Prime Minister Scott Morrison

PM Scott Morrison, AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller conspire to cover-up rape

In the last couple of weeks, AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw has sent a letter, which was drafted by Scott Morrison, to federal politicians warning sexual assault victims, such as Brittany Higgins, that they need to go to the police and not the media. And NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller stated that rape allegations by Katharine Thornton against Attorney-General Christian Porter “probably would not have gone to court” even though the police had not even investigated the matter. When looking at the conduct and communication of both AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller in relation to the 2 alleged rapes it is obvious there has been political interference by Scott Morrison and his office.

Every day more information is coming forward in both matters and the molehill, that Scott Morrison and the government are trying to make out the allegations are, is quickly becoming a huge mountain that not even Scott Morrison will be able to climb.

Today another witness, Macquarie Group managing director James Hooke, has come forward saying he is the former boyfriend of Katharine Thornton and he “has revealed for the first time that she had relevant discussions with him in 1989, the year after the alleged incident, and is calling for an independent investigation into the matter.” (Click here to read more) Brittany Higgins settled a defamation matter with Senator Linda Reynolds who called her a “lying cow”. (Click here to read more) And yesterday it was revealed that Scott Morrison’s office rang Melbourne lawyer Peter Bartlett to thank him for advising Attorney-General Christian Porter regarding his defence of the rape allegation which is very odd indeed and raises questions about Scott Morrison’s involvement in defending Porter. (Click here to read more)

But in this article, we will focus on the police and whether they can be trusted to investigate matters with links to politicians and/or politics.

We will look at the conduct and statements of both police commissioners separately but it’s worth noting at the start of this article that AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and Commissioner Mick Fuller worked as a team last year to sweep the fake document allegations against federal MP Angus Taylor under the carpet. Neither the AFP nor the NSW Police, who originally investigated the complaint before passing it on to the AFP, interviewed Angus Taylor when it was clear that the fake document was produced in Taylor’s office and published in an attempt to embarrass Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore. Taylor’s wife, barrister Louise Clegg. works in Angus’s office and it was reported that she was going to run for the position of Sydney Lord Mayor which is even more reason the AFP should have fully investigated the matter and not swept it under the carpet as they did. (Click here to read more)

The Reece Kershaw letter that was countersigned by Scott Morrison

On Thursday the 25th of February 2021 it was reported:

The head of the Australian Federal Police has warned Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the need for politicians to report crimes quickly, as fallout from a rape allegation made by former staffer Brittany Higgins continues.

Mr Morrison then wrote to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Senate President asking for Commissioner Kershaw’s advice to be circulated to all politicians.

“Failure to report alleged criminal behaviour in this manner, or choosing to communicate or disseminate allegations via other means, such as through the media or third parties, risks prejudicing any subsequent police investigation.” (Click here to read more)

And then the letter was leaked to all the media who reported with a clear warning to sexual assault victims not to go to the media but to go to the police. But there was one important line that almost no media reported:

“Scott Morrison’s office said the Prime Minister requested the letter to provide members and senators with clear guidance of what to do if they received a complaint.” (Click here to read more)

If “Prime Minister requested the letter to provide members and senators with clear guidance of what to do if they received a complaint” from AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw, then Morrison would have had to tell Kershaw what he wanted in the letter which means Scott Morrison at the very least helped draft the letter and possibly wrote the whole letter. And that would explain the warning to potential complaints to go to the police, not the media. That warning without a doubt came from Morrison, not the AFP, so Morrison and the government could try and cover-up complaints like they did for 2 years with the Brittany Higgins parliament house rape scandal.

The question has to be can the AFP be trusted to investigate rape claims against federal politicians? Not if recent history is anything to go by with their own problems with the rape of AFP staff by other AFP staff and the Skype sex scandal cover-up which was only exposed when the 18-year-old female cadet went to the media.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago: The AFP has also covered-up rape at the AFP

One of the truly sad things about this matter is only a couple of years ago the AFP were exposed for covering up the rape of AFP staff so will they cover-up Brittany Higgins’ complaint?

I published an article in 2016 titled “AFP staff who were raped by Australian Federal Police asked to make a formal complaint” which started off:

Commissioner Andrew Colvin has asked for Australian Federal Police (AFP) who were raped or sexually assaulted by other Federal Police to come forward and make a formal complaint after a report says that 2% of AFP employees have been raped and/or sexually assaulted.

