Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull’s rap sheet. $10 million fraud & theft, branch stacking & his slush fund

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is now in power so it is worth looking at some of dodgy and corrupt conduct in his background. He has a history of fraud and theft of $11 million when he was Environment Minister in 2007, running a slush fund and branch stacking to get elected to federal parliament in 2004.

Add that to some other “handiwork” when he was in private business and it is not exactly the squeaky clean image that Australia deserves as its Prime Minister.

The Slush fund

I wrote an article in 2012 which is still relevant titled “Malcolm Turnbull the rain man who speaks with forked tongue” which details the fraud and theft when Turnbull gave a $11 million grant to his friend Matt Handbury. Mr Handbury, who is a nephew of Rupert Murdoch, was also involved in helping Turnbull run his election slush fund.

The 2012 article said in part:

Mr Turnbull’s electorate fund-raising is done though an organisation he set up in 2007 called the Wentworth Forum. The SMH reported “Regarded as the country’s most sophisticated political fund-raising machine, the forum offers membership packages that give the most generous supporters more opportunities to gain access to Mr Turnbull.”

“It costs $5500 to be a “member”, $11,000 to be a “sponsor”, $16,500 to be a “patron”, $25,500 to be a “benefactor” and $55,000 to be a “governor”.”

“A governor can host boardroom events, and gets two tables at big functions featuring Mr Turnbull, and attendance at an exclusive dinner for supporters.”

Malcolm Turnbull - Slush fund

“An analysis of forum donations, fund-raising events and memberships between 2007 and last December shows Mr Turnbull received more than $1.4 million. He personally contributed about $10,000 in catering for forum events. Most of the money was raised before the 2007 federal election.” (Click here to read more)

The fraud and theft

Matt Handbury was one of the donors to Mr Turnbull’s Wentworth Forum.

Before the 2007 election and two weeks after the election was called Malcolm Turnbull announced that the government would spend $11 million funding a trial of rainfall technology. The company in question was Australian Rain Corporation which was then part owned by Matt Handbury.

It says on Mr Turnbull’s Wikipedia profile “During the 2007 election campaign, Turnbull announced that the then Government would contribute $10 million to the investigation of an untried Russian technology that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere, even when there are no clouds. Literature suggests that the technology is based on bogus science. The Australian Rain Corporation presented research documents written in Russian, explained by a Russian researcher who spoke to local experts in Russian.” (Click here to read the full article)

The branch stacking in 2003 to get Turnbull elected to Parliament in 2004

Malcolm Turnbull was elected to federal parliament in 2004 in the Sydney seat of Wentworth. Firstly though Turnbull had to win Liberal Party preselection by beating the then Liberal Party federal MP Peter King. So Turnbull did what any proud crook would do. He started branch stacking and even enlisted James Packer for help. The Age reported in October 2003:

“A federal Liberal MP yesterday accused the party’s federal treasurer, Malcolm Turnbull, of a “millionaires’ plot” to unseat him, as sources confirmed that media magnate James Packer has been recruited to join a branch being stacked with Turnbull supporters.”

“Peter King, who holds the blue ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth, is under siege from Mr Turnbull, who has more than 700 new members signed up or about to be signed up for the Point Piper branch.”

“In an extraordinary race for numbers before the cut-off date for branch members to be eligible to vote in the preselection, Mr King’s camp has sent out a letter appealing for people to join the party.”

“Mr King said this appeared to be “the largest branch stack in Liberal history”. and that it was “disgraceful” that a federal office bearer appeared to be personally perpetrating it.” (Click here to read more)

And who says money doesn’t talk?

Stabbing Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the back.

Some people say that Abbott was stabbed in the back but that is a bit rich given the whole country knew when the leadership vote in February happened this year that Abbott had been put on notice by his own party.

If Turnbull had not replaced Tony Abbott as Prime Minister there is a good chance that Labor’s Bill Shorten would have become Prime Minister which Turnbull points out in the below video.

