Boosting your immune system could help you survive the Coronavirus. Why isn’t the government talking about it?

There are many fruits and vegetables, which we can all access, that scientific testing says fight viruses and so there would have to be a possibility they could save people’s lives during the Coronavirus pandemic. Yet the only things the government and media talk about are testing medicines that may or may not work and the hope of a vaccine that could be years away.

At the moment there is no cure for the Coronavirus so you should read this article and start thinking about changing your own diet today if it’s not a healthy and balanced diet. Because for some people that might be enough to save your life or at least minimise you spreading it to others.

I have changed my diet recently to make sure it is balanced with fruit and vegetables that I researched which are recommended for their ability to improve the immune system and also stop viruses multiplying. An example is an olive leaf which I never knew about until recently:

Olive leaf or Oleuropein is the perfect choice for boosting your immune system. It has been used for centuries to fight bacteria, viruses and inflammation.

Olive leaf comes from the leaves of the olive tree. Olives and olive oil also contain small amounts of oleuropein, one of the active ingredients, but the leaf contains the most. Olive leaf has many health promoting polyphenols including oleuropein. It also has antioxidants, anti-fungal properties, phytonutrients and sterols, all essential to reducing inflammation and fighting disease.

How can olive leaf help boost your immune system?

Olive leaf inactivates viruses and makes them incapable of replication, which then stops their growth allowing the body time to fight and destroy them. (Click here to read more)

Even Medibank Health Insurance has olive leaf on its website as a flu remedy: 

Some of the bioactive phytochemicals in olive leaf extract, especially oleuropein, are said to enhance the immune system in multiple ways. Firstly, they may improve immune function by attacking the flu virus once symptoms are present. Additionally, the replication of viruses responsible for the common cold and flu may be interfered with by the bioactive phytochemicals in olive leaf extract. However, although there is some laboratory evidence for these effects, clinical evidence in humans is inconclusive. Olive leaf can be taken as a liquid concentrate, dried leaf tea, powder, or capsule. The leaf extracts can be taken in powder, liquid concentrate, or capsule form. (Click here to read more)

There is no guarantee that olive leaf works as Medibank says on their website but I think there is a good chance it might given everything that is written about it and as there is no remedy for the Coronavirus it’s worth a try. But it’s not the only fruit and vegetable you should be eating anyhow. I haven’t started eating olive leaf yet because I was already eating olives on a weekly basis in Greek salads and olives also contain oleuropein which is the key ingredient to fight viruses. I have now increased the number of olives I am eating. If I get any Coronavirus symptoms, I plan on buying the leaf extract then as well.

Even the doctors and scientist do not fully understand the Coronavirus but what is known is that it can kill people especially if they have a weak immune system. We also know the virus has flu-like symptoms but can escalate into severe pneumonia. 

We know we can’t stop catching the flu and the government’s own statistics say a huge number of people will catch the Coronavirus. But what we should be doing if we do catch it is trying to stop it escalating into severe pneumonia and I believe that diet could be the answer. A good diet is also what likely explains why 80% of people who catch the Coronavirus only get mild symptoms.

We should be looking for 3 things. Firstly, foods that help boost the immune system which is well-known to help prevent the flu. Secondly, foods that fight or reduce viruses spreading in the body. Thirdly, given pneumonia is an “infection that causes inflammation in the air sacs in your lungs” we should be eating foods that are anti-inflammatory.

The types of foods we should be eating to boost the immune system are listed on numerous websites but many people in the public wouldn’t be giving it much thought. It’s like social distancing, unless it is driven by the government and media people ignore it.

My main issue is that the government and media are promoting a malaria drug and HIV drug as potential cures when they haven’t even been trialled yet. And also “the TGA warning that the drug and its derivatives “pose well-known serious risks to patients including cardiac toxicity potentially leading to sudden heart attacks, irreversible eye damage and severe depletion of blood sugar potentially leading to coma”. (Click here to read more)

Yet at the same time, the government and the Australian media are failing to advise the public that a good diet could possibly save their lives which I think is supported to some degree by the fact that 80% of people who contract the Coronavirus only get mild symptoms.

There have been some articles on your diet to help fight the Coronavirus by overseas media such at The Sun but I could find only two articles by Australian media, here and here, and I haven’t heard one politician raise the issue.

