Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Federal Government fails to enforce social distancing laws at the Sydney International Airport. Another Ruby Princess scandal?

The below video shows social distancing laws being abused at the Sydney International Airport this morning (26/3/20) which is very disturbing given we know for a fact that people returning from overseas are the number one carriers of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). So why is the federal government failing to enforce the social distancing laws?

The video was filmed by Sally Prosser who posted it on Twitter at @sally_prosser. When she asked the Australian Border Force about Social Distancing being breached the reply was “not our problem, that’s biosecurity.”

The federal government is responsible for Airports in Australia but it is extremely counterproductive when the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller held a press conference yesterday warning people “Coronavirus social distancing breaches could lead to fines and jail time“. Maybe the NSW police should arrest the federal politicians who have failed to enforce the social distancing laws at the Airport.

The failure of the authorities to take proper action at the Airport is almost identical to the Ruby Princess cruise ship scandal, where they allowed 2700 passengers off the cruise to disperse around Australia and abroad, which has been blamed for record rise in NSW COVID-19 cases.

The only option, given the above video, is for the NSW government to take back control of the Airports in their state as the Federal Government are doing nothing to enforce the law.

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  1. Passengers from the Norwegian Princess, a ship which as refused port facilities by 4 countries, were flown to Sydney on Thursday and put up in the Swissotel Sydney in Market St in the CBD. Other residents were not considered and if you go online you can still book a hotel room there.

  2. Ought not to be allowed; the cat is out of the bag; the horse has bolted; this parrot is dead.
    Who will Scomo the puffery master blame in 10 days time? Why us of course, it couldn’t be him.

  3. A friend of mine just flew back from Hamilton Island. Exactly the same. No monitoring for the virus, and no social distancing

  4. Sydney Airport is a private corporation, ABN 62 082 578 809, Active
    The airport is owned by the ASX-listed Sydney Airport Group and is not answerable to the government, therefore it is possible that the company management are ignoring government instructions.
    The company has not paid taxes for ten years and problems keep arising

  5. Why did this wet lot of an excuse for government permit anyone to enter Australia without testing clear for the virus. To claim cruise boats did not port where the virus was is absurd ! The crew members all hundreds of them on every boat the majority come from low wage countries where Coronavirus is rampart. They were enjoying Sydney and spreading infection that had already been passed onto passengers. Common sense says test. Meanwhile new arrivals were being turned over for bringing in foodstuffs cigarettes or vegetable matter to stop virus.Border Protection is farcical. Only the British Telegraph has called out China on this ! Not a peep from local media Don’t want to upset China eh !

    • Do not upset Chinese communists Damian.
      Mainstream Chines people have to keep their mouths shut in relation to senior Chinese government officials, the communist dictators, which we in the West are never informed by the media of their absolute hatred of America and its allies.
      Why no reports from Russia, Korea relating to COVID-19, because they are allies of China.
      You don’t have any idea about low-wage countries whether or not the virus is ‘rampant’.
      Many of them kow-tow to China also, Wuhan has eased lockdown and there are no cases of the virus in Beijing, why are there only a few mild cases in Taiwan, Singapore, 16 people only infected in Vietnam.
      The plot thickens daily …….

  6. The Ruby Princess episode will be seen by those studying this in the future as a debacle bordering on being a disaster.

  7. And can someone please explain why the WHO (World Health Organisation) helping every other country but not Taiwan. Because China has threatened every country including the WHO not to recognise Taiwan as an independent country. Even Qantas won’t recognise Taiwan in fear of threats by China to stop all Qantas flights flying into China. China gets what China wants !??

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