Attorney-General Christian Porter

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull says Attorney-General Christian Porter is lying regarding sexual relationships with junior staff

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull has accused Attorney-General Christian Porter of lying about a meeting Turnbull had with Porter about sexual relationships Porter has allegedly had with junior parliament house staff. Turnbull made the allegation public on Twitter after Monday’s (8/3/21) Four Corners show “Bursting the Canberra Bubble”.

This is explosive stuff as Porter is now facing allegations of rape and anything that puts a question mark over his honesty and credibility would also have to put a question mark over Porter’s response to the rape allegations.

Turnbull and Porter gave different accounts of the 2017 meeting which was broadcast in November 2020 in the first show “Inside the Canberra bubble” and the same part was re-broadcast on Monday. Someone on Twitter asked Turnbull:

So Malcolm Turnbull it seems that Christian Porter is telling a different story regarding your meeting with him what do you say about that? #auspol #whostruth (Click here to see on Twitter)

Turnbull responded: (Click here to see on Twitter)

I produced an edited video of the key parts with my commentary as per below:

The transcript is below: ‘Inside the Canberra Bubble’ went to air on the 9th of November 2020.

The story focused in part on the conduct of Attorney-General Christian Porter.

MALCOLM TURNBULL, PRIME MINISTER 2015-18: On 6th December 2017, I had a meeting with Porter in my office and I told him that I had had reports of him being out in public, having had too much to drink, and in the company with young women and he, he acknowledged that, he didn’t argue with that and I just said, ‘Look, this is unacceptable conduct for a Cabinet minister, and it exposes you to the risk of compromise’.

RACHELLE MILLER, LIBERAL STAFFER, 2010-18: When we were at the bar, I noticed that Minister Porter was with someone in the corner, and they were clearly very intimate, they were cuddling, they were kissing.

It was quite confronting given that we were in such a public place and we’re in a place where we had multiple press gallery journalists, multiple MPs and senators.

LOUISE MILLIGAN, REPORTER: The Public Bar incident remained inside the Canberra bubble – it never leaked.

Christian Porter did not respond to Four Corners’ multiple requests for an interview or answer our detailed questions.

He provided a brief statement about his meeting with Mr Turnbull in December 2017.

Mr Porter said that in the meeting Malcolm Turnbull “queried whether there was any accuracy” to the story Mr Turnbull had heard.

According to Mr Porter, “the answer was no”. (Click here to read more or watch the show)

The Four Corners show on Monday didn’t produce any new evidence that wasn’t already reported in the media but the Tweet by Turnbull, which was a result of the show, was another blow to the chances of Porter surviving.

I accused Porter of lying in my last article titled “A-G Christian Porter is guilty of raping Katharine Thornton, a powerful prima facie case supports, with the key evidence of lies from Porter’s own mouth” and the list of evidence casting a shadow over Porter’s honesty and credibility has just gotten a lot longer with Turnbull’s public comment.

Turnbull was left with no choice but to defend himself, but he also would have known that what he said cast further doubt on Porter’s denials on many issues including the rape allegations.

Some people will attack Turnbull and say he is dishonest as well as Porter so he can’t be trusted, which is true, but Turnbull’s allegations against Porter as per above are supported by Rachelle Miller so I believe Turnbull’s account of his meeting with Porter.

Christian Porter lied last year regarding his sexual relationships with junior female staff. Porter also lied about Four Corners not putting questions to him and giving him an opportunity to respond which is the same lie he used last week in relation to all media and the rape allegations. So how can anyone trust him when he answers questions in regards to the alleged rape?

Any judge in a court of law would have to find that Christian Porter was an unreliable witness at best and a perjurer at worst so he cannot be trusted and he has to resign. 

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  1. Porter has form and lies so how can he possibly be left in the position he holds currently.
    Morrison will say and do whatever he wishes to keep power and that is the main reason Porter hangs in there.

