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Has Bill Shorten gotten one of his staff members Pregnant? Shorten calls the lawyers.

The rumour mill has spread all over the net in the last few days that federal MP Bill Shorten has gotten one of his staff members pregnant. Bill Shorten says he has taken legal advice. Bill who is currently married to Chloe Bryce (daughter of the Governor General Quentin Bryce) is Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Financial Services and Superannuation and has been touted as a future PM.

Piers Akerman, in a story on Friday, while not naming Shorten says the rumour has been around since at least last September. There is no stopping the rumour now. It is on twitter, Facebook and seems to have been started by email which I know of numerous people who have received the email or some variant of it. It was also raised by a couple of people in the comment section on one of the posts on this site last Wednesday.

Bill Shorten in todays Herald Sun newspaper denies the rumour but fails to detail what the rumour is. He implies that it has been going around for a few weeks. (Click here to read the full story on another News Ltd site as Herald Sun article is now behind a Paywall. If you are a HS subscriber Click here to read the full story)

One of the emails doing the rounds says:

Labor is trying to keep this one under wraps. 

Here’s the apparent reason why Bill Shorten appeared a little uncomfortable during public appearances recently: 

His wife and child have moved in with Mum – the G.G. Quentin Bryce – at Yarralumla. 

The reason: Bill’s got his mistress (his P.A.) pregnant.   

It’s going to be interesting to see how this unfolds for the government in coming weeks. 

Apparently it’s not the first time he’s been in this sort of predicament.

There are a number of issues.

1. As a possible future Prime Minister, Bill Shorten has no option to address the rumour in full now that it has gone viral. Why has he not done so? Why has he sat back and let the rumour spread all over the net if it is false?

2. In Piers Akerman’s story he says “I asked him about the rumour and it was immediately clear that it distressed him as he pulled his chair closer and told me of the distress it had caused his wife.” (Click here to read the full article) This made me sick when I read that. Bill Shorten and crew are happy to cause others great distress with deliberate and defamatory lies but expect sympathy when it is them. Julian Assange and his mother for example. I previously did a posting on the this very issue last year titled ” Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” (Click here to read the post)

3. Piers Akerman says the rumour has been around since at least last September but Bill Shorten implies it has only been the last few weeks. Why the discrepancy?

It is interesting that the former US presidential candidate John Edwards is currently facing criminal charges in the US for using campaign funds trying to cover-up the fact that he had fathered a child with his mistress. (Click here to read)

It is well-known in Canberra that the press gallery leave these sorts of things alone. A lot a of the media knew that the former minister Gareth Evans was having an affair with another minister Cheryl Kernot for many years but did not report it. Gareth Evans even lied in parliament about having the affair. It was not until Laurie Oakes decided to break the story years later did it become public. (Click here to read the full story)

The reality is Bill Shorten is a grub from start to finish. As minister for employment and workplace relations he has been up to his neck in corrupting Fair Work Australia. I have done a previous post on this titled “Bill Shorten appoints two stooges to review the Fair Work Act.” (Click here to read the post).

Politicians can no longer control the media as they once did but they are still trying. The reason being is that the media is controlled almost as much by the public as it is by the big media companies now days. All the people on twitter, Facebook and bloggers etc.

Until Bill Shorten addresses the issue in full it will keep on growing and he knows that. So why is he allowing it to continue to grow. One vague interview giving a denial does not suffice.

Update: Someone has just written the following in the comment section below:

“The actual rumor includes the termination of the pregnancy so those expecting a baby will be waiting a long time.  The staffer is keeping it quiet for her own reasons – political and personal. Shorten is a narcissist of the highest order.  He and the staffer have vehemently denied it to Chloe.  He is guilty as sin.  Really what can Chloe expect from this very ordinary man. On a personal note, I struggle with knowing the pressure shorten would have applied to this girl (23yrs old).”

Even more reason for Bill Shorten to give a full response.