In the last few weeks, I have started drinking 500ml of orange juice daily, 250ml of V8 vegetable juice daily, an apple daily, one or 2 bananas daily, a salad or vegetables daily and I’m starting to feel a lot healthier for it.

I also found out during my research that broccoli and red capsicum are two of the best sources for vitamin C so I have started eating them weekly as well. My motivation for doing it is to boost my immune system so I don’t get the Coronavirus and if I do my body is in its best shape to fight it so I end up in the 80% of people who only get mild symptoms.

The point I am making with my diet is that you need to do the research yourself and find foods that you will eat that are good for your immune system.

We all have our different cures/diets we use when we get the flu but all the ones I have every tried never worked. But that doesn’t mean a good diet won’t stop the Coronavirus developing into severe pneumonia and that is what we should all be aiming for by eating well and boosting our immune system.

As a side note, I used to be a smoker for over 20 years and when I got the flu it would last 3 to 5 weeks with severe symptoms. Since I gave up smoking in November 2013 the few times I have caught a cold I have breezed through it with very mild symptoms. Smoking undermines your immune system in a big way so if you smoke you should think about giving up as soon as possible.

I decided to write this article because I believe if people who have a poor diet, change their diet, it will save lives. And diet is a topic that should front and centre for the politicians and media when discussing what people can do to fight the Coronavirus. The same as they continually tell us to wash our hands and to socially distance at press conferences and via government bads, but the politicians and media are failing to mention diet as they should.

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  1. Liposomal Vit. C from LivOn Labs. best way to deliver Vit C without wasting it,to your body,bit expensive and I have to send to N.Z. to get it as not easy and limited to 3 box’s at a time. I urge people to read about it as it might save your life, as it did to that Kiwi dairy farmer 10 years ago who had ‘Swine Flu’ and recovered after being on life support for month’s. Ref: 60 minutes New Zealand ‘Dairy Farmers fight with hospital over not being allowed Vit C I.V’s

  2. Good advice. The father of medicine wrote “Let food be they medicine, and medicine be they food.” It’s probably not a coincidence that pharmaceuticals have a corrupted version of the word farm in them. Clever marketing.

    • You’re absolutely right re the power of fresh fruit/veg (although at the moment f & v is expensive!), & yes totally agree re liposomal vitamin c too…that is a recommendation in this info, amongst other things).

      • I cannot eat any uncooked fruit and vegetables except a piece of cucumber. That’s just me, I know, but one must be very careful with blanket recommendations. Low salt was not for us because our blood pressure went into the cellar. Maybe we are aliens?

        One blanket recommendation I will give: Potatoes sprout unless they are dusted/sprayed with anti-germination stuff. I do not feel comfortable about life preventing stuff on my potatoes and no longer buy them.

        There are almonds in the photo. I never eat almonds any more or marzipan. 16 liters of water for growing 1 (ONE) almond – no thanks.

  3. Another “anomaly” in the government response is face masks. Apparently we have none (so we’re told, because a clever govt would never stock these for a national emergency!) and what little stock we allegedly have are saved for medical workers. We are locked down in tyranny, deliberately killing small businesses, yet simple measures like distributing or even telling us how to make our own masks is never discussed. Other countries have quickly re-tooled their manufacturing lines to make more masks, but again in the filthy corrupt main stream media this is never discussed. Stating the obvious to some, a primary method to keep the population dumbed down is to hide any knowledge/thought/questioning.

    • I’m also wondering how much truth is in some articles I’ve read about foreign agents gathering up available stock of masks and growns and send OS..(to china)

      • We the general public have been told to wear a mask only if we have an infection so as not to infect others. There is an article that says, yes, an n95 masks will protect you from airborne viruses. However, a poorly-fitted mask with gaps between the wearer’s face and the mask will not provide the protection required.

      • Matthew, at times like this masks would be covered under national security laws and would not be allowed to be sent out of the country. That’s a perfect example of how governments and media spread fake news.

        Dana, so a few people using masks incorrectly means that none of us should wear masks? For what is allegedly the biggest pandemic in history? Rrrrrrrright. Another perfect example of fake government/media news. Let’s ignore the most basic preventative measures and kill small business and their employees.

        Something about this coronavirus is a massive con, because the media has hyped it 24/7 to infinity for about 4 months now, and our government is not acting as though they are working in our best interests in any way whatsoever. This article and the wealth of info provided by commenters proves it.

