Alan Jones is back grooming young male students for his sexual pleasure

Alan Jones has a long history of being a sexual predator of young males and is now in a sexual relationship with 22-year-old university student Jake Thrupp who is also employed by the 78-year-old Mr Jones on a part-time basis. The reason we know this is because Jones’s employer Nine Entertainment ran not one, but two stories on the scandal last year and while they did not expressly state Jones and Thrupp are in a sexual relationship they said enough so the reader is in no doubt that is the situation.

Jones was forced to resign as a teacher by his employer in the 1970’s, The Kings School in Sydney, for grooming male students. I published an article in May 2015 titled “2GB’s Alan Jones sent love letters to a schoolboy. Why has he never been charged with grooming?” and which starts off:

Sydney radio station 2GB’s Alan Jones sent love letters to schoolboys, had boys in his room late at night and perved on them in the shower when he was a teacher at The King’s School in Sydney in the early 1970’s. This behaviour led to Alan Jones’s forced resignation in 1973.

That type of conduct would be considered grooming today and the police would be called for sure. (Click here to read more)

It’s important to raise the above again especially since last week when Prime Minister Scott Morrison was publicizing on Twitter about doing an interview with Jones on his radio show on the Nine Entertainment owned radio station 2GB. PM Scott Morrison is no stranger to associating with and promoting people who protect paedophiles as he is good friends with Hillsong Church Pastor Brian Houston who is still under investigation by the NSW police for protecting his paedophile father. So, it should be no surprise that Scott Morrison also has no problem associating with paedophiles like Alan Jones.

Jenny Morrison, Scott Morrison and Brian Houston at Hillsong Church on Tuesday night (9/7/19)

Jenny Morrison, Scott Morrison and Brian Houston at Hillsong Church on Tuesday night (9/7/19)

After Prime Minister Scott Morrison interfered in the police investigation into federal MP Angus Taylor by ringing NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller I thought I should also ask the NSW police if Prime Minister Scott Morrison had also called them about the Brian Houston police investigation but they refused to respond, unlike previously. (Click here to read more)

Alan Jones and Jake Thrupp.

Alan Jones and Jake Thrupp outside the Opera House which is only meters from where Alan Jones lives.

In the first story on the 12th of October 2019, the Nine Entertainment owned SMH published the article titled “New man about town joins Team Alan”. The article started off with:

With their matching pocket squares and snappy blazers, the handsome young chap with the golden locks accompanying Alan Jones around town in recent months has certainly had tongues wagging around the studios of 2GB.

While some chatter has been particularly unkind, PS can happily reveal the young man is 22-year-old Jake Thrupp. Jones is a long-time friend of the Thrupp family and has taken the young Queenslander under his wing to show him the ways of the big city. (Click here to read more)

When Jones’s own employer is saying that the situation “has certainly had tongues wagging around the studios of 2GB”, “some chatter has been particularly unkind” and “Thrupp – who is 55 years Jones’ junior” then there is no doubt that the vast majority of readers will believe the SMH is saying that Jones is in a sexual relationship with Jake Thrupp.

That article was followed up with another on the 19th of October 2019 titled “Trouble in Team Jones as the butler bolts” which started off”

Last week an “amused” Alan Jones crowed to PS about his loyal staffers, saying they were “hopefully” more than simply “colleagues”.

And indeed there was none more loyal than his private butler of 18 years, the consummately discreet David Allan, a man who has greeted and served some of the most influential names in the country at Jones’ home, and never spilled the beans.

However, following this column’s exclusive revelations about the emergence of handsome young aspiring media commentator, 22-year-old Jake Thrupp, by Jones’ side, PS can reveal that Jones and his trusted manservant have recently parted ways.

While Thrupp remains on Jones’ personal payroll, Allan has departed The Toaster building where he has dutifully served his master.

And while Thrupp gave the Murdoch press, for which Jones is a star columnist, some carefully worded quotes last Sunday about his “relationship” with “mentor” Jones, his ongoing presence within the broadcaster’s most intimate orbit continues to be a subject of much discussion around the corridors of power across Sydney and Canberra. (Click here to read more)

Once again the vast majority of readers would believe that the butler quite after the sexual relationship between Jones and Thrupp was reported by the SMH.

Jones claims that he knows Jake because he “is a long-time friend of the Thrupp family” whose dad is a truck driver and his mum works at Bunnings.