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  1. Please try and keep comments on topic. Have had issues of late of people taking the comments section way off topic and sometimes deliberately.
    Comments can take a while to show up sometimes as I need to approve them (keep spam etc out) and I do work so I am not always online.

    • It is a publicity stunt. This guy would do and say anything to keep his mug on the front page.

      • Yes, twice around the block already this joker. He comes across as a complete fool indeed. I am sure the owner/staffer in the Melbourne pie shop whom he abused no end would endorse my statement here re this boofheaded fool.

    • It is ok for Bill Shorten to oust a prime minister from power, but when he allegedly gets a staff member pregnant he has the audacity to ask for family privacy. He is happy to dish it out, but can not receive it. Guys a joke.

      • How about this joke of a man on Q@A daring to call Tony a happily married man of 20 odd years a misoginist so its okay to screw around behind your wives backs and speak rudely to a woman in a bakery and im okay jack nothing wrong with me i dont have a problem with women.Pot calling the kettle black i think

  2. Probably not a good idea for anyone in the ALP to annoy the Governor-General at this stage. Does the GG also have the reserve power to castrate?

    • The GG is nothing but a pro ALP Prima Donna . There is no way she would seek to sack the Government , she is too involved and sadly will never do the honourable thing .

  3. Has been 7 months since September. Eventually, babies, just like the truth, will come out. Those two cheated on their previous spouses when they got together so its just a repeat really of the past. As a young woman I felt sorry for the wives of politicians but no more. They have to go into this with their eyes open and expect betrayal.

    • Has been nine months since September, not 7. The last time I had a baby it was 6 weeks before I knew for sure she was really on the way and then I could have made a decision one way or the other, so what’s different in this particular case?

      Furthermore, has this particular baby now been born? The first pic will be a scoop.

      Much was made about Richard Pratt and his various ladyloves and offspring, so why should the Shorten situation be given special dispensation from scrutiny just because of his political and union affiliations?

  4. Shorten and Bryce started a child together whilst they were both married to other people. Shorten was once married to Debbie Beale, the daughter of Liberal blueblood Julian Beale (great mate of the late Richard Pratt of VisyBoard). I guess somehow he changed his view of politics because he then was living with Nicola Roxon … ditched her for the GG’s daughter …nothing would surprise me with this guy

  5. Gossip eh? One definition of ‘gossip’ is ‘idle talk’. If you consider discussion of such matters to be idle talk or speculation, then you also need to check the definition of integrity, honour, commitment, loyalty and character – the latter not applying to soap opera roles.

    We are discussing the very nature of the people leading our nation, who hold the purse-strings, who frame the very laws we are expected to live by, whose professional judgement is relied upon to lead our nation, not to bankrupt us and bring the country to its knees.

    Both parties have ‘dirt files’ on each other and anybody else who stands to thwart their ultimate goals.

    I don’t remember anybody getting their Y-fronts in a twist when it was revealed that Abbott had possibly fathered a child out of wedlock in his youth. He didn’t shirk that responsibility; he shaped up and faced the matter squarely.

    Shorten cosying up to his high-profile media ‘friend’ and lamenting the distress to his wife is pathetic. Did he deny it? Appears not to be the case.

    Exactly who are these people?

    So far we have a Prime Minister who, as a partner in a law firm with multi-million dollar contracts with the Union movement, not only screws her major client but is yet to deny her involvement in his theft of millions belonging to hard-working union members. There is little doubt she received financial benefit above and beyond the call of her duty as a lawyer. Her only defense is a plea that she was “young and naive”.

    Was she similarly young and naive when she had a relationship with a cabinet colleague, a man who was married with children and remains in her cabinet today? He is one of her most vocal defenders in the face of increasing media criticism.

    If the matter of the consequences of Shorten’s extra-marital gymnastics has been suppressed by the Canberra media scrum since last September, it begs two questions. Firstly, did a child result from the reported union? Secondly, if a child was (or due to be) born, then the evidence exists to establish paternity and scotch such ‘rumours’ once and for all.

