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Bill Shorten did worse than Julia Gillard in federal election. Time to sack Shorten?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has failed dismally, is in a lot of trouble and will struggle to survive. But Bill Shorten has failed badly as well given he has led the Australian Labor Party to its second worst federal election result in history with an embarrassing 35.32% of first preference votes. The Australian people have spoken and change is coming whether the major parties like it or not.

There is a lot of fear mongering going on with biased political commentators saying how bad things are but Australia is in a transitional phase heading towards having more independents and regular minority governments at the federal level and there is nothing to fear. It had to happen because the Liberal Party and Labor Party have become so corrupted they cannot be trusted to run the country without close scrutiny and oversight.

There is currently false spin being put on the election that Malcolm Turnbull did a lot worse than Bill Shorten which is far from true. They are both in a lot of trouble because they lack ethics and integrity and did extremely poorly during the campaign and beforehand.

Even backstabber Julia Gillard did better than Bill Shorten

In 2010 Julia Gillard was widely despised for being a backstabber in overthrowing first term Prime Minister Kevin Rudd but Gillard still managed to receive 37.99% of first preference votes at the 2010 election.

The only lower result than Bill Shorten’s was in 2013 when Kevin Rudd led Labor and received 33.38% of first preference votes after Julia Gillard had run the Labor Party into the ground and people had woken up to what Kevin Rudd was really like. Bill Shorten has only managed to increase the vote 1.94% to 35.32 of first preference votes which is still 2.67% behind Julia Gillard. Maybe the Labor Party should bring back Julia Gillard? For comparison when the Kevin Rudd led Labor Party won in 2007 their first preference vote was 43.38%.

Take out the Labor Party lies on Medicare etc. and Bill Shorten’s result might have been the worst on record for the Labor Party

A lot has been made of the lie that the Labor Party and Unions were advertising regarding the Liberal Party privatising Medicare and the impact it had on the election. Some say it had a huge effect and the fact that Labor kept on spending money advertising the lie says it probably did have an impact.

What it says is that the Labor Party’s first preference would have been worse again if they had not been spreading and advertising the lie. Bill Shorten did bad enough but you have to wonder how badly Shorten would have done if Labor weren’t running the Medicare scare campaign.

It is possible that Bill Shorten’s lousy 1.94% increase in first preference votes for Labor from the Labor Party’s worst ever result in 2013 might have been a decrease. I think that the voters will be wiser to Bill Shorten’s dirty tricks and Labor will highly unlikely get away with at the next election. If fact it has most likely done a lot of damage to Labor’s credibility and their vote will quite possibly go backwards next election.

The dirty tricks should not surprise Shorten watchers as that is how he operates and has done for years.

(There are still votes to count so the results will change but the first preference % probably won’t change much. I will update in the comment section below when final figures come through)

The Federal Election has turned into Australia’s biggest loser competition with the finalists being Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten

The Liberal Party got everything they deserved and that is what happens when you elect a fraudster like Malcolm Turnbull as leader. As I have written numerous times Turnbull stole $11 million of taxpayer’s money just before the 2007 election, was involved in branch stacking and runs a dodgy slush fund and that should have been the end of his political career. (Click here to read more)

It’s my prediction that whoever gets the role of Prime Minister will be destroyed in 12 months by the Australian public. The attacks on Turnbull or Shorten will make the attacks Gillard and Abbott received look like amateur hour.

The old argument that at least he/she is not as bad as the other party’s leader doesn’t cut it with voters anymore

The Australian public aren’t stupid and have had a gutful of dodgy politicians like Turnbull. But the crooks in the Liberal Party didn’t care and served Turnbull up to the Australian Public as PM when we never voted for him. The only thing that kept the Liberals in the game was the fact that Labor served up Bill Shorten as leader who is just as big a crook as Turnbull.

Corrupt politicians held to account

Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott were both independents in the hung parliament in 2010 and decided to support Julia Gillard and Labor. Neither ran in 2013 because they knew they would lose as they were very unpopular for supporting the corrupt Gillard and Labor. They both ran again in 2016 and have lost.

Let’s change the situation and say they supported Gillard and Labor in 2010 but for their support demanded a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to investigate federal political and government corruption.

I think they would have gone from being unpopular to being very popular and would have won this election. But they didn’t demand a federal ICAC and were obviously happy to let the corruption continue so deserved to lose the election.

Good News

The world isn’t about to cave in like many commentators and journalists want people to believe. If you have a look at the background of the people saying that they almost all have political backgrounds and don’t like the public taking back control of parliament. Australia has in effect had a minority government in the Senate for years so having a minority government in the lower house won’t kill us but it will make the government more accountable. Yes, Windsor and Oakeshott failed but that does not mean we give up trying and it is good to see the public haven’t given up.

Australia survived Julia Gillard as Prime Minister and we will survive this and end up better off although it could be a rough ride short-term. The Australian Electoral Commission says it could take up to two weeks before we know a final result so at the moment it is a waiting game.

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  1. your assessment is the most accurate i have seen. People have had enough and are looking for something different. I think that is the case globally. Enough of the globalists, as you have shown, they are all crooks.

  2. When Marcellus in Shakespeare’s play refers to “something is rotten the state of Denmark”, he may well be referring to our OWN community’s experiences with our politicians.
    Since most elections essentially involve rearranging the chairs on a sinking ship, it will take a courageous and wise leader to bring in real change, beginning with a Federal ICAC.
    ONLY THEN, can we claim to have representative and accountable government, as one should expects no less.
    And many many heads will roll! Most being the perceived hero’s of politics which OUR main stream media has groomed all along!
    There are far better candidates out there, mostly the women of Australia whose innate biology makes them superior to the war mongering, egotistical males in politics today.

