Alan Jones, the Jimmy Savile / Rolf Harris of Australian media.

The ABC has given known child groomer and alleged paedophile Alan Jones airtime to defend Cardinal George Pell’s criminal conduct while Australia is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a Royal Commission investigating child sexual abuse. I think it is disgusting and should not have happened, but at the very least the ABC should have made the audience aware of the documented allegations against Alan Jones.

The documented evidence against Alan Jones is well-known and freely available in the book Jonestown with extracts of the child grooming easily accessible on the internet. The allegations include that Alan Jones sent love letters to school boys, had boys in his room late at night and perved on them in the shower when he was a teacher at The King’s School in Sydney in the early 1970’s. This behaviour led to Alan Jones’ forced resignation in 1973.

It was reported in November 2015 that the Child Abuse Royal Commission is currently investigating The King’s School which would make Alan Jones an obvious target and is another reason why he should not have been on the ABC’s QandA program being allowed to defend George Pell who is another key witness of the Royal Commission. (Click here to read more)

I have set up a petition on change.org titled “Alan Jones groomed school boys – Time for the Royal Commission to investigate” so we can hopefully get to the truth. (Click here to read more and sign the petition)

The ABC has plenty of questions to answer

The notorious UK paedophile Jimmy Savile, who was a television and radio personality, was protected for decades by the UK’s national broadcaster the BBC. It is time for Australia’s equivalent, the ABC, to stop protecting Alan Jones. To be fair, most of the Australian media protect Alan Jones the same as Jimmy Savile was protected by British media. It also only a couple of years ago that the mainstream media wouldn’t name Rolf Harris who is now facing further charges.

Background to the Alan Jones QandA appearance as per the below video

Jonestown: The Power and The Myth of Alan Jones – Author: Investigative journalist Chris Masters 

Extract as written in the SMH regarding Alan Jones time teaching at The King’s School 1970-73:

“By 1973 Alan’s impassioned support of some and lack of empathy for others became too great an issue to be ignored. There was deepening anxiety about continued late-night excursions to Jones’s room. Chris Simkin was often in the room with Alan until late at night. “I was in there for hours. The door was never locked.” Simkin says they used to watch The Ernie Sigley Show on television.”

“Scott Walker, another constant visitor, began to feel violated. “If you had muscle strain he would insist on strapping your legs. He would take you into the shower and tell you to take your clothes off. I was shattered with awkwardness. It was weird and uncomfortable and seemed voyeuristic.”

“Housemate Brian Porter says: “I never saw a breach of fiduciary duty. I never saw evidence of predatory behaviour. But he was manipulative and voyeuristic. He would love watching athletes on television and film. He saw the beauty of the human form in full flight. He loved the strength, the freshness and the vitality of boys.”

“Disquiet about Jones’s attachment to some boys grew during a term break when one of the masters found a letter, written by Jones to a boy, that had been left behind in a classroom desk. In it Alan spoke of thinking about the boy late at night, expressing his love. While love letters to boys were hardly appropriate, neither were they regarded as smoking gun evidence of misbehaviour.” (Click here to read more)

If a teacher had children is his room late at night on a regular basis now days the school would have no choice but to ring the police. The police would also need to be called if a teacher was sending love letters to school boys and making boys take their clothes off to shower so the teacher could have a perve.

Alan Jones has never answered the allegations made against him while he was a teacher at The King’s School. A Sydney school teacher was charged with child grooming in May 2015 and plenty of others have as well. So why not Alan Jones? Or at least the Royal Commission should investigate given it involves a school cover-up.

I wrote a detailed article last year titled “2GB’s Alan Jones sent love letters to a school boy. Why has he never been charged with grooming?” (Click here to read the article) The article also covers Alan Jones links to and friendship with criminals Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara who are both currently on trial for murder and drug dealing offences in the NSW Supreme Court and corrupt NSW Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen.

ABC helped finance the book exposing Alan Jones

It is ABC money that originally helped finance the book Jonestown (2006) which exposed Jones’ perverted conduct with school boys in Sydney. After legal threats and ultimately intervention by the ABC Board of Directors the ABC did not publish the book but Allen & Unwin did. The legal threats by Jones were exactly that, just threats. Everyone at the ABC including the QandA host Tony Jones (no relation to Alan) would be well aware of the allegations against Alan Jones. So why did they have him on the show?

The below video is the section from the QandA program (7-3-16) that deals with the question: “Does the panel think George Pell should be removed from his position in the Church because of his lack of action over the reported sexual abuse?” 