    Does the woman concerned still retain her job on his staff? Perhaps she is on maternity leave.

    For those of us old enough to remember the Gorton/Gotto and Cairns/Morosi scandals, the power plays of powerful men is nothing new. It simply remains a fact that this amoral and unprincipled nest of vipers that currently holds sway in our halls of power are beyond anything seen in this country before.

    Good on you Shane – you seem to be the only person in the MSM with the cojones to actually raise the truth of these matters for rational discussion.

    • I was replying to a first commenter who asked if it was necessary for Shane to indulge in such “gossip”. That twit seems to have vanished. Thanks Shane.

      • Blackswan,

        She is still playing the naive line, remember her “I am just a shy girl from Unely High”at the Press club,however, she can hardly use the young line anymore.

      • Maybe there is still a lingering flame on his part, God forbid.
        I believe he swallowed her contact lens after a night of passion.

    • Billy and Jooyla
      must have hidden charms as there seems to be no shortage of the opposite sex in their lives.

      • Veronica … wishing you a speedy recovery.

        There is no shortage of the ‘opposite sex’ for high-profile powerful people. It’s the world’s best aphrodisiac. I think they are pretty pathetic ‘camp-followers’ and most are no different from dizzy ‘groupies’ who trail about after rock stars. For others, it’s a notable notch on their belts.

        However, when the people in question seek to be at the helm of our nation’s affairs, they should be held to a higher code of conduct than the average randy yob.

    • Blackswan, you’ve nailed it concisely.

      I remember those previous times too and well may we wonder how our country is going to survive the current fiasco that that scurrilous Due-Lie-Air has perpetrated on the rest of us.

  6. Maybe he could try the Craig Thomson defense -I was set up and framed by a colleague (.perhaps even Craig Thomson)

    The rumour I heard along with this one is that it was Bill Shorten who used Craig’s card to pay for the hookers . Unlikely but certainly an entertaining idea.

    • OMG, that is delicious.

      Wonder how much hush money has been paid to the ESCORT AGENCY?

  7. I received this through an e-mail recently thinking that it was current. I then discovered it was apprently wriiten by Glen Milne back on July 19th 2009. Is something amisss here?


  8. I believe where there is smoke there is fire. He could come out and deny it however it is hard to deny something that may be true. Thanks To Shane and Black Swan for their comments.

  9. Ah well of course Bill Shorten is not going to answer the question because he hasn’t asked the Primer Minister for the answer. Remember the SkyNews interview “I support whatever she says … my view is what the Prime Minister says … I am sure she is right”.

    So we don’t need to ask Bill Shorten directly, or the staffer, or the fly on the wall, Bill just needs to ask the Prime Minister.

    • Allison,

      I am in in hospital post op so have plenty of time to blog.
      I am sure that this Shorten rumor is a beat up to get shorten on the front page and in a round about way help his PM ambition.
      However, if, as has been suggested he was the one impersonating Craig Thomson then he is toast.
      ALP will have to find some serious hush money soon like NOW!
      GOOD LUCK with that JOOLYA.
      Put the champagne on ice everyone it will not be long before they are cast out.
      They will be crying in the wilderness and australians will rejoice.

      • Veronica, I think his political ambitions for the PM role were shot down in the Sky News interview – he was a laughing stock across the world because the interview went viral on YouTube. They don’t call him “Showbag Shorten” for nothing – all smiles with no substance.

    • I believe that “the boss knows best” was a catchphrase in Russian political circles during the Stalin years.

  10. Shorten is no dill.
    Everything he does is tactical.
    As Richardson said … He gave that empty ‘ I agree with PM’ to show how absurd it was that Julia was blindly backing Thompson. Shorten was trying to distinguish himself from those in ALP that wanted to stick with Thompson and endure.
    4 days later Gillard returns from Turkey and gives her absurd “over the line” speech exiling Slipper and Thompson.
    Again Shorten is no dill.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • Heath, if you are referring to Graham Richardson, remember he was caught out years ago in the “Love Boat” scandal as well as gold coast prostitutes and history has not forgotten him – I think he was given his marching orders from the Party before it blew up big time.

