Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten’s alleged crimes are fraud, theft, adultery and rape to name a few. Should he be PM?

Bill Shorten’s past which includes alleged crimes of fraud, theft, adultery and rape haven’t stopped him being in a position where he has a good chance of becoming Prime Minister in 7 weeks on the 2nd of July 2016. So it is worth again looking at what crimes he may or may not have committed which this website has covered many times but some of which the mainstream media has missed or underreported.

Shorten’s history covers everything from major fraud and theft when he was Victorian and National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union (AWU), raping another union member at a camp, branch stacking to become a politician and improve the power of the AWU and getting one of his staff members pregnant.

Fraud and theft when he was in the Union movement

The Trade Union Royal Commission that went from 2014 to 2015 highlighted many crimes by Bill Shorten and the AWU when he was in charge. This should have been something that the federal government could highlight during the federal election campaign as to Shorten’s unsuitability to be Prime Minister but for some reason they are refusing to do so at this point.

One example is the Chiquita Mushroom scam run by Shorten in the early 2000s where workers who worked as pickers at Chiquita Mushroom received lower wages in return for direct payments to the AWU. Shorten negotiated the deal directly with the owners of Chiquita Mushroom and the workers knew nothing. (Click here to read more)

The Royal Commission heard many stories similar to the Chiquita Mushroom scam where Shorten would rip off workers for the benefit of the AWU or himself. Other companies where similar dodgy deals were done include Labor hire company Unibuilt which donated $40,000 to Shorten’s election campaign in 2006 which Shorten only declared a couple of days before he gave evidence at the Royal Commission last year. (Click here to read more)

Another example is Shorten’s deal with Cleanevent where for a donation of $25,000 a year to the AWU Cleanevent staff were ripped of millions of dollars in wages. (Click here to read more)

Then there is also the $100,000-a-year fake invoice scam Shorten negotiated from Thiess-John Holland. (Click here to read more)

The list of companies and employees Shorten ripped off when he was at the AWU is a mile long but the above alone is bad enough and shows what Shorten is like.

Ongoing fraud at the HSU

We don’t have to just look at Shorten’s past to know what he was like in the union movement because we can also look at what is happening currently at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch as it is being run by Bill Shortens supporters in the Labor Party. It is hurtling towards bankruptcy so much so that the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has stepped in with a written warning regarding possible legal action. (Click here to read more)

The reason bankruptcy is not far away is because of the massive fraud that has been happening at the HSU Branch since 2012 when Shorten in effect had his crew take over the branch. The corruption that is going on there is common knowledge in the Labor Party and union movement and why the Liberals/Nationals have not raised it in the election is odd.

Dodgy members and Branch Stacking

Another issue raised at the Royal Commission is that when Bill Shorten was at the AWU he was signing up employees of companies as members without their knowledge which gave him more voting power at Labor Party meetings etc.

It should be no surprise then that a legendary Labor Party branch stacker George Seitz made Shorten a federal politician in the first place.

Bill Shorten tried to cover-up that his former campaign manager now works in the Police Minister’s office

One thing that obviously helps Bill Shorten keep the wolves at bay regarding his crimes is the fact that Fiona Ward who is of Shorten’s former staff members works for the Victorian Minister for Police Wade Noonan MPBill Shorten tried his best not to name Fiona Ward when he gave evidence at the Royal Commission but was in effect forced to. (Click here to read more)

Rape allegations – Why Shorten must address the rape allegations before he becomes PM

On the 20th August 2014 the Victoria Police issued a statement in relation to rape allegations against Bill Shorten saying “Investigating police sought advice from the Office of Public Prosecutions, which advised there was no reasonable prospect of conviction,”. (Click here to read more)

At no stage has Bill Shorten been cleared of rape. Shorten issued a brief statement at the time but has refused to answer questions and give his side of the story.

