Bill Shorten – Victoria police rape investigation

Bill Shorten has been under investigation for rape by the Victoria police since October 2013 and was arrested and interviewed by the police on or around the 28th of March 2014. It relates to allegations that he raped a 16-year-old girl in 1986. It has been reported in the mainstream media but they just say a “senior Labor figure” is being investigated and refuse to name Bill Shorten. The investigation is still in progress as I spoke to the police again on Tuesday (19/6/14) to check on the matter and was told:

“Police are investigating a report of an alleged historical sexual assault. As the matter is subject to an ongoing investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

I have written 8 posts on the matter which are detailed below. This page is set up so that relevant information is in one place. The Australian media have decided not to publish the details which is a disgrace as we have a right to know. This is the same as the media did with Rolf Harris where they refused to name him for many months. That is why it is important to use the social media buttons below to get the message out to the public.

The 8 posts are listed below and well worth reading as it only takes a few minutes. 

29th November 2013 – Bill Shorten accused of raping 16-year-old girl in 1986. Victorian police are investigating” (Click here to read the post)

Extract from the post:


The alleged victim started looking for help online in about mid-September which seems to have started on Kevin Rudd’s Facebook page where she wrote the below:

Bill Shorten rape 2 - Edited (3)

(Click here to see it on Kevin Rudd’s site. Screen grab)

I have not named the alleged victim as I do not feel there is any need to, not because of any legal restrictions. From what I can tell she went online looking for help and has decided to stop talking to the media and to leave it in the hands of the Victorian police after making a formal complaint. (Click here to read the whole post)

11th December 2013 – Bill Shorten refuses to answer media questions regarding alleged rape of 16-year-old girl” (Click here to read the post)

I emailed Bill Shorten questions which he refused to answer. The post details the questions that he needs to answer.

9th February 2014 – Bill Shorten and the Victoria Police rape investigation. Do we have a right to know?” (Click here to read the post) Below is a video from the post.


5th April 2014 – “Arthur Sinodinos says it is up to Bill Shorten to answer questions regarding police investigation” (Click here to read the post)

19th June 2014 – Bill Shorten arrested and interviewed by sexual crimes squad regarding alleged rape of 16-yr-old girl” (Click here to read the post)

21st July 2014 – “Social media rises. Bill Shorten interview regarding Vic police rape investigation” (Click here to read the post)

I asked Senator Arthur Sinodinos about the Bill Shorten police investigation which you can see in the video below.


16th August 2014 – “News Corp out Labor leader Bill Shorten as suspect in rape investigation by Victoria police” (Click here to read the post)

23rd August 2014 – “Bill Shorten rape investigation and the video that shows the Labor Party cover-up strategy” (Click here to read the post)

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  1. Why in the hell has Bill Shorten still not being named in the mainstream media yet?. It has been over 6 months since the Victorian police started their investigation into him. There is no reason not to name him in the Australian media, the Victorian police have not imposed conditions on this. We have a right to know in this country when a politician is under police investigation, especially a political leader like Bill Shorten. The Australian media has to do it’s job to inform us of what’s going on in this country, and not to make deliberate omissions like this one with Shorten. Knowing that this investigation is still active, why isn’t Abbott & his government questioning Shorten? Why aren’t the other politicians (except for the labor party) questioning Shorten as well?. Have the Australian media & the politicians gone so weak at the knees? It seems they have. It seems that there is a real chance that Shorten will be charged and it will be a absolute embarrassment to this country. It embarrassed itself with the Rolf Harris situation, it seems it will embarrass itself again with Bill Shorten. Shorten has to make a statement to parliament immediately. But he is so gutless to tell the truth of the police investigation.

  2. Wonder if BS will get the same amount of publicity as Rolf Harris. Confected outrage about Abbott over a wink and misogyny but the lecherous BS who knocked up his PA and assaulted a minor is the standard bearer of feminist hopes.

  3. My first visit to your site. Refreshing.
    Accusations regarding assault, fathered babies etc are always a delicate issue and should be approached with some scepticism. Unfortunately it depends which side of politics makes the accusation. I recall the episode where Tony Abbott was accused of fathering a “love child”. The media, Labor and Greens were relentless in their attacks based on the word of one person. This went on for months and we are still awaiting an apology.
    Add to that, Tony Abbott almost punched a female student at Sydney uni, and you see what I mean. Tanya Plibersek could barely refrain herself in a full on assault against Abbott’s sexism, misogyny, etc etc.
    Go your hardest on the Shorten story. The public is entitled to the full report. We are not making accusations but are entitled to a full explanation.


  5. I have lived in Victoria all my life, I have personally seen how corrupt the Victorian Police are, when dealing with said Police it comes down to how much money you have &/or how bigger “pull” (to use their saying) you have. Also It is sad to see Women who have really been through sexual assault speak out only for it to fall on “deaf ears” & their case goes nowhere…

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