    • Heath,

      I disagree with you “Shorton is no dill” I believe you are confusing ruthlessness with smarts. Shorten by now must have realized that the plans of mice and men often go astray. I thought he would challenge Dillard before the election, but somehow I think he may have a few skeletons in his closet.
      As for being afraid of him he is a little man full of his own importance.

    • Spot on Rob.

      It seems this isn’t the first time he’s been caught out either. He must be as dumb as a bag of hammers – and this character is shaping up to be Prime Minister?

      • Blackswan,

        Thank you for your best wishes.
        I am curious about your remark “it is not the first time he has been caught out” what a silly Billy.
        I wonder if you read the article “Shorten’s
        rethink of his future” well worth reading. This guy is seriously ambitious.
        I am sure this adultery story is a beat up to deflect from the ALP’s numerous problems, and accuse Tony Abbott of smearing and most of all to keep his name on the front page. If it is true , then his wife will surely demand the GG take action quick smart. Watch out we could have a constitutional crisis brewing……..

      • Veronica – check out …..

        Allison May 13, 2012 at 11:01 am – Shorten and Bryce started a child together whilst they were both married to other people…..

        Having read of this elsewhere, I take it at face value.

        In circumstances like this, the GG is just another mother-in-law. No crime has been committed here. She should be far more preoccupied with the mounting evidence of outright criminality perpetrated by the “Honourable” Members of the House.

        We are left to ponder … was Roxon’s appointment for the AG gig a suitable ‘reward’ for keeping her sweet and a lid on the can of worms she could unleash on the heir-apparent to the Prime Minister’s Office?

        Besides, the GG has never explained her role in refusing to convene a Royal Commission into the Heiner Affair. “Reward for services rendered” is a familiar refrain in the world of Labor. She understands that particularly well from her perspective at Yarralumla.

  11. Albanese is blaming the coalition for spreading these rumours about Bill and saying he was unhappy with the road parliament was currently going down yet last week in parliament he brought up Mirrabellas court case and used this to slur her name,the court case which has nothing to do with parliament no fraud a personnal matter hypocrite he is

    • Albo also brought up a tap on a shoulder 40 years ago as an alleged (and dismissed in court) smear against Tony Abbott. Yet he will say nothing about short people who can’t keep their trousers zipped for five minutes, or female politicians who have engineered million-dollar ripp-offs of unions for personal and semi-personal gain, and who continue to defend that same behaviour by other members of Parliament.

      I have a line that people like she and the others must not cross.

      It’s called DECENCY. Is that such a difficult concept for these people to grasp?

  12. i think he sleeps with his thumb in his mouth…what a slease…everything about him is dirt..
    if he has a future with labor then who cares…labor is 6 months from innialation…shorten like the sleasey liar he put in front of kevin is irrelevant because nobody wants to ever see this lot of losers run Australia…..its a stench about to be irradicated…

  13. Has anyone followed up the PA?
    Thats the best way to get some clarity so the rumour is confirmed or killed off.

  14. Bryce is a cow, why marry a man if you do not respect him enough to take his name. I always think less of a man with a wife who hyphenates her name, but the fact that she did not even go that far shows to me how close they are.
    Why would he not go to another women when he has a Bryce harpy at home to nag him?

  15. Her Vice-Regalness may need yet another new hat for the christening. Open up taxpayers. One thing is certain though, and that is that they have lost control of the News cycle. Maybe that’s why there is such a strong globalist push to control and neuter the Net under the guise of “protecting intellectual property”.

    • Paul,

      They have lost control forever. We are emboldened and nothing will stop us now .
      JOOLYA you shut up Michael Smith and we will get our revenge……. Resign now and avoid the most humiliating defeat in Australian history.

