Alan Jones is under investigation by NSW Police for statutory rape of boys in the 1980’s

Fairfax Media’s 2GB radio host Alan Jones is under investigation by the NSW Police for the statutory rape of underage boys in the 1980’s. I have raised the issue with Fairfax Media, the ABC Board and the Prime Minister’s office and I am still awaiting responses.

One specific complaint to the police is by a man (Victim A) who says when he was an underage boy in the 1980’s he was picked up by Alan Jones at a place known as The Wall in Sydney and Mr Jones paid him for sex. The Wall is in Darlinghurst Road Sydney and has been a known pick-up place for male prostitutes “rentboys” (many of them underage) since the 1960’s. The allegation by Victim A is similar with the fact that Alan Jones was arrested in a UK toilet in 1988 for “outraging public decency” and ‘committing an indecent act’ with another man as per the below 1988 newspaper front page.

Alan Jones arrest

A number of people have contacted me regarding paedophile allegations against Alan Jones since I wrote an article in May 2015 titled “2GB’s Alan Jones sent love letters to a school boy. Why has he never been charged with grooming?” (Click here to read the article) The article focused on documented evidence in the 2006 Chris Masters book Jonestown which showed Alan Jones grooming school boys when he was a teacher in the 1970’s at The Kings School in Parramatta Sydney.

The only people who groom school boys are paedophiles

In November 2015 the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse issued the below statement:

“If you were sexually abused at The King’s School or Tudor House Preparatory School, or have any information about sexual abuse of a child at The King’s School or Tudor House Preparatory School, the Royal Commission would like to hear from you,” (Click here to read more)

The statement by the Royal Commission would have tipped off Alan Jones that he was a target of the Royal Commission and he would have likely started to plan how he was going to defend himself.

There is evidence a mile long showing that Alan Jones is a paedophile and it is time he was brought to account. Jones has used his position to protect other criminals such as known paedophile and perjurer John Marsden, Cardinal George Pell, former corrupt police and recently convicted murderers Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara and corrupt crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen etc.

Correspondence with Fairfax Media, the ABC Board and the Prime Minister’s office

Below is the email that I sent to Fairfax Media. I also sent one to the ABC given Alan Jones has been on the QandA program and is scheduled to be on there again on Monday the 27th June 2016. I have also sent an email to the Prime Minister given he has done a number of recent interviews with Alan Jones.

Sandy Dawson and Gail Hambly 2

Fairfax Media’s General Counsel Gail Hambly, who is protecting paedophile Alan Jones, with corrupt barrister Sandy Dawson

Sent: Friday, 24 June 2016 2:10 PM
To: ghywood@fairfaxmedia.com.au; ghambly@fairfaxmedia.com.au; bhatch@fairfaxmedia.com.au
Subject: Alan Jones being investigated by NSW Police for statutory rape of school boys in the 1980’s – media request

Dear Mr Hywood, Ms Hambly and Mr Hatch

I am a journalist and publish a website and have some questions for an article that I will publish on Saturday 25th June 2016 so it would be grateful if you could answer the questions today. The questions relate to Alan Jones who works for Fairfax Media as a radio announcer on Fairfax’s 2gb radio station.

  1. Are you aware that the NSW Police are currently investigating Alan Jones, Fairfax Media and 2gb radio announcer, for statutory rape of school boys in the 1980’s?
  2. Are you aware that Alan Jones is a known paedophile who groomed school boys when he was a teacher at The King’s School in Parramatta Sydney in the 1970’s?
  3. Are you aware that documented evidence against Alan Jones for child grooming is well-known and freely available in the book Jonestown (2006) with extracts detailing the child grooming easily accessible on the internet including on Fairfax Media’s websites?
  4. Are you aware that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is currently investigating abuse at The King’s School which includes the time when Alan Jones was a teacher there?
  5. Are you aware that Alan Jones is good friends with corrupt former police officers Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara who have both recently been convicted of the death of Jamie Gao?
  6. Given the uncontested evidence and allegations against Alan Jones do you plan on sacking Alan Jones or at the very least standing him down from further duties until the NSW Police and Royal Commission have completed their investigations?

