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Justice David Davies confirms $2.2mill Mafia bribe & systemic corruption in NSW Supreme Court

There is no evidence more powerful that a crime took place than when a criminal confesses to committing a crime. In December 2015 Justice David Davies of the NSW Supreme Court confirmed that NSW judges had been bribed $2.2 million by the Mafia and also confirmed systemic corruption with NSW Judges refusing to publish reasons for their corrupt secret hearings and court orders.


The above admissions by Justice Davies came to light last year in court on the 30th November 2015 when Kerry Stokes’ defamation matter against me was before him and Justice Davies’ subsequent judgment which was published on the 4th December 2015.

Mafia Bribe

In July last year Fairfax Media (The SMH and The Age) and the ABC (Four Corners) reported that a top-secret police report alleged the Mafia bribed NSW judges $2.2 million. (Click here to read more)

This clearly required an immediate and direct response from our political leaders and authorities. No one has said anything. They all seem to be hoping if they ignore it the scandal will go away and the public will forget.

I wrote to Megan Latham who is the Commissioner of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) regarding the $2.2 million bribe and other judicial corruption. (Click here to read more) Ms Latham did not respond which is not a surprise given she was a NSW District judge and NSW Supreme Court judge and therefore a possible recipient of the Mafia bribe.

On the 30th November 2015 I raised the NSW Mafia Bribe in court before Justice David Davies and I hit the jackpot.

Justice Davies said the bribe took place “30 or 40 years ago” in a clear attempt to downplay it as old news. I responded words to the effect “it didn’t happen that long ago as one of the judges had only recently retired and there are other judges still on the bench”. Justice Davies then sat there like a stunned mullet and said nothing.

But what Justice David Davies said did confirm that the $2.2 Judicial / Mafia bribe did take place and Justice Davies is the first government official to make any comment on the matter. Although the fact that Justice Davies was trying to conceal the bribe by downplaying it should be disturbing to every law enforcement officer and politician. And what else does Justice Davies know about the bribe and who else knows?


Systematic Corruption by NSW Supreme Court judges 

Every person in the legal fraternity and most members of the public know that judges have to give reasons and publish the reasons. It’s common law. That is what is meant to keep judges honest and accountable. There is no excuse for not giving reasons.

Justice Davies’ judgement is full of lies (e.g at paragraph 18) and he should have never been anywhere near the case as per my previous articles on him. (Click here to read more) I will dissect his judgment some other time but he drops a bombshell at paragraph 20 where he says “it is the practice of the Court where an ex parte injunction is sought as matter of some urgency that reasons are not given.” – Munsie v Dowling (No. 7) [2015] NSWSC 1832 (Click here to read)

Anyone in the legal fraternity will tell you without a doubt that this is clear admission of corrupt conduct by judges. Every judge including Justice Davies knows they have to give reasons. Justice Davies saying that “it is the practice of the Court” “that reasons are not given” does not make it legal and he knows it.

And what were the reasons for the “urgency” for the ex parte hearing that Justice Davies had with Kerry Stokes’ barrister Sandy Dawson? There was no urgency and that is a key reason why Justice Davies did not publish reasons.

An ex parte hearing is where only one side involved in the case is in court pushing their arguments and agenda. The other party is denied natural justice. It is only in extreme situations that ex parte hearings should ever take place. If an ex parte hearing takes place and it cannot be justified, then it is clear corruption by the judge and he/she is in effect having illegal private communication with one party.

Because there is only one party in the court at the hearing it is even more reason why judges have to publish reasons.

NSW Supreme Court previously caught not giving judgements

It was only last year that the NSW Supreme Court was caught in a corruption scandal aiding and abetting illegal phone tapping by NSW police. NSW judges were rubber stamping warrants for police to bug phones and the judges were not giving reasons.

NSW Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Bathurst tried to downplay the corrupt conduct by the NSW judges not giving reasons. But he quietly said “he had introduced a procedure whereby judges are required to write brief reasons for granting a warrant to any state or federal agency for covert surveillance”. (Click here to read moreThe reality is Chief Justice Bathurst did not have to introduce the procedure as it is common law for judges to give reasons and the judges who didn’t give reasons should have been disciplined or sacked.

So the obvious question is why did Chief Justice Bathurst introduce a “procedure” for judges to give reasons for warrants for surveillance yet he has taken no action regarding the practice of the NSW Supreme Court judges that “reasons are not given” in ex parte hearings. Justice Bathurst has been caught out concealing corruption.

If judges are not giving reasons for ex parte hearings what other hearings are they illegally not giving reasons for?

At one stage at the hearing Justice Davies said he does not have to answer my questions when I was asking him about his corrupt conduct. This is consistent with him refusing to give reasons for his ex-parte hearing and ex tempore judgement.

Just to clarify

What Justice Davies is saying is that it is OK for a judge to have a secret hearing with one party (e.g. Kerry and Ryan Stokes) without the knowledge of the other party and issue orders against the other party (e.g. myself). And there is no need for the judge to give reasons on what legal basis they had the secret hearing and what justifies the orders they issued.