  16. The actual rumor includes the termination of the pregnancy so those expecting a baby will be waiting a long time. The staffer is keeping it quiet for her own reasons – political and personal.
    Shorten is a narcissist of the highest order. He and the staffer have vehemently denied it to Chloe. He is guilty as sin. Really what can Chloe expect from this very ordinary man.
    On a personal note, I struggle with knowing the pressure shorten would have applied to this girl (23yrs old).

    • shorten was horrified and appalled by the thompson affairs . such a regal guy .
      this may not be the first for shorten in recent times .

  17. Oh what a tangled web they weave!!!! And this is the lot we permit to govern our country and therefore run our lives. Shame on them and DOUBLE shame on us for allowing this.

    • anne.

      As you say, but just look at what will replace them, political sharks who will soon be attacking each other, plus all the tawdry behavior that is so much a part of politics. When you think of just where this wonderful country could be if we only had good governance, rather than the dross that we get, elected by a sheeple mainly interested in cold beer, cricket, footie and the next long weekend.
      In the few years I have left on this coil I really do not expect to see any worthwhile improvement.

  18. Veronica you are turning this thread into a pathetic bitchy gossip colum, stop it now enough is enough.

    • Slick,

      If I have offended you too bad.
      Just skip my blog because I will not be obeying you order.

  19. You muckraking low life should mind your own business , it’s none of your business wheather it’s true or not . Get on with your own lives & try to do something to help someone , instead of spending time destroy people.

    • Given that Bill Shorten has been touted as a future Prime Minister it is very much in the public interest to know the full story. Because if it is true then he is left wide open to blackmail. Bill Shorten had the opportunity to put the rumours to rest and give a full account in the interview he gave the Herald Sun but chose not to. By not giving a full account he is one who has put the spotlight on the issue.

      • Shane, Julia Gillard got to the position of PM after interesting things in her personal and professional life that we all know about but can’t write about. It’s apparently OK under Labor rules for all sorts of grubs to get to high office, including infamous drunks and fornicators and serial adulterers and users of prostitutes and pimps and abusers of the highest legal offices in the land.

        They know who they are, and so do we.

      • We can write about Julia Gillard’s past. I know I have. Have a better look around the site. The main stream media do not because of political pressure from her not for any legal reasons.

    • Dear John,

      Just to put your post in context: when Bill Shorten was Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and I waited over six months (yes, six months) for a reply to a letter on behalf of many families. When a response was received Shorten really showed very little understanding of the issues raised about matters in his portfolio. As an example of the “Shorten approach” is an aged parent with a severely disabled son (aged 46 years) who went to see him face to face to try to get some help and has never heard from Shorten again. This was not an isolated incident. So when you say “try to do something to help someone” – yes that was Shorten’s paid job. It is not what people say in politics, it is what people do and Shorten has made many grandiose statements about the NDIS and helping people, but in reality he doesn’t give a damn.

      • Doesn’t give a damn rings true for me as well Allison. At least you got a reply, I am still waiting for a response to my two letters to the low life!! He has/had NFI about how disability affected families.

    • By your standards we should leave Thomson alone with his hookers as well, as that’s clearly none of our business. We should help someone instead of that too I suppose.

    • “muckraking”??

      Fair Work Australia are the muckrakers on Thomson – Shorten is the Minister for Workplace Relations, so it falls directly at his feet. Don’t be fooled by Thomson’s statements on “hearsay” etc because FWA used source records for all their report so it carries evidential weight. Towards the end of the Report, the HSU auditor is commented upon – Mr Dick – yes that’s his name who was paid $2,500 by the Union to audit a multi-million entity. Shorten was head of a union so one may ponder on the financial affairs of that one or any in fact many other unions.

