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The Coronavirus. What is really happening at the epicentre in Italy and why Australians need to act now!

Below is a video from the epicentre of the Coronavirus war in Italy where thousands have already died that tells the real story of what is coming and is a must-watch for all Australians.

The doctor in the video says the Coronavirus is not a flu but severe pneumonia and the journalist, Stuart Ramsay, says the doctors and nurses are not the frontline in the war, they are the only line. At the end of the video, Ramsay says there they are calling it the Apocalypse. Their message to us is simple, get ready.

The below video is hard-hitting with no sugar-coating from government or other media but it is a truth we all need to know especially people who have been lethargic in taking action because time is a luxury we don’t have otherwise we will end up like Italy.

The  SMH has reported today “Just 11 days ago, the total number of cases Australia-wide passed 100” but today “Australia’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases has surged past 1000”. (Click here to read more) At that rate, we will hit tens of thousands in a few weeks.

The below video is Sky News’ Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay in Lombardy, Italy on the 19th of March 2020.

If you don’t take the Coronavirus seriously and take proper precautions not only might you get the coronavirus but you might also spread it to people who won’t survive so it’s not just about you.

I came across the video because a mainstream journalist Tweeted it on Twitter but unfortunately the mainstem media aren’t reporting how severe the real problem is enough and that is why I decided to post the video.

I think it is important for all Australians to watch the above video as it might help save lives so please share this article.

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  1. Telling the truth is never popular keep up the great work “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” they say George Orwell invented this quote but I cannot fine it is anything he said regardless it is a truth,

  2. Thank you for always telling the truth and risking so much! There are not many journalists like you especially in times of adversity.

  3. Everyone talks in terms of relative numbers of deaths compared with this or that, (and incidentally seems quite happy to throw the already ill and elderly overboard), but it isn’t about that, its about the tying up of resources that comes with so many seriously sick people. It will not in any way be possible to provide the level of care needed to everyone that needs it, and some brutal decision-making is coming. If the contest for the last ventilator in the Unit is between 67 YO Bill who is retired and has some airways disease already, and 38 YO Bob who has a young-ish family and still works as a machinist, I can tell you where the decision will go. That is what our reality will soon be.

  4. It isn’t up to the Government to do every thing for the citizens. It is now what clear minded people have been saying for years now. There isn’t any time left for a training programs or for people to try and teach the others how to do it, and that is “Taking responsibility for your own actions and for your self preservation.” We all know what must be done and what our responsibilities are towards our own safety as well as for those we are responsible for children and the elderly. No blame can be laid at the feet of any other person, “It is up to you, and you alone to take care of your self.” Do it or suffer the consequences.

  5. Now well into my ninth decade, I take comfort in the adage that pneumonia is the friend of the frail aged, as it often accelerates death. Of course I would prefer that younger people are chosen if treatment is rationed, but I would hope for good palliative care at the end if anyone has time to administer it.

  6. Strengthening your immune system through diet and sleep, and reducing stress are keys to fighting this virus. Many doctors on YouTube in the low carb community claim that those of us who are in ketosis and fat burning are more likely to resist the virus compared with those of us who fuel our bodies on glucose. Look up Dr Berg, Dr Shawn Baker, Dr Paul Mason, Ivor Cummings, and others in the Low Carb community.

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