Can you please respond ASAP so I can publish your response in my article.


Shane Dowling

Email to the ABC Board of Directors (Click here to read)

Email to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Click here to read)

Alan Jones is a paedophile on the run

Jones is currently being investigated by the NSW police, the Royal Commission is investigating sexual abuse at The Kings School is Sydney including the period when Alan Jones was a teacher there. I’ve also been investigating and have already written 2 articles about Jones criminal conduct and past. I also started a petition to have the Royal Commission investigate Jones which has over 590 signatures. (Click here to see the petition)

Alan Jones and paedophile John Marsden

John Marsden openly admitted in evidence he gave in court that he frequented The Wall in Sydney and picked up rentboys which is exactly what Alan Jones is alleged to have done.

Marsden “said he went to the Wall, in Darlinghurst, to pick up partners during the ’70s but less so in the late ’80s and early ’90s, when the “commercial trade” or rent boys began to solicit there.” (Click here to read more)

John Marsden was a lawyer and President of the Law Society of New South Wales and was outed by Channel 7 in 1995 for being a paedophile. Marsden sued Channel Seven and eventually won. But while Channel Seven failed to prove that Marsden was a paedophile there were finding by the judge that made it clear he was. Alan Jones was a good friend of John Marsden and defended him publicly. Below is from Wikipedia:

“In 2001, after 214 days of hearings, Justice David Levine ruled that Seven had failed to prove its allegations of child sexual abuse. Although Levine ruled in Marsden’s favour on the allegations of child sexual abuse, his findings were deeply critical of Marsden in other regards. He found that Marsden had lied about several issues in the trial, notably his role in drafting a statutory declaration by one of the witnesses. He also found that on the balance of probabilities, Marsden had used convicted rapist and murderer Les Murphy to persuade a witness to change his position, and had probably persuaded two other witnesses to influence another.” (Click here to read more)

John Marsden would not have needed to perjure himself and intimidate witnesses to change their evidence if he wasn’t a paedophile.

Alan Jones, Roger Rogerson, Glen McNamara and Margaret Cunneen

Alan Jones has had a long close relationship with corrupt former cop Roger Rogerson who along with Glenn McNamara was last week found guilty of the murder of Jamie Gao. Peter FitzSimons at the SMH reported in 2010:

“What’s doing with Jonesy and Roger Rogerson? Ten years or so ago, I remember listening as Alan Jones did a breathtakingly soft interview – the softest I’ve ever heard, outside every Coalition politician, ever – where he bowled up the disgraced detective a series of questions about whether he had ever done anything corrupt or violent. Rogerson replied “No, Mr Jones, never,” or words to that effect, about ten times, and Jones finished up with something along the lines of “Well, there you have it, you’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth. Thank you Roger Rogerson.” (Click here to read more)

Having close relationships with corrupt cops like Rogerson and McNamara would come in handy if you wanted to cover-up crime and I suspect that is what explains Alan Jones close relationship with them and why he helped launch both their books. The same with Jones support of Margaret Cunneen who is also a good friend of Roger Rogerson and has form on the board for making sure alleged paedophile Scott Volkers wasn’t charged for abusing children.

Alan Jones, Cardinal Pell and the ABC’s QandA program

Alan Jones - George Pell

Alan Jones and his mate George Pell

Alan Jones was on the ABC’s QandA on the 7th March 2016 and defended Cardinal George PellCardinal Pell headed up the Catholic Church in Australia and was involved in and oversaw a massive cover-up of abuse of children over decades.