      BTW, Thomson is degree qualified in Commerce and Law so he knows his stuff. The report is here (page 460 I think it was onwards)

  20. … And some people are worried that gay marriage could ruin the institute of marriage. These egomaniac heterosexuals are doing a fine job of that! Spend more time and energy on your families and less time smoozing each other on OUR money in Canberra. What a mess!

  21. Re:Bill Shorten’s (allegedly) habitual horizontal ‘humping’ within the Vice Regal environs of Yarralumla, could that be interpreted as ‘Regal Vice’? His GG mother-in-law will not be amused. Still, one is always judged by the company one keeps. Even the ghosts of
    ” Shreddergate” linger.

  22. It is often commented by the Left commentariat that what politicians to in their private lives is of no business to us, the voters and taxpayers of Australia.
    I always beg to differ for a number of reasons.
    First and foremost, and using Shorten as an example, if a potential leader of the country can’t be honest with his life partner who, no doubt in his marriage vows had promised to honour and be faithful to, how can the same person be honest with the people he represents in government? To behave otherwise is being schizophrenic.
    And secondly, there’s always the issue of blackmail.

    • 2 Bobs Worth

      On target! Blackmail, applied to Cabinet members at an international level can present a serious problem for this country, one would have to be naive to think it has/does not happen.

  23. While Bill Shorten is running around to try and take control of the HSU under his own chosen administrator, it may all come crashing down with the determined efforts to demand the parliament make Thomson resign and cause a bi election and the fall of this despicable govt.


    This petition of the citizens of Dobell and the wider Australian community draws to the attention of the house that we the undersigned are disgusted and outraged at the recent findings of the investigation by Fair Work Australia into Mr. Craig Thomson. We believe he is not a fit and proper person to be our Federal Member

    We therefore ask the House to respectfully request that Mr. Craig Thomson Federal Member for Dobell resign from Parliament immediately.

    Go to Petition Craig Thomson to resign

    • He won’t, no matter how many signatures there are. He’s there for the perks and benefits come what may. It’d be nice if we had a form of recall trigger like the Americans have when it comes to dissatisfied electorates.

  24. Begs the question. No one outside Canberra knew anything of this a few days ago and now everyone knows. Why say anything at all. Why deny anything at all if you didn’t have to?? Bill may have some explaining to do to say why he is of good character.

    • Gladys,

      Insane need to keep his name on the front page anyway anyhow.
      He is very keen to get a single administrator of his choosing not hard to guess why. Oh! What a tangled time consuming problem this HSU scandal has turned out to be.

  25. BlackswanMay 13, 2012 at 5:48 pm#

    “Reward for services rendered” is a familiar refrain in the world of Labor.’

    This was a good instance I remember well, Black Swan!

    “(Lionel) Murphy eventually failed in politics: his March 1973 visit to ASIO headquarters was a media disaster……….

    Moderator – Deleted rest of comment because it is off topic. Please try and keep the comments on topic.

  26. I don’t know whether this is true or not, someone saying on the internet they know someone who knows the girl’s best friend’s dog doesn’t convince me either way. Even if it was true I don’t know I would care. Plenty of morally shady characters have made great politicians (in general, not saying Shorten is great). We are all flawed. I don’t believe we should go down the American path of holding politicians to some insane moral standard. What intrigues me about this is the epic PR fail in managing the rumours. Either ignore the issue or confront it in full. Coyly referring to it on the front of the herald sun is a stupid move.

    • You say “What intrigues me about this is the epic PR fail in managing the rumours. Either ignore the issue or confront it in full. Coyly referring to it on the front of the herald sun is a stupid move.”
      You are right. If he was innocent it would be one of the dumbest moves ever. He should have ignored it or addressed it in full.

      But if he was guilty it would be a smart move and possibly his only move if he had denied it to his wife and she was putting pressure on him to deny it publicly. Remember Piers Akerman had already written about it although he did not name Bill Shorten. So Shorten and his wife knew it was probably only a matter of time before others wrote about it.