Over the past six months former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, has interviewed/consulted with over 1000 AFP employees and the results are horrific. On Monday the Broderick Report was released by the AFP. (Click here to read the report) It found in the last five years 66% of women and 62% of men have been bullied and 20% have been sexually harassed which is almost double the national average. Worst of all is that 2% have been raped by another AFP employee, sexually assaulted or had another AFP employee attempt raping/sexually assaulting them. (Click here to read more)

And then there was the AFP / ADF Skype sex scandal attempted cover-up that happened in 2011. I wrote at the time:

The Australian public has seen the Federal Police’s cover-up tactics in full flight in the last few days with the Australian Defence Force sex tape scandal involving the 18-year-old girl. The Federal Police initially swept it under the carpet and only decided to investigate when Channel 10 ran an interview with the girl on the nightly news. Or at least that is what the Australian Defence are implying by their public statements. Both Defence and the Federal Police have been contradicting each other all over the place with their public statements.

A quick overview is that an 18-year-old female cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy was secretly filmed having sex with a male cadet using the telecommunication service Skype. The male cadet had set up the video unknown to the girl and six other cadets were in another room watching, two were under the age of 18. Photographs were also taken on mobile phones and distributed around the base.

Another cadet was shown the photos and was disgusted and made a complaint to Defence Force Officers.

The 18-year-old female was told by Defence that Federal Police had told Defence Force investigators that it was not a crime in the ACT like other jurisdictions (other states). She was told that all that would happen is that the cadets involved would have leave stopped and restriction of privileges.

The day that Channel Ten ran the story they contacted the Australian Defence Force Academy for a response and were told that the Federal Police had changed their initial advice because it happened on federal property and it is covered by Commonwealth Laws and that they would now investigate. (Click here to read more)

The Skype cover-up also involved current Governor-General David Hurley who was the Chief of Defence in 2011/12 when the Skype cover-up was in progress. (Click here to read more

The Skype scandal attempted cover-up might have been 10 years ago, but it is very similar to the Brittany Higgins cover-up so not much has changed in 10 years.  Any investigation into allegations against federal politicians or matters that potentially have a political influence can never be done by the AFP because they will always sweep it under the carpet and the same can be said for the NSW police. 

Mick Fuller, Scott Morrison and Reece Kershaw

Mick Fuller, Scott Morrison and Reece Kershaw

Mick Fuller’s scandalous statement on Radio

On Monday (8/3/21) NSW Police Commissioner said in a radio interview “historical rape allegation against Attorney-General Christian Porter “probably” would not have made it to court even if the alleged victim was still alive”. (Click here to read more) The problem with that statement is that there was no witness statement ever taken from Katharine Thornton even though the NSW police had months to do so, Christian Porter was never interviewed and no witnesses were ever interviewed. Given there was no evidence, then on what basis did Mick Fuller make that statement? The answer is almost certainly Mick Fuller’s personal friendship with PM Scott Morrison, his $90,000 pay rise last year from Liberal Party Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the rumour he is thinking about running for a Liberal Party seat in parliament. Mick being a puppet for the Liberal Party is so well known there is a petition calling for him to resign because of it.

Mick Fuller and Hillsong’s Brian Houston – A police investigation of 4 years and counting

The NSW police have been investigating Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston for 4 years for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children. Brian Houston, who is good friends with Scott Morrison, has admitted on TV that he knew it was a crime and that he did not go to the police so the police have had all the evidence they need for years but still refuse to lay charges. (Click here to read more)

It is a national scandal that points to being influenced by Mick Fuller’s friendship with Scott Morrison. Scott Morrison also tried to take Brian Houston to Washington with him on a visit to the White House but the White House refused to give Brian Houston clearance with the likely reason being the NSW Police investigation. I wrote to the NSW police and asked questions about the matter, but they refused to answer. (Click here to read more

Given Mick Fuller has blatantly dragged out the Brian Houston investigation matter for more than 4 years you have to wonder what part Fuller played in the NSW police failing to get a statement off Katharine Thornton or questioning Christian Porter or witnesses etc.

NSW Parliament questions Mick Fuller

Today (12/3/21) Mick Fuller was asked about Katharine Thornton’s rape allegation in NSW state parliamentary hearings and the SMH reported:

“There was a three-month gap between South Australia Police passing a woman’s rape claims about federal Attorney-General Christian Porter to their NSW counterparts and when she first spoke to Sydney detectives.” (Click here to read more) It is unexplained unless the go slow routine was put on it by Mick Fuller as he has in the Brian Houston matter.

