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Scott Morrison’s lies start to unravel about his knowledge of the police investigation into paedophile protector Brian Houston

Scott Morrison has admitted he lied about trying to take paedophile protector Brian Houston to the White House last September. Of course, Morrison doesn’t call it a lie but what is a bigger lie that is impossible to dispute is Morrison also implying, on the recording below, that he didn’t know Brian Houston was under investigation by the NSW Police for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children.

In September 2019 when it was reported that Brian Houston was rejected by the White House as a guest during Scott Morrison’s visit all Morrison would say is that it was “gossip” when he was asked by the media if he had asked the White House to invite Houston. (Click here to read more)

Morrison told radio announcer Ben Fordham that in relation to Brian Houston being under investigation by the NSW police:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “So, I’m not quite sure what the accusation is about that”

Ben Fordham: “Well as I said it was relevant because as it turns out he was under police investigation and he still is according to NSW police. Would it be fair to say that you were not aware of that at the time?”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “No, these are not issues that I follow closely. All I know is that they are a very large and very well attended and well-supported organisation here in Australia”

What “issue” doesn’t he “follow closely”. That has to be admission he knew at least at some point that Brian Houston was under investigation by the police.

Below is the recording that lasts 1 minute and 22 seconds. 

Scott Morrison also talks about the Hillsong Church and claims that Brian Houston was invited to the White House later as a guest and that President Donald Trump didn’t have an issue with Brian Houston being at the White House because he was there a few months after Scott Morrison.

From what I understand is that Brian Houston was not at the White House as a guest but was there on a tour with other people from similar organisations in the US.

The lies of Scott Morrison in the Ben Fordham interview

Morrison says in relation to the scandal of trying to take Houston with him to the White House: “I’m not quite sure what the accusation is about that”. It’s been all over the media for months what the issue was and Morrison says he doesn’t know what the accusation is. That’s a blatant lie.

Morrison then says: “No, these are not issues that I follow closely”.

Let’s have a look at some of the facts.

  1. Brian Houston’s lies were exposed at the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission in 2014 where he caught covering up his father’s sexual abuse of boys and which he perjured himself like no tomorrow in the witness stand under oath. (Click here to read more)
  2. 60 Minutes did a story on one of Frank Houston’s victims, Brett Sengstock, in November 2018 and also reported: “Brian Houston, the founder of the Hillsong Church, is under investigation by New South Wales police over his handling of the sex crimes committed by his father Frank Houston.” A NSW police spokesman said the investigation has been reopened and is now “current and active”. (Click here to read more)
  3. On the 13th of July 2019, after I contacted the NSW police on the 10/7/19, I reported: “Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife were on stage leading prayers in front of 21,000 people on Tuesday night (9/7/19) with the Hillsong Church’s Brian Houston who is still under investigation by the NSW police for concealing the sexual abuse of children by his father Frank Houston.” (Click here to read more
  4. After I reported that the NSW police were still investigating Brian Houston other media over the next few months also contacted the police and reported that they were still investigating Brian Houston. For example, The New Daily reported it in September 2019 and The Guardian also reported it in October 2019.

Brian Houston at the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission in 2014 giving perjured evidence

This story has been pumping all over social media for a year and especially since July 2019 when Morrison and his wife hopped on stage with Brian Houston to help him promote Hillsong. Yet Scott Morrison says “I’m not quite sure what the accusation is about that” and “No, these are not issues that I follow closely.”

When Brian Houston was rejected by the White House it is almost certain it was because he was under investigation by the police and Morrison would have been told so again it’s impossible for Morrison to now say he didn’t know.

Brian Houston confessed he failed to go to the police when he knew his father had abused children which he also admitted on national TV as per the below video. Given Houston’s admission, a powerful prima facie case has been made to charge Houston with concealing a crime and put those charges before a jury or judge to decide. So, why haven’t the police charged Houston?

Brian Houston has refused to be interviewed by police but they don’t need to interview him with his public confession.

The Police investigation started in 2015, stopped in 2017 and started again when 60 Minutes broadcast their story in 2018. All roads lead back to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller who has been in the top job since March 2017 and the previous Commissioner Andrew Scipione. Scipione was, and possibly still is, a Hillsong Church member and he went to Frank Houston’s funeral in 2014. There can be no doubt that it is a police cover-up. There can be no doubt that Commissioner Fuller, and Commissioner Scipione before him, have instructed police not to charge Houston.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has advisors all over the place and he has a large team that follows the media as well as social media. And it must be remembered that Scott Morrison says Brian Houston is a close friend and mentor, yet he claims he knows nothing about the police investigation.