Alan Jones defended Pell saying “he was 28 years of age in 1969 when all this happened” which is a ridiculous statement. Jones seems to want people to believe that no abuse or cover-ups happened before or after 1969. The victims were a lot younger than 28 years of age but Alan Jones didn’t mention that. At the time Jones said that he would have known that the Royal Commission are investigating child abuse at The Kings School and possibly known that the NSW police are also investigating him. Maybe Jones was testing a defence for himself because he was about 28 years old to early 30’s when he was a teacher at The Kings School grooming boys. Jones is scheduled to go on QandA again next Monday 27th June 2016 and I have written an email to the ABC Board asking if it appropriate given the police investigation etc.

While the police and Director of Public Prosecutions might try to sweep the Alan Jones complaint under the carpet the Royal Commission is another matter. They really have no choice but to have public hearings given what is already in the public domain about Jones. If they don’t have public hearings into Alan Jones then serious questions will need to be asked about the Royal Commissioner.

If I get responses from the Prime Minister’s office, the ABC and Fairfax Media I will update this post or write another post.

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  1. You have found during your investigations a number of serious allegations relating to (John Winston Howards favourite Radio Broadcaster) Alan Jones.

    In a country that supposedly does, ‘yet not so regularly seen to abide by this practice of governance with is via the Democratic system of government’ one must wonder how the Liberal Federal government of true blue Liberal party Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will try to handle this revelation.
    My guess is he will try to tug on the high level Liberal party strings of even higher power than himself, or if that has no effect he will call this revelation a malicious set of allegations so that he can officially ignore this Elephant in his Liberal party office.

    • I don’t really know what his past has anything to do with him being the favourite Radio Broadcaster of John Winston Howard as well as he was for me.
      I certainly had no idea about these allegations and who says that Mr. Howard did, or for that matter the Liberal party.

    • Its time to start a new petition for a royal commission into alan jones, this rock spider needs to be made accountable for his actions

  2. Alan Jones was a teacher at the Church of England Grammar School (Churchie) and also Brisbane Grammar School and it was well known in school circles and the cohort from the sixties and seventies onward that he fancied young boys.

  3. I have heard of this before, actually I lived in Sydney in the seventies and eighties and had friends who had kids at the Kings School. Not all parents were aware of this going on, in my experience only very few parents knew.

    I believe it could be true through various sources of information.

    I have never been convinced that Cardinal Pell was involved in a cover-up, as things were different in those days. the gender of people was kept quiet and I do believe that Pell did immediately set up a Fund, when he became aware of what was going on, I believe that.

    I am quite sure, that someone who was gay would not have discussed this with others, certainly not a Bishop.
    I may be proven wrong, but so far this has not happened.

    However, I do believe that Alan Jones could be guilty.

    As always with these cases, the person accused should have the decency to stand down, while an investigation takes place.

    They do not seem to do that though, they stay in the job, and eventually they are not found guilty because one or two words in one or another obscure law and they get them off.

    Alan Jones should be investigated forthwith.

    • Back in 1993 some gay friends of mine told me about Alan Jones and how there were regular visitors to the Jones house, all young boys. The were neighboars of Jones at the time. Now makes a lot of sense with the Pell friendship as well.

      Paedophile rings are rampant in the upper echalons. Government, Church, Schools, and all protected at the highest levels.

      • Absolutely appalling as to how Jones seems always protected by the Liberal party

  4. I can’t imagine just how many “lids” you may have blown off this time. I am so happy that we do have people with moral courage. Pity there aren’t a few more with backbone!!
    Never been an Alan Jones fan.

  5. I can’t believe he still went on Q&A. The gall of the man. It is disturbing that the ABC still supports him as I am sure they are well aware of the questions surrounding him. What a piece of filth.

  6. Its a small world

    I know a first hand account of Alan Jones personal activities in the 80s and as I say its a small world and you never know who that little nobody you walk all over may be and may have the capacity to do or say at the right time to the right people. Alan Jones is not any different under the law to anyone else and should be held to account for sex abuse crimes like anyone else.

  7. Why isn’t he brought to justice,all the others have so far,but not this pedophilia ,is he threatening to sue any one who has been affected ?

    I also think too the public is to blame for jumping to his aid, close down his radio station.
    My god can you imagine what this country would be like without Alan Jones, Murdoch,
    And the liberal party what ever you call them . Tories ,conservatives, coalition.