If someone wants to be Australian Prime Minister, they have to answer all and every question that is put to them. If Bill Shorten is elected Prime Minister the rape allegations will eat away at his credibility until he has none left. At some stage he will have to address the issue. (Click here to read the numerous stories I have written about the rape investigation)

Shorten gets one of his staff pregnant

One of the most popular articles on this website is one published in 2012 about the rumour that Bill Shorten had an affair with one of his staff members who became pregnant. The rumour was published by News Corp’s Piers Akerman but he failed to name Shorten and just said it was a federal politician who had an affair. A few days later Shorten did a two-page interview with the Herald Sun denying the rumour but he did not say what the rumour was that he was actually denying. (Click here to read the article) The bottom line is that Bill Shorten has never actually denied the specific rumour he had an affair.


The above is only a very short summary of Shorten’s corrupt history covered on this website but it is more than enough to show he is not suitable to be PM. As Prime Minister Bill Shorten will not be able to get away with the way he treats the media now nor will the media get away with failing to demand he answers the tough questions that he should.

Bill Shorten is almost bullet proof to any dirt campaign against himself because Malcolm Turnbull is not much better and that is the only thing keeping Shorten in the race for Prime Minister. Malcolm Turnbull has just as many skeletons in the closet himself and he is also owned by certain elements that dictate what he can and cannot do the same as Shorten is owned by the union movement and elements of the Labor Party. I have written about Turnbull’s past numerous times and will do so again given its election time and worth revisiting.

Whoever wins between Shorten and Turnbull will lose the next election if they last that long. The fact that we have had 5 Prime Ministers in the last 6 years shows that the Australian public won’t tolerate crooks and fools anymore. The Labor Party should have elected someone else as leader when they had the chance because they seen the damage former Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard did to the Labor Party and Bill Shorten will do the same if he becomes PM.

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  1. Shorten is a sinister human being who must never ever be allowed to be Prime Minister of this country. This man is a serious crook & criminal who that if he wasn’t so protected by the labor party & the unions, he would at the very least be charged. The mainstream media have unbelievably protected Shorten despite the well known facts about him. So I also blame the mainstream media in aiding & abetting Shorten’s misdemeanors & crimes. Thank goodness for this website and others that have exposed Shorten’s true nature. I can certainly say that Shorten will be a great threat to this country if he ever becomes Prime Minister. Corruption will increase at a rapid rate under his possible Prime Ministership. His thieving, criminal network will get cushy jobs to protect his position. I have to wonder if the Operation Hercules police investigation into the AWU under Shorten’s past leadership involves investigating Shorten himself?.

    • How about publish a current version of this right now. We don’t want Shorten as PM in 2019.

  2. The MSM has a lot to answer for in covering up Shorten’s ongoing crimes, frauds and other sinister dealings. If this man becomes our PM, Kurt is right….he will surround himself with his already crooked mates from all walks of life, the unions and their branch office…known as the “Labor Party” to protect his position. Corruption will fester and thrive in all areas…much worse than it is now! You ain’t seen nothing yet folks!
    I often wonder in this country how people like him seem forever protected and never face the ultimate music for the diabolical things they have done.
    WAKE UP People of Australia before its too late on 2nd July!

  3. The Labor party has a problem with choosing an electable leader. As a political party that proclaims it has the best interests of Australian Families as its primary objective it is somewhat ironic that they abandon that principal when choosing ineluctable leaders such as Bill Shorten. It appears as if the people who do make these decisions about who will become our political leaders are either darn right stupid or are driven by vested interest, in other words corrupt. Studies have been done on the IQ of criminals and it turns out that they aint that smart but what is worse is that the majority of us who are hard working and honest tolerate this exploitation of our lives.
    A relevant point in all of this is that Malcolm and Bill are both lawyers and Malcolm is a banker and Bill is the leader of a union. I wonder who gets to tie their shoe laces every morning because with backgrounds like that I am positive neither of them would know how to achieve such a practical task and we think they can run a country.
    Where is the industry policy and where is the long term sustainable industry plan for this nation, because all that we as the munchkins of Oz are being fed is a whole lot of stinky hot air.