Turnbull announces his challenge and the reasons he said justified it

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

Malcolm Turnbull says in the above video one of the reasons that he challenged Abbott for the leadership is because Abbott lost 30 polls in a row which he says pointed to the fact that they would lose the next election. While it is not comparing apples with apples it is worth noting that Turnbull also lost 30 polls in a row when he was opposition leader in 2008 to 2009 and was then replaced by Abbott.

21st September, 2008 – Turnbull loses his first Newspoll. It would be the first of 30 straight Newspoll losses.


29th November, 2009 – Turnbull loses his 30th Newspoll out of 30.


(Click here to see all 30 polls)

1st December, 2009 – Turnbull loses leadership to Tony Abbott.

It’s a big effort to lose 30 polls in a row and both Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull have done that. The difference is that Tony Abbott was Prime Minister when he did it and was up against a very unpopular Labor leader in Bill Shorten. While Turnbull was opposition leader and up against Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who was a very popular leader in 2008 and 2009.

All the old dirt like the Godwin Grech / Utegate affair will rise again

Malcolm Turnbull has his critics of which I am one and there is even a new website called “Stop Turnbull. Everything in Turnbull’s past will be raised again on social media and Turnbull’s relationship with the media proprietors won’t do him much good just as Abbott’s relationship with Rupert Murdoch couldn’t save him. Turnbull needs to meet his critics on social media head on and address the issues raised.  

New cabinet

I’m no fan of Malcolm Turnbull but he is going to have to stuff-up extremely badly to get beaten by Bill Shorten at the next election and the Labor Party know it and will likely get rid of Shorten as soon as they can. But if Turnbull acts in the same incompetent and negligent way he did last time he was leader of the Liberal Party then things could change fast.

The first major mistake that Malcolm Turnbull looks like making is appointing Arthur Sinodinos to the ministry as a reward for helping him become Prime Minister. Mr Sinodinos lost all his credibility when he gave evidence at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption regarding his involvement in government corruption.

It is only a couple of weeks ago that Sinodinos had a legal case dropped against him. The SMH reported

“Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos is free of a major legal headache after shareholders in a company embroiled in a corruption inquiry dropped a costly case against him.”

“Senator Sinodinos, a former chairman of infrastructure company Australian Water Holdings, was one of several former directors being pursued by the disgruntled shareholders to recover their investment.”

“The company and former chief executive Nick Di Girolamo, a prominent Liberal Party fundraiser, were the subject of a high-profile Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry last year into allegations the company improperly billed the state-owned Sydney Water for lavish expenses including limousines and airfares.” (Click here to read more)

It would be a massive mistake to appoint Sinodinos as a minister and set Turnbull’s new government up for immediate criticism. Especially on social media where many, including this website, have zero tolerance for corruption.

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  1. Surely Liberal MP’s know about this……or don’t they?
    If they do, I cannot understand them voting Turnbull in?…it is political suicide for the Liberal Party in my opinion……
    The Labor Party obviously knows about the Wentworth Forum story and will make huge mileage out of this in the next few weeks whether Shorten goes or not. They will tip a bucket on Turnbull with the help of the leftist MSM and then we’re all back to square one….no wonder so many informed Australians are sick to death of the lot of them!

    Personally I would like to see someone like Bruce Billson in the top job…. Bruce is a great speaker with few skeletons in the cupboard and a proven performer for the Liberals in a very marginal seat called Dunkley, in Frankston’s Bayside area which he has held for 19 years.
    Tony Abbott……although not the flavour for many back benchers trying to protect their careers, was and is the best choice as I believe he is a very decent human being……he just needed a much better public personna…..I could have taught him that in a few weeks and he would have had plenty of time to get it right before the 2016 election.