      By doing the interview and denying the rumour without saying what the rumour was would have kept his wife happy and still believing him and he really had not denyed anything. And if he is caught out at a later date by the media he can say he was in fact denying another rumour in the Herald Sun interview. Also if other reporters start asking questions in the future he could refuse to answer on the grounds that he has already addressed the rumour in his interview with the Herald Sun. When in reality he has not addressed anything. What is the rumour he is denying? Who knows.

      It is in the public interest for Bill Shorten to answer the rumour in full for many reasons that have already been raised in previous comments by myself and others and in the post. Will he do it? I doubt it.
      He says he has called the lawyers. I haven’t heard from them. Which lawyers did he call and when? It would not be hard for his lawyers to find me. Kerry Stokes’s lawyers were able to find me quicksmart. Although I know they wish they hadn’t given I did another post on Stokes with the lawyer’s letter and never heard from them again.

      Check back in a couple of days and if this post is still up it will give you a good indication if he is guilty or not.
      Will it still be up? Yep!

    • Cannot disagree with you more Claudiagrant. Refer my comments 11.17AM 14/5/12.
      What people do in the private life is a microscope of their true character- when people are their “real” selves. If you can cheat on your closest confidant (spouse) why would you not cheat on those more detached from yourself- ie the electors.
      And your reference to the “American”path is interesting- personal integrity in office has lapsed (since JFK probably) which is why the US is in a long but sure slippery decline.
      Many in the “moral majority” recognise this and are fighting back- but with the left-wing media and commentariat the way it is,it’ll be a long. hard road.
      Extra marital affairs have brought many a civilisation undone and caused many wars and personal tragedies. I personally know of many family breakdowns and worse (suicides and murders) resulting directly form what is Biblicaly referred to as “adultery”.

  27. Too true Shane, but as we all know, the truth is a scarce commodity in Federal Labor at the moment. They can’t even be truthful to themselves, let alone the voters of Australia.

  28. of course there are rumours about Shorten. The liberals see him as a potential future PM. Any other future PM’s will have rumours spread about them too.

  29. Didn’t he get his current wife pregnant whilst still married to his previous wife – the GG probably advised her daughter to trap him to give her a shot at being a PM’s spouse … that calculation is a longshot – but he’s closer now that he had RUDD put down forever.



      • Hello Veronica. Yes, that is another one which won’t go away. Wonder when all that will come out? A journalist mentioned it just recently only to have a certain highly placed politician on the phone to him in the vilest language.

      • GLADYS,


  30. Great site, intelligent posts, my first post here. People in high public office are accountable to their bosses, the public, the taxpayers of which pay their lofty salaries. In particular, it holds more true for those who are in positions by democratic vote, or who aim to be. That includes any scandalous events in their private lives. This, they know when they embark on such a career.

    Voters have a right to know the backgrounds and character of those they are considering establishing, or keeping, in government.

    Apart from a revealing expose on Shorten’s character, what stands out for me is what a social climber this man is! My goodness, he only dates the rich and/or connected, doesn’t he?

    But I agree, he’s a dimwit because he can never be PM, or leader of the ALP, whilst he is married to the GG’s daughter. The perception of conflict of interest is too close. One will have to concede. But QB is not young, so she might be retired by the time he gets his chance, if ever.

  31. I am glad to see that the comment page carries far fewer punters defending Gillard and her crooked bunch,perhaps they are getting a little more intellegent with age or is the penny dropping and they realise there are naughty people in the government some young and nieave some old and nieave. Methinks you are winning Shane.Best wishes Allan Myalup WA

  32. I totally loathe Shorten…He is a right wing narcissit that is everything that is wrong with modern Labor!

  33. Rumours always have an element of truth.
    My opinion of this man is that he is only out there for himself.
    A true labor identity.
    These people dont deserve to live in Australia simply for the millions of businesses and lives they have ruined.
    They will get their reward on polling day.
    The country will take 2 lifetimes to recover.

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