  4. I somehow think that Labor and unions are supporting Shorten to win and the Plan is to replace Shorten with TANYA Plibersek. That will be the worst case for Australia if that Plibersek ever becomes PM. I also get the feeling that Turnbull is DOING EVERYTHING in his power to ensure that SHORTEN wins. Europe had the mad cow disease not so long ago and now it seems that we having the madbull disease here in good ol oz. the 54 traitors are the cause of this turmoil.

    • Lets hope not. Can you imagine Tanya Plibersek being Prime Minister. Policy will be developed by the inner city latte drinking set.

    • I’m more inclined to think that once Shorten is PM, (and I think it is going to happen either with an outright win or a greens supported minority government needing only a 3.6% swing to get a hung parliament and a 4% swing for a Labor win) a few disasterous opinion polls will see him replaced by Chris Bowen before Xmas. I doubt gone berserk has enough real support in the party to be the second labor female to knife a sitting PM and hope to win an election.

  5. We also can’t forget what Shorten did in covering up the Julia Gillard/AWU fraud. Shorten was Gillard’s protector over the AWU fraud where Shorten helped Gillard become Prime Minister despite Gillard’s criminal history. Also with that, the way Shorten treated Bob Kernohan on the AWU fraud after all the help Kernohan gave Shorten in helping Shorten join the AWU was totally unforgivable.

  6. While commenting on Bill Shorten I hope that the Labor leaders of the recent past and certain judiciary members are not soon forgotten.
    Put all the names of the above, and the media owners into a book on corruption and it would show that Australia is rotten to the core.

  7. I sincerely hope that the statement about Shorten becoming PM. is more hypothetical than it sounds on paper. If the Australian public are naive enough to vote in an obvious crook like Shorten then what I say is tough luck. Going by voting averages over the last ten years the public must think this is still a penal colony,crook after crook placed in places of control over the”LUCKY” country god know what will happen if we become the “UNLUCKY” country’ If things get much worse the Islams will not want the place.I do not agree with Pat Govender premise that Turnbull wants to lose to Shorten,the hard decision he came to in ousting Abbott and his total unpopularity does not stack up against this theory,although the fact that Turnbull does not raise these criminal allegations does give the premise some credibility. Of course there is the possibility that Turnbull is too much of a gentleman to raise these nasty allegations against his opponent. Allan Usherwood, from Myalup WA

  8. Amazing how much mud Labor members can carry around and still be tolerated. Tony Abbott was disproportionately hounded by the media for allegedly punching a wall 40 years prior and whispers of misogyny. The good news for Billy is that should one of these offences be proven, Macquarie would just redefine the word to make it better as they did for Joolya.

  9. In my best Leslie Neilson voice: “Nothing to be seen here; move along.”

    Someone will erite a book “exposing all” about Bill Shorten – in about 30 years from now, AND NOT BEFORE. (That’ll be about 15 years after the same style of book on Hawke comes out; and maybe five years after the one on Gillard.)

    The same rule applies here as has with the Hillsborough soccer stampede in the UK and countless other political or financial scandals. All evidence is strangely unavailable until all and anyone in a position of power likely to be affected is safely dead or retired and has collected his or her overly generous pension.

    Only then can – perhaps – the ‘revelations’ be made.

  10. His wife certainly is overlooking his indiscretions to be Mrs Prime Minister, means more to her than justice.

  11. Overlooked has been Shorten’s affair with Chloe Bryce while still with his wife. Deborah Beale. Chloe became pregnant to Shorten while they were still both married to their other partners though not living with them. Seems that the affair could have begun at a dinner hosted by Quentin Bryce when she was still Governor of Queensland.

    Shorten is a user of people to get to the top. I don’t trust a word he says because lying comes easy to him.

  12. Nothing but mud here and fake outrage from LNP staffers. You do know what alleged means don’t you? Actually forget that question as you do not.
    If the RC couldn’t find anything then what makes you think you can invent it?
    Anyway this piece of internet trash is now going straight to the garbage folder.

