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Federal Police throw ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham under a bus – Time for a Federal ICAC

It was reported by Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners program that Australian Mafia bribed NSW Judges $2.2 million to get reduced jail sentences for Mafia members. The Mafia bribery has been confirmed by the NSW Supreme Court’s Justice David Davies.

NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Commissioner Megan Latham was a District Court judge and NSW Supreme Court Judge at around the same time and almost certainly has some of that bribe money in her pocket.

I made a complaint last year in regards to Kerry Stokes bribing judges which was swept under the carpet by ICAC and I made a formal complaint to ICAC (11-5-16) regarding the Mafia bribing judges and sent it to the Australian Federal Police at the same time. My complaint was directly to NSW ICAC Deputy Commissioner Theresa Hamilton and Sharon Loder who is Executive Director – Investigation Division.

ICAC have been ducking and weaving since last year trying to conceal judicial bribery and at one stage told me to go to the NSW Judicial Commission. That was weird because the NSW Judicial Commission website says they do not investigate criminal conduct by judges and to go to ICAC. But the Federal Police sent me correspondence last Friday (24-6-16) reinforcing what I already knew and said:

“You were correct to contact the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in the first instance, for information about your complaint lodged with ICAC you can view their Frequently Asked Questions at the following link:, alternatively you can contact ICAC via phone on 02 8281 5999, via email at”

“If you are not satisfied with your response from ICAC you may wish to contact the NSW Ombudsman.” (Click here to read the full Federal Police response)

So no more room to duck and weave after the Federal Police confirm who has responsibility.

The next working day after I receive the above email from the Federal Police I receive an email on Monday the 27th June 2016 from ICAC solicitor Roy Waldon. The letter basically says nothing and does not mention what my complaint was which is judicial bribery.

ICAC Letter 29-6-16

Corrupt government officials like Roy Waldon always write vague letters like the above that do not mention any specifics such as what the complaint actually was. This is so they can lie like there is no tomorrow at later stage if need be.

Roy Waldon

Corrupt ICAC lawyer Roy Waldon

Roy Waldon has been at ICAC since 1989 (the same year it started) which includes the period from 1995 to 2011 when NSW was governed by the Labor Party. In other words when NSW was run by the thieving Eddie Obeid. ICAC were notorious for sweeping corruption complaints under the carpet during that time. It is time for Roy Waldon to be sacked. The 2011-12 ICAC Report says on page 6 in relation to Roy Waldon:

Executive Director, Legal Division and Solicitor to the Commission Appointed to this position in June 2005. Commenced employment with the Commission in late 1989 as a senior lawyer. Appointed to position of principal lawyer in 1994. Previously practised law in NSW and Tasmania before joining the Commission. Graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1982 with an honours degree in law. (Click here to read more)

My complaint was very specific and I published it on the 11 May 2016 in an article titled “Mafia bribed NSW judges $2.2mill. ICAC Deputy Commissioner Hamilton receives formal complaint” which started off:

A formal complaint that the Mafia bribed NSW judges $2.2 million has been sent to Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Deputy Commissioner Theresa Hamilton and to Sharon Loder who is Executive Director of ICAC’s Investigation Division. The same complaint was also sent CC to Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin.

I made a complaint regarding judicial bribery last year and that was swept under the carpet by ICAC. But let’s see what ICAC do with the $2.2 million Mafia judicial bribery that was reported in the mainstream media in July 2015. (Click here to read more)

I found out today (30-6-16) after looking at the ICAC website, and after emailing ICAC for confirmation, that Theresa Hamilton left ICAC in January this year after serving her maximum allowable time of 9 years. Yet on the 11th May when I sent the complaint she was still showing on the ICAC website as being the ICAC Deputy Commissioner. It seems very dodgy to me and why was there no press release when she left? Looks like she left on poor terms. Maybe Ms Hamilton wanted to investigate the bribe taking judges and Megan Latham didn’t? Why haven’t they replaced her after 5 months?


Anyone with half a brain and whose reputation means something to them would know not to get caught out by bloggers acting corruptly because your name will be trashed by the internet truth train. For example, if you Google Deputy Commissioner Theresa Hamilton you will get the below result:

ICAC Google search

So anyone doing a search for Deputy Commissioner Theresa Hamilton would have seen the third result which is my article: “Mafia bribed NSW judges $2.2mill. ICAC Deputy Commissioner Hamilton receives formal complaint” (Click here to read the article) The article talks extensively about corruption within ICAC when Ms Hamilton worked there. Obviously it would be highly embarrassing for her.

