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Scott Morrison’s office staff lawyer up because they do not trust him regarding the Brittany Higgins alleged rape cover-up

Scott Morison’s office staff have retained their own lawyers to represent them in an investigation set up by Scott Morrison to find out who in his office knew what and when about the Brittany Higgins rape allegations. It is an investigation designed solely to protect Morrison and his staff are obviously worried that Morrison will stitch-up one or more of them to take a hit to save Morrison’s own hide.

The fact that Scott Morrison’s own staff, who work with him daily, feel the need to pay $1000’s out of their own pockets for lawyers to protect themselves from an investigation set up by Morrison, known as the Gaetjens Inquiry, says they don’t trust him at all. For Scott Morrison’s own staff to distrust him that much that they feel the need to hire lawyers is a very sad reflection on Morrison. 

The work environment in the Prime Minister’s office must be one of the most toxic work environments in the country. It would be an environment where no one trusts each other, and everyone is watching their own backs so they don’t get knifed by the PM or his henchmen.

Scott Morrison’s office staff would know he lies daily to the media and in parliament so he would not have the trust of staff. They would have also seen Morrison’s most senior staff background journalists with lies about Brittany Higgins and her partner, who previously worked in the PM’s office, and that is an allegation that has been made numerous times by Brittany Higgins and an allegation that Morrison has refused to deny even though he has been asked many times. 

The fact that Morrison’s own staff have lawyered up against him raises the question of if he is a fit and proper person to be Prime Minister. To my knowledge, it is a first for a Prime Minister’s own staff to hire lawyers to protect themselves from a Prime Minister’s own investigation.

All Morrison has to do if he wants to know who in his office knew what and when about the alleged Brittany Higgins rape is to ask his staff himself but he has set up the enquiry to protect himself, and his staff know it and are clearly worried they will be set-up to take the fall for the PM and his closest advisors. And with the AFP investigating they could possibly face criminal charges for concealing the alleged rape, so they have retained lawyers. 

On Monday it was exposed that the Gaetjens Inquiry had been halted and there were lies being told all over the place about why it was halted and that no one could answer any questions in relation to it. I think Scott Morrison’s own staff hiring lawyers would have been the main reason the Gaetjens Inquiry was halted as it would make it very hard for Phil Gaetjens to write a corrupt report protecting the Prime Minister if there were a lot of witnesses who could contradict the lies. The report could have also ended up in the hands of the police investigating the Brittany Higgins rape allegations which would also be dangerous for Scott Morrison.

The 7.30 report outlines the government cover-up of the Gaetjens Inquiry in the first half of the below video on Monday (22/3/21):

The SMH also reported on Scott Morrison and the government covering up the Gaetjens Inquiry:

Scott Morrison had a chance to speak plainly last week about the review he ordered into what his office knew of the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins.

But the Prime Minister botched it. He hid the truth from Parliament rather than being straight about his response to claims of a terrible crime in a minister’s office two years ago.

Morrison told Parliament the review into his office, and what it knew when, was being done by the secretary of his department, Phil Gaetjens.

“He has not provided me with a further update about when I might expect that report,” Morrison told Parliament on Thursday, March 18.

Wrong. Gaetjens had given Morrison an update on March 9 that was all about this very question of when the review might be finished. (Click here to read more)

Evidence that Scott Morrison’s staff have lawyered up?

The ABC’s 7:30 Report broadcast last week on Wednesday the 17th of March 2021:

LEIGH SALES: Can you give us an update, Laura, please, on the Gaetjens review which is the one that is looking at who knew what in the Prime Minister’s office about the Brittany Higgins case?

LAURA TINGLE: Yes, you would think that this wasn’t all that complicated, Leigh. That the Prime Minister could just go and ask his staff, but he has got the head of PM and C to investigate this.

He has told Parliament today that he still hasn’t got that report.

He still has not said whether it will be made public and there are suggestions that there are quite a lot of lawyers involved now with staff wanting to make sure that their positions are protected in whatever they say to the Gaetjens review, so that may be why the whole review has been slowed down. (Click here to read more)

Scott Morrison has had since last week to deny the allegation by the 7.30 Report that his staff have lawyered up and if it wasn’t true he would have denied it very quickly as it is damaging for his reputation and the morale of all parliament house staff, but he has refused to deny it which would be the talk of parliament house staffers.

On Monday the 22nd of March Scott Morrison was asked in parliament if his staff had hired lawyers but the speaker of the house interjected and refused to allow the question and Phil Gaetjens was also asked the same question in the Senate Hearing on Monday, but he refused to answer. There was nothing stopping Scott Morrison or Phil Gaetjens from answering the question.

With another whistleblower coming forward on Monday with video and pictures of federal government staffers exposing themselves, performing a solo sex act in parliament on a female MP’s desk and taking male sex workers into parliament for a Minister and MP’s then there would be many people in parliament who would be very worried and very paranoid that they might be outed next. And not just for what they might have done but also for what they have covered up.