The ABC reported:

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller held a “high level” discussion with his deputy about the historical rape allegation against Christian Porter before the complainant took her own life.

Speaking at a budget estimates hearing in NSW Parliament, Commissioner Fuller said the allegation, and subsequent investigation, was not discussed outside of the NSW Police.

“I made no contact personally with anyone outside of the organisation in relation to it,” Commissioner Fuller told the hearing. (Click here to read more)

Mick Fuller seems to have used his words very carefully when he said “I made no contact personally with anyone outside of the organisation in relation to it” as it does not rule out other NSW police discussing it with others such as Scott Morrison or Christian Porter. 

The Brittany Higgins and Katharine Thornton rape allegations have gone way too far in relation to the cover-up and ducking and weaving by the politicians and the police. Both matters need a Royal Commission and the Labor Party and independent MPs should call for one.

The attempted cover-ups of rape, sexual assault and corruption are at the highest levels of politics, the police and the legal system and this website has a long history of reporting cover-ups and crimes at that level and that is why I have focused on these matters recently and will continue to do so. I have no doubt we are watching the beginning of the end of the Scott Morrison government.

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  1. I have no doubt that Morrison and Dirty Mick are in this up to their eyeballs, and have roped in a compliant AFP Commissioner.

    I hope that the South Australian Coroners Court is not nobbled, because I am seriously beginning to doubt whether Kate committed suicide, but was coerced to withdraw allegations, then was subsequently done away with somehow, and then made to look like suicide.

    Fortunately her journal survived.

    • You could add to your litany of dubious observations concerning Fuller, that the Ruby Princess was given leave to depart Australian waters before the NSW police investigation had completed and BEFORE its captain had been questioned.Fuller made no objection.
      You could add too, that recently retired AFP Colvin was given the lucrative gig to oversee reconstruction from the fires last summer. Not an engineer, not even a capable generalist manager,one might ask for what service was Colvin paid off? )Incidentally, his new job seems to be under a media gag, as is his budget. Or is it the $2bn that seems to have disappeared?)

    • My thoughts exactly. Part of me can’t believe it wasn’t suicide, but then I look at how desperately the politicians and mainstream media are trying to cover it all up, changing the story all the time, that it seems apparent that that’s a lot more being hidden. Maybe it wasn’t suicide, or maybe Kate was threatened.

    • I tend to agree with you, not having any details of how Kate died, I just am really suspicious considering the convenient to Porter and the Morrison government her death is/was.

  2. Another interesting fact:

    NSW detectives had arranged to travel to South Australia, where the woman lived, to take a signed statement on March 16, but Mr Fuller told the hearing they were denied from doing so on March 13 due to a government edict restricting travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The South Australian border remained open until March 24.

    This certainly smells of a cover up

  3. Macquarie Group?! They used to call it the “millionaire factory”because of the the amount of money those people were able to fleece off the public in cosy deals made behind the scenes with our politicians.
    Frankly, I wouldn’t trust anyone who has had anything to do with the millionaire factory as far as a regular fare will get you on the Sydney Airport Shuttle Train.
    And what has he got to add to the debat/ media circus? nothing except that he had “had relevant discussions”.
    So, did these “relevant discussions” about these teenage interactions “a year after the alleged incident” amount to a serious crime having been committed? If so, what actions were taken by this powerful, wealthy and well-connected individual to remedy the situation?
    Obviously at this stage an inquiry absolutely must be held.

    • “had relevant discussions”.
      How is it at all possible that relevant discussions can be had if nothing happened?
      Obviously Something happened.

  4. Wow this is all so stunning in its corruption and grubbiness. Thank you for your work in connecting all the dots that the mostly RW media won’t

  5. The AFP is corrupt to their core. They are a political tool that should be disbanded. Their his appears to be the cover up of crimes by the putrid political elite.
    Try reporting crimes to the AFP, they do nothing

    • I recently tried to speak to the AFP Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Team (SACAT) about possible paedophilia concerning a family member. When informed of possible NSW police involvement, I was quickly turned away and they refused to speak to me. The coverups and filth go way, way past this matter.

  6. Morrison is the most dangerous person in politics. His history is enough to tell you he is not to be trusted one bit. He is controlling everything to do with these alleged rapes and covers his arse all the time. Transparency and accountability is not in his DNA.

