Alan Jones’s 22-year-old boyfriend Jake Thrupp sends a legal threat to journalist

Alan Jones’s boyfriend Jake Thrupp and his parents sent me a legal threat from Gillis Delaney Lawyers on the 19th of February 2020, as per the below letter, in relation to an article I published a week before on the 12th of February titled “Alan Jones is back grooming young male students for his sexual pleasure.”

I suspect that the legal letter was likely paid for and almost certainly driven by Alan Jones who is a radio announcer for the Nine Entertainment owned 2GB in Sydney.

There are a number of problems with the legal letter that make it extremely weak but the average person, not used to getting letters like that, might have been intimidated.

Firstly, what I wrote about Jake Thrupp and his parents was based on what was already written on the SMH website which is also owned by Alan Jones’s employer Nine Entertainment. Nine were the ones who outed the sexual relationship between Jones and Thrupp and their articles are still on the internet so why should I take my article down?

Secondly, the legal letter is written in a very weak manner. It has the standard “Urgent. Private and Confidential. Not for Republication” on the top which carries no weight. If a lawyer sends you a letter like that you are free to publish it all you like the same as I have.

And thirdly, the letter doesn’t identify anything I wrote as being untrue. It just makes broad claims of being defamed and that is why they did not send what is known as a Concerns Notice but claim at the end that they will consider sending a Concerns Notice if I don’t take the article down. It is all bluff because if they send a Concerns Notice which, is standard for defamation matters, they will need to identify what I have said is untrue and defamatory which they would have already done if it was defamatory.

The letter is below:

(I never received the email they claim they sent on the 19th and I have moved so I did not receive the letter until recently via the scanned copy above)

I have written a number of articles about Alan Jones grooming schoolboys when he was a teacher at The Kings School and being under investigation by the NSW police for sex with minors and he obviously knows who I am which to me points to Alan Jones being the driving force in relation to the above letter.

In the last few days, Alan Jones has come under criticism for potentially putting lives at risk when he said in relation to the Coronavirus: “We now seem to be facing the health version of global warming”. (Click here to read more) Alan Jones doesn’t believe most of what he says, doesn’t care who he hurts and only says it if he thinks it will benefit his bank balance and career.

I haven’t heard anything from Jake Thrupp or his parents since the letter and I doubt that I will. If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas and if the Thrupps want to blame anyone for the media attention they should blame Alan Jones. I put “Alan Jones’s 22-year-old boyfriend Jake Thrupp” in the title of this article to re-enforce the point the only reason we know that is because Alan Jones’s employer published articles to that effect. If the Thrupps really believe they have been defamed why haven’t they sued Alan Jones’s employer Nine Entertainment and the SMH website?

And why didn’t Thrupp’s lawyer expressly say what was untrue in my article when they sent me the letter which is standard practice in defamation matters? Because everything points to it being true and correct and the legal letter was a bluff.

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  1. I am no “Legal Eagle” but if you could be sued for printing something that has already been printed and with proof was deemed to be true, I do not understand how they can sue you as a journalist who had printed this article that had already been printed before. It is amazing what some people do, if they put themselves in precarious positions then they should be aware that there is a real chance of said issues coming back to bite them.

    • I feel the same way about Assange. He has been treated like a criminal for printing the truth. None of his articles has ever been proven to be untrue and yet the Australian Govt will do nothing to help an Australian citizen.

  2. Truly unbelievable. However do you put up with these parasites? You publish something that has been outed by someone else, and you cop the blame. Thanks for the address of Gillis Delaney, I’ll definitely be giving them a serve and will also give Jones a serve as well. Despicable moran he is.

  3. Libertarianism is dead in the water. Clearly this is a case of exploitation by an elite, in an environment where employment is fickle, and rare. I see similarities to Harvey Weinstein’s abuse and predatory behaviour.

  4. Seems the Thrupps are more concerned with their social perception than the sons choice of relationships..he’s an adult…just a pity he has been duped by an old man

  5. Well what can we really say….he’s at it AGAIN grooming young blokes for his pleasure. Why haven’t the police followed up on the original SCHOOLBOY CASE….oh yeah that’s right he’s a public figure…FFS

  6. Allan Jones, is a predator and EVERY ONE KNOWS IT. Chanel 9, also knows, and what do they do about it ZILCH. This is the new modern world that Australia has become. Pathetic

    • Well said David. Allan Jones was outed many years ago, yet he is free to continue on with his ‘dirty dealings’. Truly sick of this mans “pedo” affiliations.

  7. It no longer matters in Australia if individuals are bent, twisted, upside-down, inside-out, back-to-front or complete mis-fits as laws have been created to force Mr & Mrs Average to accept and never dispute or disagree with that abnormal and strange sub-human behaviour.
    The loyalty to Advance Australia Fair has be changed to Regress Australia Accept Foul.

  8. Oh Boy, Jonde. You hit the nail on the head perfectly. I can’t believe how far this country has fallen & how the regression of our morals. we now have no choice but to accept the regression of our morals.Shame Australia, Shame !

  9. Alan Jones’ butler shown the door – SMH – 21/3/20

    While Alan Jones has been fearlessly broadcasting from his custom-built studio at his luxury country estate Elizabeth Farm in Sutton Forrest to avoid COVID-19 – despite claiming on air it was all a bit of a beat up – PS can reveal details of another drama Jones has not found quite so easy to escape.

    Jones has parted company with his second butler in just six months in mysterious circumstances.

    Allan abruptly left his employer shortly after the arrival of handsome, young aspiring media commentator, 23-year-old Jake Thrupp, who has been by Jones’ side constantly for several years. While “assistant” Thrupp remains on Jones’ personal payroll, Hickey and Allan have departed The Toaster building after having dutifully served their master.

    Read more: https://www.smh.com.au/culture/celebrity/alan-jones-butler-shown-the-door-20200318-p54ba3.html

  10. Well what is new regarding Alan Jones and his association with youth the reports started back in his teaching days.It was reported in the now defunct Daily Mirror here in Sydney that Jones was questioned by London constabulary regarding his activities in a public toilet in London seems he is
    still up to his infamous activities and unstoppable by law.

  11. Keep up your great work! Your honesty, integrity, never lay down, investigative journalism is bloody brilliance, in a World full of the likes of Jones & other msm airbags whom read/write from scripts prepared by their ma$ter$, with their only real contribution being the acting out of fake moral outrage or fake slimy happiness that they believe will win them an Award or reward$ from those same ma$ter$ & donor$!

  12. I am struggling to see what sort of damage the parents would suffer if their allegations are true.

  13. His TutTutting and moral outrage is a joke a big facade to hide his real agenda he’s been fooling his audience for years, all the Mrs. Buckets living in the salubrious suburbs we used to call them the blue rinse set.

  14. You should probably know that truth is not a sufficient defence against defamation in NSW. The Rush case recently confirms this. There must be a public interest angle. That said- in this case they cant really say you defamed them unless they admit that a lot of people would think Thrupp is doing the wrong thing by entering into the relationship.

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