What really needs to be investigated is Scott Morrison’s relationship with NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller especially after Morrison rang Fuller when it was announced that the police were investigating federal MP Angus Taylor. Are we to believe that Morrison would ring Commissioner Fuller on behalf of Angus Taylor but not ring Fuller in relation to his friend Brian Houston?

When I sent the NSW police media department questions asking if there was any interference by Scott Morrison in the Brian Houston matter they refused to answer. (Click here to read more)

Whatever the case Morrison has raised more questions then he answered. Probably the worst thing is that Morrison never apologized to the survivors when Ben Fordham made him aware that Brian Houston was still under investigation by the NSW police. And that would be because Scott Morrison already knew, and he didn’t care. 

One last point. Morrison said: “No, these are not issues that I follow closely. All I know is that they are a very large and very well attended and well-supported organisation here in Australia.” Which could be translated to Morrison saying that survivors don’t matter to him but a large organisation with lots of votes does count. And why does Morrison call it an organisation? I thought they claimed it was a Church.

Scott Morrison has a lot more questions to answer on this issue and he owes it to the survivors to tell the truth.

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  1. Morrison has and always will be a snake oil salesman,lies like a pig in mud, wait and see if he doesn’t give Hillsong a big Gov’t handout ,just like Howard did, birds of a feather flock together, and Morrison has previous form for being a slick lying conman ala tourism NZ and tourism Australia, and backed by Labor to get his seat,from a sitting member, I’d trust Morrison as far as I could spit into a headwind.

  2. This Hillsong Hillbilly is just a …”look at me I am a Christian …LIAR “ Just like many God fearing Church attendees …Lie when it suits their purpose, then pray for forgiveness .0

    • Those who believe truly in God and Jesus don’t always go to church. It’s those who live a lie, saying they are Christian, but are not, who smears the name of God. We are not all the same. My father-in-law had a saying: Pray on their knees on Sunday, prey on everyone else the rest of the week. That’s what is happening worldwide, with the support of corrupt government. The evil – add a d to the front – incarnate.

  3. The NSW Police are racing the sleeping snail to get this investigation completed. However, this strategy is not to allow Smirkie Sacked from Marketing to prove that he can out lie even Donald Trumpery. Rather, it is because the NSW Police do not want, or have been told by their political masters, to do nothing and hope that the general Australian voters quietly forget that all press releases from the Office of the Prim Monster are dubious.

  4. Top reporting. Hillsong is a cult that cultivates those in power to further it’s political ends. It wants control of government in order to bring about policies in favours – those consistent with “Biblical teachings”: whatever that means. Pentecostals played a crucial role in some key seats vital to the LNP victory. Morrison is a born liar. He should be pursued doggedly over Houston and the plethora of rorting that has occurred under his LNP Government

  5. This December 2019 article refers to the Church leaders which included Brian Houston being invited to the White House. Note the word “invited”. It wasn’t just a tour.

    “CCM husband and wife duo Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes were among the group of Church leaders invited to the White House for a Faith Briefing on December 6th. Other familiar faces in attendance included Hillsong’s Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston and Bethel Music’s Sean Feucht. In addition to an informational session on the administration’s faith-based initiatives, the group prayed in the Cabinet Room and Oval Office. Vice President Mike Pence was in attendance and the group briefly met President Trump as well.”


    Morrison is therefore correct as to his understanding that Houston had a invitation to the White House for the Church leaders’ briefing.

    It seems that the White House has not refused Houston an invitation to this event even though he is under investigation by NSW Police.

    In that interview with Ben Fordham, Morrison did mention that not all the names he put forward to the White House to attend Trump’s State Dinner with Morrison were given an invitation. There were others, besides Houston, who didn’t get to go, though the PM would have liked them there.

    Morrison’s words in the Fordham interview,

    “On that occasion, we put forward a number of names that included Brian, but not everybody whose names we put forward were invited,”

    I would expect that numbers were limited.

    • If what you say is the case then Scott Morrison would have said so at the time and the many other times he was asked then and afterwards. Instead, he ducked and weaved for months which is very telling

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