What Justice Davies is explaining sounds very much like the legal system that dictators use in communist countries. But he is not, he is explaining the NSW judicial system which is fully supported by the NSW politicians.

This is the type of systemic corruption that ICAC in meant to investigate but Commissioner Margaret Latham refuses to do so.

Follow-up with ICAC, Premier Mike Baird and NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton

Premier Mike Baird, A-G Gabrielle Upton and Chief Justice Bathurst were well aware at least as far back as last year that Judges were not giving reasons for ex parte hearings as I raised it with them many times. And Justice Davies said it is “the practice of the Court” so maybe they have known for a long time. So why then have there been no orders making judges give reasons? The answer is because if all the public knew it would be a national scandal if not an international scandal. How can we call  judiciaries in other countries corrupt when at least most of their judges give reasons for their judgments?

I will be following up with Baird, Upton, Bathurst and others.

How many other people have been denied natural justice and how many other super-injunctions have been issued the same as the one Justice Ian Harrison issued for Kerry Stokes? And how many other laws are being broken?

Kerry Stokes has been the beneficiary of 4 ex parte hearings. Not one judge has given any reason as to why they needed to have an ex parte hearing. They are clearly on sale for the right price or why else would the judges act in such a corrupt manner?

If the only thing this website achieves this year is to make the government do something about judges refusing to give reasons then it will be a big year for KCA. This is a massive issue and needs to be driven until real change happens. With Justice David Davies confirming that the $2.2million Judicial / Mafia took place it also needs pushing until authorities take action. 

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  1. Brian Brown made a very funny movie a few years ago about corruption at all levels of officialdom in NSW in the late 60s called ‘Dirty Deeds’. As every day passes, that movie looks more like a documentary .

  2. The Ultimate betrayal of We the People by Our So called Government is Extreme Corruption and lack of Justice in our So called Judicial System . and the breakdown of society .This is grossly unfair a disgrace totally unlawful and Criminal , It will mean liars like Stokes will pay his way out of trouble at the expense of His Victims . I do not Consent to any of this Treasonous behaviour .

    • It would be unbelievably naive to suggest that judicial corruption is confined to New South Wales. A search of court records in all states and terrtories reveal a horrifying number of matters involving all manner of judicial corruption that the media chose not to expose. Maxi-tribunals have always been hotbeds of evil due to their ability to ignore both statute and common law. Family courts are also involved in numerous miscarriages of justice.

  3. It looks as though you are well on the way of proving what you have written here.

    I wish you success, it is unbelievable that this is going on in front of our eyes and nothing is done about it, but I believe it.

    I wish you the very best for the coming year and happy new year to all the bloggers on this site.

  4. Why, if we have so much evidence of corruption by Judges and Police and many others who are part of the system, are complaints from the Public not given more credence these days? Along with older cases that reek of corruption and cover up, not being given the opportunity to a legal ‘go over’? It makes no difference that we find out this historic evidence if it is not being used to improve the future of our justice system.

  5. Answer, because those supposed to be investigating the issues, are working for the police, Justice, legal and Government System.

  6. As we move closer and closer too a fascist state, we see 2 of our three levels of checks and balances “colluding” with one another. Our “dysfunctional Senate” is the only section that is still controlled by the people. As it stands now, seditious actions by the governments of the day starting with the LNP and the signing of international agreements all the way back through Bob Hawke and the Australia Act and Whitlam with the creation of Australia as a business unit deserve to be heard. Why wont a budding barrister take this mob to court over the constitutional infringements? Would you want your career jeopardised? Another reason to vote independent at the next election.

  7. John Macarthur of the Rum Corps fame would be very much at home and would recognise much in the current New South Wales. The only difference is that today, he wouldn’t have to stage a coup and remove the Governor, as he did with Governor Bligh, as ‘the System’, very much a descendant of what Macarthur put in place way back then, seems to have everyone who matters already comfortably inside its camp.

  8. Why stop at NSW?
    One of the saddest things about corruption in “high places” is that we have all (except you and a small few with your tenacity) have developed a complacency which is almost as harmful as the corruption itself.

  9. (1) The oath of allegiance and the judicial oath shall be tendered to and taken by District Court Judges, Magistrates and other judicial officers who are required by order of the Governor to take the same. – OATHS ACT 1900 – SECT 8

    They all make their Oath to and to uphold the law of, the sovereign.

    Who is, the sovereign?

    Learn that we are living men and women and then ask the court about, “Justice”?

    We may just be, pleasantly surprised.

  10. YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY…. ‘Each and every person who has fallen Victim at their grubby minds’ should be celebrating right now. From their illegal issueing of warrants to their Bias crimes etc…I hope they meet the same fate as their victims. The parasitic felons.

