Christian Porter, Scott Morrison and Bruce LehrmannAttorney-General Christian Porter

Scott Morrison clears rape allegations against Christian Porter and Bruce Lehrmann in preparation for the next election

Last Thursday Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw and his boss Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews were caught lying about the progress of the police investigation regarding Brittany Higgins’ complaint about the alleged parliament house rapist Bruce Lehrmann. Then on Friday Justice Jayne Jagot handed down a very dodgy judgment protecting alleged rapist and federal MP Christian Porter.

The cover-up of both alleged rapes have Scott Morrison’s finger prints all over it because the only thing that would be on his mind at the moment is the next election which could be anytime between now and May 2022 at the latest. Morrison knows he needs to keep both alleged rapes off the media headlines others it will do major damage to his election prospects and his worst nightmare would be to have Bruce Lehrmann charged with rape and standing trial just before the next election. That is why there is would pressure on the AFP to not charge Lehrmann at all or at least not before the next election.

Last Thursday it was exposed that:

The ACT director of public prosecutions says the Brittany Higgins investigation is currently back in the hands of the Australian federal police, contradicting both the AFP commissioner, Reece Kershaw, and the home affairs minister, Karen Andrews.

During an appearance at the National Press Club on Wednesday, Kershaw was asked for an update on the Higgins matter.

“I have been on the public record on this,” Kershaw said. “It is a matter with the ACT DPP right now so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to comment any further.”

Given the investigation process seems to be taking a lengthy period of time, Andrews was also asked for an update during a radio interview in Brisbane on Wednesday. “Well my understanding is that there has been a brief that has been put through to the DPP.

Guardian Australia contacted the ACT DPP to clarify the status of the Higgins investigation on Thursday. A spokeswoman for the ACT director of public prosecutions Shane Drumgold said: “In response to your question, please note that the director forwarded his advice to the AFP on Monday 28 June 2021, and the matter currently rests with the AFP. (Click here to read more)

It means the AFP have been sitting on advice on whether or not to charge Bruce Lehrmann since the 28th of June which is over a month ago but last week AFP commissioner, Reece Kershaw, and the home affairs minister, Karen Andrews, were telling the media lies that the decision whether to charge Bruce Lehrmann was still with the ACT director of public prosecutions.

Christian Porter, Scott Morrison and Bruce Lehrmann

Christian Porter, Scott Morrison and Bruce Lehrmann

I published an article in March 2021 titled “PM Scott Morrison, AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller conspire to cover-up rape” which is being proven truer by the day which started off:

In the last couple of weeks, AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw has sent a letter, which was drafted by Scott Morrison, to federal politicians warning sexual assault victims, such as Brittany Higgins, that they need to go to the police and not the media. And NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller stated that rape allegations by Katharine Thornton against Attorney-General Christian Porter “probably would not have gone to court” even though the police had not even investigated the matter. When looking at the conduct and communication of both AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller in relation to the 2 alleged rapes it is obvious there has been political interference by Scott Morrison and his office. (Click here to read more)

As regular readers know Justice Jayne Jagot handed down a judgment last Friday (30/7/21) to conceal evidence regarding Christian Porter’s alleged rape of Katharine Thornton. (Click here to read more). And right on cue Christian Porter is back in parliament on Tuesday (3/8/21) and chosen to be the acting Leader of the House because Peter Dutton is in Covid isolation.

Leader of the House is the government minister responsible for the management of government business in the House of Representatives and it is a high profile position that would be great for someone with a damaged reputation trying to rebuild their image. Deputy Leader of the House David Gillespie, who should be the person to fill in for Dutton, has been sidelined to allow Porter the high profile role and many people on social media, especially women, are appalled as you would expect.

Prime Ministers clear the decks before elections of any issues they think might cause a problem during an election but trying to clear the decks of 2 rape allegations is a new low. 

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  1. No wonder Australia is listed within the ten most corrupt countries in the world.
    From police to judiciary to executive government, seperation of powers clearly does not exist.

  2. The ABC defense document lodged with the court being suppressed only applies to that document doesn’t it?

    Surely all the facts uncovered by the research on which the defense defense document was based can still be used in ant future ABC TV investigative show?

    I’d watch it.

  3. From the Conversation. 29 January 2021
    “For almost 20 years, Australia ranked in the top 10 (least corrupt) countries. In 2012, Australia ranked 7th with a score of 85. By 2018, it had fallen to 13th with a score of 77. In the latest 2020 rankings, it has also scored 77.

    Being ranked 11th out of 180 is relatively good. But falling by eight points is not good. It is a wake-up call and raises serious questions about the ethical underpinnings of politics in this country.”

  4. I am not proud to be an Australian, not with a corrupt government like this one. Richard Flannigan said it better in regards to our policies on refugees but I think we share the same cringe when admitting our nationality.

  5. Morrison is not fit to be prime minister. He has shown no leadership, and believes in the “boy’s club” where there is no accountability and politicians do whatever they can to hold onto their jobs.

    If the people re-elect this mob next year, it means they condone the rapes in Parliament House and disgusting behaviour such as a staffer “jacking off” on a woman’s desk.

  6. It’s about time Morrison & his cohorts were kicked out of (corrupt) government. Suppressing legal activities and outcomes to protect their own. They are lining their own nests with rorts using taxpayers monies and only putting their buddies (Matthias Corman springs to mind) into positions which could well influence, at least, bad climate outcomes (EUA’s carbon tax to be applied to Australian exports). Heaven help us all if the LNP is re-elected!

    • All Government’s are the same Liberal, Labor, democratic dosen’t matter who they all line there pockets if 1 dies they get a payrise they don’t deserve any more pay increases they don’t do anything for the public

  7. Morrison’s appointment of Porter as leader of the House of Reps has just changed the House of Reps intto the House of Disrepute in that one foul move. Victims of rape & sexual assult must be ripping their hair out over this distastfdul move by the fraudster Morrson & the not so Christian Porter.

  8. A true act of bastardry by a man who is bereft of any form of empathy, morals, ethics, let alone any number of lessons from HIS own good book. I think it now comes down to a real questioning of the man’s ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner.
    How does this appointment stack up against his own Ministers Standards of Conduct?
    This country MUST be put out of its misery.

    Please go read …

  9. The only thing that exceeds Morrison’s arrogance is his incompetence. The worst PM in the history of this country.

  10. How on earth can Scott Morrison clear Christian Porter? He is neither a police task force nor a Judge and Jury. Due process must be done, and a truly independent and well-funded federal ACIC must be set up forthwith.

    • If you want to free up the legal system, then make it compulsory that every defendant must give evidence in court. They are still presumed innocent, and a jury must be sure beyond reasonable doubt of their guilt. The Judge will determine if a defendant is being badgered or taken advantage. it is time for criminals to stop hiding behind their barristers.

  11. Christian Porter, as A-G at the time, was the one who advised Morrison he could do swear himself into multiple ministries. They worked hand-in–secret glove. Secretly, even from relevant standing ministers! No wonder Morrison strenuously defended Porter during various allegations such as Kathryn Thornton case and anonymous donors matter. Note: Home affairs ministry under minister Karen Andrews is one of the ministries Morrison secretly signed himself in as Minister. New questions.

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