Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor’s wife is barrister Louise Clegg. Does she advise him on his fraud and theft?

Angus Taylor is married to barrister Louise Clegg so there is no excuse for his crimes and alleged crimes as he can get free legal advice 24 hours a day. A question that could and should be asked is what role, if any, has Louise Clegg played in the various fraud and theft scandals currently engulfing her husband such as Watergate, Grassgate, the fraudulent Sydney City council document and the Naomi Wolf lies.

While on the face of it Lousie Clegg is very well credentialled, just like her husband, she fails the pub test for credibility when she is put under any sort of scrutiny as per below where she even supports drink driving.

Louise Clegg stood back from her career as a barrister to run Angus’s 2013 federal election campaign and it was reported that in 2014 she left her legal career to become Angus’s full-time press secretary and campaign aide. She was also involved in Angus’s 2016 federal election campaign.

Louise Clegg is a board member of the Sydney Institute which is run by journalist and Rupert Murdoch’s puppet Gerard Henderson. Henderson recently came under criticism for defending Angus Taylor while not revealing his relationship with Louise Clegg.

Louise Clegg is also a member of the United States Studies Centre’s Board of Directors.

She clearly has her own ambitions: “Taylor’s wife, the Sydney barrister Louise Clegg, had lobbied former attorney-general George Brandis in late 2015 for the position of sex discrimination commissioner.” (Click here to read more)

Clegg was never appointed “sex discrimination commissioner” but her push for the role shows she has her own ambitions which is important given the current rumour she has her eye on the Sydney Lord Mayor role.

Lack of political nouse – Promoting drink driving and Margaret Cunneen

In the below video Louise Clegg activity promotes drink driving as being ok and while she does not name former prosecutor Margert Cunneen she is obviously supporting her as well in relation to Cunneen advising her then son’s girlfriend to lie to police a few years ago.

Former NSW prosecutor Margaret Cunneen is a major league crook but the High Court stopped ICAC’s investigation of her and if people want to defend her they can. But defending Cunneen on the basis that drink driving is ok is scandalous and even more so coming from a barrister and one who is directly involved in politics via running her husband’s political campaigns. (Click here to read more on Cunneen’s criminal connections)

GrassGate – Jam Land

GrassGate “concerned an investigation into alleged illegal clearing of native grasslands in 2016 by a company, Jam Land, in which Taylor has a shareholding.”

“Shortly after Jam Land was investigated for allegedly poisoning the critically endangered habitat, Taylor asked for and received briefings from the federal environment department.” (Click here to read more)

Angus Taylor and his wife Louise Clegg own shares in Jam Land via their company Gufee Pty Ltd of which they are both directors. (Click here to see a copy of the Register of Members Interests)

It’s a real family affair for the Taylors:

Then we had NSW Nationals MP Bronnie Taylor, the Energy Minister’s sister-in-law, who called the Office of Environment and Heritage in 2018 to urge them to drop an investigation into unlawful grassland clearing at her property at Nimmitabel.

She had advised the agency she was “a member of the state Parliament but was calling as the landowner”. Appropriate disclosure and nothing more, she said. The investigation concluded in Taylor’s favour. (Click here to read more)

The question for Louise Clegg is what knowledge did she have in relation to the illegal land clearing and attempted cover-up?”

In the below video Louise Clegg talks about “values” which is a bit rich given she is married Angus Taylor. Ms Clegg also talks about a discussion with a “senior liberal” who I assume is her husband and why are the people rejecting “politics as usual.” Is it the spin, broken promises or rorts etc. I’d say it’s because of politicians like her husband.


Watergate is the fraud and theft totalling $80 million which also involves federal MP Barnaby Joyce. No one knows all the beneficiaries of the $80 million water buyback fraud as it was done via a company in the Cayman Islands set up by Angus Taylor. Given Angus has never explained who all the beneficiaries are one has to assume one would be Louise Clegg because it is hard to believe she would be involved in the family companies as per the Register of Members Interests except ones in the Cayman Islands making $millions.

I think it is fair and reasonable to ask Louise Clegg if she has benefited in any way from the Cayman Island $80 million WaterGate scandal. (Click here to read more)

Angus Taylor’s office doctored copy of the City of Sydney’s 2017-18 annual report

Angus Taylor claimed that the City of Sydney’s 2017-18 annual report showed that the 10 councillors spent $14.2 million on domestic travel and $1.7 million on international travel but it turned out it was a doctored document which almost certainly was doctored by someone in Taylor’s office. Taylor used the document to “blast lord mayor Clover Moore over travel expenses, and to impute she was a hypocrite in declaring a climate emergency.” (Click here to read more)

Naomi Wolf lies

Angus Taylor has doubled down on his assertion he saw and met the American author Naomi Wolf during his time at Oxford University while demanding she apologizes for accusing him of antisemitism.