  4. I had the same question regarding, why isn’t the government promoting immune boosting? I contacted an alternate health practitioner, whose herbal tonics I use, and asked her if the government had contacted ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicines Society). I didn’t get an answer but that is beside the point, I know what the answer is. In a later email she stated:

    “I have had head nurses come in and get my full program because even though they are not allowed to promote immunity boosting they are doing it for themselves because they are on the front line…”

    My question is why are they not allowed to promote immune boosting?
    I use apple cider vinegar with mother and maritime pine bark to help boost my immune system.

  5. Good advice and if you consider the other side of the coin regarding 80% shrugging Covid-19 off, that remaining 20% probably eat lots of take-away.

    Another thing, hope that the orange juice you drink is not the reconstituted crap. I eat 2 oranges and apples every day, so I. get the fibre of the oranges as well.

  6. Congratulations on modifying your diet. If you go further into your research, you’ll find that any meat…including fish, but especially red meat…is the greatest cause of inflammation in the human body. Inflammation = sickness in one form or another. Eating meat is also the greatest cause of cardiac problems. Dairy products will lead you to diabetes and related diseases, too.
    As I said, congratulations on your changes…I know you can get even even healthier by dropping all animal products too.

    • Incorrect, why so many healthy people in the world who eat all meat well-cooked, all dairy products, eggs, fish, fresh fruit including Kiwi Fruit, highest in Vitamin C of all fruit, add plums, peaches, pears, nectarines, apricots, pears, mangoes, and more.
      Fresh vegetables in great variety also should be eaten daily.

      Eating little or none of the above requires expensive supplements including protein powder. to partly keep up the vitamin and mineral top-up required by humans, and are inefficient to a certain degree.
      Millions of people live and have lived since ancient times to a ripe old age eating the food written in the first paragraph.
      There is no enjoyment in vegetarian or vegan food either, proved by being invited to meals with friends of that ilk.

  7. I got annoyed that Dr Norman Swan wasn’t suggesting other than hand washing, physical distancing, etc. I like the information from the Linus Pauling Institute re Vit. C and Lysine as well as the info from Dr Matthias Rath Health Foundation. Dr Rath worked with Dr Linus Pauling on the anti-viral mechanisms of Vitamin C.

  8. I don’t think in itself should be the sole responsibility of Government. This is the job of the people themselves and the Health practitioners they trust and deal with to investigate and implement. This should be grass-roots stuff.

    The corruption of the medical/pharma system and how that plays into the regulation of medicines/devices/procedures and the implementation of (fraud-ridden) “Best Practice” models of care and accountability in Public hospitals, well THAT’S where government and various professional NGOs and QANGOs come in, and they do so on the side of special interests, every time. Doctors fear being sued, and if they deviate from prevailing orthodoxy they will not be supported by their Insurers or their professional organisations if someone does come after them because an unorthodox treatment didn’t work as hoped.

  9. I must add to my earlier post, the critically vital and indispensable ingredient to any diet. Physical fitness by way of robust exercise contributes to the efficiency of our immune system.

  10. Totally agree with the article…

    The modern day diet and lifestyle is easily as big a health crisis as the Coronavirus. Early death, unneccesary sickness is avoidable with some tried and true below philosophies:

    Cut out sugar from the diet;
    If it goes bad it is good for you, if it doesn’t go bad it is bad for you;
    If you didn’t make it don’t eat it;
    Fasting has proven health benefits; and
    Not everything we are told is good for you is good for you.

    I am amazed when I see how little people exercise and how bad their diet is. These are the people who are getting sick. Unneccessarily sick people put a burden on the health system and live less fulfilling lives.

    We need a food revolution! Government, big agri business and big business aren’t going to fix this problem. We the people need to vote with our feet (and mouths!).

  11. I’m also amazed that warm salt water gargling before leaving (and when returning) home doesn’t get more exposure. It should be as routine as hand washing to defend against the virus, but its never mentioned.

  12. I agree. If pressed, Vitamin C supplements can be used instead of fruit etc I just might have warded off COVID19 at the weekend using bed rest and Vitamin C. I felt dreadful, needed a day in bed. I did not link it with possible exposure to the virus until later. Today I was not given proper advice on self-isolation when I phoned the hotline. I was left to decide whether I should self-isolate. I Intend to do this for the full 14 days. I Understand that the incubation period is 1-!4 days..

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