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Kangaroo Court of Australia 2015 Christmas and New Year post

It has been a solid year for this website with some things being better than others. A lot of the content is original and raises issues in the public interest that the main stream media refuses to write about or just miss so from that perspective there is a lot to be pleased with.

Firstly though it is important to thank all the people who have supported KCA throughout the year. Everyone and anyone who has read the articles and helped promote this website has played a part in helping make people accountable which ultimately helps make Australia a better place.

A special thanks to people who have donated as without your support it is highly unlikely KCA would still be publishing.

I have cut back publishing posts at times this year as I have been working full-time. I will try and rectify that next year so I can work as much as possible investigating and writing. Probably the most progress this year has been the exposure of evidence from a number of sources of judicial corruption which supports the need for a Royal Commission into the judiciary which is one of KCA’s main goals.

We have added 200 email followers and the new Facebook page which I started in September already has over 400 followers which is a fair start.

The frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings by Kerry Stokes’ and his bumbling son Ryan Stokes is about to spill out into the streets next year which is the public’s turf and will be well worth watching. More on that next year.

I have a lot of ideas to help grow KCA next year and will be working on some of those ideas over the next few weeks. I will also start another book in January which will rattle a few people to say the least.

Quite a number of the topics covered in the articles this year will still have legs next year as they are played out to conclusion so the need for the work this website does is stronger than ever with most main stream media companies continuing to reduce the number of journalists they employ. Next year is a federal election year and a good opportunity for KCA to start flexing it’s muscle.

This website is independent and reliant on donations to keep publishing. If you would like to support the continuance of this site please click on the button below to donate via PayPal or go to the donations page for other donation options. (Click here to go to the Donations page)

I will be back posting at the end of January so have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2016.

Thank you for your support

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  1. This is the bravest and most informative publication of its range in any of our open media. As a family, we never miss an issue and we value its balance and detail greatly.
    Please, Shane, keep up your research and analysis forever and then a day.

  2. Thanks for all the hard yards you have put in Shane. As an idea, could you put up a side post with a calendar of coming events such as upcoming court dates for your various stoushes with Stokes et al? I don’t know if it is the same in other states but here in country Qld we are inundated with ads about changes to the media laws. Interestingly 7 is running ads “leave our media laws alone or local content gets it” whilst the rest are running a joint campaign to “change our media laws or local content gets it.” I assume Stokes is trying to protect a monopoly situation. Anyway, Merry Xmas, sending a small donation through, wish it could be more. See you in the New Year.

  3. Shane, you are the bright light at the end of the tunnel by telling ‘the way it is’, and pulling back the curtain where all the corrupt individuals think they can perform their ‘dirty deeds’ out of our sights and minds.
    have a great Christmas and an even better New Year.

  4. Have thoroughly enjoyed your work Shane. We need more people like you in the media instead of the nodding parrots who profess to be journalists. Well done. Stay safe. More power to you

  5. Thankyou Shane for you work in keeping the bastards honest. I cannot understand why mainstream media seems to go to extraordinary lengths to keep us in the dark and cling to their own ideologies instead of just reporting the news as opposed to creating the news. Have a great Christmas and a happy and productive New Year.

  6. KCA has succeeded in telling the truth when the mainstream media (in newspapers, radio & internet) continues unabated to DISTORT, LIE, MISREPRESENT and DECEIVE the public.
    Reminds me of Guttenbenberg’s invention of the printing press in 1439 when “guardians of knowledge at that time” lost their control and the Renaissance began.
    It’s deja vu !!!!.
    Well done Shane.

  7. Since Lionel Murphy, what judges from the High Court, have a cloud over their heads based on their ethics and / or have some corruption or behavioural issues.

    Limit to under 10 Hehehehe?

    Hope you have a great 2016

  8. Shane you are a legend, look forward to each and every post, it gives us hope that there is justice in the world. Let me wish you and your family the festive seasons greetings that you all deserve in view of all the hard work you have administered. Best wishes Regards Allan from Myalup WA.

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