Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Gladys Berejiklian’s former sexual partner Daryl Maguire charged with criminal offences after NSW ICAC investigation. Will Gladys be next?

Former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s former sexual partner Daryl Maguire was in court on Tuesday facing charges of criminal conspiracy over an alleged visa fraud scam while he was a NSW MP.

Daryl Maguire “has been charged with criminal conspiracy over allegations he carried out a lucrative cash-for-visas scheme while he was sitting in the NSW parliament.”

“Maguire’s alleged cash-for-visas scheme was the subject of Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings in 2020, and he was later investigated by the Department of Home Affairs and Border Force.”

“While under oath at the ICAC, Maguire admitted to using his position as an MP, parliamentary secretary and NSW Asia-Pacific parliamentary friendship group chairman “with a view to making money” for himself and his associates between 2012 and 2018.”

“He told the commission he played a role in a visa scheme linked to G8way identifying businesses that could sponsor Chinese nationals.”

“Visa applicants paid the first three months of their wages and paid Logan – nee Wang – commissions of up to $20,000, the inquiry was told.”

“On more than one occasion, Maguire accepted delivery of thousands of dollars of cash to his parliamentary office to allow him to take his cut.” (Click here to read more)

Maguire was granted conditional bail on Tuesday ( 29/11/22) and will be back in court on the 7th of February 2023 for another directions hearing.

The obvious question is what did Gladys Berejiklian know about the visa scam and when did she know it?

Gladys Berejiklian is still under investigation by the NSW ICAC with a report due soon and I published the below video on YouTube with an update on the NSW ICAC investigation on the 3/11/22.

(I also published a video with more details of the Gladys Berejiklian investigation on the 20/10/22 before Ruth McColl had her contract extended.) (Click here to watch the video)

I think writing about Daryl Maguire’s arrest and charges is important as in part at least it vindicates the NSW ICAC going further and investigating his secret relationship with Gladys Berejiklian.

But what will really vindicate the NSW ICAC investigating Gladys Berejiklian is a damming report about her conduct and evidence she gave under oath which was not believable in any shape or form. And hopefully that report is not far away.

Gladys Berejiklian told the NSW ICAC under oath that her relationship with Mr Maguire was so trivial she didn’t tell anyone about their relationship so that is why I refer to Mr Maguire as her former sexual partner and not boyfriend. Although that is a lie by Gladys Berejiklian that will likely bring her unstuck. (Click here to read more)

The Federal Government yesterday (30/11/22) passed the National Anti-Corruption Commission legislation and I will write about that in the near future as key elements have been badly missed by the old media. 

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  1. These reports of alleged corruption just keep coming and coming like there is no end, very good reason to now allow the weak federal anti corruption body to act in secret, easy to see how Australia is listed in the top most corrupt countries in the world.

  2. Are our msm journalists so out of touch or are they just continually running scared?
    That would be IMHO, a horrific workplace to constantly be part of … self-imposed financial flagellation with, I imagine, a sprinkling of internal bullying and harassment.
    Ah well they choose to be part of the problem.
    Good work KCA. I appreciate your efforts and diligence

  3. So if the Federal agencies have enough evidence to charge McGuire with criminal offences what on earth is ICAC doing with Keppel.Even if findings are made against these people there is a further step of referral to the DPP to consider whether criminal charges should be placed.I note that the NSW DPP is apparently still considering ICAC findings about Chris Hatcher arising out of matters occurring in 2014

  4. While I enjoy many of your articles, I don’t agree with cheap personal attacks such as the one in this headline ‘former sexual partner’. Regardless of her incompetence or possible corruption, she did say she loved him. Why not just say ‘former partner’, using the word sexual makes it smutty and cheap to me,

    • I think you are missing the point I was trying to make. Gladys Berejiklian herself made it sound “smutty and cheap” to a lot of people by saying the relationship was so trivial she didn’t tell people about it.
      The reality is she perjured herself on the witness stand as she was keeping the relationship secret because she was abusing her position to help him keep his seat in parliament by pork barrelling $millions into his seat of Wagga Wagga etc

    • I agree, I thought it was a cheap shot and the explanation as bad. Gladys Berejiklian did not herself made it sound “smutty and cheap”, that’s in your head.

      • It’s interesting how many people will defend manners over morals. Berejiklian perjured herself like no tomorrow giving evidence and nothing she says can be believed but people still jump to her defence believing parts, if not all, of what she said.

      • I do not like cheap personal attacks but in this case, Shane has a valid point and Ms Berejiklian has already cheapened herself (in many ways).

        Sadly, this is Australian politics, and so much else, that is corrupt in Australia these days, yes, we had Robin Askin and others, but there are many poor-quality people, its rife in politics and so many other areas. Deeply Insulting to the Australian people who have given so much to Australia in the past, who built Australia with pride and no thought of self.

  5. “The Woman Who Saved Australia”, so “unlucky in love”. At least she got it right when she called Morrison “a horrible, horrible person” and “a complete psycho”. But, sadly, with her faulty memory, Gladys can’t recall doing or saying that. And apart from what she can’t recall, she just doesn’t want to know about, even if she does. It’s a total mystery as to how this lovable,gullible, scatterbrained, girlish political ingenue ever had the rat cunning to become Premier of NSW and then the brass neck to blatantly prevaricate in front of the ICAC.

    • From memory, isn’t it correct to say the former Premier had in excess of 150 ‘I can’t recall’ moments whence before the various ICAC hearings that we know of..if Mr or Ms or Mrs Citizen of NSW had these types of responses in a court or public inquiry they’d most likely be charged with contempt, the released phone recordings between Mr D and Ms G made the former Premier sound smutty and juvenile- ish by her own words, remember the former Premier chose to resign of her own accord, don’t recall ICAC or any other person or authority suggest she should suddenly depart the position of Premier or member of parliament.

  6. Looking on from Melbourne we just couldn’t understand the way Sydney seemed to be completely in love with Berejiklian. I think most of the media are a lazy lot.

    • As a person born and bred in Sydney and looking on at Queensland, NSW and the UNBELIEVABLE results of the Victorian State Election, and the goings on within hte Federal Sphere for some time now – it’s high time Mr Citizen got very involved/active in their political parties.

  7. It now appears as if Darryl’s muttering of, “Nobody works for nothing,” didn’t hold a drop ow water, mmmmmh?

    Oh well, we can always blame it on NSW ICAC having a kangaroo court-ish odour about it, can’t we scotty?

    BTW, loved the lib apologists’ attempts to clear Gladys’s deck. IMHO the pair deserve everything the get, but I’m afraid the jury is still out and I’m not holding my breath.

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