    We let wealth ruin this country ,Turnbull is making more millions by sitting doing bugger all,

  8. It’s about time the nailed this degenerate, it’s been a long time coming. He’s got nowhere to hide now.

    • karma works in mysterious ways and everyone can rest assured that is evil old bugger will get his in the end ! GRRRRRR!!! LOL !!

    • I was abused by this man, but am ashamed to come forth.
      Along with being incarcerated for some dishonest offences,I feel I. Would not be believed,not to mention the shame that would come with such a high profile person.
      I would be dis-credited along with made to look dishonest.
      I hope other people have the strength I’m lacking to go ahead and get justice .
      My best wishes..

      • Dear C. long
        It was very brave of you to post this. Prior to my retirement I was a member of the NSW Police Force and spent much of it working in child protection. Please know that times and procedures have changed so much over the years. When I first started as a young constable we couldn’t even get newspapers to print a story about child abuse (the told us people didn’t want to read about it) and children were routinely doubted. Now we know that it is most unusual for a child to accuse someone of abuse unless they have been a victim, and that our experience of children teaches us that they are, on the whole, not very good at telling lies. This is just as true of their allegations.
        I recently supported an adult survivor during his court experience where my brother was called as a witness. The abuse happened back when I was in high school and a very popular English teacher was the offender. This victim gave evidence before the Royal Commission and reported that he was treated very well. His matter was referred to the local police who did an excellent job on the investigation and secured and impressive conviction. In spite of this teacher now being in his 80’s he’s going to be in gaol until 2023. The verdict made me realise how far we have come.
        I completely respect your decision not to report this matter, but thought I would share this story with you in case it helps. I hope it makes you feel safer about coming forward with your information against Jones. Even if it doesn’t, I hope it helps you to feel better about how much things have changed for victims.
        My sincere best wishes and thank you again for the courage to tell the truth. I know that would have been frightening.

  9. It’s sad that if you have money and good/bad connections, you will never do time for a crime. I don’t know what he is getting out of supporting Israel Folau. Perhaps it makes him look less of a homosexual or paedophile if he defends one of his persecutors.

  10. Jones,
    considered himself to be the monitory SON of Kerry Packer. Delusional, driven egomaniac, the power-mad, that will stop at nothing to constantly threaten any law or any decency imposed by our system. He Got Away with it constantly before and since 1988 and now today.
    The public will need to bring up the past, and like the others in his caliber be pulled down to earth and set an example to others that threaten our society’s moral value.
    I hold accountable the gutless politicians that were scared and threatened by him at election time.
    I hold accountable the people in power and office, licencing authorities, and the like, that stood by and let him abuse a female standing Prime Minister, sexually molest and groom young desperate boys both at his schools, England and “The Wall”.

    We cannot do nothing, and let this individual rub his verbal garbage in our faces again and again and let him get away with it constantly and with our blessings as we do nothing.
    :Oh Gee he is too powerful, he knows too many people at the top.
    :Oh Gee we are too small little minions in his plan to just abuse and laugh at us all the time.

    People will need to protest in every way possible to rid our society of this type of individual abuse.
    Mobilise as groups and peacefully protest at the radio station, coordinating media that there will be a verbal fight to film
    Keep engaging with Jones and the directors of Macquarie to peacefully air our views. Constantly ring him at the station.
    Write and see politicians that may influence outcomes.
    Persuade Channel Nine to rethink their support to Jones and ask them why he be not given warnings and termination notice upon his behavior.
    We need to find out the victims of his sexual abuse and support them and encourage them to testify against Jones.
    We need to ask why the police will not pursue this matter, knowing new information will constantly arising and eventually lead to his prosecution and possible jail.

    • Given the number of accusations made, and to my knowledge he has never successfully sued anyone for such accusations of his behavior with young males, how has he remained such a high profile public figure.. To me, he is just a grub. I never listen to him, dunno how he has actually never been bashed.

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