  11. Davies, Justice D — “Swearing in Ceremony of the …

    2 SPIGELMAN CJ: Thank you Justice Davies. … an -2- undergraduate with the firm Stephen Jaques and Stephen, now Mallesons Stephen Jaques, … 21 Your Honour now joins your former master on this august court as another prodigy of … Some ten years later, as a young lawyer at Stephen Jaques, I had the privilege of …

    To have any Ex-MSJ lawyers as judges is generally involving corrupt misconduct.


  12. We only need to walk into the court room to see this type of corruption with our own eyes. Fraud and corruption from judges is rampant all over Australia. I was personally arrested inside the courtroom for not appearing in court. The charge latter dropped after spending 36 hours in a padded cell. After calling the crime and corruption commission. I was politely told that judges can not be investigated! This is treason at the highest level. All for a monetary gain. There own curses will come back three fold. Though what can we do in the mean time to protect ourselfs.??? Stick together

    • Actually its not strictly correct that judges cannot be investigated. That myth is intentionally spread by the establishment with a view to keeping the sheeple underfoot where, according to the ruling classes, they belong. Its worth figuring how to look up High Court decisions because that is where the majority of case law precedents are made. There have been quite a few ‘judicial immunity’ matters overturned over the years..

  13. Currently I am in the County Court of Victoria appealing an “ex parte” (criminal) order against me albeit His Honour Mullaly on 30 October 2015 made clear that they do not need “evidence” for an “ex parte” (criminal) case to convict. ( I got the audio recording!)
    silly me, I appealed that there was no “evidence”. soon they may do altogether away with any trail and just automatically have a person convicted upon any charge. after all the Infringement court already does so. It might be a way to get rid of crooked judges but not something I view is desirable, I mean not having a proper trail. It seems we have the STAR CHAMBER COURT/ KANAGAROO COURT back operating again. Still I will continue with my appeal!

  14. This issue should be petitioned on so that you can get public support and signatures to push the politicians to face this issue

  15. “Who guards the guards while the guards guard you ?”
    The crooks pay the guards to turn a blind eye when payment is made for doing so.
    Apathy supreme by ‘the people’ is the ‘ruler’ in current societies because ‘they’re alright, Jack and a hard lesson needs to be drummed into ‘the people’ who are ‘the government’. If people collectively would take more responsibility for the current degredation in many aspects of punishment which does not fit the crime in severity then positive changes may take place.
    Parliament ministers are only representatives of ‘the government’, and people being blase in their choice of electorate representatives, believing the hype and not lifting the sugar coating allows incompetent and unqualified individuals to rule Australia, Federal and State.
    There is no ‘someone else’ to remove corruption among the judiciary and everyone who sings our National Anthem are hypocrites.

    • who is running parliament Jonde? lawyers? I cannot recall the last time I spotted a member without a law degree……. all the banter about ‘seperation of power’ etc is a staning joke “rmove the lawyers an parliament woul have to close its doors’

  16. I wonder if the mafia approached the judges or the judges approached the mafia ?? Whilst I don’t profess to be an expert on mafia customs, I have met a few mafia members in my time and personally I’d afford them infinitely more credibility than I would most members of the judiciary. I certainly wouldn’t presume to interfere in mafia business, but the mafioso I’ve encountered have been without exception totally honorable in any dealings I’ve had with them, which is far more than could be said for dealings with politicians, bureaucrazies (MIS-spelling intended) or the the judiciary.

  17. How many other people have been denied natural justice and how many other super-injunctions have been issued the same as the one Justice Ian Harrison issued for Kerry Stokes? And how many other laws are being broken?

    In Queensland we have the utterly corrupt kangaroo court (officially QCAT) that has never once regarded ANY law whether legislative or common as relevant. Quite obviously ‘natural justice’ cannot exist in the total absence of recognition of law by a kangaroo court..When I say ‘absence of recognition of law’ I exclude those occasions when the kangaroo court manages to use a law as a bludgeon to belt its victims into submission. In reality, QCAT is merely one of the two tails wagged by the mutant canine the Queensland Public Trustee, the other tail being the Adult Guardian. These parasitic enterprises prey unmercifully on anyone unfortunate enough to fall into their clutches and the victims are not released until all their assets have been plundered. Successive political regiemes have endowed these bottom-feeding slugs with effectively complete protection, consequently its well nigh impossible to bring these odious operations to account due to their total immunity to any semblance of oversight, monitoring, review, auditing or investigation. Official figures put the current number of victims at 8,900, and based on a guesstimated average $1,000,000 per estate, thats a LOT of money being misappropriated. A similar situation exists in all states and territories and the number of victims Australia wide is understood to be well into the tens of thousands.

    • You and I should have a natter….THE Under Cover Cops are the ones who are illegally removing peoples assests ALSO. But who is hiring them to carry out there crimes against innocent people? I mean; singling them out and targeting them until death. Yes removing everything from them and holding them under constant surveillance. Seditioning them gagging them. controlling them. Intercepting everything. YES who is signing off on all their ILLEGAL WARRANTS? No, No, not just Judges. You and millions of others – silenced victims – are experiencing the most Hanous of crimes.

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