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Media release confirms Bruce Lehrmann, the alleged parliament house rapist, worked for Senator Linda Reynolds

Below is a media release by Senator Linda Reynolds which confirms alleged parliament house rapist Bruce Lehrmann worked for her and below is also a video of former Senator George Brandis thanking Bruce Lehrmann when Mr Brandis gave his final speech in parliament. This is important because Bruce Lehrmann, who is now facing allegations by 4 women, has disappeared off the face of the earth and politicians and staff in parliament house will not even admit they know him or where he worked.

There are unverified claims he is in hospital but who knows if it is true and it is possibly a smokescreen. This article is a follow-up from the 2 previous articles on the 16th of February titled “Scott Morrison covers up the rape of Liberal Party staffers as easy as his friend Hillsong’s Brian Houston covers up the rape of children by his father” and on the 19th of February titled “Scott Morrison refuses to deny the alleged parliament house rapist is Bruce Lehrmann who previously worked for Senator Linda Reynolds.”

There are virtually no references to Bruce Lehrmann on the internet and he has deleted his social media accounts. On the federal parliament Hansard (transcript) I was able to find the below media release from Senator Linda Reynolds on the 23rd of October 2018 which is about 5 months before the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins at parliament house in March 2019. It explains why Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Senator Linda Reynolds would not respond to my emails and their media advisors would not return my calls. (Click here to read)

I have just put a picture of the top and bottom of the media release below as the content does not matter but there is a link below for the whole media release. The top shows who it is from, Senator Linda Reynolds, and the bottom of the media release has Bruce Lehrmann listed as her media contact. I have called the mobile phone number listed and it is disconnected, and the other person’s mobile number does not ring. 


(Click here to see the full press release)

The government do not want the public to have confirmation of any details about Bruce Lehrmann so they do not have to answer any questions about him or at least avoid as many questions as they can.

Bruce Lehrmann

Bruce Lehrmann

Below is an edited valedictory statement that former Senator George Brandis gave on the 7th of February 2018 before he left for his new role in the UK. He thanked his staff which included Bruce Lehrmann at the 2-minute mark below. I left the start of the speech in the video as it’s worth noting all the people there which included Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia Susan Kiefel and as we all know the High Court has had its own issues with a sexual predator for years in former High Court judge Dyson Heydon which was exposed in 2020. (Click here to read more

The reason I decided to copy and publish the video above is that in the last article I put a link to the Hansard transcript for the same speech, but the link only works every 10 or so attempts for some strange reason and with limited evidence that Bruce Lehrmann even exists let alone worked in parliament at least the video is better confirmation than the transcript which can be deleted.

There are now four women accusing Bruce Lehrmann of rape or sexual assault and Liberal Party trolls on social media have moved into overdrive trying to make sure he is not named for the obvious reason is that it will help expose the cover-up which has been going on for 2 years at the highest levels of government. I dealt with this issue in my last article to some degree (Click here to read) but I will add one thing:

Yes, all the media named former High Court judge Dyson Heydon in almost identical circumstances in 2020 when Mr Heydon was also accused of numerous sexual assaults at the High Court of Australia against staff members and at other places against lawyers. But the media won’t name Bruce Lehrmann, and one can only assume that is because Lehrmann is being protected by the Liberal Party as part of the cover-up of the alleged rape just before the 2019 federal election which would have had a negative impact on the 2019 election for Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party. 

If the allegations are proven in court he’ll take down a lot of people with him and the cover-up has the potential to take down the government irrespective of whether it goes to court or not.

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  1. i look forward to the next generation reading of this time and how this P.M handled it ..nothing scares him more than his reputation being sullied for history to read.someone needs to bring that to his attention

  2. After Wednesday, the AFP will be in the public spotlight and will need to pull their collective socks up. I unfortunately can not see the AFP being effective in this case, as it is far too political. (Master / Servant relationship) It is important that we the Australian public hold them to account. My only experience of the AFP was watching a few “bods” (large) standing at the entrance of a building housing a Japanese consulate. This was at a time when the Japanese whaling fleet were operating in the Southern Ocean (Australian Sector) and there was a peaceful demonstration and presentation outside that building. I don’t think any one of these specimens of manhood (AFP) could run 100m at full tilt to save themselves. Especially toting a gun on the hip. On this particular matter, we need to keep them up to their mandate as prescribed under the Australian Federal Police Act 1979 and Australian Federal Police Regulations 2018. I won’t be holding my breath. This is my opinion.

    • Thanks, keep up the good work. Agree Fred. I read that the AFP hasn’t prosecuted one politician since it’s inception in 1979 so they are essentially useless when it comes to corruption. However with the public spotlight on them they may grow a set of balls and do the right thing and thoroughly investigate Bruce Lehrmann in an objective and professional way.

  3. Thank you, you are doing an honourable job with this. Given that he has sought hideout in a psychiatric facility, I can’t help but hope he is segregated from the other patients. Psychiatric patients may be vulnerable and I worry for their safety being around someone who has potentially committed a number of rapes.

  4. The accused is being “managed” as part of an industrial strength cover up. Witness Protection from the very top.

  5. Every female who has been held or touched inappropriately in the Parliament building should should stand on the front lawn and scream for justice until justice is served.
    When the noise is deafening to ScoMo’s ears, all his prayers at Hillsong will never get him ‘off the hook’.

    • And when another female Liberal politician was asked to take Reynolds’ place, she declined. None of them will accept any press scrutiny (as piss-weak as it is from the MSM). I’m not sure the rocks these people crawl under will be big enough to cover this up.

    • Meanwhile Fiona Brown Linda Reynolds’ former Chief of Staff and current PM senior staffer has disappeared off everyone’s radar. Her name has not been mentioned in the last few weeks. She was Brittany’s “handler”.

  6. Remember how the AFP ‘tracked’ smack magnate Trimbole in the late 70’s- thru UK & Europe … case of nearly got him, oh oh nearly got him oh jeez nearly got him … in the end he lived to a comfortable old age albeit always on the ‘run’.

  7. Funny about police incompetence, its just everywhere. In the other high profile case, NSW Police were únable’ to go to South Australia to interview the complainant for several months due to the Covid restricitions on travel. She then committed suicide. Wasn’t freight and other important economic matter able to go to South Australia? What about the SAPOL exemptions for essential travel – wasn’t this important? Of course nothing to do with ministerial politics protecting anyone is it?

  8. Interesting how all the people at fault are playing the victim. Hospital, mental health breaks etc….sounds like DARVO to me.

  9. You’d have to wonder why a dual-citizen like this guy would seem to have such open access to our Department of Defence.

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