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Pigs On The Run – The Australian Federal Police

This posting has one agenda. To show how the Australian Federal Police under the leadership of Commissioner Tony Negus conceal criminal conduct in Federal Government Departments and Agencies.

The current Defence Force sex tape scandal is almost exactly the same as the current Reserve Bank Bribery Scandal. Both had complaints made to the Federal Police. On both occasions the Federal Police did nothing until the media became involved.

It is worth noting that the Commonwealth Ombudsman, Professor John McMillan, openly stated in an ABC Four Corners interview that the Australian Federal Police do not want to know about corruption in their own department. He said he was told this directly by senior Australian Federal Police. This in itself says there needs to be a Royal Commission into the Federal Police.  He made this statement in October 2008 in an interview with Sally Neighbour in the story titled Good Cop, Bad Cop. click here to watch). The reality is fairly clear that it is a lot broader than that, the Federal Police do not want to know about corruption or criminal conduct in any Government Department.

Australian Defence Force sex tape scandal

The Australian public has seen the Federal Police’s cover-up tactics in full flight in the last few days with the Australian Defence Force sex tape scandal involving the 18 year old girl. The Federal Police initially swept it under the carpet and only decided to investigate when Channel 10 ran an interview with the girl on the nightly news. Or at least that is what the Australian Defence are implying by their public statements. Both Defence and the Federal Police are have been contradicting each other all over the place with their public statements.

A quick overview is that an 18-year-old female cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy was secretly filmed having sex with a male cadet using the telecommunication service Skype. The male cadet had set up the video unknown to the girl and six other cadets were in another room watching, two were under the age of 18. Photographs were also taken on mobile phones and distributed around the base.

Another cadet was shown the photos and was disgusted and made a complaint to Defence Force Officers.

The 18-year-old female was told by Defence that Federal Police had told Defence Force investigators that it was not a crime in the ACT like other jurisdictions (other states). She was told that all that would happen is that the cadets involved would have leave stopped and restriction of privileges.

The day that Channel Ten ran the story they contacted the Australian Defence Force Academy for a response and were told that the Federal Police had changed their initial advice because it happened on Federal Property and it is covered by Commonwealth Laws and that they would now in investigate.

The problem with this is that the ADF (Australian Defence Force) have a very large and well resourced legal department and would have been well aware right from the start that a crime had been committed and that is was covered by Commonwealth Law. The General Counsel for Defence, David Lloyd would have been aware without a doubt but as you can see from a previous posting he has no hesitation in covering up corrupt and criminal conduct at the ADF. (Click here to read previous posting)

The so-called initial advice that it was not covered by ACT laws and that they only decided to investigate when they realised it happened on Federal Property and is covered by Commonwealth Laws is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. It does not matter whether it is on Federal Property or not to be covered by Commonwealth laws and the original Federal Police Officer who gave the advice would have known this the same as David Lloyd General Council for Defence would have known. The whole of Australia is covered by Commonwealth Laws no matter were you are in the country.

I really have to wonder if the ADF ever contacted the Federal Police in the first place and only did when the media became involved.

This is what Commissioner Tony Negus has been quoted as saying in the last few days:

Australian Federal Police commissioner Tony Negus said the original information provided by defence to police related to a very bare set of circumstances.

‘That advice that was provided by defence didn’t really fully comprehend the magnitude of what we now know to be the case,’

Defence sought advice from the AFP and was initially advised it did not appear any offences had been committed.

Mr Negus said defence conducted some original inquiries and some preliminary legal advice was provided on the basis of that information.

‘But then again the circumstances came out more fully later on,’ he said.

Asked if he thought this was intentional, Mr Negus replied: ‘No, there was preliminary advice sought on a particular question, that advice was provided and the circumstances then grew from there.’ (To read the full article click here)

Sounds like total crap coming from Tony Negus’s mouth to me.

Just for the record what happened is a clear breach of section 474.17 of the 1995 Criminal Code:

474.17  Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence

(1)  A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a)  the person uses a carriage service; and

(b)  the person does so in a way (whether by the method of use or the content of a communication, or both) that reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, menacing, harassing or offensive.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 3 years.

It took me all of 15 minutes to skim through the 1995 Criminal Code to find a section that covers the exact situation. Are we really to believe the ADF and Federal Police did not know?

Reserve Bank of Australia bribery scandal

The Reserve Bank bribery scandal involves a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia called Securency which makes and sells bank notes. As it turns out they have been caught bribing overseas officials to win contracts. It is illegal under Australian Law to bribe overseas officials.

A whistleblower who worked for Securency went to the Australian Federal Police in April 2008 armed with hard evidence. The Federal Police tried to sweep it under the carpet which they did successfully until May 2009 when The Age newspaper in Melbourne ran a story exposing the corrupt deals at Securency.

In an interview with ABC Radio on the 26th May 2010 this is what Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus said:

“There was an initial assessment done of that material and at that time, over the coming months, it was decided that there was insufficient material to launch an investigation. Looking back, there could have been more done at that time, I think, to look further and deeper into the issue.”

“At a later stage there was more material provided to the Australian Crime Commission, which was again provided to the AFP; at about that time the matter was formally referred to us by the RBA after the matter was featured in The Age newspaper.”

It is almost verbatim with what Tony Negus has said in relation with the Defence Force sex scandal.

Below is some of the transcript showing what the whistleblower said on the ABC Four Corners program in a story titled “Dirty Money” which was broadcast on the 24th May 2010.