    • Garbage is a good place. It is needed and plays a very important part in our ecosystem. lots of things evolve from garbage such as gas and soil etc. But remember Tony Abbott ONLY ALLEGEDLY punched a wall and the world was informed promptly by the MSM and the alleged misinformation went on for months on end and still continues to this day. The RC did find irregularities with Shorten, the mushroom company , the cleaning company etc. the press also mentioned a rape allegation once and did not get to the bottom of it. There was also a press information about a rumour regarding shorten but then that too was pushed under the carpet by the MSM but if only Abbott had such allegations the MSM would have vigorously pursued day in and day out. But shorten , oh no he is their darling and he will not be touched.

  13. I can’t help but feel we here in Australia are following the Americans a little bit too closely in the way we, like the Americans, are facing what can only be called the Devil’s alternative – a choice between two leaders, both of whom have histories that should preclude them from standing for even for low status public office.

    The fact that both countries face two alternatives that are both extremely unpalatable to any thinking voter is close to unbelievable.

  14. Neither of the two parties have the integrity nor the ability to represent its citizens.
    Vote INFORMAL to support the election of an unrepresentative political party!. Unrepresentative= no mandate= illegitimate= an embarrassment= liberal and labor parties off 2016.

  15. It doesn’t matter anyway, the public does not choose it’s leaders we can only choose the party. Hopefully people are choosing party by policy and not by personality to whom we have no choice in deciding. If you haven’t notice the parties choose their chiefs.

    It would be far better for the Australian public if a prime minister/politician can stick to party policy, whether they are angels or sinners, than all the broken promises we have been experiencing for many decades.

  16. “Choosing the party” is the euphemism well described in Orwell’s “1984” for mindset control, as the word ‘choosing’ is a total construct, newspeak to be more accurate.

    You conveniently forget you don’t have to choose anything!

  17. I pressed my “auto vote” button the other day and came up with:

    Vote Liberal/Conservative.


    If the government retains it’s position of power, Shorten will be removed quick smart and Turnbull will be replaced shortly after.

    Two troublesome birds removed with many stones, so to speak.

  18. And what a cabal will he left !!!.
    We the citizens need protection from such predators. Shame the law of the land is under their their control. Of course what else what you expectfrom an adversarial system of enquiry from the dark ages🙄

  19. I don’t understand and am very worried mainstream media didn’t follow up such obvious stories about Bill Shortens crimes. Why wouldn’t they when such stories would give them fantastic ratings? Is there some type of underlying corruption or legal deals that the public don’t know about?
    Hope I am just paranoid!!

    • Well you see shortens alleged crimes are not as serious as Abbots punching a wall 30 years ago . The press were hyperventilating because they thought that Abbott might have hurt his hand After punching that wall that he may not be able to do his prime ministerial job with a hand that punched a wall with the only made up witness who just happens to be an Ardent labour supporter and the wify of some alleged big deal

  20. If any of this is true, it’s alarming that Australia has become so corrupt at such a high level and so widespread.
    Obeib thought he was above the law, but it’s caught up with him.

  21. Shorten may see to have dramatically made it a close margin. But if it had of been Plibersek or Albanese challenging Turnbull, one of them would have won the election. Labor would have won an extra 10 seats with Plibersek or Albanese leading. Shorten will never ever become PM if he doesn’t get elected. Shorten’s criminal background as mentioned above has costed him so dearly in a election where the labor party should have definitely won. There are questions to be asked about the Coalition, but the labor party have questions to be asked too. Can Plibersek or Albanese will eventually challenge Shorten for the leadership of the labor party in the long term?. My answer is certainly yes.

  22. Gillard’s criminal activity is incredible well documented, yet there she is on Haim Saban’s Brookings Institute payoff machine, not rotting in an Australian prison. There’s how things really work. Carrot and stick…that’s why the grubs are assisted to rise to the top, more concerned with the carrot than the stick, speaking of which I wonder if Goldman will be demanding their money back from Turnbull.

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