    I agree that Sinodinos is a bad choice to bring back but there are obviously favours owed to certain individuals…..we will find out today of course if Sinodinos gets a Ministerial position!
    I personally think Arthur is a clever and talented man but he is now forever tainted with the Aust Water Holdings scandal.

  2. In either side of politics in this country, the “Blue Rinse Set” or its equivalent running branches and area electoral councils, will just about always discriminate against new arrivals wanting to launch a career in politics. So, unless the eager future candidate brings some strong fundraising skills, and a big raft of supporters with him, or her, the chances they have of being pre-selected are close to zero. In preselection events that I have attended in the past, I have seen a number of fantastic future political leaders discarded in favour of the established member of parliament, often who had become a back-bench sleeper with nothing to contribute other than being a number for a vote in the house. Unless someone like Malcolm Turnbull turns up with enough public and financial power to bring the branch and the local electoral council out of their snug situation, nothing happens other than the decay of the parliamentary party into ultimate failure at the polls.

    • In response to Colin…I agree and disagree with some of his points. Many pre-selections of the right are stacked in favour of a candidate who the Libs think they owe a favour to….many times that is the wrong choice often…..some of the new aspirants often have much better credentials……and I am speaking from experience. Locally near where I live the Labor hierarchy both Federally and Statewise just choose someone and the local branch has no say it it at all..,..often to the chagrin of the local members.
      Having been very interested in politics since I was a teenager in Finchley, North London in 1963, I think I can talk with some experience. I have been in Oz since 1969 when I was 23yo.
      Maybe I should have stood myself years ago but I have never been on a power trip and the money pollies earn is pathetic!

  3. But there will be no Royal Commissions into Liberal Party fraud will there? That’s just for the Labor Party and Trade Unions.

  4. There is no surprise here– the days of honest politicians are long gone. Nowaday politicians are taxpayer funded rogues who do not come from honest & decent families.

  5. I have just taken the time to read MT’s timeline . The ordinary Liberal voter should be alerted to this man’ intentions .I am afraid now for the future of the Liberal Party and even more so for Australia if this man is allowed to stay as leader for more than a blip on the political scene . To think a good man was done down for some one like this is a total disgrace and the Libs. one day will deeply regret that they ever allowed this to happen.

  6. I certainly dont like MT or his manipulative ways. He reminds me of the old one. WOULD YOU BUY A USED CAR FROM THIS MAN. This has pushed me away from the one party that did have credence and looked to have a genuine interest in Australia and its poeple and way of life, and not what it can weasel out of it and its people. Julie Bishop has also helped me to move away. The instant site of that evil Water Holdings grub, Arthur Sinodinos finished me with the Coalition.

    • Mr Ward I agree with you re Mr Sinodinos. He worked well with Mr Howard——but that was before he got married. All seemed to change after that————I wonder why ?

      • He married a much younger woman, now has young children
        It was reported he was paying a huge rent for his home in a plush area of Sydney. He needs a lot of money to support his very expensive lifestyle.
        As a reward for helping Turnbull, he will now draw a huge salary for, in essence watching Turnbull’s back.
        Labor are going to make it difficult for him in parliament, as apparently it is going to be hard to explain this newly created position.

    • In disgust, I posted an e-mail to Julie Bishop the day after the coup! She’ll ignore it, but I hope her In Box is overflowing with disgusted voters! I needed to colour her “Julia 2”!

  7. It’s time for a honest party to emerge. I have voted Liberal since 1975 and won’t be again till Turnbull and Bishop are gone. I think PM Turnbull will be no better than Gillard and Rudd. Is he already promising borrowed funds to pay back his fellow henchmen?

  8. How can this country move onward and upward when a huge percent of voters don’t know or understand much about the ‘working’ of politics, therefore can’t assess situations for themselves, believe everything stated by the media to be ‘gospel truth’ and vote for a person instead of a political party.

    • One doesn’t need to be an “Einstein” to understand politics. We don’t vote for the PM, we vote for the man or woman in our Electorate, who will probably stab the Leader in the back!