INSIDER (Re-enactment): Well the fact that it was happening right under the nose of the Reserve Bank of Australia was – again – it was staggering to me. I just couldn’t believe that this was happening to a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank.

NICK MCKENZIE: By April 2008, our Securency insider had seen enough.

He walked into the offices of the Australian Federal Police building in Melbourne with the same information he has exposed on Four Corners tonight.

DR DAVID CHAIKIN, ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, SYDNEY UNIVERSITY: The information that that whistleblower had was gold.

NICK MCKENZIE: But instead of prompting action the Insider’s information was all but ignored by the AFP.

INSIDER (Re-enactment): Well it was always like, “Yeah we’re working on something else” or “We’re overseas” or “We’ll get back to you”.

And it sort of petered out after four or five months to no contact at all and that was just where it stayed.

NICK MCKENZIE: Were you surprised?

INSIDER (Re-enactment): Yeah, I was surprised. Yes. I was surprised that a serious matter like this with very serious implications for the people involved in this activity that it could just be dismissed so relatively easily.

NICK MCKENZIE: In May last year, The Age newspaper finally lifted the lid on Securency’s dodgy deals.

That same day the Reserve Bank of Australia called in the AFP. A year had passed since federal agents were first tipped off.

End Transcript. (Click here to read the full transcript) (Click here to watch the video)

It is interesting in the discrepancy in what Tony Negus said and what the whistleblower said. I know who I believe.

Today is April 2011 some three years after the whistleblower went to the Australian Federal Police with evidence that was described as “Gold” in the above transcript yet no one has ever been charged and probably never will be if Tony Negus has his way.

There are plenty of other examples of the Federal Police sweeping crimes under the carpet, two being the AWB Bribery Scandal and the Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill scandal, but I was in the process of doing postings on both of those so I will hold off getting into the details of them.

While it is fair to say that many Federal Police are decent people who do their job to the best of their ability, it is also fair to say that many Federal Police are guilty of concealing criminal offences on a regular basis and should be in jail, starting with Commissioner Tony Negus whose leadership not only allows this to happen but helps facilitate it.

Below is an email that I sent to Commissioner Tony Negus and others on the 11th April 2011.

From: Shane Dowling []
Sent: Monday, 11 April 2011 12:17 PM
To:; brendan.o’;;;;;;;;
Subject: Defence Force Sex Tape – Breach of Section 474.17 of the 1995 Criminal Code

Dear Commissioner Negus

One of the laws that has been breached in the Defence sex tape scandal is:

Section 474.17 of the 1995 Criminal Code:

474.17  Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence

(1)  A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a)  the person uses a carriage service; and

(b)  the person does so in a way (whether by the method of use or the content of a communication, or both) that reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, menacing, harassing or offensive.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 3 years.

It took me all of 15 minutes to skim through the 1995 Criminal Code to find a section that covers the exact situation.

I have done a posting on my website which covers the matter, It is titled “Pigs On The Run – The Australian Federal Police”

Pigs On The Run – The Australian Federal Police

If you need any more help please do not hesitate to contact me. (Given the situation is obviously beyond the capabilities of the Australian Federal Police)


Shane Dowling

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  1. Pigs on the run? Do you honestly think that is really necessary to post this type of things on the internet with your say, I think this is completely unnecessary, to take into consideration, no one cares about what you have to say, or what your opinion on this matter appears to be. I think you need to take into consideration his kids reading these sorts of things on the internet. I think that in this situation, you are the fat pig, sitting by your computer, posting these things. He has three children, who you for one, do not consider at all. Could you imagine how they feel with you blowing all of this out to them, one of the kids do also go to school, where everyone knows of everything about it. She would have to try and deal with this all herself. Well here’s my opinion, no one cares about what you have to say about this matter, imagine if they were your kids, and this was your life.

    • In reply to Portus.
      From what you say you obviously know Tony Negus or at least know someone who does to some degree.
      Are you saying that if a criminal has a family they should not be exposed? Everyone on my site would have families or family members.
      When people act in a criminal and corrupt manner they have a very negative affect on people and society. Sometimes they destroy people and their families. Tony Negus on a regular basis commits crimes. He conceals crimes which is a crime in itself, he lies, deceives and bullshits all the time. He is a bigger threat to the Australian public than then any of the major criminals in the country.
      Whilst I think it is sad that it has a negative impact on his family, that is Tony Negus’s fault not mine. All I am doing is trying to have him made accountable for his crimes so others do not have to suffer.

    • For sure you are one of them, that mean, your comment is not important for rest of us who support article above. If they have families, it is supposed, to think about them before they protect all sorts of criminals. So many honest people suffer because of them.


    • So what you’re saying (vaguely) Portus is that we should all just shut up and go away, because the exposure of somebody’s corruption while in public office may cause trouble for their family? If they have chosen the road of dishonesty then they have made their own family unsafe by their actions. That said, I find you post sort of off-topic and pointless, and no defence whatsoever.

  2. I actually like pigs, of the animal kind. You know the sayings, eat like a pig, live like a pig, squeal like a pig, etc, etc:

    This man out west phoned his boss, hey boss I gotta pig stuck in ma bull bar, what I do boss? Shoot the b…..r. The man rings back, hey boss i shot the b….r, like you said but what do i do wid dem blue flashing lights???

  3. Thank you Shane, your a Great Australia – All Australians should take their hats off to you for standing up for what is right and wrong.
    As for the shills and agents who try and pull you down, No i love the title of this story
    its well written and title suits “PIGS ON THE RUN” perfect title and if anybody doesnt like it Boo Hoo shill – again Good work Shane

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