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AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw should be charged with concealing the crimes of federal MP Angus Taylor

AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw, who was a key witness in a fraud cover-up attempt by the previous Northern Territory Police Commissioner who was jailed last year, has openly covered up the Angus Taylor fraudulent document scandal.

In the below video AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw refuses to answer basic questions at the Senate Estimates hearing on Monday (2/3/20) in relation to the Angus Talor fake document scandal. Kershaw even says he had another senior police officer with him to enable him to answer most if not all questions then and there and reduce the number of questions he had to take on notice.

Reece Kershaw refused to answer simple questions he should have known the answer to and continually said “I’ll take that on notice, Senator” to many questions which meant he would respond with an answer at a later date. Kershaw had time to prepare, would have been pre-warned what likely questions were coming and had someone there specifically to help him answer the questions so it was clearly a deliberate ploy to hide the truth.

The worst part is that there was no actual investigation. The AFP didn’t speak to Angus Taylor of Sydney Mayor Clover Moore. The Guardian reported:

Angus Taylor has declared he is moving on from the controversy sparked by his erroneous attack on the City of Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore because “two independent police forces” have examined the issues and the Australian federal police says the investigation is over.

After the AFP commissioner, Reece Kershaw, told a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra the decision not to investigate allegations against Taylor was considered and objective, and the case would not be re-opened, Taylor said it was time to move on. (Click here to read more)

There is a powerful prima facie case to charge Commissioner Reece Kershaw with concealing a crime. This is another example of why we need a federal ICAC yesterday.

Reece Kershaw - Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor is the third from left. I think the picture was taken in 2019.

On Monday night (2/3/20) Angus Taylor went on the ABC’s 7.30 Report program and falsely claimed that he had been cleared by 2 thorough police investigations by the AFP and NSW Police. The only thing that the NSW Police did was to refer the complaint to the AFP although that was done after a suspicious phone call from Prime Minister Scott Morrison to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. Taylor is one of those criminals who thinks he is smarter than everyone else but judgment day is coming.

The likely motivation for Angus Taylor to doctor the document and give it to News Corp to publish to try to embarrass Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore is because his wife Louise Clegg wants to run for Sydney Lord Mayor with the election in a few months. Clegg has denied she is planning to run for Lord Mayor, but she does work in Angus’s office and her name keeps popping up as a likely candidate.

The SMH recently ran a story with the below picture (15/2/20) on the Sydney Lord Mayor race and said:

“So too barrister Louise Clegg, wife of Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor. Despite her protestations that she won’t contest any Sydney-based mayoral race as she lives in Goulburn, senior Liberal Party sources say she may still throw her Akubra in the right-wing ring. Earlier this month, the Australian Federal Police dropped its investigation into her politician husband over doctored documents aimed to damage the climate change credentials of her could-be competitor lord mayor Clover Moore.” (Click here to read more)

From left. Clover Moore, Kerryn Phelps, Louise Clegg, Christine Forster and Linda Scott

From left: Clover Moore, Kerryn Phelps, Louise Clegg, Christine Forster and Linda Scott.

Louise Clegg is a barrister and I published an article on the 11/12/19 titled “Angus Taylor’s wife is barrister Louise Clegg. Does she advise him on his fraud and theft?” and said:

Angus Taylor is married to barrister Louise Clegg so there is no excuse for his crimes and alleged crimes as he can get free legal advice 24 hours a day. A question that could and should be asked is what role, if any, has Louise Clegg played in the various fraud and theft scandals currently engulfing her husband such as Watergate, Grassgate, the fraudulent Sydney City council document and the Naomi Wolf lies. (Click here to read more)

In the below video Louise Clegg activity promotes drink driving as being ok and while she does not name former prosecutor Margert Cunneen she is obviously supporting her as well in relation to Cunneen advising her then son’s girlfriend to lie to police a few years ago.

Given the above, Clegg clearly does advise Angus on his crimes and how to conceal them.

But this brings us back to AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw who was appointed by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton in July 2019 and started in the role in October 2019.

Reece Kershaw spent the previous 5 years as Northern Territory Police Commissioner after the previous Commissioner, John McRoberts, had to resign because of corruption.

The ABC reported:

John McRoberts, who was forced to resign in January 2015 amid allegations he deliberately interfered with a major travel agent fraud investigation.

It was Commissioner Kershaw who confronted McRoberts in 2014 about the claims he had been in a sexual relationship with the now-convicted former travel agent and NT CrimeStoppers chairwoman Xana Kamitsis.

McRoberts was jailed last year and was “sentenced to three years in prison suspended after 12 months.”

Kershaw was one of the star witnesses at John McRoberts trial so he certainly knows what government corruption is, how fraud cover-ups by Police Commissioners work and that a possible outcome is jail. So why does Kershaw so blatantly cover-up for Angus Taylor? Maybe it’s his new $700,000 plus salary.

Kershaw promised “more transparent communication with journalists” when he took over as AFP Commissioner. But is Kershaw saying he will be more transparent with journalists but less transparent with the government and the public? His transparency claim has quickly turned out to be a lie.

Reece Kershaw has made a mockery of the Australian Federal Police and should resign and be charged which is the same as what happened to former Northern Territory Police Commissioner John McRoberts when he concealed a fraud.

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