  7. Morrison has form on a lot of accounts for fraud theft and even coverup of kiddy fiddling,in his current position he can order coverups at all levels, and just a reminder he is a DUAL citizen,otherwise he wouldn’t of got the position running Tourism NZ from whence he was fired for fraud and theft,lots of little items Morrison wants covered up,

    • And it seems as though no one is able to find out whether Morrison has NZ citizenship by descent, and therefore whether he’s eligible to sit in Parliament. (?)

  8. I was sexually assaulted in a Sydney’s Hospital’s operating theatre. The Chatswood Detectives were called in and classed the matter as “sexual assault” based on the evidence. The male detectives were keen to investigate the matter. The following day a female detective took over the case, stated to me that she was going to cover the matter up, which she did. I wrote to all and sundry concerning my complaint – Oh yes, I was sexually assaulted, but….

    As far as I am concerned it depends on the STATUS of the PERSON who is the perpetrator of the assault.

  9. “We don’t try and talk people out of this, it is a very stressful thing, particularly for sexual assault matters,” Mr Fuller, NSW Police Commissioner said today talking about the woman in the AG case.

    This statement is false…I have sat with clients who have known and witnessed Sexual Assault taking place, and those in the room have clearly said to the person concerned in my presence:
    “You must have witnessed or seen something else!”

    Before the meeting, a young woman said she was brand new to the Sexual Assault Unit and had never worked on a case…She further said, the person who would be joining us for the interview had worked on 3 cases…This second woman was approx the same age of the client 50’s; and she was the one who made the comment:
    “You must have witnessed or seen something else!”

    I said, if my client was a woman reporting the sexual assault of a girl by a Man or Father, you would be taking down a statement, it would be signed and you would be out the door rightly making enquiries in a flash!

    However, because we are talking about a Woman, a Mother who sexually assaulted her own son, you can’t fathom that a Mother, or some Women sexually assault or commit child sexual abuse against their own children.

    I even suggested they go and talk to the son and the Mother separately after taking down a statement; not interested!

    So the comment: “We don’t try and talk people out of this, it is a very stressful thing, particularly for sexual assault matters,”
    by Mr Fuller, NSW Police Commissioner; is First Class Gold Plated BS!

    • So then how does Fuller’s statement today that the police don’t try and talk people out of sexual assault cases square with his comments a few days ago that the case probably wouldn’t have made it court, even if the victim (Kate) had been alive? That sounds like a discouraging statement to me, especially to other victims who may be thinking of coming forward.

      It also seems like total BS, especially since I personally know people who have obtained successful prosecutions for sexual assault with less evidence than apparently Kate Thornton had.

      Also male sexual assault victims are far more common than the MSM would have the public believe. At least one Murdoch hack today was running with the “angry middle-aged women” line, when there are plenty of men coming forward on social media with their own experiences of sexual assault, and they are angry and fed up as well.

      Not to mention the rest of us who can smell a stinky cover up a mile away and know we are being lied to.

  10. After being defrauded millions all started by Westpac lending millions to a convicted criminal who was disqualified from managing a corporation after a 2001 criminal conviction, we filed complaints with the QPS. Local MP Ray Stevens took the matter up with GC Assist Commissioner Paul Wilson. His best mate was ex corrupt cop Mick Featherstone. The corruption in the QPS is rife, frankly is rife across the country. I will not trust any cop ever for the rest of my life. Has the Govt interfered with the cops- you bet!

  11. Despite a relatively low profile before being appointed Commissioner Mick Fuller already had an extensive network of influential contacts including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a neighbour of his in the Sutherland shire. Well, well, surprise, surprise!!!!!

  12. People go to public because self-interest, favouritism and convenience are the vital facts in government’s/justice system’s dealings and decision making.

  13. Christian Porter is suing the ABC for defamation in the Federal Court. As he is still the Attorney-General, is there a conflict of interest? The A-G appoints the judges, after all.

    • Can the Government direct the ABC to settle this defamation matter out of court? I can’t imagine that Porter would want to be asked questions in court. If it’s settled it will appear that he has been vindicated.

      • After sacking a US Hillsong Pastor for Affairs…
        Brian Houston indicated recently he was considering stepping down from his position…
        Before and since KCA has printed excellent articles like this one and others…

        Then suddenly this past weekend, Brian Houston told Hillsong he has ADHD…
        Or Laying the Groundwork to be dealt with under Mental Health?

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