(Click here to read the transcript)

“Do you know who else was young? The victims of Abuse”

The Alan Jones defence of known paedophile protector and alleged paedophile Cardinal George Pell

  1. Alan Jones defends Pell saying “he was 28 years of age in 1969 when all this happened” which is a ridiculous statement. Jones seems to want people to believe that no abuse or cover-ups happened before or after 1969. The victims were a lot younger than 28 years of age but Alan Jones didn’t mention that.
  2. We put moral leadership on the shoulders of football players at an even younger age but apparently being 28 is a defence for priests to turn a blind eye to child sex abuse in the church. This is about the same age Alan Jones would have been when he was a school teacher at The King School. I think Alan Jones was road testing this defence for himself if and when charges are laid against him or the Child Abuse Royal Commission investigates.
  3. Alan Jones says Paul Bongiorno was also a priest and he saw nothing and knew nothing about the abuse and he was believed. No he wasn’t believed by anyone and I wrote an article about Bongiorno’s lying ways last year titled “Internet Truth Train runs over journalist Paul Bongiorno who is caught pushing Union lies for $$$”. (Click here to read)
  4. Alan Jones blames deceased Archbishop Little for everything. Jones says Little “covered up all of this stuff, protected people, kept on moving them around from parish to parish”. This is a lie as Pell was up to his neck in moving paedophile priests around. Blaming a dead person for Pell’s failures is pathetic.

I have written numerous articles on George Pell and no fair-minded person could seriously defend him and his actions. (Click here to read more)

So what motivates Allan Jones to support George Pell when almost no one else does? I have no doubt it is Alan Jones own grubby past dealings with children in a sexual nature.

The solution

It is time for Alan Jones to be investigated by The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Sign the petition and help make it happen. (Click here to read more and sign the petition) I have heard more than I have written about Alan Jones and it is not positive but at this point in time at least it is up to the Royal Commission to investigate.

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  1. I wouldn’t know what I did when I was 28 , other guy says , at least you weren’t protecting Rapists ? I think for a second Alan thought he said something about Him , this is a disgrace . And I think you are on the Money Shane in what you say ,he is feeling the ground for when the SHTF with him .
    What Hypocrite he is , he must be getting paid ? or better still Blackmailed , there all into it these days but only because we let them get away with it .

    I have just spent a week reading more than 4,000 pages of documents ,including a leak from Royal Commission ,and I can say right now we need urgently investigate all these people at least 1,000 people should be in jail right now .

    Is it Possible Justice Wood has been named as a VIP paedophile too ,I have the leak and statement where he was named . its easy to find !

    But Alan Jones is a real worry ,I think there is so much more to this ,and that so many people in high places are participating and protecting their mates at the expense of the child Between Him Laws Hadley Smith Bolt and whoever the truth never comes out ,unless you find it yourself , I have found it I am doing something about it regardless of repercussions Because There Comes a Time When We heed a Certain Call

    • I would like those affected by all the allegations to come forward, which in this more open climate of giving voice to the reluctant, should be possible.

  2. I hear many Aussies ‘having a go’ at other countries about their corruption in high places and filtering down to the judiciary, police and media.
    They must be incapable of believing that the same happens in Australia, so how much detergent will we have to use to get rid of the same scum in our country.

  3. Never liked the man – too over the top for me – and protesteth too much – don’t know how they get away with it. Friends in high places perhaps who have similar backgrounds? Who knows ?

  4. Former Catholic Church worker says she was prevented from helping abuse victims by George Pell

    A former Catholic Church co-ordinator reveals former Melbourne Archbishop George Pell prevented her from helping victims of abuse in Doveton, a parish devastated by a notorious paedophile priest.

    A former pastoral care co-ordinator with the Catholic Church in Melbourne has called on the royal commission and police to subpoena all of the Church’s secret files on sexual abuse by clergy. Helen Last has told Lateline that until all the secret documents known internally as the “red files” are made available, the public’s only getting part of the truth about the scope of the crimes committed against children. She also says that former Melbourne Archbishop George Pell preventing her from helping victims of abuse in Doveton, a parish devastated by the notorious paedophile priest Peter Searson. Steve Cannane has our exclusive report.

    Click here to read the transcript or watch the interview: http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2015/s4427242.htm

  5. “He loved the strength, the freshness and the vitality of boys.”

    I’ve never heard it called that before.

  6. I would suggest to you that you have missed the real “Jimmy Saville of Australia. That being one very prominent identity that appeared every Sunday night on the ABC, that show was similar in format. He groomed young boys to help him with his records when the former host would appear at pubs around Melbourne when he was the guest DJ. These boys were too young to legally drink, yet this individual was able to get them in to the pubs and clubs. It is an affront that this individual was the King of Moomba and had been the feature of a mini series on the Seven Network recently.

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