Paedophiles are well known for also grooming the parents

It was also reported that “PS can also reveal that in February (2019) Jones bought a million-dollar apartment in the sparkling new Iconic apartments development on Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast, and has been spending time at the holiday spot in recent months.” (Click here to read more)

After the two SMH stories, it was reported a few weeks later on the 25th of October that

“Jake, 22, who hails from the Gold Coast, has been on Alan’s payroll since April 2018 on a part-time basis as he continues his politics degree at the University of Sydney.” 

“Not only is Jake employed by Alan, but also his mother Chantrel, who swapped a job at hardware chain Bunnings for managing the media star’s Queensland properties.”

Jake, who has his own podcast, A Week with Jake Thrupp, spoke of his relationship with his mentor in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph this month.

‘I connected with Alan a couple of years back when he was doing charity work in Queensland and I was working for Tweed Heads councillor James Owen,’ he said.

‘Alan was keen to donate some prizes for the (2017) Lismore floods and I was working in James’ office. Alan made contact and we started emailing back and forth, and that’s how we got to know each other.‘ (Click here to read more)

Jones has bought a unit near his toy-boy and put the mum on the payroll. That’s grooming and how paedophiles like Jones work and why he was forced to resign as a teacher at The King School.

Jones says in The SMH he is a “is a long-time friend of the Thrupp family” but Jake Thrupp told The Telegraph “I connected with Alan a couple of years back when he was doing charity work in Queensland and I was working for Tweed Heads councillor James Owen”. So, who is lying?

There’s a lot of holes in Alan Jones’s story regarding his relationship with Jake Thrupp and his parents.

Why did Nine Entertainment run the stories in the SMH? Were they getting in first and covering themselves from other potential bad media or maybe a potential lawsuit from Jake Thrupp? Did Alan Jones set up the stories? A lot of unanswered questions.

Jones has always refused to answer questions about his forced resignation from The Kings School and when he was arrested for lewd conduct in a toilet in England in the 1980’s. It’s also my understanding that Alan Jones is still “under investigation by the NSW Police for the statutory rape of underage boys in the 1980’s.” as I reported in June 2016 (Click here to read more) although it’s taking just as long as the Brian Houston police investigation.

Jones has regularly used his position in the media to defend paedophiles such as George Pell and John Marsden and now it is publicly known he has a 22year-old boyfriend, while not illegal, it adds to the evidence that he is a paedophile and people like the Prime Minister should have nothing to do with him.

But being a paedophile hasn’t stopped former Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott continuing their friendship and supporting convicted paedophile George Pell. Paedophilia is being normalized at the highest levels of government and the media. That’s why we need another Royal Commission solely focused on politicians and the media.

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  1. I worked with a senior teacher at Newington College in the ‘80s and ‘90s who was in charge of a boarding house at TKS when Jones was a boarding master in the same house. He told me that he instructed Jones to always keep the door open when he was in a boy’s room. Jones had a predilection for visiting blue eyed blond headed boys he had observed and hence his concerns about Jones.

  2. Alan Jones was asked to leave Brisbane Boys Grammar in the late 1960’s (where he taught geography) by the Headmaster after accusations of him interfering with a boy in the change rooms under the old gym after rugby training. That’s why he moved to Sydney!
    I wasn’t at the school at the time but my brother was.

  3. Jones knows a lot of well known pedos in Government, Police,the Courts…list goes on.
    That’s why he’s protected…for now.
    The wall is crumbling

    • Well those that frock up in wigs and gowns to pontificate to all do seem a might unusual at times whilst floating above the real world. The sad indictment on society now is that sexual predation is ignored by far too many.

  4. I’m very curious as to how his ‘professional’ reputation could be damaged?
    Clearly he doesn’t have one if he is a studying University Student.

    It is these kinds of obvious holes in their own statements that make this an easily detectable bluff on top of the other obvious weaknesses that you point out.

  5. How does a man with his portfolio in grooming young boys , and being dismissed from prominent schools able to tell us how to live and act in our society. Joke.

  6. An Emperors New Clothes scenario, fake news and the gullible Australian society. Mr Jones advised many that there was no global warming and that the corona virus was harmless. He was paid millions by 2GB for promulgating such deceit. Furthermore he will not be held accountable for his most damaging discourses. As his success is gauged by wealth, society is being plainly poisoned!!!

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