In a rowdy and rancorous final question time for 2019, the embattled minister for emissions reduction shrugged off a request from Wolf that he formally correct the Hansard record of his first speech, where he recalled the author living “a couple of doors down the corridor” at Oxford in 1991, and also recounted an anecdote about graduate students, mostly from the north-east of America, “deciding we should abandon the Christmas tree in the common room because some people might be offended”.

Wolf insists she did not live at Oxford in 1991, and was not part of any move by students to cancel Christmas. The author contacted Taylor’s office on Wednesday night in an effort to extract a correction. (Click here to read more)

Taylor should apologize to Naomi Wolf and move on as he has too many scandals to deal with as it is.

Questions for Louise Clegg

The general rule for reporting about politicians is that the media leave the family alone but in this case Ms Clegg is heavily involved in her husband’s career, she wants government positions for herself and comments publicly on government issues. So, I think it is more than fair to ask her to explain her role in the many scandals that will almost certainly end her husband’s political career.

Adding everything together it strongly suggests Ms Clegg is a very active player in her husband’s business dealings and his strategy for dealing with the numerous scandals confronting him. Based on that you would have to say she is just as corrupt as Angus is and she shouldn’t be appointed to any government position.

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  1. Well argued, had some serious niggles myself about this barrister. Stated did not know Cuneen (disclaimer on FFX9 piece defending her).

  2. Of course she would be aware of is fraud and theft, plus his other nefarious activities.
    As the High Court is a private corporation with an ABN, and lower courts are merely small departments under the High Court’s umbrella, they act outside The Constitution of Australia.
    “Wheels within wheels’, bent and twisted as Morrison, Stokes & Co et al, moving in the same ‘wheels’ as lawyers and judges, by-stepping truth and justice and abiding by their own untruths and misjustices.
    A race of criminals operating alongside the honest, loyal and truthful Australian people.

  3. Love your work, BUT where is all this leading.What is the current status of “Watergate”, “Grassgate”, the $80 million dollar water rip-off, Barnaby Joyce involvement, etc. Are there current investigations ongoing ? Or has everything been “swept under the carpet ” ?

  4. As identified by your Kangaroo Court, we have an incredibly corrupt institutional Govt at every level with no indepentent ICACs able to prosecute corruption. Democracy is not turning up every 3 years to vote one of 2 parties. The model is broken. We need citizen-initiated referendums to challenge the Govt laws that we disagree with; and means to prosecute corruption and related crimes, whether politicians, tax evading corporations, environmental destruction, or judicial illegal action.Political donations need repeal; and transparency of offshore bank accounts, particularly of politicians and their relatives.Bribing has to be recorded somewhere! Adani’s been courting politicians heavily and getting results despite the fast-approaching climate breakdown.

    • There is no climate breakdown. The wealth and high standard living you take for granted comes from mining. The whole of government both sides is rotten to the core, that’s this issue, it is not one sided. On the other side we have grand scale rorting, rape allegations swept under the carpet and secret deals being done with communist China which alone should cause us great concern. You can also throw into the mix union thuggery, PC shutdown of free speech and socialist engineering at its worst. A seriously corrupt legal system fuelled by avarice greed, far out of the reach of its citizens, just to name a few. The barbarians are at the gate.

    • Do you have a definition of ‘climate breakdown’, the latest fictional beleif by a few thousand brainwashed people, generally in the Millennia generation.
      Earth’s various climates began 4.5 billion years ago and have been changing every day since that time.
      Mining by diesel-powered machines to extract minerals transported by diesel-powered transport to factories to create 99.9999 percent of every single item used every day by almost every person on this planet.
      Factories homes and offices world-wide using electricity, generated by coal-powered generators, even disposing of body waste is left to ‘someone’ else to continue the disposal after everyone’s private button is pushed..
      People buy food and drink, mass produced by dedicated employees, farmers, and they have to use machinery and vehicles, people want private new vehicles, and, public transport, trains, ships, buses.
      This current ‘climate failing’ hoax is blaming mankind for CO2 and ‘greenhouse gases’ entering the atmosphere for altering ‘the climate’, meanwhile if that is truly the case, are you, and all the protesters, beleivers, news reporters stirring up arguments and aggression, politicians pushing the hoax, are all those mentioned prepared to give up their current lifestyle and everything they use and own, live as primitive people lived to stop the ‘climate changing’ including disposing of their own body waste products.

      Typically, most people who complain about a problem are not prepared to do anything about solving ‘IT’.

  5. Have a look at Taylor’s relationship with Derwent Search. He used to be the Chairman and a shareholder, and Derwent is always doing recruitment for his Department! Talk about corruption…

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