    • Haven’t you taken any notice of the women that are in politics already? Gillard, Roxon, Wong, Plebersek, Hanson-Young, various Bishop’s, Payne, Anna Bligh, Keneally, Palachuk, etc., etc. The only way to get women that might make a difference would be to draft them in. The ones that want to be their have shown themselves in general to not be fit for purpose.

      • Climate realist, you are quite right that a couple of the politicians you mention have provenly placed their own interests well AHEAD of our community’s interests through their intentional lying and surreptitious deceit……but not the majority. A very close look will also confirm their long standing association with the malevolent male politician, very very long standing……it’s a “co-offender” phenomenon, rather like the Stockholm syndrome where psychologically they succumb.
        So don’t throw out the baby with the water😱.
        To suggest what qualities, values, depth of character and respect for our fellow human a politician must have to be able to represent and to lead a nation may be an unenforceable process but our community’s due diligence can only be achieved by a Federal ICAC.
        Do you agree?
        The thieving cabals will then not apply for the job.

      • Sorry but unless you can list some of that “majority” I’m sticking with my assessment of women in politics, although not of women in general of course. But can you imagine what sort of treatment anyone half decent in their wanting to put Australia ahead of grubby deals would get? You only have to look at how Pauline Hanson is treated, how Peta Credlin is treated, how Gina Rinehart is treated, to know that the media will not tolerate any woman that isn’t part of the group think.

  3. I might be missing something but it seems to me that most commentators, journalists and politicians are not talking about an important reality. Are they afraid to discuss it publicly? For some time we have had a “third force” in elections that are taking votes from the main two (and maybe the Greens – will they get ten Senators this time?) Last election we had PUP and this election we have ONP (in QLD) and NXT – look at the numbers on the AEC site.

  4. Being early days, I expect that more is yet to come.
    It was certainly a Mother of Dirty Tricks election, aided and abetted by many journalists.

    The theatrical response by Bill Shorten – who believe it or not had just LOST an election – reminded me very much of US president Tricky Dick Nixon as he left the White House for the last time after Watergate. There was Tricky Dick standing at the door of the helicopter with a grin from ear to ear, waving both arms in the air and giving the famous Churchill V for victory sign.
    And there was Slippery Bill declaring that “Labor is back.”
    Some people simply do not know the meaning of shame or when it pays to take a breather and reflect.

    The People – here in Australia, UK, USA, et al – can not be fooled ALL the time; they know that something very ominous and smelly is in the air of globalisation, though they can’t quite put their finger on it.

    Of Australians generally I say – continue to Look on the Bright Side of Life and be thankful that we live in a robust democracy where governments rise and fall, but Australia marches on without bloodshed in our streets.
    While Australian people continue to be motivated by the ethics of a fair go, justice and decency, then we DO live in a Lucky Country; though there are occasions when some may not feel they were dealt such a hand this time around.
    However, there is always tomorrow.

    • You also had No heart Turnbull that sold his soul to get the PM job then couldn’t run the ship. Tricks from both sides, look back at Abbotts lies, Howards Children overboard lie and the biggest one of all his weapons of mass destruction?

    • A wise philosopher once said that “A nation hath the government it deserves”. We continue to let these idiots get away with it and elect them again and again.

  5. The governing/voting system needs a major change. Promises from politicians, especially at election time turn to lies and false promises when the elected con-men sit in Parliament.
    Direct democracy should be in place in order for the real ‘government’, the ‘people’, which in truth, politicians are merely representatives of the ‘people’.
    The continuous spending and increasing dept for a negative outcome is ridiculous ….. eg; $millions given in ”’aid”’, $millions paid to the UN greed-bin, the HEX system massive loss of $billions, a basic unworkable education system which sets Australian children further behind the rest of the ‘educated’ world, $billions wasted on failed, decrepit desalination plants, wind turbines proven to be using more power to manufacture and maintain than they produce, defence spending in other countries for products which Australians can produce, obnoxiously high payouts for retired politicians, and the list goes on.
    Australian ‘people’ need to have a say where their hard-earned money goes, not wasted as above while they get a measly basic wage and/or a miserly pension, then being forced to vote for individuals who will receive a comfortable salary, and at the same time failing to perform for the benefit of Australia at a satisfactory level.

  6. Since we, the voters, choose the politicians, we should ask them to sign a contract of what they say at election time. If they break this contract, they will face the boot as do all who duck and weave to attain power by deception. Make this an immediate action for all who put themselves forward for duty to the country.

  7. Well put Jonde, you forgot to mention the compensation payouts to the losers (M.PS) at each election, while looking for a new job, these losers should be required to go to centrelink just like the rest of us!!!!!! The so called independent tribunal I hear is made up of ex-retired politicians, Talk about putting the fox with the chickens!!!
    `A FEDERAL ICAC IS REQUIRED URGENTLY`. Why wait set up a petition, and order the Governor General to put before Parliament.
    In my opinion the Governor General was lied to by Turnbull over the double D, should be made to resign.

    • Speaking of compensation to losers, Tony Windsor will receive at minimum $65,670 from his run in New England. It may increase as counting has not ended there yet, Rob Oakeshott will pocket around $63,000. Not bad for a couple of weeks work, Oakeshott only having begun his run 3 weeks before election day, with all your publicity for free from their ABC and fellow travelers in the media.

      • What a joke that Oakeshott be paid even one red cent. It was so blatantly obvious what he was up to, the minute he threw his oversized hat into the ring. As for Windsor, he also should be looked at with contempt, for the way he conducted himself throughout the campaign. What a pair of losers, and let’s hope that is the last we hear from both of them.

  8. Shame on the media foe letting this guy off the hook, he took the Australian population for fools and sold his lies, well he was right about half the population have proved to be fools.

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