While corrupt officials can avoid doing their job they cannot avoid accountability in the court of public opinion that is social media which has empowered the average person. It probably helps explain why ICAC left Ms Hamilton’s name on the net as they would prefer to let the public trash her name rather than the crooks that still work at ICAC.

There is no justifiable reason why a complaint of the Mafia bribing NSW judges can be swept under the carpet

While it is the ICAC lawyer Roy Waldron who responded in the above letter it is people above who need to take ultimate responsibility and that means Commissioner Megan Latham. Although Waldon should get jail time as well.

What we have achieved so far is that corrupt people within ICAC have been identified with documented evidence of their corruption. They have finally been forced for someone senior like Roy Waldron to send his disgraceful response. His letter raises more questions than it answers and in effect identifies himself, Sharon Loder – Executive Director of ICAC’s Investigation Division, who I sent the complaint to, and Megan Latham as being involved in covering up judicial bribery.

What would they say if they were in the witness stand in regards to why they have not investigated judicial bribery when it has been reported by Fairfax Media, the ABC, this website and confirmed by the NSW Supreme Court’s Justice David Davies.

Need for a Federal ICAC

Not only do we need a Federal ICAC for federal government corruption but we also need a Federal ICAC to investigate corruption in state law enforcement agencies such as the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Commissioner Megan Latham would have to be the first person investigated. ICAC do a good job on many matters but that does not justify them turning a blind eye to corruption when it suits them or involves one of them.

It’s time for a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman now but irrespective of what they say or do we’ll be putting the blowtorch back on ICAC in the near future.

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  1. This is a shameless disgusting disgrace by these criminal public servants who think they are untouchable. Every dog gets their day and I can’t wait to see these parasites jailed. Keep the heat up

  2. A federal ICAC is an essential. The corruption in Canberra is rife. Unless corruption is tackled at the highest levels we will get nowhere. Please keep pushing this agenda.

  3. This is a disgrace, public figures should be above any sort of corruption, but our rotten politicians are as bad with their corruption, a dirty unsavory mob of overpaid liars and crooks

  4. It’s not surprising that Roy Waldon has proved his stupidity and illiteracy as seen in his letter.
    “Your allegations lack objective supporting information that would tend to suggest a likelihood that corrupt conduct occurred.”
    That portion is a ‘cop-out’ and can be twisted in it’s meaning.
    ….’tend to suggest a likelihood’…. meaning that you could be right or wrong Shane, in which case you are not.
    Your allegations stated that corruption did occur and you never ‘suggested’ otherwise.
    People of his ilk are more bent and twisted that a barbed wire fence.

  5. It looks like the ICAC have a very big broom and an even bigger carpet, someone should refer this corruption to the PM. they do not look so squeaky clean to me.

  6. If a federal ICAC is ever created the devil will be in the details of the terms of reference.
    Did we not have a royal commission into NSW judges many years ago ?It uncovered much corruption and pedophile activity.One of the pedophile judges who was caught on camera at Wynyard station in the toilets with young boys committed suicide.After that the whole commission just seemed to disappear like smoke and faded away.Does anyone remember the name of the judge ?

    • The Royal Commission was into the NSW Police. Australia has never had a Royal Commission into corrupt judges and it is long overdue.

      Broadcast: 17/02/97
      Courting Disaster
      The suicide of Justice David Yeldham after his secret life had been revealed scandalised the judiciary. There is evidence that the highest judicial officers in the state were made aware of his behaviour in the late 1980s but failed to take effective action. His practices, in the eyes of Sir Laurence Street, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, made him unfit to hold his office.

      Click here to read more:

  7. Well done. When I voted @ Burleigh Heads (my local) I questioned the lnp and others about their policies about a federal ICAC, they didn’t even know what I was talking about ????? It was like I had a bad B.O. some bloke handed me a family first campaign NOTICE it’s a waste of time voting for them, Bob Day Malcolm`s good mate !!! I voted for Flux.

  8. I have received a similar letter from ICAC…after corrupt police had “a word” with them.. Worthless disgusting gutless lot all of them. Back bone is a dead commodity in the middle to upper rankings now.

  9. May I suggest a petition to be signed by concerned citizens to investigate corrupt conduct of judges in all courts not to forget Family Court. You will get enough signatures to allow you move forward from other avenues. Good Luck.

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