  2. I dont see any issue here, as lawyers and judges are educated to lie and cheat. This is how the legal system works. A lawyer is PAID to convince a judge that his client is innocent. This is how our legal system works and it works well. Look at the shady underworld guys who have committed murder and walked away. money buys innocence. Most judges were once LAWYERS.

  3. All liars. The Liberals are run by religious extremists with views foreign to everyday Australians. Unfortunately the other mob is dominated by career politicians with no knowledge of real Australia. What a corrupt mess Canberra has become.

  4. Watching the vile Morrison defend this rapist is sickening. Morrison has form as well defending pedophiles in his ridiculous church of God’s Millionaires speaking in fake tongues and believing the sky fairy tells him what to do. I have never wanted to physically attack another human so much in my life. He is an arrogant, bloated, self-interested protector of criminals. Even worse he seems to have the vote of most Australians according to polls. If this is so and we are to face another three years of the worst government in Australian history, the most arrogant pack of criminals ever to walk the halls of parliament, then it is time for some blood on the streets. Just sayin …

    • We are supposed to be a government of the people by the people, how about we the people get our heads out of the sand and support the real patriots in and out of parliament who will lead Australia back to honesty and development for us and future generations
      Get educated and take responsibility

  5. It could be interesting if the South Australian coroner finds that her death may not have been suicide!

  6. I still see no evidence of guilt here despite David’s inner feelings to physically attack another person, or Turnbull’s allegations being supported by Rachelle Miller. Judge and jury concept rings true here as most people would probably agree that lawers/politicians are all liars by trade: as clearly exposed by Gary Ward.

  7. The individuals included in government/politicians/judges/lawyers/criminals/crooks with bags of money are running Circle of Deceit Australia.
    The honest citizens of Australia with their controlled income and paying high taxes will be fighting a losing battle by even suggesting the removal of members of the Circle.
    Turnbull is a member so what is the reason for his ‘lip service’ because his cushy lifestyle will not be affected.

  8. MinterEllison CEO Annette Kimmitt will leave the law firm after its board decided her position was no longer tenable in the wake of an email she sent to staff about the firm acting for Attorney-General Christian Porter.

    Well-placed sources have told The Australian Financial Review that after a meeting on Tuesday, board chairman David O’Brien told Ms Kimmitt that her services were no longer required.

    Ms Kimmitt has been told that she should work from home and not come into the office while she and the firm work on a negotiated settlement and public statement.

    • Ah well, another female wears the results of what their male counterparts do.

      Why isn’t anyone surprised.

      I read in one of today’s onlines that the Commonwealth doesn’t pay for Members (which apparently includes Ministers) Defamation cases.

      There could be some quite different “Easter Eggs” being found early next month. 😉

    • It’s disgraceful that someone leaked a confidential email to the media, but the CEO is the one who gets fired. It tells you everything you need to know about MinterEllison. It’s like quite some years ago Clayton Utz destroyed evidence before a trial. Not sure their reputation ever fully recovered.

  9. What a hypocrite is Malcolm Turnbull. Has he conveniently forgotten about his so-called affair with Debbie Huber, whilst he was a married man . ?? An old saying comes to mind, “People with glass houses , shouldn’t throw stones “

    • There is evidence that Porter may have choked, drugged and raped a 16 yr old, and possibly destroyed evidence and influenced a police investigation. He is also abusing his powers as Attorney General running secret, closed trials against whistleblowers and their lawyers, and right now is trying to introduce legislation to take Visas and citizenship away from refugees without them seeing the evidence against them. Not visas, citizenship. Citizenship. And no one can find out how or why the decision’s been made. All of that is completely different to a consensual affair with another adult. It’s slimy if Malcolm Turnbull did have an affair, but there is no meaningful comparison between Turnbull and Porter except a generalization “men in power can be sleezy.”

  10. Seems to me Parliament House is like Skid Row in the slums ..some good guys & girls but plenty of back stabbers & two faced liars, who will do anything save face & their place at the trough of goodies

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