  9. You’re right on Jonde, it’s really about censorship of free speech by anybody with the ability and opportunity to do it……. they do it reassuring themselves it’s the”right” thing to do because of innate bias, prejudice and intent….Mmmmm

  10. No wonder Australia is in trouble Politically. Overheard my next door female neighbour a Labor voter/member in a conversation with her friend. Friend – “we have a new PM” Neighbour ” that doesn’t affect us, we vote Labor and members of Labor”. Friend – “But the PM is the PM of all Australia” Neighbour – Oh I thought that it only affected those that vote for them and we don’t have to do anything that they decide”. AND they let these people VOTE?? Of course the polls will show a rise in support for Turnbull, this is just Labor voters thinking the new PM Turnbull is the new Labor leader with his very socialist views and the way he has publicly demeaned with the help of their ABC and leftist MSM every policy Mr Abbott came out with like on the climate change (furphy) debate, stopping the boats and same sex marriage. It is only the Nationals that have saved us for now, from Mr Turnbull’s own destructive policies and his far too snuggly ties with the UN. For God’s sake this man Turnbull donated $25,000 to the Labor Party (that we know of), and openly criticised John Howard when PM. He is NO Conservative except when it affects HIS hip pocket.

  11. It was not till Mr Wran, then Premier of NSW. taught them all that politics was a paying game. Unfortunately they–government spokespersons, did not have cleaning contracts available. I also wonder why the state government supplied him with a Government car 20+ years after he left office?

  12. I think we could open a cemetery when we collect all the skeletons from party leaders cupboards.We have Gillard with her slush fund and fiddles with the Unions, we then have Bill Shorten with his union dealings which do not make good reading, now we have Malcolm Turnbull with his cash conivings, I cannot see him lasting long, although Shorten cannot front him on the honesty stakes because he can’t even lay in bed straight.The only thing Turnbull has on his side is popularity and the gift of the gab, two things Abbott lacked. the popularity is probably the fact that he is a bit of a crook and the public seem to worship them like Ned Kelly. I think we should go back to the real Westminster system of democracy and let the voters pick the prime minister,like Turnbull said a couple of years ago”it is obscene to witness a first term PM being knifed by his party ” harsh words for a political assassin. Turnbull should save his money for a rainy day not give it to the Labor party or give the Greens a donation, the way politics are running with the major parties the Greens will be elected before long. Imagine Richard Le Natalie as Prime Minister. No seriously, I think the next contender for PM will be Julie Bishop.Allan Usherwood from MyalupWA(ex Liberal party member)

    • I agree Allan, What sort of person is Turnbull, as a member of a Conservative party giving donations to the Labor party and the Greens?? Shows his true dangerous Socialist agenda. I will not have any part in putting a cross beside Liberals involved in the treachery like my local member who thinks she is safe in a Blue Ribbon seat…I might just run against her as a True Conservative and let all her constituents know of her part in bringing down a first term PM Abbott. No loyalty to her leader she certainly does not have loyalty to us poor schlebs who voted for her. Like Turnbull She is out for herself only and I must say this sickens me!

    • I, for one, will not be putting my name to any vote for a Liberal backstabber! I’ve been a conservative voter for over 50 years, and in future I’ll be giving my vote to a suitable Independent!

      • I agree, but are there any suitable Independents? We need a new Conservative Party. Many unhappy LNP Ministers might consider standing.

  13. Wow, evidence shows the Liberal party politicians are exactly the same as the Labor Politicians…..all in the soup for their own pockets…..NEITHER represent openness , BOTH serve self interest….shame on you all, shame…. Lets vote informal…now that would be a great event in our history!