Almost all of the media have missed the story about Scott Morrison’s staff lawyering up but to me, it is probably one of the biggest stories of the last few weeks because his staff know Scott Morrison well as they work with him 5 days a week and they don’t trust him at all which is the ultimate insult for Morrison. It is also the ultimate insight for all voters to form a view of Morrison’s trustworthiness and it’s a huge failure given his staff have such a low level of trust in Morrison that they are hiring lawyers to protect themselves from him.

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  1. When a Prime Minister’s office staff start hiring lawyers to protect themselves from him shouldn’t the Minister for Employment & work health & safety be asking questions about work conditions? Shouldn’t the whole parliament? Is employee bullying & gaslighting occurring? Is this covered by worker’s compensation insurance or does the Commonwealth self insure out of taxpayer funds?

  2. Nothing should surprise anyone about Scotty doing a cover up, he’s been getting away with it for years, scammer conman fraudster as shown by being fired from Tourism NZ and tourism Australia for fraud and theft.

  3. Yes it’s a very interesting account. But there’s another side to this. These staff are ambitious – those who keep quiet, tell the right stories and who otherwise manipulate this effectively to get Morrison et al. off the hook will get rewarded in a big way. This will be their objective.

    Remember “Babies Overboard”? The career trajectory of the particular public servant who fixed that for John Howard was and continues to be meteoric.

  4. Why do so few politicians not learn from Nixon that it is usually the cover-up that brings them down rather than the initial cause?
    To paraphrase Scott’s Marmion – “Oh, what a tangled web they weave, with their usual practice to deceive”

  5. Grace Tame asked everyone to make a noise but a lot of people are too scared to speak up due to secrecy clauses and such like in their employment contracts that can see them fined and jailed and harassed mercilessly. Whistleblowers are terrified by this government. Imagine if they all spoke out, wow, the tales they would tell.

  6. Its a cluster F, Media said she was semi clad when she woke up mid rape. 4 Corners interview with security guard said she found her totally naked at 4.30 AM. Her superior then told her to leave Brittany on the couch in the Ministers office totally naked. She finally leaves at 10 AM ( with clothing luckily). Imagine the Minister coming into work Saturday morning and finding a staff member naked on the couch. Wow!

    What planet are these morons on!

    Security should have dressed her, asked what happened and had a tested for DRUGS, and taken her home safely- surely, or am I missing something?

    Starting point is have the FACTS in order so a proper investigation can take place.

    What a mess, and these fools are running the Country. God help us all!

  7. The whole story has been chaos. Who shares a taxi home and then decides mid-ride to go to their workplace, especially when they have no passes (Ok, give me half the ride price to parliament, and I will continue home as I am too drunk to waste time)? Did they leave the taxi running outside? Her comatose state, and not leaving until 10am, suggests more than a few drinks, unless they were spiked? Why does security let a woman into parliament who cannot even put on her shoes, even after five minutes of trying? Further, when it is illegal to sleep at parliament house, why does security leave her sleeping? Would you at least not go to the medical bay and get her a blanket? Cold air conditioning anyone? I would guarantee that there would be a medical department staffed 24/7 at parliament house, why were they not called? If I was security, I cannot imagine leaving a naked woman sleeping in an office! If she died from a medical condition, I would be up for manslaughter. Why would I then go on TV as I want to protect my job, even after confessing that I had just failed every test of being a professional security officer??? Where do you even begin in this tale of the absurd? Are we staring at the tip of an iceberg? Did they, in a drunken state, go to parliament to join the political ‘mile-high’ club, amongst all the rent boys and orgies in the prayer room? Is this why security was so indifferent, just another typical scene from the political sex club? Who will ever know??

    • It seems to me to be a classic “dog that didn’t bark” situation. Security was unsurprised, and didn’t want to know because they had seen this all before. They saw nothing out of the ordinary, as it affects them.

      • There are lots of Sherlock’s non-barking dogs. What happened to the missing taxi driver, who must have been sent on his way, even though they were supposed to be heading home. Was he ever interviewed about the couple’s relationship in the taxi? Who leaves a sleeping drunk woman on her back, in case she chokes on her vomit? What woman can drink herself into oblivion, have a sexual assault, and then sleep until 10am? She must have a bladder like a 40 gallon drum, or is this why the cleaners had to be called in? And if she did get up to use the office loo, why was she not aware enough to say to herself, ‘girl, get yourself home’? Why didn’t security, seeing that she could not even put her shoes on, take her down coffee and biscuits to make sure she was going to be okay? We have all been on benders in our time, but this one stretches the limits of credulity!

  8. SfM is a real piece of work! If I hadn’t read his Wikipedia bio, I would’ve thought he’d have come from a dodgy suburban second hand car dealers. You know the one’s; talk up the vehicle way beyond its capability or specification – and then in less than a week you know you’ve been sold a LEMON!!! The sooner he is gone, the better!!! Good riddence to BAD RUBBISH!!!

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