Justice Lucy McCallum

Justice McCallum, a known bribe taker, will sentence Oliver Curtis for insider trading. Who’s worse?

Justice Lucy McCallum who is a known bribe-taker and one the most corrupt judges in the Supreme Court of NSW will sentence convicted criminal Oliver Curtis for insider trading on Friday the 24th June 2016. Which raises the obvious question: Should one criminal be sentencing another criminal?

Oliver Curtis and his friend John Hartman illegally used inside information in 2008/09 to buy and sell shares at a profit. Mr Hartman confessed to his crimes five years ago and has already done jail time and was the key witness against Mr Curtis.

At the beginning of the trial Justice McCallum warned Mr Curtis’ wife, Roxy Jacenko, about her use of social media during the trial but then McCallum turned a blind eye and ignored it. Why? The whole trial has been allowed to run as a total joke under McCallum’s management which has not gone unnoticed by a lot of the media.

Justice Lucy McCallum’s corrupt past

Justice Lucy McCallum had a secret hearing for her friend and former paymaster Justine Munsie who works for Addisons Lawyer in 2008 to help her client Kerry Stokes in defamation proceedings against me. (Defamation proceedings that Stokes and Co are now running from) McCallum has refused to give reasons for the secret hearing. McCallum, Munsie, Barrister Sandy Dawson and others tried to cover it up and would not tell me what happened. I later bought a copy of the transcript of the secret hearing which exposed McCallum’s corrupt conduct. No need to get into the whole story as Justice Lucy McCallum has never denied taking a bribe and I have openly written about it many times which she knows.

This article is not about McCullum but the fact that she is corrupt is important. I’ll repeat the key point “Should one criminal be sentencing another criminal?” Justice McCallum has already let Mr Curtis’ wife Roxy Jacenko treat the court and the law with contempt and turned a blind eye to Ms Jacenko profiting from her husband’s crimes during the trial.

Justice McCallum “admitted she was aware of Jacenko’s social media celebrity. Justice McCallum told the court of it, advising the defendant’s wife not to comment on the case on social media during the trial.” (Click here to read more)

But what happened was: “Ms Jacenko, the founder of public relations agency Sweaty Betty, appeared by her husband’s side in court throughout the trial and garnered headlines for posting her courtside fashion on Instagram.” (Click here to read more)

It would have to be regarded as one of the most perverted things any court has ever seen given Mr Curtis’ his wife Roxy Jacenko has tried to profit from the court case and used it as a public relations opportunity to promote her PR business and her customers products. During her husband’s trial Ms Jacenko used social media on a daily to promote various fashion lines that she was wearing and promoted her PR business Sweaty Betty which promotes itself as “Australia’s Preeminent Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle PR Agency”.

A collection of some of the pictures she posted on social media during the trial are below. With each picture she would say what brand cloths and/or accessories she was wearing thereby promoting her customers. What sort of nutter does that? Especially when she was warned by the judge not to.

Roxy Jacenko

When Oliver Curtis was found guilty Roxy Jacenko wrote a letter to the judge asking that her husband does not go to jail because they have 2 children and Mr Curtis is the primary carer for the children. (Click here to read more)

The insider trading crime that Oliver Curtis has been convicted of is basically stealing from all Australians that have Superannuation. Australian Shareholders’ Association director Stephen Mayne has been quoted as saying:

“showing Curtis leniency just because he has two small children would send the wrong message to others.”

Speaking to the station over the high-profile insider trading case, Mr Mayne said Curtis had shown no contrition for his theft and a jail sentence was the best punishment a judge could dish out.

Asked if Curtis should be shown leniency because he is the primary carer of his two children, Mr Mayne remained adamant he deserved to be locked up.

“No, insider trading is basically theft off the ordinary superannuation savings of Australians,” he told the radio station.

“It was a very bad case of it and it was deliberately covered up.” (Click here to read more)

Some crooks say Mr Curtis should not go to jail

If you didn’t know better, you might think someone had paid for some publicly before the sentencing trying to promote a lenient outcome. The Institute of Public Affairs have been reported as saying:

Liberal-leaning think tank the Institute of Public Affairs has taken insider trader Oliver Curtis as its cause celebre, arguing that white-collar criminals should literally pay for their crimes rather than face prison. 

Such a move would remove prison as a deterrence for many corporate criminals, including the executives jailed over the collapse of HIH Insurance. (Click here to read more)


What punishment Oliver Curtis gets is up to the court. But the punishment has to fit the crime and has to be true and just. Not a feeble punishment a corrupt judge has handed down to look after her mates.

Some of the things that the court should take into account are the fact that Oliver Curtis fought hard and denied committing his crimes and cost the taxpayer a lot in doing so. Mr Curtis and his wife showed total contempt for the court, the law and the public. During the trial they acted like they were above the law and as if they believed the judge was in their hip pocket. On Friday we will find out exactly where Justice Lucy McCallum stands.

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  1. Mercy my honour I stole the loaf of bread for my two hungry children.
    Judge I have no choice but sentence you to 7yrs hard labour.
    Thats the old school way and not something we need to go back to but stealing a million loaves equivalents might be worth some jail time.

  2. Court of Appeal aka “The slaughter house” the Supreme court in general known as “the house of the mob”….what next. Don’t all these so called member of justice have to be sound of mind to hold their positions.? What about their Oaths they all had to undertake? what is exemption?

  3. On the SMH website today:

    Oliver Curtis is spending just one Christmas behind bars – it could have been much worse

    Since his guilty verdict was handed down early this month it was virtually a fait accompli that celebrity insider trader Oliver Curtis would see the inside of a prison cell – and Justice Lucy McCallum has decided it will probably be no longer than a year.

    Only one Christmas will he have to spend away from his publicity-dependent wife Roxy Jacenko and his two young children.

    Read more at: http://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/oliver-curtis-is-spending-just-one-christmas-behind-bars–it-could-have-been-much-worse-20160624-gpqy01.html

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