    • Voting informal is not the answer…years ago they formed other parties, Democrats? DLP ?
      Are there any honest pollies to form new party or frankly, are they all corrupt?
      Does power corrupts all of them?
      Perhaps if PM Turnbull stuffs up along the way we could find a groundswell forming alternative conservative party

      • Restore Australia Party is worth looking at. Headed by a long time migrant Australian he has had enough of the Politicians putting Australia at risk with risky immigration and appeasement of islam and not doing as promised. I will never cast a vote that favours socialist Turnbull or any of the others who were involved in the treachery and bastardry we have witnessed. I have put my local member Karen Andrews- McPherson (Currumbin/Palm Beach) on notice..she who did not want to admit who she voted for in the ballot against Abbott but her reward gave that away. In an interview on their ABC radio she caved to state Labor’s Jackie Trad regarding the extension to the light rail. State Labor have no money to put into it and have not even made a formal application and Trad gave Ms Andrews 7 days to have all financing finalised….she CAVED! and the light rail is not even in her electorate! This is what we are in for with Turnbull’s socialist Labor (on purpose). Do not vote informal give a new Conservative party your vote. They may surprise you in a good way. At least they have the best interest of Australians and our values, norms, freedoms, democracy and way of life in the forefront unlike those from the current Turnbull’s Labor Lite, Labor and Greens. IN fact Turnbull I believe is just, if not more dangerous to Australia than what we can even imagine..he is WAY TOO close to the UN!

      • On the contrary, voting “not voting for any Party”. It is an indirect form of civil disobedience. That should make sense to most people because civil disobedience is the most powerful tool of democracy when faced with the threat of extinction.
        Voting for a Party purely because they are on the ballot box is the illusion presented by our government that this is what we must do or else face a penalty. There are choices.
        By choosing to vote informal your protest vote will send a shiver down the spines (oops, I forgot, they’re invertebrates) of the plutocrats, oligarchs and the dishonest in our society. You choose.

      • Turnbull will not win the next Election and Shorten will soon be replaced. Both Parties now have a back stabbing Dictator as Leader, so the 44 who voted for Abbott must be sitting on the back bench, irate with Turnbull and his lackeys. Time for the Nationals and others to form a New Party.

  14. Turnbull’s history with the Wentworth Forum monies will be trundled out for sure and fed to the leftist MSM within a few weeks…mark my words.
    The UN would be delighted with the Turnbull appointment because they now have no obstacles in their way to peddle their Climate policy at Paris. The Canadian PM will be voted out also before the Paris Summit. Abbott was their last remaining obstacle on the World stage so it will be interesting to see how Greg Hunt handles this going forward!

  15. As I said on 22nd Sept… comes the stuff a few of us are aware of about Turnbull ! Canadian PM Harper has been thrown to the wolves in a landslide and we now have Trudeau….a centralist Liberal like Turnbull running the joint……no hope of anyone standing up to the climate change twaddle which will be trotted out at the Paris Summit now.

    • Now 2018, so how did it all work out with PM Turnbull?

      First at the 2016 federal election he led the Coalition to a near defeat with one new National Party seat saving the government he led.

      And now he faces the same 30 bad polls in a row situation he used against PM Abbott.

      And scanning social media has not many friends, along with Opposition Leader Shorten in a similar position.

      In short we have very poor leadership.

  16. Many other countries’ dictatorship governments survive the tyranny instilled upon the general population of those countries……the general polulation continue to live and die under the tyranny, and have done for hundreds of years.
    Australia is one of the best countries in the world and now we have tyrannical leaders in Federal, State governments and Local Councils.

    Is there a problem with the mindset of most Australians who never take positive action together, with people power the massive changes which are needed to make Australi ‘whole again’ can be implemented.

    If positive changes don’t take place then the minority of true, positive thinking, Australians who want honest leaders, an honest way of living, true justice and fair laws which involve the community as a whole will eventually leave the Australian mainland sinking in the political cess-pool and establish living in an environment far away from the human slime which has a negative affect on their lives every day.

    This situation has happened in the past and remember …. history repeats!

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