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Bill Shorten’s election campaign gatecrashed by Labor Party convicted criminal Eddie Obeid

Bill Shorten’s chances of becoming Prime Minister vanished with today’s (28/6/16) criminal conviction of Eddie Obeid as it puts Labor Party corruption front and centre of media attention only 4 days before the election. Bill Shorten has done a good job during the campaign to keep most of his own corrupt past out of sight of the voters but he’ll struggle to do that now especially on social media were this election will likely be won or lost.

Eddie Obeid’s conviction can be traced back to a 2012 article written by Fairfax Media’s Linton Besser and Kate McClymont titled “Exposed: Obeids’ secret harbour deal” which showed how Obeid did his corrupt deals while he was a politician

“FORMER minister Eddie Obeid’s family has controlled some of Circular Quay’s most prominent publicly-owned properties by hiding its interests behind a front company.”

“A Herald investigation has confirmed that Mr Obeid and his family secured the three prime cafes in 2003 and that for his last nine years in the upper house he failed to inform Parliament about his family’s interest in these lucrative government leases.”

“For the first time, senior officials and former cabinet ministers Carl Scully and Eric Roozendaal have confirmed Mr Obeid’s intervention in the lease negotiations for the quay properties, including seeking favourable conditions for the cafes, which the Herald can now reveal he then secretly acquired.”

“Crucially, when the former NSW treasurer Michael Costa had charge of the waterfront, he put a stop to a public tender scheduled for 2005 that might have threatened the Obeids’ control over two of the properties.” (Click here to read the article)

Eddie Obeid’s conviction is another step in the right direction

Eddie’s conviction is for corruptly using his position as a NSW Labor Party politician to make himself rich. He used every dirty legal trick in the book to avoid a trial and has only been found guilty in relation to one dodgy deal so far but is looking at jail time and more charges are likely at some stage.

I wrote a few weeks ago that the Liberal Party and Labor Party had done a deal not to raise corruption issues during the election because it would drive voters to the smaller parties and independents. But with the election race tight the Liberals would be crazy to pass up the gift horse that the conviction of serial criminal Eddie Obeid is. The Liberals should be mentioning the name Eddie Obeid at every press conference from now until the election. Yes, it will drive some voters to the smaller parties and independents but it also drive some to the Liberals and a lot of voters away from the Labor Party.

To pick someone like Bill Shorten as leader shows what contempt the Labor Party have for the Australian public

If the Labor Party lose the election, and it is now guaranteed they will, then the time Labor actually lost the election was when they appointed Shorten as leader in 2013. Bill Shorten with a background which includes but is not limited to fraud, theft, and alleged adultery and rape was always going to be a hard person to sell to the Australian voters as a potential Prime Minister. And if he had of been elected as PM his crime gang of supporters would have moved into Lodge with him and put the Labor Party back 100 years.

Bill Shorten and Eddie Obeid

Bill Shorten and Eddie Obeid


A question that many people who watched the Trade Union Royal Commission will be asking is why hasn’t Bill Shorten been charged for corruption given Eddie Obeid has? Whether Bill Shorten is ever charged by authorities is not important at this point. What is important is that Shorten has been found guilty by many voters of being corrupt in the court of public opinion and they will never vote for him and the Eddie Obeid conviction will reinforce their judgement.

The Liberal Party will only win the election in the lower house by default because they are nothing special to say the least. Beating Bill Shorten with his dodgy background is nothing for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals to brag about.

The Power of Social Media

This website and the supporters have done our bit in getting the truth out there in the public domain and when polls show that the approval ratings of Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull and others are extremely low it is quite often because voters have read the evidence of what crooks they are on social media. So if you use social media to spread the word you can take some credit. Slowly but surely the public are taking control back and making the politicians accountable.

Whoever replaces Shorten after the election needs to have a clean record which is the big problem for Labor. Can they find anyone currently in parliament with a clean record to lead them?

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  1. I always thought that those representing the wealthy were the only ones foolish enough to become infected by blind arrogance, unfortunately my ideals have again been shattered as I now see that those controlling Labor party leadership have also allowed themselves to be infected by the hubris syndrome.

  2. Well it was good to see one honest politician speaking for a change . Who? Why Turnbull, when he said that governments tell you one thing during an election campaign and then do what they really wanted to do once they are elected. I guess it’s his Peter Garret moment, once we’re elected we’ll just change everything. Minor parties are our only hope of sending a message like Brexit has done to the leeches infesting governments everywhere.

  3. Many Australian voters would delve into the background of a person and their qualifications before allowing them to look after their children and yet they don’t do the same with the individuals whom they elect to take care of the country.
    If Shorten was a baby-sitter he wouldn’t get a foot in anyone’s door!

  4. labor has protected many corrupt pollies in there party with utter contempt for Australian voters .
    They think the general public will never cotton on or wise up , just spin the same BS.
    Bring on a Federal ICAC to clean up the mess labor and it’s corrupt pollies have left !
    The sooner the better for all Australians , what a laughing stock nsw labor is.
    Queensland is even worse !!
    Watch this space !!!

  5. The ABC news site has just stated that Bill{trust me}Shorten has said “He is open to the idea of a federal ICAC”.I wonder if that is a promise or a core promise?Or maybe just a thought bubble?As labor has as much chance of winning the lower house as I have of winning the lottery,then I think that bubble has already burst !

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