s up to public to determine that and drive any obvious reforms needed at the NACC if it’s not performing.

Below is an interview I recorded with war crimes whistleblower and lawyer David McBride on Friday (2/12/22) discussing the failings of the National Anti-Corruption Commission legislation which passed parliament last year.

On the Attorney-General’s website they have the below video outlining the NACC:

The SMH report:

Former Morrison minister Stuart Robert’s dealings with consulting firm Synergy 360 and the PwC tax scandal are at the top of the Greens’ referral list for the National Anti-Corruption Commission when it opens its doors on July 1.

The independent agency, led by former NSW judge and war crimes investigator Paul Brereton, is expected to be flooded with referrals from the parliament, the public service and members of the public when it officially starts operating on Saturday.

The NACC will open with 180 staff, many of them absorbed from the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, which will fold into the new agency, and will build up to 270 staff over the next two years. It will be headquartered in Canberra and have branches around the country, with permanent offices to open from September. (Click here to read more)

It’s ironic that the federal Liberal Party / National Party coalition have been mouthing off the last few weeks saying how they will refer this person and that matter to the NACC and then the old media run a story that the NACC will be investigating the matter which is a lie given the NACC is not even operational at the moment. And it’s the NACC who decide what they will investigate, no one else can tell them to investigate a matter.

The federal Liberal Party / National Party coalition spent 9 years running one of the most corrupt governments in the world and they now think they have a right to refer others to the NACC when they should be referring themselves to the NACC. That’s why I put in the article title “recommendation by Twitter users” as a reminder it is the public who own the country and ultimately run it, not them, and we’ll now be having a huge say referring them to the NACC.

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  1. About time that an investigation into the dealings of Peter Dutton were commenced, and just hope that the work of the investigators is unhindered and that Dutton finally faces the music!

  2. What with them lot falling over like skittles it looks much less the exception than the rule – i.e., LNP cULtuRE.

  3. What a Date to Remember- 01 July 2023. There will be “last drinks” tonight for a number of people. They know who they are or will soon. I and others greatly appreciate your work and efforts KCA. Thanks Shane. All the best.

  4. We, the paying employers of all politicians & Judges, wanted open public hearings by the NACC, NOT secret hearings. This decision was decided by both sides in Parliament without our approval , thereby protecting them from public investigation of any past, present or future corruption should they be brought before the NACC. What a crock !
    Also, why aren’t we all screaming about the 2 whistle-blower cases currently before the courts. How can we ever expect corruption to be reported when we won’t protect them from being charged or going to jail over some trumped-up charge to shut them up ?

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